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Why Reggie Bush? Here are the handful reasons

What? You think the Dolphins are just sittin' around picking their snouts?

It's work time, fellas, and on a day the team lost out on DeAngelo Williams and basically got priced out on Ahmad Bradshaw, the Dolphins turned to the possibility of adding Reggie Bush. The Miami Herald is reporting general manager Jeff Ireland was in contact Wednesday and early Thursday morning with both the New Orleans Saints and agent Joel Segal in order to make the deal for Bush happen. Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, close to New Orleans coach Sean Payton, broke the story early Thursday.

There are several working parts here so the deal is certainly not completed at this hour. But perhaps during daylight hours we can resume business and get stuff finalized.

So why Bush?

Well, desperation is one reason. Speed is another reason. Necessity is another reason. Fate is another reason.

Desperation sets in, I suppose, when the Dolphins look past DeAngelo, who returned to Carolina, and Bradshaw, who seems very expensive, and see themselves either returning to the days of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown or adding a retread like Willis McGahee.

None of those inspire.

The Dolphins plan is to return to Ronnie or Ricky if all else fails. Again, only if all else fails. By definition that means a return to Ricky or Ronnie is a failure! Remember what owner Stephen Ross said last January: Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity.

The Dolphins, wanting, craving, needing speed, see Bush as a home run hitter. That's enticing for a team that mostly hit triples by Dan Carpenter last season.

Reggie bush The Dolphins know they need a runner to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. They may not need someone to carry the ball 25 times a game, but they definitely need someone to take it 10-15 times a game. Bush, more thoroughbred than plow horse, fits that mold. A source close to him that was, believe it or not, up at this late hour working, tells me Bush would welcome the idea of having the ball in his hands 10-15 times a game and also get some punt return duty in as well.

In a nutshell, Bush was not a fit when the team was thinking of adding a proven running back upgrade who coud lead the charge carrying the ball 20 times a game and have Thomas as the sidekick. DeAngelo fit that plan.

But when that plan ran its course back to Carolina, Bush became the best option in a plan that has Thomas doing the heavier lifting and someone else providing the complimentary work.

The idea is solid on the imagination front.

So does it get done?

It is up to Bush, really.

The Dolphins and the Saints have a deal in place, although the exact compensation is not known. No, it isn't a first-round pick, which is what the Saints invested in Bush originally. I doubt it is even a second round pick. It is probably a Saturday pick -- meaning back of the draft, which will seem like a bargain to many fans. Face it, the Saints were going to whack Bush from the roster if he didn't agree to a pay cut so they're getting something rather than nothing. Bush was scheduled to get $11.8 million in base salary and cost $16 million against the cap.

Bush will want to earn at least that much and likely much more in base salary and signing bonus from the Dolphins for this year. Kid ain't about pay cuts.

Why would the Dolphins give up a pick for Bush? Again, it isn't a premium pick. Secondly, it puts them in certain position to get him rather than be among the teams sifted by his agent in free agent. There was also the possibility the Saints might not get rid of Bush if he agreed to a pay cut. So the trade guarantees the acquisition in the part of the deal that involves the two teams.

As far as Bush is concerned, his motivation for doing this is the Dolphins will pay him much more than the Saints would to keep him. He wants to and expects to sign what is a free agent contract or one that would be comparable to what he thinks he could get on the open market.

I suppose he could play hardball and force the Saints to cut him so he actually becomes a free agent, but I'm told by my source Bush likes the idea of playing in South Florida (he's been to South Beach a time or 50) and likes the fact the Dolphins are being so aggressive to add his services.

But remember: It is still not completely done.

It could be by the time this day is over, however.

FYI: None of this really affects the chase of Kyle Orton. The Dolphins know they also need a QB to, you know, hand the ball to a guy such as Bush. They still can compensate Denver. They still are working on paying Orton.

It was never either-or. They fully intended to add both a QB and RB in free agency.

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bush not signed up himself yet though is that right?

