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Dolphins, er, Jets "shirtgate" initially troubling, settled

Wasn't supposed to return to work until tomorrow but sometimes the "news" chases me so here goes:

The Dolphins have a team store at Sun Life Stadium that sells Dolphins gear, including mugs, jerseys, T-shirts, key chains and other schtuff. Well, earlier this morning through the diligent work of a California Dolphins fan, I became aware the Dolphins team store was selling a New York Jets T-shirt.

The Dolphins store.

Selling a Jets T-shirt.

At the Dolphins store. Inside Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins' home.

It was galling to say the least. More galling was the fact the puke green shirt has the inscription, "Home of the Jets" on it.


I tweeted the fact (follow me on twitter) and broke the story on my radio show (Armando and the Amigo on 640 Sports). And then the poop hit the fan. Within minutes, the story was on ProFootballTalk.com, which called Sun Life "Home of the Jets."

Jets shirt Several callers to my show were so livid they called the Dolphins' store. Interestingly, they were told the team had no such shirts for sale. This after I had called earlier and confirmed they did indeed have these shirts for sale. In fact, I was given the specifics of the sale, in that the shirts were $35 but available at a 50 percent discount.

That made me angry because I wondered if the Dolphins are that myopic as to sell opposing team gear at home. That made me mad because I know that the coverup is often worse than the actual crime. It made me mad because I wondered if the team needs money that badly that selling rival team shirts is in bounds now? It really made me mad because after folks got angry, the people at the store said they were not selling the shirts.

Well, the calls and backlash apparently served a purpose. Mike Dee, the club CEO, e-mailed me to clarify the situation.

"You should know that, at our fan's request, we are about to announce a new policy that we will no longer sell visiting team merchandise at the stadium on gamedays," Dee wrote to me this morning. "This was a product of offseason focus groups that we did and among the topics that we covered was how we work with fans to create a better home field advantage.

"Our fans felt strongly that this policy should be implemented and we are doing it.  As part of this arrangement with the operator of the team store, we gave them a limited window to sell everything that they had in stock on a discounted basis prior to the start of the NFL season.  With the Mets coming to town this weekend to play the Marlins, they are attempting to move all of their old Jets merchandise this week.  We were unaware of this particular shirt which I am told is a number of years old.  We have requested that this particular shirt be removed immediately."

Ultimately, all is well that ends well. But, geez, did we really need fan uproar, caused by my twitter feed and radio show, to help the folks at the team store finally see what is right and what is obviously wrong?

In the future, I sincerely hope the folks over there are smarter than that. Better than that.



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The bigger question is, why did they have the Jets shirts in the first place? I understand trying to liquidate inventory, but why did the Dolphins buy Jets shirts in the first place?

Geez, when will the lockout end so these stupid stories go away ? Obviously the team doesn't run the store, they bid it out to someone and that entity, decided to sell other teams stuff as well. Now the fins, after asking fans how to better the experience, were told that it made fans madd, so the fins told the store operator to get rid of the stuff. Doesn't seem hard to understand to me.


Why is this a big surprise. The owner lives in New York. From what I read he wanted to buy the Jets first. He is by far the worst possible owner you could ask for. He doesn't understand football and really doesn't seem to care. It's an investment. It's sad but everything about the fins is mediocre if not down-right depressing. You have to be repulsed to watch the decline of the Dolphin franchise and if you think Ross cares about the fans you're delusional. He only cares about the money you spend.

The only thing worse than listening to the Jet fans in Miami is seeing their merchandise on sale at Dolphin Stadium.


Were Mr YoYo (Ross), Id have to re-think why he has employees. How smart/stupid does a person have to be when saling home team stuff?
And yes that was a big bruhahaha on PFT, till the JETS fans were reminded of the won/loss record the past 5 yrs, the strength coach cheating sideline, that idiot JET fan wearing the firemans hat and that simply, the JETS Suck.


Is it really a wonder why we have one of the worst advantages in the league? Or should I say home field disadvantage.

I hesitate to fully blame the organization. South Fla. has some of the worst sports fans in America. If they were anymore apathetic, they'd be Atlanta.

Ross is a moron. Send him back to New York.

Drive down from Orlando every home game and then this is what goes on at out HOME Stadium. Seriously?


Home dont like those NFL t-shirts in our Home store

See if they are carrying Tim Tebow Denver jerseys?


