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Bootleg video of Dolphins practices on Internet

When the Dolphins admit fans to their open practices for training camp, they announce on the public address system that folks are not allowed to photograph or video any portion of practice.

Apparently, some person or persons attending Dolphins practices this year have been videotaping the team for extended periods of time without the team knowing. The videos, at least six of them, are quite long and quite clear. One extends 15 minutes. One extends 14 minutes. Several extend six and seven minutes.

Many of them show team periods where the first team offense is running plays against the first team defense. They show the Dolphins use of Reggie Bush. They show Miami's blitzes.

And they are on the Internet.

I will not publish the videos on here for obvious reasons. I won't even tell you where to find them.

But obviously somebody didn't think enough of protecting the integrity of Miami's practice to keep from posting them.

I had a short conversation with Dolphins vice president of communicatons Harvey Greene to alert him about the videos. He was surprised they exist and none too happy about it.

I'm expecting a statement from the team in the coming minutes.

By the way, the folks that uploaded the videos go by Dolphins fan handles -- such as Dolphinsfan911. If indeed fans that video taped the practices were Dolphins fans, what does it say about them?

This is, after all, only a week after Dolphins fans chanted "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," during an open and free practice at Sun Life Stadium. Taken together it gives Miami fans a black eye on the reputation front, in my opinion.

[Update: I looked around and my Armando and the Amigo radio show producers searched and we found no similar New England Patriots practice videos. The Dolphins play the Patriots Sept. 12 in the regular-season opener for both.]


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This is a NON ISSUE! Do you actually think that the AFC doesn't know how Mike Nolan plays defense? Do you actually think that the AFC doesn't know how Brian Daboll plays offense? Watch a Patriot or Browns game.

If this was happening during the week of preparation of a regular season game, then we would have an issue.

Can we worry about the seeing this offense against Atlanta on Friday.

Here you go. Once again, even the experts see what us "crybabies"see.

OK...and the Pats can't watch the video of our first 4 pre-season games and get the same, if not better intel?
This is a non-story.
BTW...today & tomorrow's practice are CLOSED to the public, including the media because this is where they practice the play they actually use in Friday's game.

"If this was happening during the week of preparation of a regular season game, then we would have an issue."

Exactly. They save all the secret stuff for bubble practices and practices not open to the public anyway.

thanx for the update itc.

We all remember how the Pats exploited the league in there title seasons using opponents video`s a few years back so I guess some idiots just gave Beichik AMMO to study a whole two weeks before playing the opener. Making our less than creative HC have to devise new wrinkles, I wonder if people can actually be this stupid!! You would also think that other fans present would make a stink over it if they saw someone video taping practice from our 1st. teamers with scripted plays, way to go for those that were there. If it`s me the Camera is in pieces, I kid you not!!!

I also wonder don`t we have security at these practices looking out for that kind of stuff. When I was 15 and the Pats were playing the Fins in the AFC Champ game in 85 they practiced at Tropical Park in the stadium and me and some friends hopped the back fence by the lake to get a look we were immidiatly seen. They stopped there practice and the Fla. Highway Patrol that was running security came and got us, held us till our parents picked us up and we were some dumb kids with no video equipment. I can`t understand for the life of me what people who had to have seen this Dilphinsfan911 A S S hole were thinking!!!!

As discuss in an earlier blog. Acorns are actually more like turds.

Fp4fg. Or take it or leave it

"You f'n people...You have no idea how to defend a team. All you did was weaken a team today, Dolphinsfan911. That's all you did..."


Holy cow, DC... Don't hold back, tell up how you really feel. I'm sick of you sugar coating everything. :)

I do not know a lot about Columbo, but you officially have scared me.

This team only goes as the o-line goes. That is the difference of a real good Henne, and a BAD Henne. Man, we should bring in mckinney, 400 lb's or not. The guy can play.

Week 4 New Eng 41 to 14, Final game of the season New Eng 38 to 7, 2 Beatdowns, Steven Spielberg must have been filming the fins for the Pats for them to get this much advantage. How else to explain the beatings.Right?

It is not 1980, its 2011. Cameras that shoot HD video with zoom these days fit your your shirt pocket. Anybody could have easily made that film.

nobody important,

They simulate live action scripted plays in there inter squad scrimmages. All teams due it`s why they ask fans not to bring recording equipment. The thing is now they will probably in the future close training camp after week one.

Thank goodness nobody is blogging or tweeting about about today's practice! Whew.


