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Why Reggie Bush? Here are the handful reasons

What? You think the Dolphins are just sittin' around picking their snouts?

It's work time, fellas, and on a day the team lost out on DeAngelo Williams and basically got priced out on Ahmad Bradshaw, the Dolphins turned to the possibility of adding Reggie Bush. The Miami Herald is reporting general manager Jeff Ireland was in contact Wednesday and early Thursday morning with both the New Orleans Saints and agent Joel Segal in order to make the deal for Bush happen. Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, close to New Orleans coach Sean Payton, broke the story early Thursday.

There are several working parts here so the deal is certainly not completed at this hour. But perhaps during daylight hours we can resume business and get stuff finalized.

So why Bush?

Well, desperation is one reason. Speed is another reason. Necessity is another reason. Fate is another reason.

Desperation sets in, I suppose, when the Dolphins look past DeAngelo, who returned to Carolina, and Bradshaw, who seems very expensive, and see themselves either returning to the days of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown or adding a retread like Willis McGahee.

None of those inspire.

The Dolphins plan is to return to Ronnie or Ricky if all else fails. Again, only if all else fails. By definition that means a return to Ricky or Ronnie is a failure! Remember what owner Stephen Ross said last January: Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity.

The Dolphins, wanting, craving, needing speed, see Bush as a home run hitter. That's enticing for a team that mostly hit triples by Dan Carpenter last season.

Reggie bush The Dolphins know they need a runner to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. They may not need someone to carry the ball 25 times a game, but they definitely need someone to take it 10-15 times a game. Bush, more thoroughbred than plow horse, fits that mold. A source close to him that was, believe it or not, up at this late hour working, tells me Bush would welcome the idea of having the ball in his hands 10-15 times a game and also get some punt return duty in as well.

In a nutshell, Bush was not a fit when the team was thinking of adding a proven running back upgrade who coud lead the charge carrying the ball 20 times a game and have Thomas as the sidekick. DeAngelo fit that plan.

But when that plan ran its course back to Carolina, Bush became the best option in a plan that has Thomas doing the heavier lifting and someone else providing the complimentary work.

The idea is solid on the imagination front.

So does it get done?

It is up to Bush, really.

The Dolphins and the Saints have a deal in place, although the exact compensation is not known. No, it isn't a first-round pick, which is what the Saints invested in Bush originally. I doubt it is even a second round pick. It is probably a Saturday pick -- meaning back of the draft, which will seem like a bargain to many fans. Face it, the Saints were going to whack Bush from the roster if he didn't agree to a pay cut so they're getting something rather than nothing. Bush was scheduled to get $11.8 million in base salary and cost $16 million against the cap.

Bush will want to earn at least that much and likely much more in base salary and signing bonus from the Dolphins for this year. Kid ain't about pay cuts.

Why would the Dolphins give up a pick for Bush? Again, it isn't a premium pick. Secondly, it puts them in certain position to get him rather than be among the teams sifted by his agent in free agent. There was also the possibility the Saints might not get rid of Bush if he agreed to a pay cut. So the trade guarantees the acquisition in the part of the deal that involves the two teams.

As far as Bush is concerned, his motivation for doing this is the Dolphins will pay him much more than the Saints would to keep him. He wants to and expects to sign what is a free agent contract or one that would be comparable to what he thinks he could get on the open market.

I suppose he could play hardball and force the Saints to cut him so he actually becomes a free agent, but I'm told by my source Bush likes the idea of playing in South Florida (he's been to South Beach a time or 50) and likes the fact the Dolphins are being so aggressive to add his services.

But remember: It is still not completely done.

It could be by the time this day is over, however.

FYI: None of this really affects the chase of Kyle Orton. The Dolphins know they also need a QB to, you know, hand the ball to a guy such as Bush. They still can compensate Denver. They still are working on paying Orton.

It was never either-or. They fully intended to add both a QB and RB in free agency.

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For those of you wanting Ronnie or Ricky back, have you noticed how many teams have knocked on their door? None.