5th or 6th and it's def an ok move by me if bradshaw was off the list

sign ronnie now

jts u forget the fact that the broncos have an oline and A GOOD OFFENSE. our ocord is garbage

allen, great post at 9:37am. You hit the nail right on the head. Ireland's had a plan and he's executing it. Kudos to him!! Williams, door number 1...pass. Bradshaw, door number two....pass. Bush, door number three....success!! He's gone after his target in Orton and I have to believe one way or another he will get Orton. For all the non-believers, the guys who wanted Ireland to panic and move up to take a first round QB, how's the team shaping up for you now?

DB, you were adamant that Orton was getting done for a second and a third and you were against Orton coming here from the onset. What are you thinking now that Ireland's backed Denver into a corner. Still think Denver's holding the cards on this one? Kolb will be in Arizona by tomorrow and Denver's only trade partner will be Miami. Brilliant!!

I know some of you get this... but to those that don't...

We have solid players at all positions on O... YES HENNE IS SOLID ENOUGH AT MINIMUM.

The whole key to this year is haveing a healthy consistant offensive line. If we sign Brown, we have all the tools to win a SB, IF the line is REAL GOOD.

Take a chance and sign the T Colon.

no 1 reason why haynesworth mught not become a beast again, motivation, not a good trainer, lazy

if other pats see this it could easily start some resentment

but i agree new england the most likely place for him to rediscover his form

Some people here like to act like they're Ireland little biatch or something...Give me a break...Bottom line is there's a reason why Ireland is walking on thin ice...No playoffs again this year and he's out! He knows it, the entire world knows it...The ones who don't are complete morons...Pretty simple...

More importantly jtsfish, Orton only had 14 INTs. 21/14 is MUCH BETTER than the opposite, which were pretty much Henne's numbers last year (Henne was 15 TDs, 19 INTs). IF we had Orton last year, we would have gone 9-7 at the very least, so this is a no-brainer to me.

Bush can not sign until tomorrow. All details are done and agreed upon by both sides. Once they can ink it, it will get done. I am just worried about the $$ per year. 2 year deal, 5 mil a year should be enough. I pray it is not 10 mil.

Should of been an incentive based contract with his injury situation.







I would still sign Ronnie. He wants to be here and I think he would provide insurance for Thomas, should he struggle or get hurt. He'd come to the team under no pretense of what his role would be. He's a good pro and would help the team in a limited role, maybe similar to how the Pats use Faulk. I'd trust him late in the game more than Thomas to get those tough yards. Wouldn't be a big contract.

To all those who say I am dellusional...how does this team win more than 8 games this year....look at the schedule. We WILL finish 3rd in the afc east. Bush is a good player, but mismatched for what the Fins do. He is a speed player.....great for artificial terf not for a baseball field. Jamesthefinfan....Holmes was available as a FA, none of the other players you lister were available for the FO to sign....Holmes is a good returner and a great speed receiver to help free up Marshall. We still do not have a PROVEN everydown back (I hope Thomas can be good but he is a rookie). As to the salary cap issues and the new cba, the floor on the salary cap is not 99% of the 120 mill...do not know where you get your info but thats wrong (I think its over 80%)...by the way, the salary cap number is not what is spent by Sept 1st but at the end of the season. You might want to read a little more.

Agreed Craig. @ 9:54


Bush and Orton are only marginal upgrades. May get us to 8-8. How about stick with what we got, go 0-16 and become the main player for Andrew Luck. What's another wasted year when its been so long anyway and we are not likely to compete this year anyway.

Bush signs for 2 YEARS....ITS A DONE DEAL.....



I don't really care what you have to say about me. Ireland's done a great job so far this offseason and I'm giving him kudos. If that doesn't sit well with you then too bad!! It's only words bud....what are you going to do? Jump through your computer at me? So I'm he's beatch....so be it!! If handing out some compliments for a job well done makes me that, then I guess that's it.

Jay Glazer....is earning his money.....his money.....

FLH, I will say I would not call you dillusional at all. All I say to you is consider what some oof the people are saying on the other side.

The names and talent we have is very strong compared to names in our division. the only thing we dont have an equal to is Brady, and quite frankly, NE has a shot D at the moment and still no proven RB.