First the Ireland/Bryant gaffe. Then the Sparano/Harbaugh gaff. Now this? One has to wonder if it will ever end. This team is a comedy of errors. From the coach, to the GM to the ownership, this team is a joke from top to bottom.

We already have 1 of the worst home field advantages in pro sports. Do we REALLY need to prove it? Jets shirts? Lord have Mercy.

This is exactly why "focus groups" are such a bad idea..

No one listens to Armando's radio show...the backlash and publicity came as a direct result of the posting on the Pro Football Talk website. While I appreciate the news/publicity and this post by Salguero, I do not think his radio show deserves credit, it sucks. I should know. I listen all the time. Can't help myself.

Why is anyone surprised about this? Anyone remember how many games we won at home last year? Anyone remember how long it's been since we drafted a first-round QB? Anyone remember how we got Culpepper when we should have gotten Drew Brees? Anyone remember how we interviewed Mike Tomlin and ended up with Cam Cameron? Anyone remember Rick Spielman and his many disasters? Anyone remember DAVE FRIGGIN' WANNSTADT?

The Miami Dolphins have been suffering from self-inflicted wounds for decades now!!! Why should we change now? At least we're consistent!!!

Unbelievable. Why does it take fan outrage for the morons to get it? Once in a while you'll hear the dolphin players complaining about the number of New Yorkers in the stands. Well now we know why they are so visible! They can just stop by our stadium store at gametime and outfit themselves. What a dumb front office! WONDER IF THEY WERE SELLING JASON TAYLOR JETS T-SHIRTS too? This wouldn't even be an issue in New York. The Jets fans would have broken the storefront window and burned the dolphin jerseys.

I really don't see what the big deal is. It's a shirt. Calm down.

I waited two months for THIS?

How about a post on the actual team Armando -- I mean Free Agency is about to begin...I hear that the fins might be interested in Plaxico Burress -- how about a post on that?


guys,ross is a jets fan,always will be, he wanted to buy the jets in the late 90's. no bull .lol

Ross is a New Yorker, isn't he...? Actually, he should be a Dolfan, but, is he really at heart?

aloco, tell the blog that the phins fans buy the jets jerseys at the joe so they can p on them on national tv.lol

Do you want to hear an even bigger compalint that I had and expressed to the Dolphins. Last year at one of the preseason games we were trying to sell a ticket well BELOW face value in the parking lot when who comes up behind us, a cop with an attitude saying that we could be arrested for selling an $80 ticket for $20 on the property. My complaint to the Dolphins was #1 he was totally rude for something that was really not a big deal as we walked 20 feet away from him and sold it there and #2 the cop that the Dolphins and therfore my season ticket money was paying for had on a JETS cap. The next day I sent an email to the Dolphins and recieved no response but this also should be addressed. No one in the employ of the Dolphins (even off duty cops) should wear anything besides a uniform or Dolphin gear.

6 weeks away.....and this is what YOU BRING TO THE TABLE???????

They are trying to run a business.

Gary Stevens....from the last Blog.....

Excellent RE-CAP.....

Do you think you can write us a better article then DOLPHIN'S MERCHANDISING....or lack there of......


Thank you Kris. I was tempted to repost it here -- I think it is important for Armando to see the anguish he inflicted.

Is Ross really a Jets fan? If this is true, then the Dolphins may be in a lot deeper than anyone can imagine. If Ross really wanted the Jets then he must have had a distaste for the Dolphins. Could it be that since he couldn't get the Jets, the next best thing would be to buy a rival club and ensure it remains a losing team? Conspiracy anyone?

thanks for coming back mando!


what do other team stores do, if most sell jerseys of their rivals in the off season, no big deal, packers fans won't care coz their team just brought home a ring

finland has to keep putting up with these foot in mouth stories coz the whole franchise has been portrayed as a laughing stock for the last few years

only one way to shut everyone up, - start winning , wipe the floor with the jets and pats

then we can read stories from armando once every six weeks wondering if we're going to have another perfect season soon and not this same old crap

i'm still much more worried about them trading future draft picks in the store for qb's wearing jerseys that say - "has been or hasnt been anything yet"

May be the the Miami brass is running the store based on CHINAS' world power take over plan. Any one that has shopped at WALMART knows what I am talking about.

Sell over priced, poorly made products to your competitors, and use the profits to build an economy and army. End result number 1 world poor. Or Super bowl dynasty.