Colombo will be released on the last day of cuts, you watch. We didn`t sign O`Hara because I believe Sparano after the night scrimmage were Colombo gave up 3 sacks to JT alone saw the writting on the wall and brought in an experienced and young Ray Willis to man the spot he`s only been on the team going on 3 days today so there probably still working on his conditioning and getting him famliar with the playbook but he`s already listed ahead of others on our depth chart and will clime and be our day one starter will post his bio for you.

Am I the only one here that has gay tendencies as football season nears? It's weird.

Mando, If you get out of the "Dolphin Store" At sunlife getting another "Scoop" Check with NASA about a possible Satelite that was launched last year, Heard Bob Kraft Financed this particular satelite...



Ray Willis is the only Seahawk to start all 16 games on the offensive line in 2009. All 16 games at the same position no less.

The 6-foot-6, 315lbs. right tackle proved that he can handle the full-time load on the outside as he was a lone bright spot on a grim line. He transitioned well into the zone blocking format as a quality, power-side blocker.

Once he is playing on a line with developed chemistry, Willis will be a standout tackle. If it weren’t for newcomer Russell Okung, Willis would probably be moving to the left side some time soon (if not now) because he has flashed some ability to dominate on the outside and Sean Locklear had troubles last year. The only reason Willis didn’t play the left side last year was for lack of experience relative to Locklear. Had Locklear been injured late in the year instead of early, Willis probably would have earned time on the left side.

He is a coveted young talent; many teams went after him in free agency following the 2008 season and the Seahawks should thank their lucky stars he decided to return to Seattle. With how awful the line was last year, it’s hard to imagine how bad it would have been without this guy.

Don’t be surprised if Okung-Willis is a commonly known, lethal duo on a strong offensive line in the near future. He will only be 28 when the season starts. That would be considered a little old to be expecting an upcoming blossom, but consider he has only played in 38 career NFL games, and 28-years-old isn’t too bad. He should last well into his thirties.

The Seahawks will go one of two directions with Willis.

Option 1: They will keep Willis at right tackle like he deserves and he'll start all 16 games.

Option 2: They will put Willis at right guard because Sean Locklear makes too much money to play inside.

They should go with option one because Willis will stay healthy and remain at the same position all season.

They should not go with option two because, even though Willis at guard and Locklear at tackle is a good option, Locklear probably won't stay healthy. An injury to Locklear at tackle leaves only one viable option to take over - Ray Willis. To avoid having Willis bounce around positions just put him at tackle all year. He has proven that he is a solid power-side blocker.

The best bet, however, is that the sexier position goes to the bigger contract in 2010.

Once Locklear is gone, Willis will go back to the fulltime right tackle position. For now he will serve as one helluva right guard.

I hope Willis takes over at RT. Colombo is not the answer. Shocking they even signed Willis, though. He never played for Dallas, did he?

Poizen, we should all be scared. It's enough that Henne needs to improve his touch passing and everything else, but trust me, if Colombo is the starting RT, he will be wind up spending more time running for his life from that side than anything. Let's hope fin4life is right, because I'm really scared of what will happen if Colombo stays on the team (at least as a starter). He's worse than awful.

And, since I don't think there's a QB decent enough behind Henne to win us any games, my #1 priority this season is to keep Henne safe and upright. So I'm watching the oline like a hawk, and right now they don't impress me (without Long, WITH Colombo, bottom of the league group). We should all bow our heads and pray.

Not good. Oh, the vid is useless to another team at this point in the season. But I'll bet they'll start seaching fans now...bummer.

so why was willis available if he was so good?

DC.....weather or not the D is better with Crowder or not IS debatable.....to say other wise is the eqivelent of stating your opinion....and ending your opinion with PERIOD!!!....as if some how the word period in ALL CAPS.....means that that is the final say on the subject.......

Debating Crowder's usefulness with a Crowder supporter would be an exercise in futility......you may go on the NET and come up with a stat that says the run D gave up .5 yards less a game and use that to drive your point home (if its even true).....

Me....I like to keep it simple.......in the case of Crowder.....does he pass the EYEBALL TEST.....

and in my opinion the answer is a ear shattering NO....

NO....IN RUN D....

NO...Pass Coverage.....

No in Tackles......

No in INTs....

No in QB sacks.....

No in big plays.........

NO.....in little plays....

No...on 3rd down......

No....on any down......

NO.....in football IQ......(don't know who started that unprovable rumor).......I guess it sounds good when your trying to prove a point.....

For me....when you ask the question on Crowder...the answer comes back an earth shattering NO......

tell us more


With today's technology anything ran in an open to the public practice is fair game and easily recorded. I just find it difficult to believe that any of these teams delude themselves into believing nobody is watching or recording in spite of the "no recording equipment allowed" rule.

The rule of thumb should be (and probably is in spite of what they may say) "if you don't want the other team to know, don't practice it in an open practice."

