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Why Reggie Bush? Here are the handful reasons

What? You think the Dolphins are just sittin' around picking their snouts?

It's work time, fellas, and on a day the team lost out on DeAngelo Williams and basically got priced out on Ahmad Bradshaw, the Dolphins turned to the possibility of adding Reggie Bush. The Miami Herald is reporting general manager Jeff Ireland was in contact Wednesday and early Thursday morning with both the New Orleans Saints and agent Joel Segal in order to make the deal for Bush happen. Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, close to New Orleans coach Sean Payton, broke the story early Thursday.

There are several working parts here so the deal is certainly not completed at this hour. But perhaps during daylight hours we can resume business and get stuff finalized.

So why Bush?

Well, desperation is one reason. Speed is another reason. Necessity is another reason. Fate is another reason.

Desperation sets in, I suppose, when the Dolphins look past DeAngelo, who returned to Carolina, and Bradshaw, who seems very expensive, and see themselves either returning to the days of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown or adding a retread like Willis McGahee.

None of those inspire.

The Dolphins plan is to return to Ronnie or Ricky if all else fails. Again, only if all else fails. By definition that means a return to Ricky or Ronnie is a failure! Remember what owner Stephen Ross said last January: Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity.

The Dolphins, wanting, craving, needing speed, see Bush as a home run hitter. That's enticing for a team that mostly hit triples by Dan Carpenter last season.

Reggie bush The Dolphins know they need a runner to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. They may not need someone to carry the ball 25 times a game, but they definitely need someone to take it 10-15 times a game. Bush, more thoroughbred than plow horse, fits that mold. A source close to him that was, believe it or not, up at this late hour working, tells me Bush would welcome the idea of having the ball in his hands 10-15 times a game and also get some punt return duty in as well.

In a nutshell, Bush was not a fit when the team was thinking of adding a proven running back upgrade who coud lead the charge carrying the ball 20 times a game and have Thomas as the sidekick. DeAngelo fit that plan.

But when that plan ran its course back to Carolina, Bush became the best option in a plan that has Thomas doing the heavier lifting and someone else providing the complimentary work.

The idea is solid on the imagination front.

So does it get done?

It is up to Bush, really.

The Dolphins and the Saints have a deal in place, although the exact compensation is not known. No, it isn't a first-round pick, which is what the Saints invested in Bush originally. I doubt it is even a second round pick. It is probably a Saturday pick -- meaning back of the draft, which will seem like a bargain to many fans. Face it, the Saints were going to whack Bush from the roster if he didn't agree to a pay cut so they're getting something rather than nothing. Bush was scheduled to get $11.8 million in base salary and cost $16 million against the cap.

Bush will want to earn at least that much and likely much more in base salary and signing bonus from the Dolphins for this year. Kid ain't about pay cuts.

Why would the Dolphins give up a pick for Bush? Again, it isn't a premium pick. Secondly, it puts them in certain position to get him rather than be among the teams sifted by his agent in free agent. There was also the possibility the Saints might not get rid of Bush if he agreed to a pay cut. So the trade guarantees the acquisition in the part of the deal that involves the two teams.

As far as Bush is concerned, his motivation for doing this is the Dolphins will pay him much more than the Saints would to keep him. He wants to and expects to sign what is a free agent contract or one that would be comparable to what he thinks he could get on the open market.

I suppose he could play hardball and force the Saints to cut him so he actually becomes a free agent, but I'm told by my source Bush likes the idea of playing in South Florida (he's been to South Beach a time or 50) and likes the fact the Dolphins are being so aggressive to add his services.

But remember: It is still not completely done.

It could be by the time this day is over, however.

FYI: None of this really affects the chase of Kyle Orton. The Dolphins know they also need a QB to, you know, hand the ball to a guy such as Bush. They still can compensate Denver. They still are working on paying Orton.

It was never either-or. They fully intended to add both a QB and RB in free agency.

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Guys, I still cant get over VY.

I know young kids make mistakes and do stupid things...

But NORMAL ones don't run away from home LITERALLY, and his team when things go bad.

Normal ones do not have their family calling for a search on TV thinking you committed suicide.

I still do not understand the support to bring VY here. Our fans/pressure is not going to be easier than Tennessee.

I think VY is a HUGE mistake, could be a disaster.

vy sucks

You people complain so much... The overall talent Ireland has assembled is Very solid. A couple of positions have held this team back. When he got here we were probably the least talented team in the league. We have a few outstanding players and a lot of solid players now. It all comes down to QB for us.

dusty. I know you hate everything about this team at this point.