This is just now becoming news? They have sold opposing team gear at the stadium for years. I thought it was common knowledge.

H it is not news.

But after six weeks of utter radio silence, Armando could start broadcasting what he had for dinner like ALoco does -- and we would still be clamoring for it.

Nice to have you back on point for all my Dolphins news needs, Armando. Hopefully you'll have a whole smorgasbord of free agent news here in a few days...


What a waste of my eye sight reading this article. Hey Gary Stevens didn't you work for the Dolphins at one time?

Reading these posts make me understand why the Dolphins need to sell other teams jerseys, what a joke of a fan base.

The OC or DC?? or something

After six weeks off this is your lead in story? A shirt sale? How about telling us about the time you found a penny in the street when you were a kid?

No stories about the Dolfins in two months and you start with "breaking news" about a stupid Jets jersey! How the Herald has fallen. They should hire sports writers not radio talking heads that want to be media stars. Right Amigo?

I think you've lost your mind. The shirt clearly reads: New York - Home of the Jets. I smell a Pulitzer for fiction in your future. Keep up the good work.

WHAA - WHaa - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

After a month and a half I wouldn't care if it's a WET T-Shirt on a well endowed Babe!

Gimmee some DOLPHIN news MAN!

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....Someone see if Mr. Soiled bottom is up yet...

Whats worse Mando , a stupid shirt( ohhh the scandal !)or you panties in a bunch.
You can do better

Hi DM -- I was never the Dolphins Offensive Co-ordinator. I just played one on TV.

Are YOU kidding ?

What the hell -- I'm reposting my summary of the past two months of "Miami Dolphins in Drivel" god knows it took long enough.

Armando should know exactly what we were up to while he was doing his groundbreaking investigative reporting staking out the Dolphin gift store.

June 7th – In a note that would become increasingly ironic as the weeks crawled by – the poster Tom@Jax provides the very first post of the blog: saying

“Armando, you are either addicted or dedicated.”

Outside of this laugher, however, the day progressed well, with most posters actually discussing whether or not seeking Plaxico Burress is good sense.

June 8th – Santonio Holmes, Darryl Dunphy’s tax problems, the speed (or lack of it) of Miami’s WR core, Lots on Lebron James, A couple of valiant posts trying to stick to the topic of Plaxico Buress, Home’s first demented raving about HAARP, ALoco’s and DyingBreed renew their acquaintance.

June 9th -- More on the Lebron/Heat meltdown, DyingBreed leaves so ALoco turns his attention to the Cuban Menace, Odin’s confidence issues, The beginning of a debate on the NFL-worthiness of Terrell Pryor, Oregon Dolphins Fan slanders Odinseye,

June 10th – the day starts off with the unusual event of ALoco incoherently making fun of DyingBreed and goes downhill from there. Lots more on the ongoing Miami Heat meltdown. A couple of trolls decide to take a run at Dan Marino. Justin Credible and ALoco debate the similarities between Martin Luther King and Lebron. Nary a word about Plaxico – but worry not! Armando will be back soon with a new topic.

June 11th – More navel gazing on the ongoing Lebron/Heat meltdown, More ALoco – vs - fake ALoco repartee, Fin4Life valiantly tries (and fails) to return to constructive discussion of the Miami Dolphins. For a nightcap – we get a debate on the journalistic talents of Mike Florio.

June 12th – More on the Heat—capped off by a real-time gnashing of the teeth as the Mavs clinch. Less, howeve on the Dolphins. A particularly self-indulgent day of posts from Odin (or his imposter), ALoco marks the day by accusing Dyingbreed of various war-crimes and speculating on the daily routine of the ‘Gang of Defeat’. Pretty ho-hum day as this board goes.

June 13 – ‘Miami Heat in Depth’ begins and ends with an exhaustive Heat post-mortem. Being a big Dolphins fan I begin to post, even though the board is already more than 10 pages long and Armando is bound to throw a new topic out soon.

June 14 -- ‘Ondvarr Helskinki’ makes a cameo on the blog, ALoco asks us to pray for the Stanley Cup hopes of the Boston Bruins. Oregon Dolphin fan – having gone too long without insulting somebody – channels his inner ALoco and attacks DyingBreed. Fin4Life attempts to play the part of ‘Dolphins in Depth’ wire service and is mocked for it.