Our D, "could" be the cream of the crop in the AFC east, and if our O-Line is the best of the AFC east why is it so out of the realm of possibility that we do not win the AFC east? the big point here is the O-Line. If Sporano and co can get that right.... you never know

Provided it's a late round draft pick, this is a good deal for Miami

He basically helps fill 4 Needs. Punt Returns, Kick Off Returns, Speed and 3rd Down out of the backfield

He was the 1st pick in the draft 5 years ago, yes he gets hurt, but maybe turf has hurt him, he plays on it quite a bit in his division?

Also, Ross probably loves this move, gives him a star to show off if this move works

I like it, provided it's a 5th or later

C'mon all you debbie downers... drink my kool-aide!

Then if i'm wrong I wont suffer alone!! :)

To sign Ronnie means dumping another RB. You can't carry too many RB's. Thomas, Bush, Lex, Sheets will be fine. Lex is the security if Thomas goes down. Probably Ronnie and Ricky will be unemployed and available anyway in that case.


If you've followed anything in free agency so far, you'll know that Holmes left money on the table to resign with the Jets. He wasn't going anywhere. He likes it in New York and he likes playing for Ryan. He took a discounted contract to stay in New York, so that they could sign more players. He was NEVER coming to Miami and it wasn't even one of our biggest needs. Ireland, if you've noticed has been focussing on filling our needs.

Bush is a bust, what a moronic idea to trade draft picks for him, aaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!!


Orton was 20 TDs and 9 INTs last year and passed for 3600 yards in 13 games. Pretty good numbers for playing on a 4-12 team. This has been his pattern.


I wish people would read the blog before commenting. We have now had 12 people report the Bush deal was finalized today.

What ruins the blog is the same thing repeated endlessly because people come on without reading what's already been said 17 times.


I'd still sign Brown. I don't want him going to NE and running all over us in December should he find that fountain of youth again. Sign him and if we have to chop the loser of Hilliard and Brown in camp.

I'm Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Going to start Tyler T. against you clowns and win both games~~~~~~~~~~~~


im with you fella always will be.......nothing like a lil optimism to get my day started......when i was watching sc this morning and it scrolled across the bottom line i flipped out.........shear joy

james the pats will destroy us the first game. you think henne is going to orchestrate a victory running a brand new offense for the first time against the very team that destroyed us worst last year? Dream on!

Reggie bust. what a boner move by ireland.


The best thing would be if somehow Brady were to be hurt in pre-season and we got to face Mallett in the first game. Wake could have a field day chasing him all over the field. It would be sweet music...

It's never going to happen but it would be GREAT!!

Reggie Bush? That clown won't make it past 8 games~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

thanks kris

me too poizen

dream on........

orton will be running this team......and we will be victorious......the pats are gonna start slow this year.......the offense is getting older now with no homerun threat.......and we can put pressure on brady like no other team..........dolphins win 27-21

i still believe we should go after brad smith. it would take a piece away from the jets who are making moves for another run at the division title. he's a premier returner and can run the wildcat to perfection. we also need a qb and tight ends!

greg z,

brad smith is going to the bears

Odin....from the last blogs rant...

All of this was written centuties ago my blog friend.....and Home and Myself come on here and talk about the corrupt system from time to time....I've seen your post before....and I know you know whats REALLY going on.....so there is no need to preach to you....

Be brave....and be prepared....stock up on all you can....and have a place to go.....because this ride is comming to an end...and it will get much worse...before it gets better.....

PS....tell GARY I said hi.....he still talks football....

Ireland's done a great job this offseason...You say the same thing every year...If that's the case, why don't we ever make the playoffs? LOL! And why are you getting so defensive? Everytime someone disagrees with you, you flip out...You're like a little girl...Like the other day when you told someone to go live his miserable life cause he didn't agree with you...Grow up and be a man will you? Enough with the immaturity and sensitivity...Geez...

Not a home run, but I like it. Miami gets a quick back who does not (and will not) be a workhorse, and one who can catch out of the backfield. Couple this with Orton, who can actually throw complete passes into the end zone, and you've got a nice mix. We have Marshall at wideout, Bess everywhere, Bush out of the backfield, and a QB (hopefully) who knows how to put some touch on the ball. Anything's an improvement over our passing game from last year, and having Bush gives a nice option out of the backfield.


Keep the insults coming. It's the best you have to offer. The rest of us will talk about football and how this team is going to get better and get excited about the season.