But we did add a 1st pick of a draft less than 5 years ago who has won a superbowl ring 2 years ago, that did play a major part of that championship. I can say that, we added better talent than we had right there.

Kingsmith... I think you mean it all comes down to a o-line. Does not mattert what QB or RB is there. The O-line needs to be good.

All of you sounds like a bunch of A holes. You wanted speed and spark and a guy who can break the long one. Well R Bush has the ability. Remember what he did to Urlacher in Chicago in the playoffs. Of course not all I here is bitching and complaing. I wish I can punch all of you guys in the face. Injuries are part of the game, we gave hiim a 2 year contract if he get injuries hopefully the next guy can step in. Did you want Williams for 40 million, what about Bradshae for 30 million? When healthy he solves are PR/WR/RB utility guy. You guys need to STFU!


Not sure if you're still around or not...

Not sure about Todd Heap. He's has a number of injuries and I'm not sure he's the same guy he used to be. To me he's lost a step or two and just can't stay healthy. I'm also not convinced he's not going back to the Ravens at a discount. I think I'd rather have Kevin Boss. To me the PRIZE is Zach Miller. I've heard nothing on him so far but I hold out hope that some way, some how they can fit him into their budget. Probably just wishful thinking.


What you don't understand about VY and things in general, you just can't believe everything you read. The media is a wild animal, sensationalizing everything and anything they can to get your attention. The real story behind VY is really unknown to the public.

I think he is worth a peak. Let Ireland talk to him, see where his head and attitude are at. IF Ireland does that, then I will respect his decision.

Some of you guys have bellow average brains. How can you complain about RB's durability, and then wanted Deangelo Williams at the same time??? You make no sense.
And then you applaud NE for getting Haynesworth who is declining and a horrible team player. But when the dolphins add a dynamic player and they want to add a proven veteran QB, you insult them???
By the way RB signed only a two year deal, and we lost a 4th or 5th round, how is that mortgaging the future??? Go find a player like RB, on Saturday in next year's draft...

What weapons did we add?? Ur kidding me?? Pouncey will start day one, Gates has incredible speed and opens up field, Thomas will be an every down back and Reggie Bush creates match up headaches. Anybody that doesn't think we added weapons is blind

Zach Miller is the prize, according to Mando TE is far down on our list of needs by management, so we are not entertaining anything there yet.

DM, Amen brother! Finally, we've got a playmaker who can take it all the way at anytime...

Craig, still here. Miller would be the guy to get, but I haven't heard anything about him either. At least Heap would be an upgrade (IMO) from Fasano (unless Fasano can play like he did in '08). Plus I think we could get him cheap.

I'm so drove right now !! Jeff Ireland is an idiot and happy he made thus move because this move with assure that this will be his last season with Miami. As a guy who lives in New Orleans, I have followed and seen what a bust Reggie Bush is, and how injury prone he is.. The guy doesn't finish seasons and does not produce to the level he wishes to be paid at.. This move is so stupid it infuriates me.. I'm tired of being the fan that defends all of Miami stupidity.. This is f...ing ridiculous... Reggie Bust!!!


Where there's smoke there's fire. The Titans aren't getting rid of Young because he can't get it done between the lines. There's more to it than that. None of know the whole story but we can speculate.

Having said all that, if it doesn't mean we completely lose out on Orton, I'm not opposed to Ireland looking closely at Young. He is a talent...no question. Is he the answer for us? Don't know.

Simon, I get that. I guess.

My problem still exists that no one was hearing from him, not even his agent. I am going by the interviews with his mother and I think sister on tv balling their eyes out cause they did not hear from him at all.

Also his agent on a phone interview said he did not hear from him and was concerned.

I mean that is weird. If if was over hyped than so be it, but it just didnt seem that way.

Poizen, why do you think that is (that TE is down on the list of priorities)? If Daboll is using a Pats/Jets hybrid system, then TE should play a big role in that. Who do we have behind Fasano? Nobody. Fasano's best year was when he had a good compliment (David Martin). I think TE is a very important position to get someone for us. Don't you, or do you agree with management?

A real game of cat and mouse being played by the Dolphins and Broncos right now. Orton in camp and taking snaps with the Broncos. Dolphins sitting back and calling their bluff. Who's going to blink first? I have to believe Broncos will cave at some point and jump at the chance of getting a 4th for Orton. To not do this means the 'Phins will look at other optins and ultimately Orton will be released.

Running back Reggie Bush was due to earn $11.8 million in 2011. That number may as well have been $118 million. Either way, the Saints weren’t paying it.