June 15th – It’s been a week, so Armando is bound to throw us a bone today right? Justin Credible is furious at the NYPD for how they treat Peurto Ricans, SoiledBottom pleads for help. DyingBreed tries (valiantly) to return the conversation to the Miami Dolphins football team. ALoco (not so valiantly) tries to turn the Board into “Boston Bruins in Depth”.,

June 16th. Oscar Canosa is being Oscar Canosa, SoiledBottom continues his plea for help from Armando, random juvenile gay jokes (always present, but particularly bad on the 16th). This blog is really petering out…good thing Armando will be back soon.

June 17th – Moisture, To mix things up we get some sporadic Miami Dolphin discussion on where Jake Long ranks on the ‘NFL top 100’. Slow day – but, after all it is a discussion board for fans of a football blog that gets updated once per equinox.

June 18th / 19th Hey a Trend! More Dolphins discussion on Chad Pennington’s broadcasting career, Chad Henne’s crappy play and Mike Pouncey’s potential. You know…the kind of stuff that Armando would be posting about if he were not trapped in a Turkish prison.

June 20th: NFLBs shares some of his personal details and, in return for his forthrightness, is inducted by ALoco into the ‘Gang of Defeat’. They are later joined by willis and exchange their views on Ryan Mallet. Justin Credible , fin4Life and yours truly try (valiantly) to return discussion to the Dolphins WR position. Who needs Armando to have good Dolphins discussions? Perhaps a high water mark before the complete degeneration to follow.

June 21—Spillover from the previous day Dolphins QB discussion. Lots of Terrell Pryor talk – with some Joe Montana, Vince Young and Marc Bulger debate sprinkled in for good measure.

June 22 – Armando Salguerro death watch continues. Spillover Terrel Pryor debate. This may shock you – but ALoco believes DyingBreed lives in a trailer.

At 11:32 am blogger darillo stuns us all with the following revelation:
fin4life from what i saw over the last six months, bloggers rarely stay on the blog topic for more than one page, the conversation just drifts anyway. People wait for a new blog but ignore the topic quickly and go back around in circles about all the same topics already discussed a million times here.

I find that very hard to believe…

Naturally, a discourse on racial etymology ensues. Gulf Dolphin closes the day by taking us down Miami Dolphin memory lane.

June 23 – Magic Dolphin Memories – all of them from over 15 years ago. Soiledbottom launches another plea for Salguerro help. I lament about Dolphin lost greatness and earn the ire of GulfDolphin. Some people (Gulf) are apparently very sensitive about what transpires on page 21 of a comment thread of a blog that has been dormant for two-and-a-half weeks. Who knew?

June 24th – Cuban and I muse about the singular incompetence of Dave Wannstedt. We also get an update on ALoco’s breakfast.

June 25th – GulfDolphin and Justin Credible attack Cuban for being pessimistic. A lot of rage in those two. Justin Credible accuses the blog of ‘getting lame’ – only two weeks too late Justin! Dave Wannstedt’s mustcache closes the day by widely accusing all posters of deep moral deviancy…ALoco and Justin Credible agree. Do with that information what you will.

June 26th -- Hey DC Dolfan is briefly back. The ‘wolf, icu, starvation coma’ takes a shot at the fist-pump king. Fidel Castro, Gerbils and Sigmund Freud references. Odin wins the title as the blog’s biggest deviant. Fin4Life and I decide to engage in a real football discussion comparing the personnel acumen of Bobby Bethard and Don Shula.

June 27th – Fin4Life, Wolf and I continue our discussion. It feel good to actually talk about the Miami Dolphins on “Miami Dolphins in Depth”. For his efforts Fin4Life gets nominated as CEO of the ‘Gang of Defeat’ by ALoco. Sadly Odin has a relapse. Out of boredom ALoco attacks DyingBreed who hasn’t posted (as himself) in days.

June 28th – Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for…ALoco updates us on the executive leadership of the ‘Gang of Defeat’ are and the Gang’s membership rules. I’ve been promoted to the position of ‘Gang of Defeat’ secretary. Some poor-ass Crimson Tide fan wanders in spewing garbage about Bama’s chances – forgetting about the fact that the Tide’s coach is a scumbag. Cuban Menace and I compare whose projections for the fins is more realistic. Odin swings by to speak up for the optimists.

