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Why Reggie Bush? Here are the handful reasons

What? You think the Dolphins are just sittin' around picking their snouts?

It's work time, fellas, and on a day the team lost out on DeAngelo Williams and basically got priced out on Ahmad Bradshaw, the Dolphins turned to the possibility of adding Reggie Bush. The Miami Herald is reporting general manager Jeff Ireland was in contact Wednesday and early Thursday morning with both the New Orleans Saints and agent Joel Segal in order to make the deal for Bush happen. Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, close to New Orleans coach Sean Payton, broke the story early Thursday.

There are several working parts here so the deal is certainly not completed at this hour. But perhaps during daylight hours we can resume business and get stuff finalized.

So why Bush?

Well, desperation is one reason. Speed is another reason. Necessity is another reason. Fate is another reason.

Desperation sets in, I suppose, when the Dolphins look past DeAngelo, who returned to Carolina, and Bradshaw, who seems very expensive, and see themselves either returning to the days of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown or adding a retread like Willis McGahee.

None of those inspire.

The Dolphins plan is to return to Ronnie or Ricky if all else fails. Again, only if all else fails. By definition that means a return to Ricky or Ronnie is a failure! Remember what owner Stephen Ross said last January: Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity.

The Dolphins, wanting, craving, needing speed, see Bush as a home run hitter. That's enticing for a team that mostly hit triples by Dan Carpenter last season.

Reggie bush The Dolphins know they need a runner to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. They may not need someone to carry the ball 25 times a game, but they definitely need someone to take it 10-15 times a game. Bush, more thoroughbred than plow horse, fits that mold. A source close to him that was, believe it or not, up at this late hour working, tells me Bush would welcome the idea of having the ball in his hands 10-15 times a game and also get some punt return duty in as well.

In a nutshell, Bush was not a fit when the team was thinking of adding a proven running back upgrade who coud lead the charge carrying the ball 20 times a game and have Thomas as the sidekick. DeAngelo fit that plan.

But when that plan ran its course back to Carolina, Bush became the best option in a plan that has Thomas doing the heavier lifting and someone else providing the complimentary work.

The idea is solid on the imagination front.

So does it get done?

It is up to Bush, really.

The Dolphins and the Saints have a deal in place, although the exact compensation is not known. No, it isn't a first-round pick, which is what the Saints invested in Bush originally. I doubt it is even a second round pick. It is probably a Saturday pick -- meaning back of the draft, which will seem like a bargain to many fans. Face it, the Saints were going to whack Bush from the roster if he didn't agree to a pay cut so they're getting something rather than nothing. Bush was scheduled to get $11.8 million in base salary and cost $16 million against the cap.

Bush will want to earn at least that much and likely much more in base salary and signing bonus from the Dolphins for this year. Kid ain't about pay cuts.

Why would the Dolphins give up a pick for Bush? Again, it isn't a premium pick. Secondly, it puts them in certain position to get him rather than be among the teams sifted by his agent in free agent. There was also the possibility the Saints might not get rid of Bush if he agreed to a pay cut. So the trade guarantees the acquisition in the part of the deal that involves the two teams.

As far as Bush is concerned, his motivation for doing this is the Dolphins will pay him much more than the Saints would to keep him. He wants to and expects to sign what is a free agent contract or one that would be comparable to what he thinks he could get on the open market.

I suppose he could play hardball and force the Saints to cut him so he actually becomes a free agent, but I'm told by my source Bush likes the idea of playing in South Florida (he's been to South Beach a time or 50) and likes the fact the Dolphins are being so aggressive to add his services.

But remember: It is still not completely done.

It could be by the time this day is over, however.

FYI: None of this really affects the chase of Kyle Orton. The Dolphins know they also need a QB to, you know, hand the ball to a guy such as Bush. They still can compensate Denver. They still are working on paying Orton.

It was never either-or. They fully intended to add both a QB and RB in free agency.

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What draft picks did we give up?

I dont give a shizzat about the money

Reggie Bush has 10 career runs of 20+ yards for his CAREER. Two of these he converted into 40+ yard runs. That's it. On 524 carries over 5 years.

Ahmad Bradshaw, to use a handy comparison, had 13 such runs just last year (on 276 carries). In 2008 and 2009, Bush's backfield mate Pierre Thomas -- considered by none a home run hitter -- combined for 276 carries. He managed 10 runs of 20+ yards also.

The notion that Reggie Bush is a home run hitter is a complete and utter myth. His production of 20 yard runs, in fact, is almost identical to Ronnie Brown's. Add to that an anemic yards per carry average for his career and a multitude of knee injuries and you've got a pretty nice bag of crap. Good job, Miami!

