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Zach Miller not on Dolphins radar right now

The Dolphins are apparently not trying to sign tight end Zach Miller at this hour.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal is reporting the Dolphins haven't had any discussions with Miller's agent. The team hasn't called him and he hasn't called them.

That doesn't necessarily dismiss vaguely worded tweet from ESPN's John Clayton that kinda sorta linked the Dolphins and Miller. But it does definitely quash the possibility that something is going on now.

Yes, I know. You would love the Dolphins to chase Miller. He is a stellar. He is fast. He threatens the middle of the field like no current Dolphins tight end has proven to do.

But the Dolphins have other priorities right now.


Mike Pouncey.

Miller is not currently a priority.



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Just checked in & read your so called
"Live Blog"



That was your reporting from Miami Dolphin Camp 2011?


Still rolling


R U Kidding ME?

Did the Chemtrails get to u, man?

U should have been foiled up!

R U Kidding Me

Here is another great blog for u Mando:
Dolphins not getting Logan Mankins

and another:
Dolphins not getting Carson Palmer

Great job Mando, er only kidding

U really r sucking Mando

Your Pal
Home ;)

Instead of progressing, we're regressing to the George Wilson days of the 60's.

Everybody get off the eagles jockstrap they do this every year and go no where Andy Reid, Mike Vick, Nnahmdi A. etc have the same amount of rings Chad Henne has and they ain't gettin any this year either so relax

Hey Dolfans,

Our new rook FB/TE Clay is looking good, man
Clay can run & split the seam and has soft hands too

Looked good today in practice

The big news= Bob Sagat and Kathy Griffith are now a minority owners of the Dolphins.

Welcome to the orange carpet!

Posted by: LP | July 30, 2011 at 05:57 PM

SWEET, Saget and Griffith can host *Miamis Most funniest screwups*

Dolphins re-sign Bob Griese,

Soon Home will get a looksee @ Thomas, Gates & Pouncey and see what we got :)

There is a lot of snorefest going on so far at Miami Dolphin Camp 2011

Are they going to bring back Don Stock and Earl Morell too??? Better than what we have now!

haha superphin i like it i like it. Mr. Ross sure knows how to entertain us fans

Home, you're freakin hilarious

Henne is hit and miss

Dont believe all the hype about heading turning around and being this big media created emotionally charged leader

This is simply not the case

Same old Henne
Dif year

Love to hear that about Clay. Flashes of Cooley???



Easy Hops....
Right now I would trade Ireland for any one of those eagles jockstraps right now so be careful what you say around here....

Maybe Clay is the reason they aren't pursuing Miller. If Clay can do the job, he's a lot cheaper-frees up money to improve other areas. Some of you guys need to take a DEEP BREATH.

Help ME!!!! originally from So Fla, now live in NW Louisiana amongst Cowboy & Saints fans. They call me a LOSER!!!! I hate going to work!!! Please Ross be like J Robbie, spend the money!!!

Home got a chance to watch & meet Chad Henne opening day y-day

Henne autographed 2 Miami Dolphin hats and 3 by 5 team flag for Home

Home asked Chad Henne,
"Do u think u will be voted offensive team captain this year" (Home was being sarcastic, cuz Henne was NOT voted to offensive team captain by the players last year)

CH replies w a stupid grin, "Yeah, I Hope so"

Sounds like a real confident leader that is gonna run the table in the AFC EAST, Win the AFC and then the Super Bowl, Huh ?

Think Not

Chad Henne is a likable fella and a nice guy but,
a leader, a winner, an excitable fella, ...
Home thinks NOT!

Sorry Dolfans
We shoulda went after Vince Young and we coulda easily afforded both QBs

Check out 6.5 VY interview wearing a red jersey w the EAGLES
Thats the (2) Time Pro Bowl QB we shoulda got on the cheap for about 10 million for 2 years

Big Mistake by the Fish
Big Mistake!

muzakguy911 , you are a loser. scram.

Simply The Bess is in Amazing shape

Looks like he put on another 10 lbs of muscle

well fins,

Ur right about the cheap part of it....but im starting to hyperventilate over all the DEEP BREATHS i've been taking in since Ireland, Sparano and company have been here so i choose to believe they just dont want to see that Zach Miller is an upgrade rather than gates being better!!!

yea keep dreaming muzukguy911 we are the pittsburg pirates they keep the money and not spend it

B-Marsh & Simply The Bess r like BEST BUDDIES
out on the field & on the sidelines

These 2 playas got chemistry and truly like each other


I meant clay....

Yeah super say what you want but the fact is the eagles have done this every year with nothing to show for it so if you want to slurp em up go ahead

Brian Hartline looks good

a lil thicker

a lil tougher

def still fast

Now if we only had an accurate QB that throw the deep ball consistently

Just Saying ...

