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Vince Young? Not really a fit in Miami

Vince Young spent time this offseason in South Florida where he was seen at more than one charitable function that included other NFL types.

The word around town is Young was doing his good deed but also making himself very visible to the Dolphins' organization as a good man that would be good for the team and community. Yes, Vince Young would welcome the idea of competing for a starting job as the Dolphins quarterback, according to several sources.

More than one former NFLer who saw Young at an event tells me Young was building his reputation so that the Fins could consider him when time comes for them to add a quarterback once the current lockout ends and the league year opens.

Young is expected to be available, probably as a free agent, if the Tennessee Titans can be believed. Ownership in Tennessee has made it abundantly clear the Vince Young experiment has run its course in Nashville so Young will be traded, but more likely cut and on the street as a free agent.

So obviously media speculation is tying Young to the Dolphins.

I don't see it. Not even for the quarterback starved Dolphins.

Vince Young is nice player. Sometimes. He is an accomplished winner. He is an accomplished college player. He is an accomplished scrambler.

He is not an accomplished quarterback. His 42 career TD passes and 42 career interceptions is, to be kind, an unimpressive statistic.

More importantly, Young is not an accomplished leader. Fact is, the Titans are ending their relationship with Young because he was troubled for much of his time with the team. The most recent trouble came last year when Young reportedly feuded with coach Jeff Fisher, leading him to simply leave the team. The departure was viewed by Fisher and some of Young's teammates as the quarterback quitting on the team.

Young later apologized for leaving the team. He reportedly did it via text. Fisher didn't accept an apology he expected in person. So it goes.

Does that sound like the kind of quarterback the Dolphins will want to bring into their delicate locker room? Miami, you'll remember, is a place where general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano like to pick the "right 53 players" and not always the best 53.

Young would be among the right 53 if his skills were so unquestionable and Miami's locker room were so stable that the two could navigate any rocky road (good ice cream, by the way) were it come along during a relationship. But stability is not a luxury the Dolphins have.

Miami is searching for a veteran QB with know-how, with the ability to learn quickly (because of the lockout and the fact the everyone is learning OC Brian Daboll's new offense on the fly), and someone who can do that while presenting incumbent Chad Henne with a vigorous challenge to his starting job.

Oh, one more thing: The Dolphins need that guy to be able to be a great teammate and leader because that's what he must be if he losesthe competition with Henne and has to sink into the background without causing a stir. That's also what it will take if that guy winsthe competition with Henne and then has to deal with Brandon Marshall's enigmatic approach to a quarterback-diva receiver relationship.

Can you imagine Marshall barking at Vince Young like he sometimes does Henne and it going over well?

Young would be a perfect fit if the Dolphins had the luxury of adding him as a talent to groom for the future. Young would be a perfect fit if he could come to the team as the backup and learn at the knee of an accomplished veteran quarterback. Young needs to learn to be a professional. The Dolphins wouldn't be easing him into that kind of situation.

And I strongly believe they recognize that.

That is why I don't think Vince Young is Miami's first choice in the coming search for a quarterback once the NFL ends its lockout.

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I wonder if Mark Bulger ever worked at Burger King? If not, he may never become a Dolphin qb either.

Seems to me every GM after the Shula years has been under a voodoo spell. One after one, as though in a transe, just seem to think a prize QB will fall in their lap cheap and easy, or some other teams trash will blossom into a star under the Miami sun.

Aloco...you ever try Slocomb Beefeaters tomatoes? They're awesome!

Cote says that Miami's looking at V.Young or Orten and D. Williams or Bradshaw. I think we'll take whomever is the cheapest to sign. Cause that's just the way this team rolls!

I want to remind (Dying) that last year we faced that sissy QB and punished his ass. Vince went a mere 9 for 18 for exactly 109 yards and started crying looking for his mama...

If you gave Stephen Hawkins a Gibbson guiter and a brand new "hover-round" the grand canyon would still remain quite, quiet.

Thank God!

Look at that, finally Armando has written something on his Blog. Good. That means he's not broke.

@ 12:36am

Sick comment about Hawking by a sick FUC_K. (fool couldn't even spell his name right)

Who makes jokes about crippled people? Let alone a scientist 1000 times smarter than the rest of us?