SORRY,,,,,,, RB

greg z, you correctly summarize my fears about Bush. The down side is he'll cost money. The team will need to work to free up cap space. Also how will he do in blocking, as neither Henne OR Orton are very mobile? Lastly, is he worth taking over filling some of our other needs on offense and/or defense?

That's what makes this very iffy to me, it's definitely not a slam dunk, and I'm shaky in my position of support for acquiring Bush. This is a close call, it may wind up blowing up in our face (as usually happens unfortunately).

I don't think either side of this argument are 100% comfortable with their position frankly, so the debate about this today should be very interesting.



The Orton deal appears to be on hold. Orton is practicing as the starter today. Still premmature to be counting on Orton to Miami. Lot's of gaming goes on this time of year.

Aloco, I don't agree. Half of one of his seasons stats are more than Ginn has done in his career. Every player can be debated over. They all have blemishes. I know he's not an every down back. He is though, exactly what they need. A guy that can take it the distance any time he touches the rock. Any and every time. The dolphins have nobody else like that on the roster. They need that threat. He's more valuable as a decoy than anyone else on the offense. I know he wants a ton of money. But that's what happens. Supply and demand. His speed and playmaking ability makes every other offensive player more dangerous. So maybe he only touches the ball 15 times a game. But if he's on the field for atonal of 35 plays, he makes everyone around him that much more of a threat because he is not a guy the D can forget about. He needs to be accounted for during those 35 plays. I'd rather have Bradshaw, but Bush would infuse this offense with exactly what it needs. Playmaking an speed.

Guys, I've watched Haynesworth a lot (well, the 2-3 times he was on the field for 1-2 plays), and let me tell you, DON'T BE SCARED!!! Haynesworth first of all might never see the field. Remember, he was ADAMANT with Shanahan that he didn't want to play in the 34 defense. Guess what NE plays? Second, Haynesworth was sloppy the past few years. Not a beast, can't sustain throughout a game, and hasn't played a full season in a few years, so he'll be rusty if anything.

Yes, him and Wilfork sound intimidating, but it won't be consistent. If I had to predict, I'd say Haynesworth makes the team as a backup. He plays maybe 10 plays a game, and that won't improve NE that much (IMO). So this isn't such a bad thing for us. What's MUCH more depressing is a duo of Revis and Nnambdi, that's what we need to fear.

You know adding Reggie Bush would actually make me excited about the Wildcat again.

Just think about it -- you have new mobility on your unbalanced line with Pouncey at Centre.

Daniel Thomas (who played QB up until College) could fill the Ronnie Brown triggerman role -- only he could actually represent a legitimate passing threat that prevents defenses from loading the box.

and you would have Reggie Bush coming accross the formation in the Ricky Williams role -- which is perfect for Bush because the misdirection of the Wildcut allows him to frequently receive the ball with space to utlize his speed and agility.

getting bush is a mistake we'll live with for a couple of years. If ross didn't want to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result then he should have fired Ireland and sparano. keeping them is insane!

No one has come knocking because we dont own him... Ronnie has been contacted by at least 4 teams, us being one of them.

NFL network had an interview, and the person ranked Ronnie the best value @ RB for free agents. Must mean a little something.

Also a good friend in NO, huge saints fan and season ticket holder is extremly upset they did not get Bush back.

People. If you were to analyze teams and their draft picks. You could easily conclude that draft picks are overrated. Anyway, when was the last time the Dolphins had a, truly, great draft. In my opinion, I could care less about reading how the Dolphins are trading away their future, when trying to acquire players, like a Reggie Bush, who could be a great 3rd down back and return specialist. Acquiring Bush for a 3rd round pick is totally acceptable to me.

"Remember what owner Stephen Ross said last January: Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity."

Not sure if Ross is the idiot or Armando....my guess is on the latter...but the expression is "doing the same thing over and over again and expeting a different outcome is the definition of insanity." Idiots.

Good point GS.

Bush is not old. He is a great player when healthy. Fast, great hands, great pass catcher out of the backfield. That is the great unknown, can he stay healthy.

I'd rather get a good great RB than overpay for a QB. If they can't get Orton, Bush still makes them better. Get a QB next year if need be, but build the rest of the team. denver's going to cut him anyway so if they get greedy, screw'em. We'll get him anyway without giving anything up.

