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Bootleg video of Dolphins practices on Internet

When the Dolphins admit fans to their open practices for training camp, they announce on the public address system that folks are not allowed to photograph or video any portion of practice.

Apparently, some person or persons attending Dolphins practices this year have been videotaping the team for extended periods of time without the team knowing. The videos, at least six of them, are quite long and quite clear. One extends 15 minutes. One extends 14 minutes. Several extend six and seven minutes.

Many of them show team periods where the first team offense is running plays against the first team defense. They show the Dolphins use of Reggie Bush. They show Miami's blitzes.

And they are on the Internet.

I will not publish the videos on here for obvious reasons. I won't even tell you where to find them.

But obviously somebody didn't think enough of protecting the integrity of Miami's practice to keep from posting them.

I had a short conversation with Dolphins vice president of communicatons Harvey Greene to alert him about the videos. He was surprised they exist and none too happy about it.

I'm expecting a statement from the team in the coming minutes.

By the way, the folks that uploaded the videos go by Dolphins fan handles -- such as Dolphinsfan911. If indeed fans that video taped the practices were Dolphins fans, what does it say about them?

This is, after all, only a week after Dolphins fans chanted "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," during an open and free practice at Sun Life Stadium. Taken together it gives Miami fans a black eye on the reputation front, in my opinion.

[Update: I looked around and my Armando and the Amigo radio show producers searched and we found no similar New England Patriots practice videos. The Dolphins play the Patriots Sept. 12 in the regular-season opener for both.]


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F^CK the Patriots!

Chad Henne is struggling in camp? Gee...what a surpise!

I set the over/under at 5-11 this season (and we'll be lucky to win those 5 games since the teams in our division have improved and all have QB's).

I see that Our Owner again has not schudeled a 1pm game at home till oct 23rd., The 1pm games in sept at home used to be wins, But again I guess Mr. Ross still believes the fans would want to see old has been "D-List" celeberities then winning games.Ohhhhh Well

I doubt there is anything of strategic importance at an open practice.
News flash .... Henne prefers to check down rather than challenge with the deep ball, are you listening Bill ?

FP4FGs, don't be so negative. LOL You know how that's frowned upon here. :)

As someone else said, we don't seem to be just a few players away.

Good Qb's play well in spite of their o-line. Good QB's play well in spite of bad coaching & poorly designed offense (Marino during his twilight, the Johnson latter years as an example).

Everyone is already lining up the excuses that it all hinges on the oline. If the oline doesn't play well, we won't have a good season?

-I say, if our QB doesn't learn pocket presence, we're in for a bad year.
-I say if our D can't get off the field on 3rd down & play well against good offenses, we're in for a bad year.
-I say if our unproven rookie RB & injury prone scat back don't show up, we're in for a bad year.

Laying it all on the o-line is absurd.


Like we`ve talked about before I am anticipating Pre-Season like I haven`t in a while. The fact that Daboll didn`t push Sparano to sign Jerome Harrison who played and well for him in Clev. leads me to believe there sold on Lex, so want to see him play as well as Edds, R.Jones and a host of others in camp battes also want to see how Willis looks but that goes without saying

If only we had film of the "High Five" and big fat lies that came after. I think it may be time for a reposting.

Too much logic Joe Schmoe. The Henne apologists will still be feathering Henne's bed well after he's out of the league. He's an immoblie robot that will only disappoint.

Joe @12:20,

The minute Mando reported that we had signed Willis a couple of minutes before Sunday`s live blog scrimmage. I immediatly thought that it could mean Long`s injury could be more serious than there letting on and point blank asked Mando and he replied that Sparano assured him that Long would be back in pads the week of the final Pre-Season game, didn`t need to evaluate him were Sparano`s exact words.

I then remembered how JT lit up Colombo and competely understood the move. I remember Willis from his days at FSU and tend to keep tabs on Fla. talent in the NFL and knew he was nothing to sneeze at.

-I say, if our QB doesn't learn pocket presence, we're in for a bad year.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | August 10, 2011 at 12:36 PM

5 and 11.Thanks alot.LOL

Can you imagine Chad Henne Having to "Calling" a play the line of scrimmage ala Payton Manning,Drew Brees,Tom Brady?, I would'nt want this guy calling me a cab., Just saying.

It's more than about Henne & the o-line. 3rd down D sucked last year. I still don't think we have a viable Nickel DB. Odds that Will Allen make it out of camp or on the roster are slim with his knee problem. I am not thrilled with the prospects of Benny Sapp coming back in that role.

But, this ultimate blame game with the oline is ridiculous. Everyone thinks Qb's can't succeed without a good oline. Hogwash, nonsense & rubbish.

Good Qb's play well inspite of the line. This is on display weekly around the NFL. That's what seperates good qb's from bad ones. That's not a knock on Henne, it's just the truth.

I'm just tired of the excuse making for the guy. I like him, want him to do well, we all should. But, it's time to get a grip. The optimism & wishful thinking, best case sceanrio stuff is becoming monotonous.

I tend to believe Henne`s success or failure will have more to do with how effective our run game is. If Henne can`t threaten the D with a solid run game and our opponents can slide the LB`s into a soft zone with the SS creeping up and the FS playing centerfield then the year will be tough because the D can clog the lanes forcing the mistakes we saw last year in the 2nd haf of the season.

