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Henne starter but Moore gets off to good start

Amid all of Thursday's frenzy of Brett Favre rumors and the team's first full-team practice, I think perhaps the biggest news of the day got lost in the confusion of that swirling vortex.

Chad Henne apparently has been named Miami's starting quarterback.

"Yes, he's the starter right now," coach Tony Sparano said.

One of the things I need to keep reminding myself of as we get back into the swing of football season is that statements made by coaches, players, teams, whatever, are typically snapshots in time. They are not decrees set in stone intended to last eons.

When I reported last week the Kyle Orton trade was not dead, it was not dead. But NFL teams move forward -- remember Miami going to Reggie Bush once DeAngelo Williams was off the board? Things change.

Well today Chad Henne is Miami's starting QB. And the Dolphins don't have what can be trumpeted as a heated quarterback competition.

Want a prediction?

Before the preseason is over, I think some Dolphins fans will be calling for Matt Moore as a viable quarterback answer.

I do not think Moore will actually be the starter (speaking today) but if his practice Thursday night -- his first with the Dolphins -- is any indication, he will have his moments during this preseason. And I bet some fans will see his work and float the idea of him as a possible starter.

The reason I think this?

Moore was pretty good. He connected several times on pretty fly (nine) routes. He had nice footwork both in the pocket and on bootlegs. He also showed a willingness to hit the seam route to the tight end. Overall, Moore seemed comfortable in the offense.

That solid work, plus the fact he's going to be competing primarily against second-team defenders could conspire to make him look pretty good future practices and preseason games.

And you know what will happen when Miami's quarterback-hungry fans see that from Moore?

They'll suggest the Dolphins take another look at that naming of Chad Henne as the starter.