Simon, I don't think it's on hold. He's practicing because the new CBA states teams can penalize players $30,000/day for missing practices. So if he's still on the Broncos, I think he'd like not to be penalized. And I'm glad he's practicing somewhere, all these players need to get the rust off and quick, preseason is right around the corner.

The word around the league from multiple reporters is this the last chance for Orton to go anywhere. All the other teams who needed QBs got their guy, and the only 2 left standing are Miami and Orton. So I'm betting this will happen, most likely today or tomorrow.


Reggie Bush is set to join the Miami Dolphins, agreeing to a new contract with the team that allows them to complete a trade with the New Orleans Saints.

The Dolphins and Bush’s agent, Joel Segal, worked overnight and into the morning to hammer out a two-year deal, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the Saints and Dolphins agreed to the terms of a trade late last night.

I do not think Bush is going to come to Miami. Had to renegotiate his contract either with the Saints or Miami. Hmmm! Miami or New Orleans. Let me think!

Just got a text from my saints buddy.

Deal completed, Bush is a dolphin.

I remember bush SOARING over miaimi dolphins and into the end zone a couple of years ago............now he is about to be a dolphin and you are all b%@!#ing.......rediculous.....we wanted spark, change, speed, the fo is giving us that and ur still not happy........WOW......im so glad the guys and gals on the phinsider website are more informed and better fans than you guys

Bush agreed to a 2 year deal.

DC. Don't disagree with your comment. Just saying, it's ain't a deal until its a deal. Orton does not appear totally against staying with the Broncos depending on the contract restructure.

The fact that all these other QB deals were done in a flash, and this one is delaying after plenty of negociating, makes me think its 50/50.


In addition to all the sobering facts being provided by individuals in this thread, it is also true that Bush has roughly a 3.2 YPC for his career on grass. He is much better on turf, and we're giving up a draft pick on top of it.

Seriously folks, we have absolutely no chance while this regime is with the team. The sooner we fire our GM and Coach, and get someone who's actually credible in here, the better.

Until then, we're continuously moretgaging the future on players who simply aren't very good.



We get an electrifying punt returner and a change of pace back........for a saturday pick.......cmon guys get real......great deal

How many of you wanted DeAngelo Williams for a zillion dollars? Well...guess what...he was hurt just as much as Bush.

dc - ta for the feedback- now it comes down to what we paid for him and how we use him, no doubt his speed is a threat on pr and cnage of pace bu he's no workhorse, what i do like though is the fact that he needs to prove himself once more to extend his career and solidify/regain his reputation, now we got 2 new backs in the backfield

resign ronnie and we're made

i would prefer only a 4th with the conditionals for orton but ultimately i would agree that a 3rd is likely the market price for orton,

As long as we are not paying 10 mil a year, this is a real good deal.

I wasn't onside with this when I heard it. Then you think about it and you say 'why not'. The 'Phins aren't looking for Bush to be the featured back. He will be like the guy who played in Tampa and Atlanta a few years ago. Change of pace back, swing passes out of the backfield, running back kick and punts, hopefully being used in space and helping the team after Thomas has hammered the crap out of the defence. I don't believe it will be a high pick and I don't believe it will be huge money, contrary to what a lot of you are thinking. It's a TWO year deal for a guy who's 25. Doesn't seem like a lot of risk to me. And they're not breaking the bank for Bradshaw who appears to be looking for big coin. So rather than wait for whoever comes available and get into a bidding war for him, this takes care of a need. A lot of guys wanted Sproles. Bush is Sproles and more....and yes he will cost more money but so what....we wanted play-makers and Bush is a playmakers. We didn't want 'plodding'....Bush isn't plodding.