Instead, a league source tells us that Bush will pocket $5 million in 2011 as part of a two-year, $9.75 million contract with the Dolphins.

Though Bush will get increased touches in Miami and likely could be the starting tailback, the contract makes clear that he won’t be the workhorse. And that’s the best way to ensure that he finishes the season healthy — and extends his career to the age of 30, and maybe beyond.

per pft

Poizen--- I was going to mention OL also as needing to mesh or upgraded. I think however that they will be much improved. Get the right five and let them gel.

DC, I totally disagree with mangement. When Mando jumped by yesterday Miller was a part of my question, and that was the response I got. I think we are making a huge mistage by not getting a play maker there. Especially since the market is a little quiet there, lets go get OUR guy. Hopefully they know what they are doing and not sleeping on it.

The only credit I give them is I thought he would be signed ore rumors that he is signed already. So maybe all teams are slow on TE negotiations right now. I am hoping at least.

The talent is on the team though at OL save maybe an upgrade at one guard.

Bush @ 5 mil a year if that is correct info is GREAT!

WOW!! For once I will say it. If that is true our managment and Ireland got one completly right.

Anyone else think that the Dolphins might be putting too much faith in Daniel Thomas emerging as the lead back? He's coming out of a small school, with limited experience at the RB position, and with limited time to learn the offense. Given Reggie Bush's history of being dinged up a lot, I'd say that there's a fairly even chance that it will come down to Thomas/Hilliard/Sheets. Wonder if they can carry the load?


Reggie Bush= Ted Ginn 2.0 hilarious but it more like
Reggie Bush= Ted Ginn 2.0 with a turbo charge of garbage and injuries!!!!

I'm tired of being a Dolfan, I spend all my money on this team, shirts, hats, plane tickets, game tickets, tail gates... And for what to see the continue to make moves like this!! To feel a massive amount of disappointment at the end of every season...

This move really hit a nerve with me.. My phone is blowing up from friends of mines from New Orleans just laughing at me.. Laughing on how stupid Miami is!!!

yeah miller or brad smith would be huge signings. sounds like smith to bears

Poizen, I do the same thing, disappear for awhile. Its a quirk, nothing more.

Craig, your argument can be said for Orton. If he is as good as some here think he is, why wouldn't they pay to keep him? Why go with an unknown Tebow? Why is Orton going to his 3rd different team in 3 years?

So, just the same there are questions about VY and Orton, just different questions. VY puts more fear and into DC's and makes them stay up later at night. With VY, nobody is ever going to know if we are running or passing on any play,


You're exactly right concerning TE and the Dolphins. I can only hope it's a smokescreen and their real target is in fact Miller. Interesting we've heard nothing about him and anybody so far. I'm thinking no news is good news right now. I'd break the bank for the guy and likely kick Fasano to the curb if we signed him. I'd be fine with a guy like Clay as the backup. I know Fasano's contract isn't huge but perhaps we could use the money elsewhere.

Andy, I'm uneasy about a rookie RB carrying the load too. I wouldn't mind resigning R. Williams as a mentor/back up plan.

gates? lol thomas? not any better than brown. bush? he might oplay 8 games. pounceys a rookie, growing pains. lose the bias, now im sure he will get pissed and start calling me names

We have two vets, Reggie and Lex to help Thomas get up to speed. Thomas won't have to carry the full load right away. Plus we have Clay. We don't need 6 RB's on the roster.

wow reggie and lex are vets now,wow. we need a qb and te still, our 2 biggest needs

dusty bottoms

Just wondering...I have only seen you be 100% negative about every single thing. Should we have paid 40 million for DeAngelo? What is it you really want to see, that is reasonably possible?

Andy same here, I personally would like Ronnie back over Ricky. I have a feeling Ronnie will be back at a good price.


They're not going to keep and play because they drafted Tebow in the first round and they want to commit to him. Was he a mistake? We'll find out. I'm not sold on him and I think it's a mistake to be handing things over to him but obviously Orton's not going to re-negotiate and wants to be the starter. I think Denver's making a mistake and I'm saying we should take advantage of that.