U know after thinking about it Reggie will be motivated. However our coaching staff will be on the hot seat. Glad we have Tony Soprano Jr on the staff and a number of coaches who have never been in that position before. I think the new Feed the Wolf campaign will be experience s_cks.

"Reggie Bush is on his way to becoming a member of the Miami Dolphins, and Kyle Orton may be the one handing the ball to him as the current Dolphin regime appears intent on mortgaging the team’s future even as the team is not in a position to compete this season. General manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Tony Sparano have a year left on their jobs if they’re lucky (owner Stephen Ross tried to replace the latter earlier this year with Jim Harbaugh and failed), after both were hired by former Dolphin VP Bill Parcells and have since proceeded to tread water for three years. Now that they’re desperate to keep their jobs, they’re looking to trade away future draft picks which by all rights belong to whoever replaces them after they’ve been fired at season’s end. But like every regime which knows the end is likely near, the Hail Mary moves have begun.After passing up on star quarterback Matt Ryan and taking a since-busted Chad Henne instead, the Dolphins regime ignored the need for a first round quarterback in this year’s draft because rookie quarterbacks don’t always develop in their first year and this regime only has one year to prove itself. So instead Ireland and Sparano are looking to give away future draft picks for journeyman QB Kyle Orton, along with giving him a fat new contract against the salary cap. In other words, whoever is running the Dolphins in 2012 will still have to pay Orton whether they keep him or not, along with the lost draft picks.
And then there’s the Reggie Bush move, as first reported by Jay Glazer of Fox Sports News. The Dolphins already have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, one of the better (if aging) running back tandems in the league. But they’re both free agents, and so instead of re-signing one or both of them, the Fins are giving away future draft picks to obtain Bush despite the fact that he’s got a history of injuries more troublesome than that of Brown. Nevermind that “Ronnie and Ricky” are arguably the only thing that’s right about the Dolphins offense, and that whoever carries the ball in Miami will be stuck behind a broken offensive line which Ireland has been steadily making worse over the past couple seasons with his constant roster flux. And of course whoever takes over after Ireland is dismissed will also have to deal with Reggie’s contract.
You can’t blame the current Dolphins regime for shredding the franchise’s future in a desperate attempt to save their own jobs which won’t work; you’d do the same in their position. But the Dolphins owner, by allowing these pre-fired employees to continue running things for another year, has likely set his franchise back another five years in the process."


why give up a draft pick for Bush when he was going to be cut and become a FA anyway????????????


Supringo and Prostitute Boy are mortgaging the team to save their azzes...and Ross is clueless as usual. how typical.

Btw Aloco finally made a coherent comment, I could see JLo and Reggie Bush hooking up at a Dolphin Game lol

He has only played one full season in his carrer because of injuries. Sounds like someone we already have. Why don't they go after Jason Snelling, Darren Sproles would be perfect. Also this year is full of Big Time Wideouts the Phins better get another reciver pronto because if B. Marsh goes down we have nobody exept for Bess and maybe Hartline but does he really scare defenses?
Another thing nobody has brought up is the Phins are SCREWED if EITHER one of our tackles goes down for a while with an injury. We need to grab a L.T. and R.T. to back up Long and Carey.
If Orton arrives I hope Tony doesn't pick his ball hairs until the last second to announce who the starting Q.B. will be because like the offensive line from last year they never had time to gell.

why give up a draft pick for what was a soon to be FA????????????????

stupid tri-dummies!!!!!!!


Reggie Bush is another guy who only improves your team for about half a season. Have you taken a look at his injury history? I would much rather have Michael Bush. At least with him you have a better chance of getting a guy available to you for an entire season.

Posted by: DyingBreed | July 27, 2011 at 01:48 PM

Having to restructure Bush to fit under the cap. I believe this is a sign Ireland's ready to walk away from Orton. Its going to be tough to have them both without cutting a small slew of our own vet players.

Posted by: DyingBreed | July 28, 2011 at 02:45 AM


Hope it's just a "crap or get off the pot" message to Ahmad Bradshaw and his agent.

I really hope.

The fact that Ireland is supposedly "sleeping on the terms, before making a decision in the morning" allows me to cling to this forlorn hope.

So basically watching half of the Phins 2012 draft this week. Saves me some time & frustration next April.

I Thought Ireland slept on ALL Decisions????Would explaine a great deal., I Hear Reggie's mom was once A "Ho" which means Ireland is interested.

Love Mando. Early in the morning. Hard work. TX!

I'll Be Happy with 8 and 8, The team is only in its 3rd year of rebuilding, Iam only 25 so Ive years I can wait for a championship.,How long could it take?

