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Zach Miller not on Dolphins radar right now

The Dolphins are apparently not trying to sign tight end Zach Miller at this hour.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal is reporting the Dolphins haven't had any discussions with Miller's agent. The team hasn't called him and he hasn't called them.

That doesn't necessarily dismiss vaguely worded tweet from ESPN's John Clayton that kinda sorta linked the Dolphins and Miller. But it does definitely quash the possibility that something is going on now.

Yes, I know. You would love the Dolphins to chase Miller. He is a stellar. He is fast. He threatens the middle of the field like no current Dolphins tight end has proven to do.

But the Dolphins have other priorities right now.


Mike Pouncey.

Miller is not currently a priority.



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Just kidding.

The Clay kid out of Tulsa may be a surprise.


What do you think about the ESPN report that the donkeys are up against the cap and can't sign any FA's?

....also I don't think they are very worried about Pouncey. I mean who cares if he misses a few days of camp?


Larry "The ultimate practice player" Csonka :).



Is Orton's contract stance stalling what the fins can do?


Of course they're not talking to him. Why? Cause it would make too much sense to sign him. We'll stick with all those stiffs we've got. (Epps, Mash something, etc etc...) God I wish this f.o. would show a bit of a sense of urgency...Unreal...

By the way, Peyton Manning just cashed in 90 million dollars...That should take care of his children's education and healthcare...He should also be able to buy plenty of bio vegetables for his family...

Yeah that's disappointing. Miller would make a huge difference to this team and help tremdously in the redzone. Very disappointing! Hoepfully this situation will change.

I don't get the Fins with this position. I figured, especially with Parcells here, TE was always considered critical in his schemes. They seem to have a love for Fasano, who I like, but Zack would certainly be an upgrade.

mando; on thing i hated about going to camp was that we roasted in 90+ heat while the dolphins practiced on the far field so the fans needed binoculars. why the regime do this? i see they already(2+days early) cancelled the eve public practice scheduled at sun life stadium because of weather???? the org has no leadership and it isnt fan friendly. is everything still a big secret? i remember being eyed with caution at davie when i said hi to coach p(whom i knew from syracuse). another year of small ball i guess.

The front office is stupid to not go after Zach Miller. It's quite simple... If we dont trade for Orton then Henne is our starting quarterback. There arent any other options out there that are better than Henne. So our QB priority is out the window.

TE should be at the top of our priority list. With a dynamic star TE, Henne could look A LOT better. I'm tired of seeing Marshall double teamed and Henne trying to gun it to Bess. Lets give the kid, or future QB, another option.

I've heard whispers that Matt Moore is VERY well endowed.

Parcells is not here anymore...

Bottom line..............



Get us MILLER.

Man, the Dolphins need Zach Miller. Get it done!

the curse is in place. it will be lifted when ireland/sparano gives us back our dolphins. we shoulda woke up when our GM asked dez if his mom was a prostitute. he then only apologizes when it becomes public. he has been given complete control of the team. scary.


Of course they cant go after Miller......He has no connection to dallas....and we cant give picks away to unrestricted free agents...why would it make sense for a position in need of upgrading!!!

We have like 4 TE on the roster. One pass blocks, one catches, one run blocks, and one drops passes. Just dump 2 of them and get Zach Miller. No brainer! An elite TE can create huge mismatches and open up the field, for example, Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates. This is our #1 need right now!

Gang of defeat needs to bring in Orton, Sparano and Ireland's jobs on the line. With Vy that leaves us with Henne. I don't think their that stupid.

As far as I knew, miller was franchised. That means 1st and 3rd pick compensation. I know it would go lower, but still...its not just about money.

Who says Miller wants to bring his talents to South Beach? If we don't get an NFL QB this will remain a place where offensive talent goes to die! If we can pull off the Orton deal soon enough we may have a shot at Miller, that's why Orton is worth a higher pick in a trade sooner than later.

Just saw some report knocking the fins hard for getting bush and trying to get orton, its getting sickening how every network knocks everything the fins do but praise every move the pats make, if Miami got ocho n fat Albert they would be getting ripped to shreds for it but not NE, at least Ireland is trying to get guys and improve the team my god you can't just trade for Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson but I know espn and NFL network are all about the pats jets cowboys n eagles it's no secret

Pouncey needs to get his butt into camp asap so our line can start to gel.

No AKmike....HE is a Unrestricted Free Agent....Raiders have yet to do anything about placing tag on Miller.....seymour most likely to recieve franchise tag again considering the $$$ he wants to make!!!

News just in!!! Ireland let himself go for 2 late round picks!!! What stupid team would give us picks for Jeff Ireland??? Just a wish.

The reason why so many QB's have made deals is because they are not as good as Orton. None were any good.

