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Henne starter but Moore gets off to good start

Amid all of Thursday's frenzy of Brett Favre rumors and the team's first full-team practice, I think perhaps the biggest news of the day got lost in the confusion of that swirling vortex.

Chad Henne apparently has been named Miami's starting quarterback.

"Yes, he's the starter right now," coach Tony Sparano said.

One of the things I need to keep reminding myself of as we get back into the swing of football season is that statements made by coaches, players, teams, whatever, are typically snapshots in time. They are not decrees set in stone intended to last eons.

When I reported last week the Kyle Orton trade was not dead, it was not dead. But NFL teams move forward -- remember Miami going to Reggie Bush once DeAngelo Williams was off the board? Things change.

Well today Chad Henne is Miami's starting QB. And the Dolphins don't have what can be trumpeted as a heated quarterback competition.

Want a prediction?

Before the preseason is over, I think some Dolphins fans will be calling for Matt Moore as a viable quarterback answer.

I do not think Moore will actually be the starter (speaking today) but if his practice Thursday night -- his first with the Dolphins -- is any indication, he will have his moments during this preseason. And I bet some fans will see his work and float the idea of him as a possible starter.

The reason I think this?

Moore was pretty good. He connected several times on pretty fly (nine) routes. He had nice footwork both in the pocket and on bootlegs. He also showed a willingness to hit the seam route to the tight end. Overall, Moore seemed comfortable in the offense.

That solid work, plus the fact he's going to be competing primarily against second-team defenders could conspire to make him look pretty good future practices and preseason games.

And you know what will happen when Miami's quarterback-hungry fans see that from Moore?

They'll suggest the Dolphins take another look at that naming of Chad Henne as the starter. 


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Really Salguero? Because everybody else who attended thought Henne had a real good practice last night. Perhaps you simply weren't paying attention or perhaps you've spent the entire offseason bashing the guy who is going to start and now you're tilting your articles in a pathetic attempt to satisfy your ego.


I tell you it will be a cold day in Hell before I read one fo those live practice Blogs again. If the Dolphins get on my nerves is nothing compared to what that "broadcast" has done to me. In essence, what the hell happened yesterday?!

Armando how do you confuse a righty from a lefty? What were you looking at? Cheerleaders?

Like Sparano likes to say about veterans, "we already know what we have in Henne". And the fans want MOORE out of the QB position!

oscar what happened?

I wish this reporter had something interesting to say and something we didn't already know. Armando, more times than not, you are the one stirring the pot with rumors and falsehoods. I want your job. Oh, the webs I could weave.

Get over it Henne is the starter and if not him it should be Pat Devlin ,fan should just go with it and see what happens on the monday night game v pat.

the dolphins won 6 road games last year with Henne as the starter. That is not easy to do in the NFL. Sure they only one one home game, but to put all the blame on a young qb when we had no offensive line or running back is ignorant. At this point, despite being a season ticket holder, I almost wish the Phins let Henne go so that he can go flourish in another environment...hopefully New England....then all you idiots will be put in your place.

most of the night you were saying henne was playing better. The fact is henne won 7 games last year. how many games did moore win? If anything I'd rather have devlin get a shot than moore

Last season

Henne not 100% guilty for offensive woes
Henne not 100% innocent for offensive woes

50/50 maybe.

As much as I think we need an upgrade at QB, one thing I will NEVER, EVER EVER EVER, do this season, is call for Matt Moore. What a joke! Our hopes now ride on Henne, point blank. The defense will be fine, keep the team in games, but you have to score to win in the NFL, and Henne is in charge of the offense, and linemen don't score points. So, if Henne can't do it, then we're just screwed.

I've got to say that there really aren't that many great quarterbacks that lit it up their first two years. It takes time to learn to read defenses get that feel for the NFL game. And Phins Fan 26 is right. The offensive line outside Jake was terrible last year. There was no run game, so really your asking a young quarterback to go out there in 3rd and long situations every drive and make plays, and it just doesn't happen like that. Hopefully a new OC and better continuity within the offensive unit will make things better, and I believe it will.


Is Moore that bad? What do you base that on? I say that because I watched his highlights on youtube and he looked pretty good to me, of course they were just the highlights. Haven't seen much of him play otherwise?

As if Henne being named the starting QB is a surprise.

Listen. Any regular team owner who has on his payroll a losing coach and an inept GM gets what he pays for.

At the end of the season the owner is out shopping for a new HC. COWHER was and STILL is available but this owner didn't have the nuts to fire Soprano which would have opened the door for a new HC.

So what are we left with? Ross REWARDS Soprano and Ireland with contracts and more power. Soprano plays on the power and hires none other then another failing Offense coach. Soprano hires his own Kid.

