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Bootleg video of Dolphins practices on Internet

When the Dolphins admit fans to their open practices for training camp, they announce on the public address system that folks are not allowed to photograph or video any portion of practice.

Apparently, some person or persons attending Dolphins practices this year have been videotaping the team for extended periods of time without the team knowing. The videos, at least six of them, are quite long and quite clear. One extends 15 minutes. One extends 14 minutes. Several extend six and seven minutes.

Many of them show team periods where the first team offense is running plays against the first team defense. They show the Dolphins use of Reggie Bush. They show Miami's blitzes.

And they are on the Internet.

I will not publish the videos on here for obvious reasons. I won't even tell you where to find them.

But obviously somebody didn't think enough of protecting the integrity of Miami's practice to keep from posting them.

I had a short conversation with Dolphins vice president of communicatons Harvey Greene to alert him about the videos. He was surprised they exist and none too happy about it.

I'm expecting a statement from the team in the coming minutes.

By the way, the folks that uploaded the videos go by Dolphins fan handles -- such as Dolphinsfan911. If indeed fans that video taped the practices were Dolphins fans, what does it say about them?

This is, after all, only a week after Dolphins fans chanted "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," during an open and free practice at Sun Life Stadium. Taken together it gives Miami fans a black eye on the reputation front, in my opinion.

[Update: I looked around and my Armando and the Amigo radio show producers searched and we found no similar New England Patriots practice videos. The Dolphins play the Patriots Sept. 12 in the regular-season opener for both.]


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It was the Patriots Organization. They have taken spygate to a whole new level.


A Patriots fan, a Jets fan, and a Dolphins fan are climbing a mountain and arguing about who "LOVES" their team the most. The Patriots fan insists that he is the most loyal. '' THIS IS FOR NEW ENGLAND!",​ he yells and jumps off the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Dolphins fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells "THIS IS FOR MIAMI " and pushes the stinking Jets fan off the mountain.

Where's the video? I clicked on the video link and it brought me back to this page...


give matt roth another chance like jason taylor. sign channing to a 1 year contract at base pay with incentives on being healthy. its better than playing musical chairs with undrafted free agents who we cut a week later.

Armando -- The Cheatriots don't record their OWN practices because their too busy illegally recording their OPPONENTS practices.

Would it shock anybody if Mr. Dolphins911 was actually one of Bill Bellicek's, corrupt, rule-breaking peons who just got drunk or something.

Remember the first rule of the NFL. If it involves cheating -- chances are it's the Patriots.

Dear Armando,
We appreciate you letting the whole world know about our practice videos in the internet. What you don't know is, we have been using a fake playbook for the last week and a half and running fake plays in practice. We also plan to run completely fake plays in all 4 exhibition games. We are hoping the Patriots will watch these videos! Then we will trick them when we come out with a completely different offense in the first game of the season! Haha! We will fool them! Remember when we got them with the wildcat! We don't mind if you give the website names, or better yet, please email them directly to the New England Patriots. Just make it look like I am upset. Thanks for your outstanding reporting!



DC Dolfan....

From the last blog....

You are correct....Crowder is young.....

but FYI......HE SUCKS.........

Ireland knew it...Belichick knows it.......and the other 30 coaches/GMs around the league knew it.....

Apperantly the ONLY people who didn't know he sucks was Bill Parcells and and few posters on here who for some reason thought our run "D" was better when he was in the game......

I don't know if you count yourself in that group or not......

Im sure nothing on that video is a surprise to New England. How can it be.....? We're the Miami Dolphins...we play to not lose.

This is a nothing story. I am sure that NE has a spy in the crowd every day taking notes and mapping out the entire Miami offense and defense. The You Tube video is nothing more then that. Plus Miami does not install game plans during the preseason anyway. So there are a few plays on You Tube, probably nothing more then they will run in the preseason.

Armando you have become the Fox news of radio, making these molehills into mountains. From this to the shirts to the few boos at the practice. Start reporting real Dolphin news and stop making these nothing stories into "big" news just to make yourself look better.


People have posted the LINKS to their YOU TUBE VIDEOS of FINS practice right on this blog.....about 5 days or so ago.....

Talking about being late to YOUR OWN PARTY WITH THE NEWS......geesh.....

Look thru your own archives.....before you come out and point any fingers....

I would go bac and find it....but I don't want/need to do you and/or your staffs work.....

I don't think this group is that creative where the rest of the league won't figure out how they're going to use Bush by watching preseason & old Saints footage.

Those videos are traceable if anyone cares to. But as AI used to say it's only practise, Whsts the problem it's only practise.