It was all Polite & practice squad RB Gris running the ball so far

Other players not allowed to take the field yet

Home-You know I wanted VY too, but the dream is dead for this year at least. Why beat it to death?


Henne is average just like Orton we need Miller and a couple pieces for the O line. Any decent GM should know that. Orton not worth a bunch of picks.


Just my observation but i see Orton making statements and being adamant about being a starter, while Henne is aloof

Home, this is your blog man. Keep the updates coming

Good point LP. Very telling


No slurping here hops

.....Just the fact that THEY are being aggressive shows more promise there than it does here, seemed to work pretty well in NE in '07 with all their free agent signings

Put it this way::::: who IS in better position of being more established as a team ready to compete NOW rather than later. US or them....u tell me????

Im getting more info from Home than Armando

By the way, Troy.Drayton said on the finsiders that the team has enough at the te position and would not go for miller

Are the patriots and eagles only teams in NFL for ESPN. Jeeeezzz never any info on the Fins

Believe me, I feel you brother. I'm anxious about the team too. I was 12 when they were back-to-back champions. Hooked for life, but it is frustrating what we're going through as fans.

That's why the Pirates are More of a Loser!!!!
Heck the Marlins are better than the Pirates

Our QB situation really sucks right now

Bunch a bush league wannabees


Lets just hope Reggie Bush takes leadership

Wait T ball teams are better than the Pirates!!!

Amobi Akoye (sp) was released today. Phins wanted to draft him then, he'd look good here now. Bet he goes to Green Bay

Marshall is in the best shape of his career

So is Simply The Bess

NEVER count out new more mature/thicker Brian Hartline
Hartline is very focused and determined and WILL get the job done. still running 4.45 and can get open and catch

Yeah super well put unfortunately I do have to agree with that

Same boat here, superPhin & finsfan72. been loyal since inception in '66

I hear u Fins,

Patients is important and im willing to suck it up another year...but the status qou for this team and its fan base has always been about the waiting game......just wondering when it will be about THIS Year and not hoping for something better Next year....just sayin!!!!

almost 4got

Met Roberto Wallace
was standing 3 feet directly in front of him after practice

Got autograph & he signed the team flag

Wallace is absolutely ripped, very strong, big biceps


problem is Miami has sooo many WR now
(#14 Moore also looking good & of course very fast) We could run a great spread offense 4 or 5 wide

Holy Sh@t, Omar's BIG news was Brandon Marshall has a personality disorder!!!! What a waste of time

Our chances of finishing ahead of NE and NY.

Wow, Omar Kelly's big news - B. Marshall has a personality disorder. This just keeps getting better and better. What a team we have!

Good info Home...glad to hear some positive news. Mando acted like he was ashamed to be seen at practice.

I see a lot of repeat names in the last few days I have been on this blog and personally I don't get it. Where is your Dolphin Pride? Only 1 perfect season and it was enough for me. I am a DOLFAN for life. What ever happens I will be a season ticket holder and go to every game and support MY team through the 4th quarter. I know it has been VERY bad as of late but you can only wish for the best, it is what it is, a Football Game

wow when are we going to win again

Fans have to give Hartline a fair shot. Some of the best recievers really didn't get in stride until their 3rd or 4th year. What second year receiver really would have done that well on this team last year? If Henne threw on target the few times Hartline was deep, he'd have some highlight reals and nobody would be down on him. He is a scrappy guy and can run.

I gave up 10yrs of season tickets when I moved to Louisiana, all I have now is the NFL Package.

C'mon folks, anyone waiting on OmarHype is what you call a LOSER. Like the rest of the south florida reporters, total amateur.

I don't understand why a good percentage of the fanbase wants Miller but Armando tells us he's not high on their list. I don't get it. What are we missing? The key could be a key part of this offence for years to come...a perennial All Pro. What does this management group just not value what a great TE can do for an offence? They blew it when guys like Gronkowski were available in the draft and they're going to end up blowing it with this guy too. Just not sure what we're missing here. Is Miller only interested in playing for the Raiders? It's all very strange!!

U guys that dont have a chance to get to camp
U see & meet the players immediately after practice,
usually in t-shirt muscle shirt or shirt off, no helmets
So u really can see and relate to them a lot more
If your aggressive, like Home
U get right up front and get to talk w the a bit and get stuff signed
Many times they are camped out right in front of u (like 2-5 ft)talking & answering questions

Good stuff for the dedicated fan :)

We're all desperate for a winning team. Want our beloved fins to quit being a laughingstock. It kills me to hear talking heads on ESPN and NFL Network saying how clueless our FO is, and laughing at us.

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