Soprano, Ireland and Ross now go out and want to hire Orten. Orten, orten, orten was the FO chant. The FO, HC and GM don't want Henne and NOW they are stuck.

As a life long fan since the old AFL and when the Fins merged into the NFL back in 1970, I seen it all. NOW, just because I am a lifer does NOT mean that I know it all, just that I seen it all and been through it all and am SICK OF IT ALL.

I am sick of it all that we have been subject to numerous new head coaches, GM,and Tuna.

The only path forward is to purge the entire FO, GM, HC, Owner. Yeah, we cant fire the owner as it's HIS team and his choice to have a winning or losing mentality. So far it's losing.

Henne at QB will be one step for the fans to getting rid of them all. We will not see any progress worthy of talking about until the owner fires everyone and hires a REAL HC and GM. COWHER is a proven HC who's winning record speaks for itself. He was backed up by a great family the Rooney's.

If Cowher is hired it wont be until 2016 that the Fins will be able to replace all the crap and retiring players and truly, truly rebuild.

Again, as a life long fan THAT is my only glimpse of hope as I absolutely zero faith in what we have both on the field and in the FO.

The players reflect on their coaches. A HC who thinks that field goals will win all the games needs to be fired. A HC and QB that wins one (1) Home game should be fired.

The Dolphins are 1 -7 HOME under this bunch of losers.

I call it like I see it and if you don't like what I say, provide PROOF that the FO and HC is anything more then what their record says.

Really Salguero? Because everybody else who attended thought Henne had a real good practice last night. Perhaps you simply weren't paying attention or perhaps you've spent the entire offseason bashing the guy who is going to start and now you're tilting your articles in a pathetic attempt to satisfy your ego.

Actually, Mando is better at scouting the gift shop. What's the latest Mando?


Henne's only issue is interceptions at key game moments. A much improved O-line (Colombo, Carey, Pouncey, Long, Incognito -- Garner back in reserve) and exciting backfield options (Bush, Thomas, Sheets, Grigsby) should help that. On the other side of the line, take a top 10 defense and add 95 tackles in Burnett, a #1 pick in Odrick, and key returning reserves in Edds, Merling, and Allen, and things are looking pretty good. Especially with the enhanced special teams potential of Bush and Trusnik.

And if Henne goes down or can't fix the INT problem, keep in mind that Moore's numbers last year were with the NFL's worst O-line. The year before his QB rating was 98.5 in the same number of games.

Columbo was rated like 76 out of 78 line man last year. I am not sure he is so good.

I have seen Moore play in college and the pros and he is a really good QB, he just had nobody to work with last year. With the team that we have, I think he would be a great starting QB. I do think that, even with the issues that Henne has had, that he deserves another shot. Let's see what he can do with these guys and, if he doesn't cut it, give the offense to Moore and let Devlin learn the offense for a little while.

Let's blame everything on Dan Henning and give this Henne kid a chance.

look people...armando i dnt kno wat planet u live in...da reality is dat we have two backups tryin to win da starting job...its dat simple....henne was terrible last yr....moore was even more horrible....i understand da o line an da running game wasnt there,but henne wasnt neither.....i dnt kno,maybe wit reggie an thomas,an a revamped o line he can sumthin..i highly doubt it but hey wat do we gotta lose....looks like we gonna fighting buffalo hard for dat 3rd spot in da afc east....

sparano and ireland said they would bring someone in and that their would be a QB competition this year. instead sparano says henne is the starter without any meaningful competition. its exactly what the org did last year. no QB competition allowed! what if matt moore wins the job in camp as tyler did last year?


Mando-Some article... You spent almost the entire practice not even knowing Moore was on the field, you kept reporting it was Devlin....Arghhhh! Henne will be fine for now.

lets see,
The ratings I've seen have him as the #9 right tackle. I don't think you can compare him to centers, left tackles, etc. fairly. He does his job pretty well or he wouldn't have started every game for the Cowboys. And moving Carey to guard seems an upgrade at two positions. Jerry still needs time to develop, but he is a nice back up along with Garner and Berger. Note that two of these back ups were forced into starting last year.


I base that on lots of things. Who's the last undrafted QB that lit up the NFL? Can you name ONE? Even Brady was drafted in the 6th-rd. So, there's history on my side.

Second, this is what Moore does, he comes on the scene, does some nice things, and then gets a chance, and then people start to realize he's not the One. Dallas, cut him. In Carolina, he couldn't keep his job. He'd come in off the bench, then either suck, or get hurt, or played inconsistently enough that he never fully won a starting position his whole time there. You think he'll miraculously become a dependable QB here?