I know I'll be in the vast minority here but I think this team is only two or three players away from having a top team. I really like what have going on the defensive side of the ball. Taking Crowder out is a huge plus and I like the addition of Burnett. I still have some questions about Bell, 'cause I think he's lost a step or two. Not sure we could have made a move there too but I think he's probably the weak link now. Rest of the defence looks strong and the depth is good.

On offence I would have upgraded the TE spot. Still don't think Fasano's good enough. It would be great if a guy like John Carlson came available but again I think I'm dreaming. I would have added more depth at RB by adding a guy like Brown or Williams. To me we're thin at running back if an injury happens. I'm not a fan of bringing guys up off the street if guys go down and I think the pickings will be slim. Maybe somebody gets chopped before the start of the season we could add. I agree with others that I think RT could be a problem too. Not sold on Colombo and I think they will struggle taking care of that position all season. Maybe Carey moves back there at one point.

And a lot of people will say QB will be a big question mark this season too but I think we'll know what we've go there one way or another by the end of the season. Will all this be enough to get us to where we want to go or will the coaching hurt us too? Time will tell!

On Columbo: I would like to say I'm surpised by his play but I can't. I was hoping this year, this bunch would finally realize Cowboy rejects were the same as any other rejects.

Guys Colombo will not be our day one starter and more than likely will be released on the final cut day if not sooner. Sparano saw what we all read Mando posting in the night scrimmage were JT lit him up. It`s why we spent on Willis RT instead of `Hara OG in FA. If you read his Bio which I put up for you you`ll see what he`s accomplished and he`s also still 29 years old. He played his College ball at FSU and wanted more than likely to come back to the area. Seattle isn`t exactly right there even on a plane your talking I believe a 9 hour flight.

I'm curious why there's wasn't more interest in Willis, too. Seems like any team could use a relatively young beast of a tackle. OL don't grow on trees.

Good Job, Mando!

Do you think Willis had other offers and just wanted to come back to sunny FL?


I imagine it played a part he had other offers, I found it interesting though that if you look the details of his contract were not disclosed maybe thats were the difference in Carey`s money landed?? By the way you and me have been at it with the RB`s and OL since camp started, nice to see were not the only ones.

Home, What do you think of Robert Kraft incurring the cost of a satelite?, Could it be a conspiracy?

When Crowder was cut, Dansby and other current players said in interviews that Crowder had a really high football IQ. I've read them and anyone doubts it feel free to google around. Wasn't long ago.

Don't know why people think he his dumb. People don't realize when he is joking so they take him seriously when he asks if they speak English in London.

Re Columbo. Fire up some tape from any of the Cowboy's games last year especially early in the year. Watch Romo run for cover.

This will not be a good oline. Best of the bunch is hurt. Rookie at center. Cast off at RT. New RG. It will be ugly.

Fist Pump!

Channing Crowder looked like one of those "Cavemen" On those Gieco commericals.

Whoever it was that posted those videos should be ashamed and publicly flogged while wearing a jets shirt and a patriots hat. Really?! Post videos of dolphins practice so outsiders could see?! Even if u couldn't get much, the idea is appalling.

Do they speak English in London???

Lousy, Who was the O-line that let the guy through who injured Romo?, Let me guess..LOL

Last time I was in London there were so many foreigners that couldn't understand my English, so maybe not.

I thought London being the Capital of Austria that they spoke like Russian??

Why do people think Crowder is dumb? Hmmmmmm .....

"Who was that? Is that the blind girl? Helen Keller ... I don't know who the [expletive] Anne Frank is. I'm mad right now. [Expletive] it. I'm not as swift as I usually am."

I'm sure that he has high football IQ, but when you make those kinds of comments (and there are plenty to choose from) people tend to think you are .... "dumb".


It was Leonard Davis (LG) who missed a delayed inside blitz from LB Micheal Boley that gets Romo flattened.


Thanks for the info on Willis, nice resume to say the least, if he is half of what is advertised that is a nice addition.

DC, I like the passion, could be a good year for the phins, so no to Columbo. :)


When you are in the spotlight, and a character like Crowder, you say all kinds of crazy things in front of the camera. He's trying to be entertaining, nothing more.

You wonder if people actually think these days, or maybe they believe everythat is said on tv commercials as well.

Why is coach TS so thin skin? He did not want Ricky back in Miami because Ricky called him out. Coaches call players out all the time. So we head into the season unsure at the RB position. Oh, and can we stop picking up players from Dallas. Player are on the market with much higher grades and we plucks cast-offs from the Cowboys. Coach, you don't have to turn over every rock when player are right there for the taking!!! Good coaches transform players, remember that!!