DC, I adon't agree with you on Haynesworth. He sulked all year last year playing for Shanahan. They asked him to play the nose and he wasn't happy about it. He won't play the nose in NE...they have Wilfork. He will give max effort and bust his butt or Belichik will chop him, as he did with Moss. This is a good move by the Pats. Belichik doesn't get it wrong too often. He was right on Moss and he's been right on others. High reward, low risk move for the Pats. They'e done it again.

this is a disaster, are we gonna deal away an entire draft? bush will be hurt 2 weeks into season like always. another desperate attempt at a name to draw some fans

Someone pinch me...This is not for real..Reggie Bush a Dolphin?? Yeeeahhhh Baby!!!! I'm glad to see Ireland is finally listening to the #1Dolphin fan in Montreal... LOL!! Now go get us an interior lineman, like Leonard Davis or Carl Nicks...

and pats get haynesworth who u know will become great again there

Please say no to Bush. This move does not excite me at all.

OH MY GOD!!! It is a 5th or 6th round pick, who gives a crap.

We just got the 1st pick in a draft less than 5 years ago for a 5th or 6th rounder!!! Who the hell cares?

Wolf, Good call, Sign Ronnie now and we look real good as long as the o-line is strong!

Feelin good right now, just need Ronnie.


I'm mixed on this but glad the team is trying to get creative. However I take issue with Armando dismissing McGahee as a retread. Bush is a retread also by that logic.


This fanbase will complain REGARDLESS of what the FO does. They WANTED playmakers and they wanted speed and we get in Bush and all people can say is 'why are we trading picks', 'he's injury prone', 'he'll be hurt in two weeks.

Again,I ask....who is it exactly we want this FO to add? They add a 25 year old jack of all trades and people STILL aren't happy. Unbelievable!!

The market for Orton, who is owned nearly $9 million in 2011, is drying up. However, a source said Orton wants to make sure he’s “viewed as an asset more than a stop-gap” option.

Nobody wants Ronnie, only some finfans.
Nobody ringing for Ricky, only some finfans.
Only Ireland tapping on Ortons door.

i agree sign ronnie........let everyone else walk.......backfield of brown bush thomas grigsby........sounds good to me


Btw, for all the Ireland bashers, he is playing this Kyle Orton situation VERY well with Denver. Think about it! Denver wants a second or a third. Miami is offering a 4th or a 5th. Orton is said to be paid $9 million this year. Denver needs to do something with him. No way they pay their backup $9 million to backup Tebow this year. If they can't get a deal done with Miami they will chop him. Ireland knows this. So you guys keep bashing him but he's played his hand VERY well on this.

Craig, definitely a good deal for NE (they gave nothing for him and probably won't pay him). But this is a trouble player, worse than Moss, worse than T.O., Marshall, anyone like that. He's NOT a team player (how does that fit into Patriots style). I could be just talking myself into this messing up, but from my lips to God's ears, I hope this blows up in there face, we need them to slip up in order to move up the division charts.

More importantly, TO ALL, anyone heard about Todd Heap getting let go from Baltimore? Any news on that? Who DOESN'T want a monster like Heap on our squad? Tell me how Henne or Orton can't get it done with Marshall, Bess, Heap, and Thomas and Bush in the backfield. Now THAT'S a reason to get excited!!!

GRIG M.......


bush is a compliment player...we still do not have a proven RB; bush's speed will be neutrilized on grass; he would be a nice piece to add for the Colts or Rams (dome stadium teams with other weapons); he will be an over priced punt returner in Miami! Santonio Holmes would have helped this team more (and hurt the Jets); this move does not make the Fins better than the Jets nor the Pats...they will still finish 3rd in the afc east with less than 8 wins.

Fire Fist-Pump soon!


youre exactly right...........it kills me.....this fo is giving me legitimate excitement .........our moves the last two years..marshall,dansby,orton,bush.......thats a pro bowl team.......i love the dolphins and cant wait till we kick off

For all the people "excited" about the widcat..IT'S OVER; David Hill is gone and there is a new O-coordinator; ther will be NO wildcat in the fins offense. Get over it

Trading for Bush was a very smart move- b/c it didnt allow a bad team to swoop in and out bid the dolphins who arent going to overspend for a RB----

Carolina did that with Deanglo and the market for the top RBS went way up---

If they waited for Reggie to become a FA---Tampa or St. louis has more Cap to outbid Miami----Great Job Ireland---