Reggie Bush? Really? On the plus side, we'll have a really exciting 7-9 season. Ireland's such an idiot he could get lost on a merry-go-round, but here goes: there's a reason why the Saints are trading him Dummy! They used him to get a super bowl ring and in the process Bush's knee paid the price. Bush will generate some buzz around the bar stools but that's about it. Sadly, Ireland will probably succeed and the Dolphins will fail. Again. They make this trade and the season's already over. Sucks.



very bad signing if true.he is the ted ginn of rb's avoiding all contact. bush is often injured and looking for big payday before crapping out. ireland strikes again. clueless.

Well, thought I would take a quick peek into the "Miami Herald Dolphins Blog" and see what all the great fans of our team are saying... I see that the same mealymouthers and negative jerks are still here with nothing of value to post and nothing of worth to live for. I suppose when Miami starts posting "W's" you will all be right back on the glad wagon talking about how you have been fans for years... Riiiiiiight... Good Bye again.... Loosers.

I like the idea of Bush (take that sentence as you will). However, we still need a veteran RB in addition to Bush. Thomas is an unproven rookie who will be expected to pick up blitz protection in a division with the Jets and Patriots? Hmm recipe for gettin' your QB killed, whoever he may be. I think the Dolphins will still need to add a big back to help in protection and insurance for injuries. Just sayin'. Who do you think it'll be?

If we can land Bush and Ortin along with improved OL play, I feel as a whole we are every bit as strong as the Wets and Patsies. Still would need another pass rusher on D also.

This move smells like Ross to me. Trying to add some flashy names so a few fans will actually sit in their seat and watch the game.

What makes them thing Bush will suddenly stay healthy when he never has before? Dumb and Dumber.

Orton, let's face it. You can throw all the stats out their you want. If he was HALF as good as some of you think, Denver would WANT to keep him at his salary instead of going with Tebone. Henne has a better arm, stick with him over Orton.

2 duds. Strike there and you are out.


•The Denver Post reports that no deal is imminent between the Broncos and the Dolphins for quarterback Kyle Orton and Orton is expected to practice in Denver on Thursday.


What is the matter with you guys? That is an amazing video. I don't see Ronnie or Ricky doing stuff like that. He jumped 20 feet and had the presence of mine to keep the ball in bounds.
Injuries? You can't prevent a fractured tibula. Broken bones doesn't mean injury prone. It may be that he takes huge risks with his body.
He can catch and he is fast. We don't really have anything like that right now.
Stop your whining. I would like them to sign Ronnie as the 3rd back option.

While Ireland putz's around with Kyle, the Pats just signed Haynesworth.

FA Update:

NE - Albert Haynesworth
NY - Santonio Holmes
Fins - Tony McDaniel

Ted Ginn revisited?

back to orton

The real reason we're in this mess is that last seasons starter was a developing sophomore whom everyone (well most) had high hopes and his backups were a proven qb when fit but returning from umpteenth shoulder ko and tyler thig, a guty who seemed to excite but never really do the biz in kansas, they lost cp and decided tt was no good too late, they kinda needed to dump thiggy end of 09l season but prob figured they hadn't seen enough

now they've got question mark henne and no-one

what they shouldn't do is the equivilent of forcing the ball into triple coverage and overpay for " the best available" (i agree) with " great potential" (he has potential to be better than henne if henne doesnt imp and marshall is his buddy) because he still has very serious quetion marks, namely- his previous teams have got rid of him

the deal is not goinf thru fast because the fo don't want to pay to high a price, i hope they deal hard and don't buckle

Denver will wait for preseason, they will be patient too. Ireland will move on.

Why have so many teams made deals and yet now the two players we are negotiating with most have not agreed?

Morons. RB had less than 200 yards rushing last year (played in 1/2 games) in one of the most prolific offences in the league. He is no upgrade over Ricky or Ronnie. This is going to be an epic failure and Gibril Wilson like waste of money. This is what happens when the GM and HC are on the chopping block. They have nothing to loose. Roll the dice and see what happens. The deals with Orton & RB will hamstring the fish for years. LMFAO.






Division is dominating the fishies in FA just like they will Sept - Dec. The more things change .....

NE - locker room strong enough to take a risk on haynesworth, could rediscover beast form but could also become distraction and will be taking up a roster place, would rather he wasnt wandrring around our division but wouldn't want him in a fins uniform,

not sure about the r bush thing

like the speed

scared of the frailty

scared of giving up MORE pics

we need pics to build the team over the years

trading them for average players, (except marshall) has been the curse of the fins for years

having said that we're supposed to be run first

new acquisitions so far to running backs -1 rookie runner

Stephen Ross should absolutely forbid his bozo clowns from wasting future draft picks, and also signing mediocre free agents beyond one year. He needs to micromanage this GM and Coach because they are in WAY over their heads.

ireland, please forget about bush! we don't need him; rb's are plentiful and cheap. we need one who can pick up blitz pkg.