It doesn't matter who our starter is, I will support him. I will never admit they are not good enough. I will slurp him dry with pleasure if thats what it takes for them to play well.

Cut Vernon Carey's big, fat, out of shape butt and sign Tyson Clabo to start ar RT...O-line needs some talent...Make it happen Ireland.

Clabo has already been signed by Atlanta.

Miami likes to sit back and watch other teams get better by signing players that Miami wants.

Is it sinking in yet that this FO & coach are incompetent? It's time folks. They built the team back up, just like in Dallas. They baked the cake. Now, it's time to get someone else in here to put the icing on.

Thank them for building a decent foundation. Pray someone else comes in next year to put the finishing touches on. These guys seem incapable or unwilling to add vital pieces to actually compete for something other than .500%.

Ireland doesnt want to pull the trigger on the Orton deal, because he hasnt been able to verify Orton's mothers current employment

by that do mean Miami(Media+Fans) or MiamiS FO, cuz right now im not sure anybody up there knows what they want for this team and WHAT direction they want to go.....

Ireland is definately working to make Miami better. Patience is a virtue. I think Moore is probably better than people think, or its insurance against Denver keeping orton. And how quick could orton at this point pick up the play book? More than likely he'd be a backup for the first few games anyway.

Pretty cute whoever you are trying to impersonate me....tough guy! You afraid you can't talk football with the rest of us and can't do anything but impersonate people. Pretty sure I know whi you are. Be too bad if Armando chooses to ban you...you wouldn't be missed!

carl, you sure? I haven't read it anywhere...If that's the case, too bad...He's a great RT!

why arent they interested in miller, a huge need

Cullen Jenkins has signed with...Guess who? The Philadelphia Eagles...

Hey Armando,

How about taking some steps to get this impersonating moron of the site? I'm not the only guy it's happened to. I know it happened to Poizen yesterday and there's been others. You've got a good blog going...there's just a few guys here who try and ruin it for everyone.


The Eagles are loading up big time...


The Atlanta Falcons signed Pro Bowl tackle Tyson Clabo, locking up a cornerstone of their offensive line with a five-year deal.

The Farragut High School graduate officially signed the $25 million agreement Friday evening. The contract included about $11.5 million in guaranteed money.

yea sure,
Moore was so worth passing up on guys like Andy Doltan, Ryan Mallat, and Jake Locker in the draft for a guy coming off the IR list...
Makes total sense to me*lol*

Safe bet that the Eagles are the team to beat in the NFC East.
12/11/2011 ain't gonna be fun!

Thanks Carl...So it happened last night...Too bad...He would of been one heck of an upgrade over Carey...

Instead they'll probably sign Lenard Davis haha...FML

Right now, I don't think Ireland could be a GM in Arena Football. If Ross wants a good team, take a look at what the Eagles are doing!!! Open Your pockets Ross and tell Ireland to suck wind and get the Good Players!!!


Not to defend Carey, but he was injured last year, and overweight. If he got his weight down he may be good enough for another 1 or 2 seasons.

Upgrading an already solid mlb position was urgent but getting a dynamic te is not? I hope clay can bail this front office out of this one. This is expecting a lot from a 6th round pick

I've seen a couple of guys ask for Leonard Davis and mention he was a Pro Bowler last year. I don't see that info any where. He was a Pro Bowler in 2009 but not last year. Let us know where you are seeing this? As well he's 32 years old and listed at 355 pounds. So some of the same stuff guys are saying about Carey (too old, too big and too slow) are probably very true of Davis. Not sure Davis is a true upgrade for us over Carey.

In all fairness, The Eagles some how were 30+ million under the cap compared to Miami's 13.

Just for fun

NFC championship game - Green Bay vs. Philadelphia
AFC championship game - New England vs. Pittsburgh

when can we expect for the rest of the draft class to be signed?

If Miami would get rid of the dead weight they got from the BOYS & elsewhere, there would be cap space!!!

Nope, ross thinks this team has the talent and core group that are better than the Jets and Patriots COMBINED.....someone should remind the business man whose team was 14-18 the last two years and in third place*Barely beating out Buffalo*!!!!

better the eagles than the jets

Amazing that the Eagles could add Jenkins to their team on top of everything else they've done. That's going to be a pretty formidable team. I'd still argue Green Bay has the best team but it's hard not to argue what Philly has on paper is pretty impressive!

carl, I hope you're right. Seems like Carey's play really drops as the season goes...I just look at what the Dolphins did in the Crowder situation...They just cut him to replace him with someone else...Wouldn't bother me if they would do the same thing with Carey...

Davis would be signed to play guard, not to replace Carey at RT...Duuhh...

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