Lastly, let's look at what Moore has done last 4 years. Played in 20 games, racked up 2,433yds passing, 15 TDs/14 INTs for a 76.7 passer rating. How many games do you think that will win us? A team that needs more excitement, more TDs, you think he's our guy?

Henne's numbers, while not stellar, at least show him to be a bigger threat. He's played in 32 games, has 6,246 passing yards (very nice), 27 TDs/33 INTs for a 75.3 passer rating. So, while Moore has a better passer rating (slightly), he's played in less games, has a 1/3 of Henne's passing yards, less TDs, and brings nothing to the table that would blow Henne out of the water.

Look folks, you don't jump from one mediocre QB that's been running this offense to a new, EVEN MORE MEDIOCRE QB. That's stupid. No matter how "good" Moore looks with the 2nd-team scrubs. You either IMPROVE the QB position, with a player who's quantitatively and qualitatively better, or you stick with the guy you have.

Lastly, Moore is coming into his what, 5th season in the NFL. By all "expert" accounts, you can pretty much tell after 3 seasons what a QB will be in the league. Moore isn't Henne, still young and in that "growing room" stage, what you've seen is pretty much what you'll get from him. Henne's still in that "maybe he can be good" stage. So we should give Henne the chance to prove himself, so everyone knows once and for all what we have with him, and then we'll know exactly what we need to do next year.

For all those reasons, Moore should just be taught how to hold the clipboard and call in plays, that's all he's good for.


Why do we need proof to argue against your opinion? Your post contained three facts, (we went 1-7 and home, we extended the contracts of the front office, and we hired a new OC). The rest of if it is unsupported conjecture on your part.

Sparano I am "disappointed" in your inability to assess talent. If you think Henne is a starting NFL QB, then you likely think I am a top notch sports writer, as well!

My prediction, you will be shown the door at the end of the season, which will result in a much needed change of "luck," for the Phins.

Also, and I know someone will respond to my question, about an undrafted QB who succeeded, they'll bring up Kurt Warner.

True, if all you're trying to do is technically prove me wrong. But by all accounts, Warner's path to the NFL was WAY different than Moore's. First off, Warner was getting experience in other leagues. He was PROMOTED to the NFL (so, had been playing good elsewhere).

Second, Warner landed with the "Greatest Show of Turf" Rams. I think a limbless Somalian on a grain of rice diet could have succeeded as QB of that team. Not to take anything from Warner, he played masterfully, but does anyone think we have the weapons that team had? Anyone think Moore will have as easy a time getting our offense to run as probably the best offense in the last 20 years? Anyone think you should even put Brian's Daboll's name ANYWHERE NEAR Mike Martz?

So, no, Moore can't do it because Warner did it. Nice try.

DC, I believe Tony Romo was undrafted too.

I still believe 1st round qbs is the best way to go but once ina while those longshots come in - you should still keep trying to push qbs through the pipeline.

Anyone know if the Dolphins will be practicing next Saturday? I will be in Miami for the day and would like to check it out.

I am honestly convincred that some people here, are just Henne haters.

Kind of like there are Yankee and Red Sox fans (true fans) and then the others who just hate the oposing team more than they are a fan of their own team.

Mando, all due respect to you sir, but from ALL that I have heard from practice Henne looked real good. REAL good.

And yet today the same old crap, The Henne bashers bash him instead of saying, hey thank god he is showing improvement. MAYBE he will be better for us.

So what's the point, the Henne is not good enough and we did not get competion horse is dead and half rotted away, and some of you are still kicking the dead horse.

Maybe time to move on and see what the people in OUR PHIN uniforms now do, until something else shows up.

Hey DC,

I think you missed the biggest undrafted free agent QB KURT WARNER, but, I agree with alot of posters on here, this year we need to defend home field and hope we can repeat the Road victories to have a shot. If not, we better cut our losses and AGAIN start over with a new regime.


As I said I only saw the highlights so I wanted to know why you were so against him. Thats all.




POIZEN......... AGREE..........

Come on, Armando. You didnt even know who Matt Moore was on the practice field yesterday. You were confusing him with Pat Devlin.

Some very touchy fans on this site.

So why don't the coaches give a few reps to Moore against the first team defense? If he shows what he showed last night, what's the excuse?? Of course these coaches want Henne to succeed, they'll look like twits if he doesn't...These guys drafted him, remember??

Matt Moore? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good luck Chad, the mighty Matt Moore is apparently going to take your job.

It would be great for the phins if one of these QBs outplays Henne but I was hoping for someone with some real experience so that Henne would improve. I'm afraid they picked the only two QBs that will help ensure that Henne doesn't improve. And they will name him the starter based on the fact that he IS better than these two and has more experience with the players. As a bonus Henne and Branstater (gone) are the only qbs who had some of the new playbook to work on the past few months.