Immature and disprespectful beyond belief.

Whats scary is people like that are allowed to have children.

Vince is kind of like Gus Ferrotte. He'll come off the bench and win the game for you, and maybe the next couple. But he just can't carry a team in the long run. Henne is our best option.

Tracy your reading and comprehension skills suck. Did you go to school? Cote doesn't say Miami is looking at those players. He says those are the players they should go after. Big difference.

Dear Hulkins Fan, I hope you fall off a cliff, I'll throw the hover-round down less than a second later...

Oh, did you really go there? IQ?

Ps: Please refer only you to the 1,000's that are smartless. A typo not-with-standing...

I totally disagree. I think he's a perfect fit and someone who will actually put fear in defenses. I guarantee Chris Johnson will miss him, he has the most to offer out of all possible qb's!

GulfDolphin is you're typical uneducated, illiterate, and ignorant fish fan that fills Dolphin stadium every Sunday to about 40000. A wonderful collection of Mensa candidates no doubt.

Mando, I take back my comment on your last post, I think I was still adversely affected by the t-shirt story. Nice piece. Lots of Phans are wanting Young. Like you, I don't think so and hope not - he's a head case.

"Can you imagine Marshall barking at Vince Young like he sometimes does Henne and it going over well?"

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Can you imagine anybody yelling at Peyton Manning and have it go over well? A quarterback needs a spine, and if he's willing to be steamrolled, the rest of them will see that and he'll lose face *cough* Chad Henne *cough*.

The Dolphins have a solid team in about every position but QB. Opinions vary on Henne but the bottom line is that this year he will establish himself unambiguously as QB or not. If not we will want someone capable of starting to step in for him and potentially become a QB of the future. VY has psychological and mechanical problems but human beings are not static - people can come together and learn in the right circumstances. If he was QB for Miami it would make us a really difficult team to game plan against - solid OL, (with FA speed runner acquisition, keeping Ronnie or Ricky) a potent running game and some excellent WR - with VY adding the unpredictability of a running QB - could be a huge ball control offense. Psychologically I think that Sparano's personality would work well with VY - very different than Jeff Fisher's more negative style. Personally, I think Miami has to take some chances to upgrade to be competitive with NE and the Yets. I would hire VY, let him compete with Henne (expecting that Henne's mastery of Daboll's offense will give him a huge advantage) and go with the best player for the team.


In all honesty, is there anyone here with half a brain that truly believes our 2010 offense could have won 10 games even if we had Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady at the helm?

If so I have prime beachfront property in Siberia Im willing to unload on you at the the cheapest cheap. Our best speed threat was Brian Hartline, Bess was more of a 3rd down threat than every down threat, and Marshall was the most expensive decoy in nfl history.

But wait a minute....

I wont even bring up Ballerina Brown, the matador oline, or the greatest none great OC of all time(Dan Henning). Nor will I mention a short yellow bus window licking special, special teams that single handily accounted for at least 2 losses on thier own.

What most football pundits fail to remember is that we are dealing with humanbeings. As such, the person has the ability to "change". The older you get, most people also become wiser. VY is one of those people. Sure he made mistakes in Tenn, but tell me, how much of that was due to other factors? you don't know until you have been around the guy for a period of time. Young is "young" and I do believe that he is hungry. If given another chance, I believe that he can and will be the type of leader that teams want. VY deserves another shot if not with the Dolphins, then some other team.

Vince Young will make the fans of one team very happy.

Vince played with a mediocre coach in Tennessee who never liked him, never wanted him, was jealous of his popularity, and who never tailored an offense to Vince's special skill-set.

And all Vince did was win Offensive Rookie of the Year, make two All Pro teams, win a higher percentage of his games than any Oiler/Titan QB in the history of the franchise, improve his QB efficiency rating dramatically last year, etc.

Last season, the Titans owner forced Randy Moss on Jeff Fisher and what did Moss accomplish while on Fisher's team? He caught something like five passes in eight games. Initially, people were blaming Vince for Moss' poor performances, but then Vince was lost for the season due to a finger injury and the other two Titans QBs failed to make Moss relevant.

In other words, Fisher was the problem in Tennessee, not Vince. I actually think Fisher might be suffering from post-football brain damage that is getting progressively worse. And I'm not joking.