June 29th – Armando tries to escape his captors in order to post to the blog but is caught and thrown in solitary before he gets the chance. NostraHOME us provides content instead. Oscar, Odin and Wolf debate who the real power in the Dolphin Draft Room was. ALoco tries (and fails) to pick a fight.

June 30th – What a boring day. Not much happens. Well...the blog has been dormant for over three weeks.

July 1st – Hello ‘buh bye’. Speculation on speculation that the lockout may end soon. My turn to (valiantly) try to return discussion to the Miami Dolphins. ALoco closes the day spurting random trash.

July 2nd – Aloco opens the day spurting random trash. Kris accuses ALoco impersonators of being 95% of the blog. The ritual July 4th mocking of Odinseye’s drinking problem begins.

July 3rd – Some idiot from the ‘Toronto Argonauts’ fanclub swings by. ALoco (in one of his truly funny posts) responds by explaining that his favourite CFL team is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (an actual CFL team – I checked). More Independence Day foolishness with ALoco accusing the entire Gang of Defeat of living in a trailer. On the plus side, however, we get the first list from Nathaniel Dodsworth – 25 days into the blog.

July 4th – Happy Independence day. To mark the occasion – Aloco posts his projections for the ages and occupations of the entire ‘Gang of Defeat’. Later on ALoco and Fake ALoco get into a fight.

Fin4Life posits the following theory: The funny thing is I believe aloco, fake aloco, lil aloco, the menace, mando ect.... are all one in the same person. I humor them all with feedback but have been of the belief and am not alone that in reality there are maybe 6 or 7 people actually on this blogg including yourself and please a little more creativity with the on sight handle`s, I meen 4673g? really!! the tells are showing a s s h o l e !!

On a personal note – I am impersonated for the first time. Finally… I’ve made it.

July 5th -- Odin admits to a sexual adventure that sounds suspiciously like statutory rape. Pat Tillman vs OJ Simpson Hall of Fame consideration is debated. Statesman/Oregon Dolphin Fan pull themselves away from the DailyKos long enough to begin pushing multiple degenerate left-wing conspiracy theories. We get it guys – you hate George Bush – now go home and play with ALoco. Pages upon pages of juvenile political drivel ensue.

July 6th – God Bless America…George W. Bush and Barrack Obama (or – on an outside chance – their imposters) swing by the blog. So does Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ebert. Darryl Dunphy’s turn to (valiantly) try to return the discussion to the Miami Dolphins. DyingBreed expresses astonishment that people are still posting to the thread. He is not alone. Not surprisingly ALoco is on hand to mark DyingBreed’s return. Evening closes with a lecture from the Cuban on how to you process somebody who is charged with a crime.

July 7th – Odin shares his jail stories. ALoco is intrigued at what other ‘Gang of Defeat’ members have been in prison. The idiotic Dan Henning unites Dolphins nation by giving an interview. Did Dan Marino hang on to long? When/how did personnel authority pass from Parcells to Ireland…all among the Dolphins topics we debate to mark the one month anniversary of Armando’s last post. Statesman returns to bless us with more of his left-wing garbage.

July 8th – A low-water mark. Odinseye and buh-bye trade insults. In a sign of the Apocalypse ALoco (yes ALoco) makes the most serious and relevant Dolphins related post of the day.

July 9th – Returning to form ALoco shares with us the daily agenda for the Gang of Defeat. DyingBreed and Kris stir the pot by looking critically at Marino’s W-L record. ALoco has spring rolls for dinner.

July 10 – Blogger Pat T opens up by asking if Mando got fired. Good question…not that it matters. An day-long engrossing discussion on the best MLB in Dolphins history erupts.

July 11th – Aloco adds ‘Gorilla Island’ to his ‘Gang of Defeat’ monologue. Cuban steps to the plate with a question dear to my heart – ‘Worst Dolphin of all Time’ I nominate everybody ever signed by Dave Wannstedt.

July 12/13 – ALoco expands the ‘Gang of Defeat’. Odinseye (yes Odinseye) decries the intellectual deterioration of the discussion. Nathaniel Dodsworth summarizes his top ALoco moments. The rest of the day sadly degenerates into a discussion of homosexuality, Vikings, and homosexual Vikings.

July 14th – Degenerate gay jokes abound at Odin’s expense. They are neither funny nor clever. You find yourself wishing for ALoco.