Counldn't agree more, hopefully with a good running game and a good punt return game, we won't have to go 80 or 90 yards every possession and can get the Coach Tony " chunk yardage " and some big plays, although I have my doubts about the play calling, I think Daboll is just a figure head and Coach Tony will be calling the plays, what says you guys ?


dc - while i agree with most of what u say, moore needs to do what all back-ups do, be ready to go, henne could easily play well for 2 games then get injured, moore looking good in practice is better than him sucking from that point of view

DC...Jeff Garcia, Warren Moon, Jake Delhome?? I didn't say Warner but that's 5 right there..


The excuse might simply be yesterday was Moores first practice. One step at a time. I'm sure they will give him reps with the starters if he continues to do well.

If anyone wants to see a real account of what happened last night at practice read Andrew Carters piece in the Sent. And then when you get done laughing your a** off at how pathetic it is come back here and be happy Armando gave us the few nuggets he did.

Apparently Kelly and Carter only TWEET the practice goings on. So anyone who would like to sit and stair at their phone for 2 hours are the lucky ones. The people who would like to read about it over their morning coffee are s**t out of luck. When will this stupid tweeting thing end, enough already.

Well lets be honest, all the complaining about Henne at this point is just annoying noise.

If it goes bad this year, Sporano, Ireland and this whole crew is gone. Even if they don't take Henne with them...

A new coach comes in with his guys, and he is going to want his own QB.

If Henne lights it up and we have a great season, then we would want to keep him... most of us that is.

So there is a light at the end of this seaason either way. AND there are 5 QB's in the draft next year better than the 1st drafted this year. So no matter where we finish there will be a guy there for us to draft.

Just wondering how you were able to evaluate his footwork when they were on the far field. This caused some issues as you confused Moore and Pat Delvin. Plus you seemed confused about what arm the qb was throwing with. I call bs on the footwork comment.

So I think that I will rely on Moore's performance in Carolina last year, which contrinuted to a decent HC being fired, over a few reps in PRACTICE in august as evaluated by a reporter who too far away to tell what was going on.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Had a odd dream about my Phins

Dan Henning texts Brett Farve on his Jitterbug cell phone(large # keypad cell phone for old people that can't see well).

Brett Farve receives the text on his own Jitterbug cell phone.....its a running play

Farve hands the ball off to Ricky Williams (who's waiting on his very own Jitterbug phone)...the play evolves slowly...very slowly...during the handoff Farve and Williams collide...both players go down with broken hips

What do you think this dream means ?


Soiled :)


Disappointed to read this column.

I followed your practice commentary with interest last night. As I am in England, that requires some dedication, however I felt that you would provide impartial reporting and serve as my eyes and ears on the ground.

This article suggests that your opinins are not objective. Therefore I won't bother again.

You were in a battle with the Sun-Sentinel and PB post to retain your starting job as BR (beat repoter).

Looks like you just lost your place as starter.

Why do you think people hate Henne? There is no proof of that...

Once again people, Sparano doesn't pick the talent on this team! So quit bashing him for saying Henne is the starter. Chads the best QB on the roster right now, so he got it by default. Let's see what of you idiots make it to the play offs with Henne as your QB

Haaa...Armando the arrogant albondiga is getting roasted today.


though many people probably like the like blog, i am never able to follow it "live" and i will be darned if i am going to sift through 14+ pages of idiocy to look for comments on who is doing what. can you offer a non-live practice recap from time to time for those of us who check everyday, but cant follow live?

also, i emailed henne and told him to look you in the eyes when he talks to you so that you will like him as much as delvin.....

ps... kyle "neck-beard" orton is NOT our messiah

Guys....chill out!
They've been on the field for a week, with full team practice for ONE DAY.
Hell I did not even see one word about how Reggie Bush looked?
Let's get through a couple of pre-season games then we'll have a more solid view of our team's prospects for this year.
Give it some time to develop, please.

Hey Guys,
We were just overjoyed with emotion last night when the fans started the "WE WANT HENNE!" chant! Of course, what you don't know is we planted some employees as fans in the stands to start the chant. But I was so happy that I started to cry, as did Coach Sparano and Chad Henne himself. Of course you couldn't tell because we purposely put the players as far away from the fans as a big FU to all of you Henne Haters. But now that you are coming around, we can all be more civil about it. Thank you for your support! Go fins!



P.S. Can you start a "WE WANT IRELAND!" chant at the next practice? Pretty, Pretty please with Sugar on Top! Thanks, you guys are the best! XOXO

Rex Ryan makes sandwiches with his feet, and then licks the mayo off them when he is done.

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