Oh ! , that's what that was. I thought it was the Special Olympics episode from South Park.... TIMMY !

Are you sure its the dolphins or just a pee wee football league practice.

Can you tell the difference?

If it's an "open" practice, what's the difference?

Damn Armando your such a snitch. Are you 3 years old you. Remember no taddle tale!

I wouldn't mind having someone video Tony Sparano close up during the practice so I can see if he's been practicing his fist-pumps.

Once again, Dolphins fan show how truly terrible they are. Ridiculous.

@Kris~~~~~~You get dumber every year!

Good call about Krissy.

I wouldn't mind having someone video Tony Sparano close up during the practice so I can see if he's been practicing his fist-pumps.

Posted by: Gary Stevens | August 10, 2011 at 09:37 AM


Guys watch the news on espn on Ochocinco...lol. The guy says he is going to live with a fan for two or three weeks into the season.

That's great. More proof that Dolphins fans are the worst fans in the NFL. Making us all proud. Great job guys, way to help the Patriots!

Welcome to Cheat Club. The first rule of Cheat Club is: you do not talk about Cheat Club. The second rule of Cheat Club is: you DO NOT talk about Cheat Club! Third rule of Cheat Club: someone yells "stop!" Filming, You stop filming..

Bill Belechet


LOL @ FP4FGs.....stop filming.....

not that big of a deal. practices that are open to the public, the fins aren't running their super secret new formation "stampede" where they use thomas and 10 guards to run the ball...

Justin....if you say your name fast....it sounds like "just incredible"....heh heh....just incredible....that's funny......OOPS!!! My breakfast just slid down my chin.....ahhhh...that feels good...


Another example of how pathetic this fan base is. While you are not too busy pushing Henne out of the way for neck beard Orton you are striving to push that home record from 1-7 to 0-8. Hey I guess that means more lower level seats for us from out of town. Looking forward to joinging all 35,000 of you for the home opener with about 30,000 Patriot fans.

Not to be a kill joy, but how many points did the Pats score against our "Top 5" Defense?,I think it was 91 in there 2 games.OUCH.

ummmmmmmmmm.....let's see.....Dolphins have an open practice and tell folks not to film it......Dolphins not told of various forms of modern technology that can be used to secrectly tape them....ummmmm....Sparano upset later in day when 8mm film breaks four times as coaches try to look at earlier practice session!!!!!! Un-freaking-be-LIEV-a-ble!!!!!
Sorta like our 1956 2 minute fire drills on Sundays!!!!

After finishing my morning rub and cleaning up with my Zubaz I will be available for questions. Anything from how to run a football blog to an in depth analysis of guys like Channing Crowder is fair game.

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok I'm ready. First question?

Remember the hard truths in life: 50% of the population, fans included, are morons. Due to statistical averages, occasionally, a higher percentage of morons will be attracted to each other and occupy a given space in time. We see this on our interstate highways every day so we understand it as fact. An unusual amount of morons have occupied the Dolphin training facility lately....they are attracted to Sparano! Sparano will soon be gone and thus the attraction too. Only intelligent, informed fans will remain...crowds will be less based on the population pool. This will spur Ross to compensate and raise ticket prices...his last moronic act! Or nothing will change...Darwin was mother .....

Dear Mr. Salguero

It was a snuff film showing Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano useing Chad Henne to kill my Dolphins.

Soiled :)


If you have the right people. You souldnt care wheter the opposing team know what yr gonna do or not. You should be able to run yr plays yr way Thats called dictating and dominating. Do we have that? No! So secrecy is needed.

This is stupid. The phins are not showing anything useful at this practice and if other teams wanted it, I am sure they are getting it anyway.

Stupid. Are they selling t-shirts with Rex Ryan's feet at the gift shop?

it was bill belichick lol!!!

Mando, this was DEFINITELY a Jets fan. Half of Miami are NY residents anyway, so that makes the most sense.

kris, actually, I do count myself as one who thinks Miami's defense was better when Crowder was in. I don't think that's debatable at all. You see Dobbins on the team anymore? Or Carpenter from Dallas? Crowder was FAR AND AWAY better than any other LB they tried at that position.

Now, did I think if there was an upgrade to make there we should, SURE!! I always said the guy plays 1/2 season at best, and for that reason (and that reason alone) I felt we should try to upgrade that position.

But make no mistake, Crowder had football intelligence. No, he wasn't a playmaker, but he was solid. We'll see this year if Burnett is an upgrade or not. I hope he is. But we might just find out that Crowder was more important to this defense than fans like you think he was.

AZ, To bad the owner is a Moron too., IMHO.