July 15th – Rumblings of a revolt from the posters, multiple insults about the Cuban Menace’s intelligence. More ‘Odin is gay’ jokes. ALoco apparently has sources within the CBA negotiations – (or maybe not). Kris is getting angry.

July 16th – Surprise! Still no Armando. Darryl Dunphy and the Cuban Menace decide to have a serious conversation about the Miami Dolphins. Odinseye and Fake Odinseye chime in with Odin (not fake Odin) joining Kris in the Cuban=ALoco(=Armando?) fan club. Kris finally blows his top and lays into ALoco/Fake ALocop/Armando/Menace etc etc. Odinseye finishes the day by defending his use of the blog to share is (fictional?) sexual exploits. ALoco and the Menace have a back-and-forth to end the day – with ALoco posing the reflective question ‘do you think Kris believes we are one person speaking to himself?’ Good solid day of posting.

July 17th – Here’s a debate for you – who is a better coach Bill Bellicek or Brian Daboll – well…after 40 days without Armando – that actually is a topic of conversation on ‘Dolphins in Depth’. Mark Sanchez (or possibly, his imposter) swings by. Secondary debate on circle-jerks. Lovely.

July 18th – A heroic moment from the Cuban Menace – who solicits input on the greatest games in Dolphin history. Reggie Bush talk (god knows why, he sucks). And spot the number of ironies in the following statement:

Posted by: ALoco | July 18, 2011 at 06:27 PM

July 19th – GulfDolphin opens in a rage. ALoco waxes eloquent about Harry potter. Lots of venting about Armando who is supposedly back from his vacation. Will Peyton leave indy?– me and Buh-bye debate

ALoco, I always thought a religious man like you would find the Harry Potter series far to 'occult' for his tastes.

Report: CBA more “tenuous” than widely believed
Posted by Mike Florio on July 20, 2011, 2:59 PM EDT

As the powers-that-be with the NFLPA* meet in Washington to digest the proposed labor deal and as the owners prepare to do so tomorrow, Don Banks of SI.com has sprayed some cold water, Javon Walker style, on the optimism that the agreement will be approved.

Banks reports that the status of the deal is more “tenuous” than widely believed. He also reports that it’s too early to know whether the players will vote on the proposed agreement on Wednesday.


Well, well, well. What do we have here? Jitters? CBA is now tenuous? Hmmmm. Is it July 20? Why, I think it is, and still no deal? Hmmm.

I've been laughed at, scoffed at, ridiculed and mocked. But thats ok, its all in good fun. We'll see soon enough who's been drinking the wrong kool aid! Now, where was I? Oh yes, 2 days to go before games start getting whacked....... A tisket, a tastet, a brown and yellow basket...

Aloco...you are a knucklehead. Go learn how to use a computer and print out your movie tickets.The do us all a favor, stay at the theater and live off the popcorn under the seats.

Hey Gary Stevens you were fired from the Dolphins Feb 3 1998, JJ fired you. You were god awful during your last year. I remember now.

Lights, camera, action! Let the NFL training camps begin this weekend. Man it is about time. I have waited for this thing to come to an end, and now it seems like it truly is, so it is time for me to join the game.

First Mando, after being gone about a month, all you can do is show us a jets t-shirt? Are you serious?

Second, here is who I want on our team from free agency... Young (TN) and Bradshaw (NYG).

The best coach on those 1990's Dolphin teams was Tom Olivadotti...

Get gets an unfair rep now, but he did incredible work with a very limited talent base. A very inspiring leader too.


Aloco's brains consist of refried chicken poo.

Blend 4 cups of cat poo with one cup of pig pee, handful of gravel, and blend throughly.

Serve over iceburg lettuce.

I read Armando's ground breaking work on "Gift Store-Gate.

That inspired me.........to go back and RE-read Gary Stevens myopic reflections of a Blog run amuck.

If the rumors are true and Armando is impersonating posters, he sure ain't impersonating Gary Stevens.

Gary can WRITE!

(.....and write.......and write.......and.....)

Well Gary should of written a better playbook back in 1998 instead of getting fired. Wasn't that the team that had Thurman Thomas runnng he ball with the stupid helmet that had one bar across like Dick Butkus?

What a cheap lousy way to make a buck. I can tell you this, if I see any stinking jet shirts for sale at the stadium. We should buy them and burn them all lol. Although I really don't want to waste my money, but who knows. Mando, is there any good news out there about the team?

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