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Vince Young? Not really a fit in Miami

Vince Young spent time this offseason in South Florida where he was seen at more than one charitable function that included other NFL types.

The word around town is Young was doing his good deed but also making himself very visible to the Dolphins' organization as a good man that would be good for the team and community. Yes, Vince Young would welcome the idea of competing for a starting job as the Dolphins quarterback, according to several sources.

More than one former NFLer who saw Young at an event tells me Young was building his reputation so that the Fins could consider him when time comes for them to add a quarterback once the current lockout ends and the league year opens.

Young is expected to be available, probably as a free agent, if the Tennessee Titans can be believed. Ownership in Tennessee has made it abundantly clear the Vince Young experiment has run its course in Nashville so Young will be traded, but more likely cut and on the street as a free agent.

So obviously media speculation is tying Young to the Dolphins.

I don't see it. Not even for the quarterback starved Dolphins.

Vince Young is nice player. Sometimes. He is an accomplished winner. He is an accomplished college player. He is an accomplished scrambler.

He is not an accomplished quarterback. His 42 career TD passes and 42 career interceptions is, to be kind, an unimpressive statistic.

More importantly, Young is not an accomplished leader. Fact is, the Titans are ending their relationship with Young because he was troubled for much of his time with the team. The most recent trouble came last year when Young reportedly feuded with coach Jeff Fisher, leading him to simply leave the team. The departure was viewed by Fisher and some of Young's teammates as the quarterback quitting on the team.

Young later apologized for leaving the team. He reportedly did it via text. Fisher didn't accept an apology he expected in person. So it goes.

Does that sound like the kind of quarterback the Dolphins will want to bring into their delicate locker room? Miami, you'll remember, is a place where general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano like to pick the "right 53 players" and not always the best 53.

Young would be among the right 53 if his skills were so unquestionable and Miami's locker room were so stable that the two could navigate any rocky road (good ice cream, by the way) were it come along during a relationship. But stability is not a luxury the Dolphins have.

Miami is searching for a veteran QB with know-how, with the ability to learn quickly (because of the lockout and the fact the everyone is learning OC Brian Daboll's new offense on the fly), and someone who can do that while presenting incumbent Chad Henne with a vigorous challenge to his starting job.

Oh, one more thing: The Dolphins need that guy to be able to be a great teammate and leader because that's what he must be if he losesthe competition with Henne and has to sink into the background without causing a stir. That's also what it will take if that guy winsthe competition with Henne and then has to deal with Brandon Marshall's enigmatic approach to a quarterback-diva receiver relationship.

Can you imagine Marshall barking at Vince Young like he sometimes does Henne and it going over well?

Young would be a perfect fit if the Dolphins had the luxury of adding him as a talent to groom for the future. Young would be a perfect fit if he could come to the team as the backup and learn at the knee of an accomplished veteran quarterback. Young needs to learn to be a professional. The Dolphins wouldn't be easing him into that kind of situation.

And I strongly believe they recognize that.

That is why I don't think Vince Young is Miami's first choice in the coming search for a quarterback once the NFL ends its lockout.

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