My problem with Crowder had nothing to do with his IQ but hs big mouth which wrote checks his body couldn`t cash. He was commonly left in a cloud of dust on pass plays and alot of his tackles happened with him getting knocked backwards for extra yardage. If anything the often injured and big mouthed Crowder should feel blessed he walks away at 27 a very wealthy man and I have no problem with that, goodbye!!!!

According to Pro Football Focus as of Dec 29, 2010 Columbo was responsible for allowing 7 sacks of Cowboy QBs during the 2010 season. In addition to this, he was responsible for 11 QB hits, four more than the next closet OL on the Cowboys. I don't think I have to tell any of you that these are not good numbers.

If you don't believe me simply google Columbo and do the research yourself. Or, watch film of the Cowboys from last year. Of course, it is always difficult to pin point exactly who is to blame without knowing the protection and everyone's assignment.

Columbo isn't terrible, but there is a reason the Cowboys let him go. This isn't so much an upgrade at RT as it is a failure with their draft pick from a year ago (Jerry sp ???). Sometimes a name is bigger than the talent. Case in point with Columbo.

Lousy, Names that come to mind about people saying stupid things, Joey Porter,Paris Hilton,Channing Crowder, George Bush 1, George Bush 2,Tony Sparono,Aloco,NJ Phin fan,George Bush 2, Oh Sorry did I say G> Bush more then 1 time?, My Bad Well you get the picture here, Like the old saying goes "If it quacks like a duck, Walks like a Duck"...

Are people REALLY afraid Bellicheck will see the videos? LMAO You really think he needs them?

He can outcoach Sparano with his eyes closed. He has no need for our fan practice videos.

I'm not sure that Patriots need to do anything other than send their Special Teams down to Miami in September. They will save the cheating for the Jets, Colts, Ravens, and Steelers.

Hey man had to take a break to walk my dog-

I'm fine with the RB situation, as you know. My real concern right now is the OL. But I think Long will be back, unless we're being fed complete BS. Maybe Willis will be a stud at RT, and I like Incognito and Carey at G.

SO, if Long's Ok and Willis takes over at RT, I'd say our OL will be awesome. And really the OL is KEY to an effective offense, right?

I think we can all agree that weakest area on the team was the O-Line. They drafted Pouncy and signed a bunch of guys for depth and experience. They have to find the right fit. I have no problem with this. Did we give up picks or big contacts? NO!!

And what if Jake does have injury issues. We need to have something decent behind him.

Now if McKinnie would wise up and drop 50 pounds.....

Are people REALLY afraid Bellicheck will see the videos? LMAO You really think he needs them?

He can outcoach Sparano with his eyes closed. He has no need for our fan practice videos.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | August 10, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Joe that's what Ive been posting about all morning, With all the jokes about satelites Etc,Tony(Fist pump city) Sparono given 35 years could'nt coach like Belechet.Sorry fin fans, JMHO, The fins are not just a "Few" Players away, but a Coach away, A GM away,A owner away ETC,ETC., Sorry.

About Columbo, sadly, I have many Cowboy fans as friend. Who are all quite knowledgeable, btw. Not one of them are sad to see Columbo go. Take that for what it's worth.

As someone else said, I think the Willis signing was indeed a signal that Columbo might be gone during the last round of cuts IF Willis shows up & practices well.

Fist Pump-
Good one about people saying stupid things. GB I, II deserve to be in the Hall of Fame of stupidity.


The dude that did this has posted his response. Take a look.

"lol I am the person who posted this video and first of all, I was told am aloud to bring the camera and tripod into the facility. Second of all these plays are nothing special, they are simply run throughs. Third, what do you think they sho on NFL Network? I mean really Armando are you retarded? lol Also the person you hear bashing the dolphins and henne is my friend (as stated in the description), he is messing with me because we bash each others teams."
- DolphinRadio

Lousy, Names that come to mind about people saying stupid things, Joey Porter,Paris Hilton,Channing Crowder, George Bush 1, George Bush 2,Tony Sparono,Aloco,NJ Phin fan,George Bush 2, Oh Sorry did I say G> Bush more then 1 time?, My Bad Well you get the picture here, Like the old saying goes "If it quacks like a duck, Walks like a Duck"...

Posted by: FP4FGs | August 10, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Tim Geitner, Barak Obama.....
I could go on and on.........

I'm not sure that Patriots need to do anything other than send their Special Teams down to Miami in September. They will save the cheating for the Jets, Colts, Ravens, and Steelers.

Posted by: LousyFan | August 10, 2011 at 12:15

LOL At Lousy, That's all they needed last year down here in the second half..

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