Haynesworth I gonna destroy the patriots, he's lazy and fat, causes to many problems.. Bout time things start goin our way.. Pumped as shat that the fins picked up bush, now they just need to get orton for cheap if possible.. I like what mando had to say bout the 4th round pick and gets higher if we get to the playoffs ect... Looks like it's gonna be a good season boys!!

AJ....well said......my sentiments exactly.....

hayenesworth will make pro bowl, just watch. thats how they roll. wilfork takes the pressure off

I see alot of folks are unhappy that we gave up a draft pick (did we?) for Bush when he was about to be a FA. Can't the same be said about Orton? Is Ireland dragging his feet intentionally? Think about it. Everyone got their QB's yesterday except AZ. Broncos will not pay 8.8 mil for a backup. Wait til he is cut and give up NOTHING. Does this make sense to you Mando?

The rest of us...Like in your head you're the leader of the pack or something...Get real dude...I'll leave it at that...

I have bashed SUnglass man many times for his decision making/clock mangemant....and other baffling decisions....

I have held it together with Ireland because of the talent he assembled in Dallas....the players to be relased looks lik an PRO-BOWL roster....even though they are aging.....

If Ireland would just take a chance with a TRUE #1 pick.....I would give him an A

Heres what the fans want:

DeAngelo WIlliams for 3 mil
Bradshaw for a 5th round pick
Orton for a 4th round pick and 2 million
Santono Holmes for a 4th round pick
Peyton Manning for base salary and a 7th round pick.

My point is, everyone here thinks we can get the best players at insane bargain prices. Doesn't work that way, or rarely.


Any news on us looking at the o-tackle... Colon?

I have faith in what Ireland is doing....but if he WANTS Orton...he should grab his nuts and grab him.....

I have a feeling he is wating for VY to be relased to see what the real value of Orton is to the Bronco's

Depending on how much we spent on Bush not sure I'm good with the Orton trade too, unless we somehow restructure Solai

We need some more talen along the OL, not sold on Jerry or Incognito. With all this money we might see a few surprise cuts too, Carey.....


I've heard Pitt wants to resign him. They released Starks yesterday and the plan I believe is to go back and sign Colon. My guess is he ends up back there. But yes, I'd like to see another tackle on the roster and not Proctor or McQuistan.


I have wondered if maybe Ireland was intentionally dragging out the negotiations knowing there are no other bidders, buying time to have a peak at the VY situation.


Ireland is playing a poker game with the Broncos right now and I'm Ok with that. No way they pay him $9 mill to be their backup and he won't restructure. Something will happen soon or he may in fact move on to Young. Denver has to ask themselves if they'll take a 4th or a 4th or gt nothing for him. Their call I guess.

Bush was gotten for a late round pick. From what was said on Armando's show, Orton wants a deal above and beyond what Kolb got, which is ridiculous. Miami shouldn't give Orton the house. He is good, not great. With the weapons we added, Henne could be fine.

The longer the Orton deal drags, the better chance one or both sides lose interest. Orton was a 4th round pick, asking a 2 is silly and greedy.

Simon Says....

I think that could be the case.....and on the other hand....once VY hits the market.....he will drive the price down on Orton....

It could be a win-win....

Reggie Bush is a great pick up...You can tell Ireland has a gun pointed to his head and has to improve this pathetic offense...Remember Ross'comments at the end of last year? Trust me, Ireland does...Very well...Now get us a freakin'TE who can run and catch and an interior lineman...And make sure you get a QB as well...The fans are tired of being 7-9 or 8-8...

Absolutly Craig. I honestly feel that is the difference of a 8-8 team and a 10-11 win team.

I think now that we have Bush for speed, Sign Ronnie at a good price to protect the rookie. and all the other pieces.

all we need is a o-line to keep the QB up... I like Henne as you know.

I still go back to the Green Bay game last year. Their D was in shambles, but they did have Hawk.

Due to the injuries they had, our make shift line was able to give Henne consistant time.

Man did Henne look like a pro-bowler that day, even when they got some pressure.

If we can get a tier 1 o-line to play like that against all teams, this could be a great year.

what weapons did we add?

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