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Zach Miller not on Dolphins radar right now

The Dolphins are apparently not trying to sign tight end Zach Miller at this hour.

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal is reporting the Dolphins haven't had any discussions with Miller's agent. The team hasn't called him and he hasn't called them.

That doesn't necessarily dismiss vaguely worded tweet from ESPN's John Clayton that kinda sorta linked the Dolphins and Miller. But it does definitely quash the possibility that something is going on now.

Yes, I know. You would love the Dolphins to chase Miller. He is a stellar. He is fast. He threatens the middle of the field like no current Dolphins tight end has proven to do.

But the Dolphins have other priorities right now.


Mike Pouncey.

Miller is not currently a priority.



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Plus JT is Armando's alltime favorite Dolphins player to kiss up to. I cant imagine anyone being more happy than Armando in bringing JT back.

Even though JT was a "Jet", Im sure most every fan welcomes him back "with open arms".


JT will be bought back for one hour so he can retire a Fin. His playing days are OVER

Noel Divine has already been released by Philly. That didn't last long.

Why even right it if nothing is going on!! Dumb, f u c ks!!!!

Ross is a bigger idiot than I that's he was!!!

Sorry I'm sleepy than I thought he is..now I know why the fins do things and say stupid things, Because Ross is a dumb a s s, did anybody catch his comments,what a dumb Fu ck!!

Dolphins needs a guy like Mike Tennenbaum... He never sleeps!

i think miami is evenly talented with the jets now because the jets have not added any pieces and they lost braylon edwards. while miami has atleast added a couple of pieces and is going to get odrick back this season.

all you guys suck. leave my turtle alone

We Want Zach Miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can't multi-task? Not able to pursue Miller and a QB at the same time?

I really just don't understand the Dolphins. It's sad when a bunch of people that don't get paid to do this can probably be better GM's than Ireland. Nobody among us would have asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute...because we have common sense. The Dolphins' front office is a joke, starting with its clueless owner. I understand that Philadelphia was 30 million under the cap and we were only 13 million under the cap,thus they're able to sing more free agents... but how does it get to that point? How can a team, who is much much better than the Dolphins, have way more talent, coaching, etc. be 30 million under the cap and we are only 13 million under? It's our front office! One of the worst, if not the worst in the NFL.

We still don't have the weapons in the receiving core. Any quarterback will be better if they have the weapons to throw to. Our core of receivers are competent, but don't strike fear in opponents. This organization needs to take some risks and get some guys that will spread the field. Oh, before I forget, we need another decent running back.

Zach Miller is a priority!!!!

Please sign Braylon E

What some people don't realize, the eagles were 49 mil under the cap before getting rid of kolb... the dolphins were 21 mil under the cap.... they can afford to bulk up on talent, considering they have to use 90% of the cap. There's still room for orton, but not orton AND miller, and imo, orton is a bigger need... mia is doing it right by holding out on orton, he'll be signed by Friday morning... reguardless of if mia trades, or picks him up off of waivers

HE should be a priority.. what are the chances they'll get a decent QB this year? none... at least get a decent TE, and stop relying on Fasano... He's proven for many years that he's not the answer..

Fins brass can't multi-task ??

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