And the poker games with Orton im lovn---im hearning the Dolphins are saying to Broncos you have to cut him---so Why give you a Draft pick at all---Broncos want to bring in Delhome to backup TEBow---

If i was Irelend i Would wait to sing Orton, and Sign VY---you can carry 3 QB to game day---and even if VY is behind Henne and orton---you could create a wildcat package with VY---the way the eagles did with Vick

Craig, I'll be honest, I'm not hating on anything Ireland has done this past week. I didn't like the Solia thing, but that's still unresolved, might not turn out so bad. But signing Devlin, now Bush, resigning McDaniel, fighting for Orton, these are all acceptable decisions IMO. Not sure they will all turn out for the best, but I won't say later that I was against it when it happened.

I'd like to get Heap if possible, and maybe some defensive help, and then I'm ready to see what we have. Ireland is doing his best, now Sparano needs to FOLLOW THROUGH and Coach these guys up quickly!

Fist Pump and Ireland are 'burning down the house' before they are fired (by mid-season). They are trading away draft picks and bloating the payroll for the next coach and front office. If and when this fails, we will be unable to make any moves on Draft day or thru free-agency for the next two years b/c of these moves made today.

I'm so stoked!!
I have been asking for exactly this combo. Reggie Bush and Kyle Orton!! Bush has the speed and moves to perfectly complement Thomas. He is also a punt returner.
Orton has thrown 41 touchdowns in two years and knows how to get the ball to Marshall. The last piece would be if they tried to sign Todd Heap!! But they won't because of Fisano or how ever you spell it.
I believe in Clay too.
All of our other players are in the next step year. Except Bess!! He is the second best slot WR in the NFL!! Any ways. 2/3 players we need isn't bad at all!!! Not to jinx it (knock on wood)
Very proud of the front office if these all really happen!!!

Strictly a desperation move, B/C our #1, 2, & maybe #3 targets are gone. I understand teh need for speed, but his health is an issue guy cant finish a season, is not a true RB to split carries with. This guy is special teams & 3rd down back. Thi sdeal is only good ifff he's cheap & he's not


youre right holmes would have helped so would peyton manning or brady or brees or peterson or bowe or hester or .....blah blah blah blah........we have a great core of players......as long as fans like you will quit coming to the games so real fans can get some seats we will have home field advantage again.........get behind this team.........we are gonna have an exciting year......thinnk about it,youre a coach would you rather face a team with henne ricky ronnie or a team with orton bush and thomas


Ireland could have gone out and signed D Williams or Bradshaw to the contract Williams signed yesterday. Guys would have criticized that move and they should have. Crazy money!!

I said it earlier but Bush will have the same role as the guy who was drafted by Tampa and played for Atlanta a few years ago. Same type of guy. Bush, as an alternate, change of pace player will be an exciting guy on this team. I will also say I think the dolphins should go sign Brown to a one or two year deal too. I think he'd be a good teammate and I like the idea of not relying on a rook to wear the other teams defence down. A combo of Thomas, Bush and Brown would be awesome. My backup plan would be McGahee but I'm not sure he'd be OK with playing third stringer minutes. Brown I think would be.


youre dillusional..bloating the payroll.........WHAT THE FU@%.......WE HAVE TO SPEND 99% OF THE CAP ACCORDING TO THE NEW AGREEMENT........READ A NEWS PAPER

just another awful move by the fo. lets hope they r all gone after the season

90 percent not 99




Craig/James, don't forget we still have Hilliard. Why resign Brown when Hilliard can do everything he can do. He's been backing up for a few years, time to let him show us what he has. I say the RB position is done. We need to look at other holes on the team, namely TE, and also some needs on defense (LB, S). Let's explore other options, if we're no longer doing the Wildcat, we don't need Ronnie.

I dont care if we are mortgaging the future or not FACT: Bush is upgrade at running back with Daniel Thomas and FACT: Orton is upgrade from Henne. Neither may be eilite in NFL but both are upgrades with major potential. Marshall caught 10 TD's from Orton in 2009, he caught 3 from Henne. Orton threw 21 td's last year and missed 3 games!!!

ronnie and ricky are a worthless subject now, they are gone. good riddens

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