Vince never had any problems with any coach in his life until he landed on the team that Jeff Fisher thought he owned.

Vince beat Fisher's alma mater in the NCAA Championship game by leading the Horns to 15 points in the final two minutes.

Fisher has tried to bury Vince many times during the past three years and all Vince has done is rise and shine.

Vince will never be a Tom Brady, but he is capable of winning a Super Bowl and, unless a team has a Brady or Manning, Vince would be a very nice addition.

And if he doesn't work out, you cut him and move on. I mean, no one's gonna have to pay him $10 million to play this season.

Oh what a difference a year makes. Vince Young 2010 isnt VY in 2011. NO one is. Havent most u have matured from yr to yr. I think this is exactly the best time to get VY. He can run, he can throw and hes been accurate. Ints come from a number of reasons, not to mention WR's running wrong routes, OL not blocking, etc, etc. Lets look then make a decision. Looking/talking doesnt cost a thing but time.

As a Tennessee Titans fan, I've seen 1st hand how VY makes a team a winner. Most people are down on this guy without knowing the details of what went on in Nashville. 1st VY was signed by a team who's head coach (Jeff Fisher) never wanted him. It was the Owner's decision. Jeff Fisher NEVER ran plays that fully utilized VY's skill sets. Yet despite it all, the vast majority of our wins were the result of VY being in the game (just look at Fisher's record with VY and without). Yeah, VY went off on Fisher, but with good reason. Fisher being the longes tenured coach in the NFL had grown too conservative / predicable and was satified with .500 seasons. VY was young, hungry and wanting to win ... consequently the two clashed. If a team is looking for a hungry QB, VY is your man! But if you want a guy who "looks" the part of a winner yet can't get it done there's always all the other QB's around the league that people "like" but who have never proven themselves to be winners.

Throwing our lot with Culpepper instead of Brees was one of endless awful quarterback decisions by the Fins, but so was not trying to help resurrect the career of an utterly humbled Michael Vick.

What really bothers me by the analysis of most fans is that A) it assumes that Vince Young's problems with Jeff Fisher are wholly his own doing, B) it's a given that Young will only repeat them elsewhere, and C) his skillset is "over-rated".

Pa-lease....the guy has never been a wash-up, never finished an NFL season with a losing record, has humbled and tormented many formidable NFL defenses, and is still only 28! Some of those records are literally jaw-dropping. Just a few:

College: 30-2 record as a starter. (.938 winning percentage!). 79 points of offense in two Rose Bowl wins and two Rose Bowl MVPs including obliterating the defense of the Trojans for 467 yards of total offense (200 rushing, 267 passing), who came in riding a 34-game win streak and being touted as "the best ever". After the game, former USC and NFL safety Ronnie Lott said "Vince Young is the greatest quarterback to ever play college football."

NFL career: First year, 2006, NFL rookie of the year and turns around the Titans into a contender in a single season. Perennial critic Merril Hoge and big-time family problems nearly cause VY to RETIRE right after his first season. Then in 2007, Jeff Fisher makes an example out of VY in the first exhibition game and benches him for enormous crime of having "left the team hotel the previous night in order to sleep at his home without informing Fisher"...(Huh?) But gets the Titans into the playoffs with a 10-6 record and plays exceptionally just before getting injured. Replacement Collins does even better in 2007 in terms of Wins-Losses, but stinks it up big time the next season. VY, who never gets a vote of confidence from Fisher, turns around the 0-6 Titans once again in 2009 winning 8/10 games and wins NFL comeback player of the year along with going to the Pro Bowl. Finally in 2010 goes a respectable 5-5 before the now infamous but still unclear blowout with Fisher ending his career as a Titan.

Taking a bet on VY seems just as viable a gamble as Michael Vick ever was after he did his time. I'll take the roundly-scorned, media-tainted, but exceptionally-talented-player-fighting for self-respect bet anytime - particularly if I have to risk almost nothing. The upside is just too great...

Come on Fin-fans. Let's make this happen. $10million for a part-time contributor and even more injury-plagued player in Bush seems much more of a gamble... And with Bush, Young, and Marshall - at least we'd be interesting..

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