These are not Dolphin fans, their are transplanted JETS fans,,,get it???? How long does it take for your brain to process this fact. Dolphin fans will never do this, its the JET fan living in Miami. Just go to a Marlins game and you see and hear those creatures.

Has anyone seen the Sparano news conference on finsiders.


Great work
Sad that this year our defense will be top 3 but our qb will hold us back from glory. Why oh why can't he do multiple reads in a single play. SHOULDNT HE BE JUST PRACTICING THAT IN PRACTICE!!

What is that awful stench?

Disappointing story...I don't know what to really think...I can only hope it is the Patriots ill doings.

Mando, perhaps it would have been better if you went to the Dolphins privately before writing this blog so we could have caught the culprits?...Just sayin.

itc, give us a recap.

Will Carrol: When I meet with Rex's men, should I insist all their Film middlemen have clean records?
Bill Belechet: Mention it, don't insist. But Wannstadts(DC, Buff.) will know that without being told.
Will Carrol: You mean Rex's...
Bell Belechet: Rex is a pimp. He never could have outfought Sporono. But I didn't know until this day that it was Wannstadt all Along....

Good lord, It's a AFC Conspiracy...

We should all be up in arms with the worst thing to happen to this team this season, and that's the addition of Marc Colombo. kris, HERE'S A GUY WHO TRULY SUCKS!!! He's horrible, he'll end up getting Henne killed, and shouldn't be anywhere NEAR a starting lineup. Many here (me included) thought we needed an upgrade over Carey, but this is a definite DOWNGRADE, and another example that Tony Sparano, the supposed oline Wizard, is CLUELESS on how to assemble a good group up there. How do you bring a guy in that the league rated 76 of 78 tackles (by the way, Carey was rated 25)? That's complete retardation.

If anything happens to Henne this year, and it's directly attributed to Colombo, Sparano shouldn't just be fired. He should be tarred, feathered, and frogmarched out of the facility in Davie and straight to the Inter-coastal for a dinner date with an alligator. Seriously. This joker is MESSING UP THIS TEAM WITH THESE HORRIBLE COWBOYS RETREADS!!!

Meh, it doesn't surprise me to read this. They say St Louis Cardinals fans are the smartest fans in baseball.

Well a large portion of Dolphins fans are the stupidest fans in football. Fair weather and moronic.

Seriously though, is it that big a deal? It's open to the public so if another team, say the Patriots, wanted to scout our practice they could just send a guy.

Does ANYBODY think it's beyond Belicheat to send a scout with a relatively sophisticated spy camera to both the Jest and the Dolphins practices to get as much film as he can?

DC Dolfan,

Hartline is 6`2"/195 remember we drafted him to play ST and Pat Turner was supposedly going to be the new threat at WR funny how that worked out. However you made a point I found interesting about him not using his size and playing smaller. I hadn`t really thought about it that way but your right it`s deffinetly a knock in his game you don`t see him work the middle of the field with the kind of effort you would expect from a guy with his size and quickness.

Roberto Wallace on the other hand is 6`4"/225 and if he ever truely becomes a good route runner can be an inside presence. I could see him down the road developing. Ireland has had success in his career finding WR`s to develope, he did it with Miles Austin in Dallas and Bess here before. I can see Wallace opposite Marshall with Bess/Gates in the slot or both in a 4 WR set. With Wallace ability to also contribute on ST and Gates taking the speed WR position Marlon Moore is left the odd man out cause we only carry 5.

Guys It Was Wannstadt Along...LOL

2watt. He talks about Long, talks about how dansby and Burnett have really gotten together and their communication
Had a nugget in there where he has taken the two cb's and so far this year have played them on opposite side of the feild as last year. If that was reported here I must have missed it.
It's a website called finsiders. Granted it's from the dolphins but there are some nuggets to hear.
There is a bit with henne after Sunday. Offense in attack mode.
Some on this site might learn something instead of speculating

All Along.

Itc, is a nugget the same as a acorn?

We dn't have "fans" in this god awful city. We have self-serving "entrepreneurs" who could give a crap about the city and the Dolphins. More reason to move the team Mr. Ross. LA is calling out to all of you ... lol The people in South Florida who call themselves 'fans' are wretched excuses for people who should be banned from the games. Start with the piece of trash known as Phin Phanatic, I am sick of his drivel and if he were to be banished from the Dolphins games and facilities I would be ok with that.

Sounds to me that Bill Bellicheat has been sneaking in to practice. Not sure how the team misses this kind of stuff! It's just another example of us not being on top of things while the top teams are awae of this stuff going on. How clueless are the security people at practice?

Craig M,As Clueless as the rest of the F.O,,.

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