All of you that don't like these trades are morons and know very little about football. You get a relatively young QB with QB ratings of 86.7, and 87.5, along with much needed speed at RB. You get the RB for a low draft choice reported as a 5th or 6th. A draft position that is very iffy for the player chosen to make the team. And a successful QB for a 3rd or 4th draft choice. Take a look and see what QB's with a 86 and 87 QB rating were had in these rounds. Not many.

You people are obese, insipid, and sexually immature (not that any woman of value would be even remotely interested in you, anyway).

Reggie Bush is intended simply as a change-of-pace back who will touch the football no more than 10-15 times a game. He also gives the team a first-rate returner. He is not intended to be the starter, you clueless idiots.

Belichek lets noboby become a distraction in his locker room. Haynesworth just made our oline shed a few tears.

I'd feel better if they re-signed Ronnie, to go with Bush and Thomas


You sound frustrated that you were born with a p_nis.

Doing the same thing over and over is not the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.


You sound frustrated that no woman is interested in yours (if they can find it under a magnifying glass)

Wolf, I finally found something to agree with you on (though only partially). I'm not hot on Bush either. Not sure he's as much of a game-changer as he once was. Not sure he won't be another Channing Crowder, playing 50% of every season. However, I get what Mando's saying, we're not trying to pay Bradshaw, so now we're getting down to the bottom of the barrel. Greg is right that RBs can be plentiful and cheap, but what will that type of back do for you (by chance they could be Arian Foster, more times than not they end up doing little to nothing for your team).

As long as the Bush signing doesn't interfere with Orton, I'm on board as long as it doesn't cost anything higher than a 5th-round pick.

Where I disagree Wolf is your statement about us needing picks to build through the Draft. While that's usually a good idea, let's not forget Miami is (or last year was) the 4th YOUNGEST team in the league. We're not the Redskins here, old as dirt. We already HAVE done the get younger part over the last 3 years. We need now to develop those players, and bring in enough veterans and other players to fill the holes we have on the team.

So while I say don't give up your IMPORTANT draft picks next year (Rds 1-3, with the caveat that I could see trading a 3rd or 4th rd pick for Orton), giving up later round picks won't hurt as much as you make it out to be. The dirty little secret is those guys usually don't have much impact on our team (that's what our history has proven), especially not enough to outweigh the benefits of having a QB better than Henne (if Orton turns out to be that) or a RB who at times can be a game-changer or provide big plays (if Bush turns out to be that).

I like the Bush idea more and more as I think about. With one big if....Daniel Thomas. He needs to be the feature back and carry the ball 15-20 times a game. They seem to think he is. Bush gives them exactly what they need. A HR hitter that has speed to burn. Put him, Marshall, Bess on the field at once. Now there are options for the offense. If Gates can effectively stretch the field, wow, could be fun to watch. I don't think this will be a gunslinging offense because that's not there nature ( coaching staff) but could play ball control and have big play ability. Bush alone gives you that. Also, teams won't be able to clog middle of field with ILB so BMarsh will also be affected.

Dc absolutely right. You have to measure the worth of lower round draft choices and most of the time the people drafted don't make the team.




you will paying bush alot of $ to be a part time player. he's looking for a big payday. he won't run up the gut either. hope he can pick up the rush/blitz pkg's of the jets.

Giving up a draft pick and a LOT of money for Bush makes no sense if he's not going to be the full-time RB, which he would definitely not be. Save that money for an upgrade on the offensive line or anywhere else for that matter. There are a dozen other options for a 3rd down RB out there that would be 90% as good as Bush for 25% the price.

The reason why we do not wait for him to be a free agent is his cost will go up due to competition and bidding for services.

If we trade, he only negotiates with us, so that is a good move. Look, this guy has a hell of an upside... IF he does not get hurt.

I do not hate this idea. We need an established guy behind our sammie smith style running rookie. I personally hope we can get Ronnie back.

Reggie Bush= Ted Guinn 2.0

how about going after some veteran tight ends who we need desperately!!!! rb's are plentiful; mcgahee would be fine or even ricky.

greg,me tinks they want bush as a receiving option more than a rusher.

Here we go again Sparano will tear this team down to try and save his job. Bush : two much mouth, two much money, two banged up. You don't pay a RB alot of money or use draft picks.We used our picks in the draft on RB's, where's the QB ? Like I said yesterday Sparano won't have a passing game.Bush will get hurt and that will be that, you'll still be able to watch him on South Beach.

You people are complainers. RB is the answer to our problems. ST will be greatly improved, our QB will have a great check down option, not mentioning a special passing package develop around RB. Plus he can carry the ball 10 to 15 times, that will put him at a max of 240 carries for the season, which should limit his injuries.

how 'bout hansworth to the putzs' for a 6th rd. in 2013?.lol


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