Your comment about Orton going to his third team in three years is a bit deceiving. The Bears thought they were upgrading by trading for Cutler and the Broncos wanted Orton as part of that trade. How did that work out in year one?....clue....Orton's number were better. He's been forced out of Denver because they want to find out if Tebow has it.

r.bush.............. 9.75 MILLION OVER 2 YEARS

Ronnie, Reggie or Daniel Thomas...Doesn't matter if we don't improve the middle of our o-line...We need another guard who can pull and can run block...I don't want to start the season with Jerry or Incognito...As backups I can live with...But I'd rather get someone like Pro Bowler Leonard Davis or the Saints'Carl Nicks...

simon that isnt true. i wanted bulger and bradshaw. i like the pick of pouncey. i said orton was decent but we better not give up alot of our draft. bush is a joke, hes always injured. i said miller would be huge. i love the resigning of mcdaniels. yes i think our coaching staff and gm suck, its my opinion. guess we differ, we shall find out soon enough

Montreal!!!! We agree!!! O-Line!!!


Why is it they drafted Tebow in the first round to begin with? Teams who feel they have a solid starter for the future don't draft a QB that high unless they have no other needs. Denver has tons of needs. So in the last 3 years, 2 teams and 3 coaches went seeking for someone to upgrade over Orton. Were Lovie Smith, Josh McDanial, John Fox (and Elway) all wrong about him?

Got to admit that is worth a thought.

i thought incognito was dam solid last year, im with u on jerry


I'm with you. Time to add a guy like Ronnie for depth purposes. They got the young legs in Thomas and the playmaker in Bush, now make certain they add to their depth for late in the game. I'm not comfortbale having a rook do the dirty work when needed either.

Simon Says Shut your mouth!!! Because Reggie Bush going to Miami is a freaking joke!!! Like you bud for years I have defended and look at the brighter side of the moves Miami has made.. Bush will break the bank in Miami and won't play more than 10 games any season for us ever!!!

Dusty, Bradshaw's price from what I hear is insane... He should not be getting top tier RB money yet, considering he split the load where he was. He wants feature back money from what I am hearing.

How true it is I don't know. All I know is he was tweeting all over it is between Miami and the Giants, then I heard the $$ amount was unreasonable.




Ok, thats better...I missed your positive posts. I thought you were just bashing for the sake of bashing. I am not high on this FO by any means.

bgballer40... What the hell are you talking about???????????

Break the bank. 5 mill a year is hardly more than what olindo mare got from carolina!!!!

The price is a bargain, even if he only plays 10 games.

if 1235 yards is splitting carries? bradshaw only 25 and damn good. but hes gone now so find someone else. im just not a fan of ronnie, we have tried it with him. hes slow and aging quickly.


I see someone commented ahead of me, but Bradshaws price and DeAngelos were beyond reason, so not remotely a chance.

If Barber or McGahee came cheaply they wouldn't be bad options either. Just not too sure about Lex being that guy to help Thomas along.

dusty, he's better at center, no doubt. Less space to cover. But apparently the plan is to stick Pouncey at center. Incognito doesn't really pull very well...He should be kept in case the Pouncey experiment doesn't work out...But as far as starting at guard, I'd rather see someone else. Just my opinion of course...And I agree 100% about our coach and gm...But don't worry, this is it...Do or die in 2011 baby!

Craig... good minds... just sayin!!!



is that mare thing true? if it is that is unreal, how dumb is carolina

I hope the Dolphins do not give Denver 2 draft picks for Orton. Forget about that. Make them wait, Denver doesnt want his 9 million on the cap, they budge first. If that doesnt work get Bulger or Young, even though both sucks. Ill take Young just cause what he did at Texas.

ill be honest when i first heard bush, i thought we had signed michael bush from oakland

You people suck if you call yourselves Dolphin fans!We have the worst and most negative fans in the NFL!Period.

ireland forgot that kickoff returns are void this year

Simon, the Broncos like other teams became enamored by what Tebow did in College. A lot of people feel he may be the best College player ever...I don't know about that but that's what people are saying. They loved his skill set, and his leadership. They traded up to gt him. Were they right? Well they are about to find out. I will say Josh McDaniels and company made a lot of bad moves in my opinion, including how they handled the Marshall and Cutler situations. They also screwed up how they they dealt with their TE Schleffler. Mistake after mistake...hence not in the job any more. But they also had to factor in that Orton is 28 years old and a FA at the end of this year. Perhaps he wasn't going to resign. Who knows....there's a lot that goes into decision making. I'm just saying they probably became enamored with Tebow and I'm sure it's hard not to. It may not have had everything to do with Orton at all. Having said that, if Orton was a superstar they wouldn't be looking. I'm not saying he's a superstar but I think he's a pretty solid QB and I think he helps this team.

Aloco, Grigsby could be a sleeper. Not big or super fast but he runs straight ahead and cuts back nice. No dancing in the hole either.

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