If we can run and stretch the D vertically with Gates, exploiting miss matches with Bush all of which would free up Marshall (room to roam) then we can be successul because it would only require Henne find the hot read which is the real question can he after almost 2 full years as a starter and 3 breaking down tape be efficient enough to find the miss match on the field but again it`s all predicated on our abiity to establish the run. It`s why IMO the OL and RB positons are every bit as important.

Gotta admit that getting rid of Ronnie And Ricky were "Ballsy" gotta wonder if it's gonna come back and bite the FO on the backside., Every thing else these guys have done has'nt worked, If this doe'snt, look for a coaching change by the Bye week., Which is what iam betting the farm on anyway.


I'm not giving Henne any excuses, but the run game was absolutely horrible last year. With a OC from the dinosoar era. Dan Henning wouldn't now a spead offense if it hit him in the face.

why would it matter, practices are open to the public anyways. henne is horrible and will ruin a otherwise solid team

Just reading at SS. Henne is having a good pratice today.

Joe @12:50,

I won`t argue the point that elite Q.B.`s can overcome those types of obstacles just last year P.Manning had a different starting WR every other week with his own revolving door on the OL but were not looking for Henne to be that guy and do you really want to see M.Moore a guy who blew chunks in Car. beat him out?? Would that really be in our best interest??

I believe we need to take a Q.B. Rd.1 in the 2012 class that seems like a promising group not trade a 2 which like somebody posted yesterday became much more valuable with a capped rookie wage scale along with either Starks or Langford for Kyle Orton??

Those in favor of that move have gone as far as posting his stats but to me the only stat that matters is that in 62 games played as an NFL starter he`s a .500 player with a combined record of 32-30.

Is this then the player who leads us to the SB and wins, he couldn`t do it in Chicago from 2005-2008 when they had a dominating D with some good pieces of there own, I`m looking for Henne to show some progress but am not sold on him as the team`s future I look to next years draft for that and beyond.

henne is not a leader of any sort

Watching the NFL NETWORK, They had #10 Inovations in the NFL, # 10 being the wildcat, and it was great vs the Pats, 0 and 2 Fins vs 2 1 and 1 Pats, Will we remember the beatdown the fins gave the pats ending there 19 game home winning streak, the most interesting thing was it was'nt the dead man Henning that came up with the wild cat it was the QB coach David Lee...Just a little info for people that said Henning was a master=mind.LOL

I would never forget the Pats fans leaving before the game was over. I was probably the first in a long time you see that from the Patriots.

Know it alls are here now...Hooorraay.

kidding as always.

D-Danny, it was cool, That's for sure.I guess the lesson is if you gotta make 11 players that have a IQ average of 90(Semi-stupid) make decsions on the fly you'll beat em every time., Which makes me worried about our Head coach., If you know what I mean. and I think you do.,


It was common knowledge that D.Lee suggested using it but he learned it while at the Univ. of Arkansas were he coached before coming to Miami. The Razorbacks used it to exploit teams with D.McFadden and Felix Jones on the field together.

Henne had a very good practice today. It was reported he looked "very decisive" in his throws.

The greatest part of this season for me will be watching the naysayers change thier dance tune when Henne impresses. On this Im sure Henne naysayers are resting thier hopes on too.

Here's to hoping nothing but cheers, not jeers, for all dolfans in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F4L, It worked great.

I really can`t think of a positive contribution Dan Henning made in his 3 years with the Fins other than making them predictable and hindering the progress of alot of our O players.


Were can I go to read about it???

The greatest part of this season for me will be watching the naysayers change thier dance tune when Henne impresses. On this Im sure Henne naysayers are resting thier hopes on too.

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 10, 2011 at 01:28 PM

What a joke coming from a naysayer who jumps on the bandwagon after the slightest whim of positive news.


Henning's a true old school ball control oc. We didnt have the pieces to match his offensive approach. You can force square pegs into round holes. This is what the very unflexible Henning tried to do.

It's not that Henning's such a terrible oc, its that he didnt have the pieces to match his approach and he's very inflexible and unimaginative.

Revealing the wildcat, I will give him credit there, and making my year with the destruction of the PATS.

After that, nothing



I read the the SS practice reports. The Herald did zero on it today. The SS didnt do a whole lot, still they did far more than the Herald today.

ahhhh if only practiced meant a damn thing dying


You qualify as one of the greatest flip floppers here too. One minute youre posting Breed is the best poster here. Then another time posting Breed is a flip flopper.

Will you make up your mind sir. I cant be both. LOL...



Poizen, It wasnt The dead man, It was David lee that brought in the wild cat, Havent you been reading?

dusty bottoms,

When its reported Henne has a great practice then you naysayers say practice means nothing. When he has a bad practice then you naysayers say it means everything.

You naysayers cant have it both ways you know. LOL...

Who cares about what the Dolphins are doing in training camp?? What can they possibly be hiding? This is the dumbest post ever by Armando.

You idiots still think Henne puke will be a q.b. in the nfl, your as clueless as your coaches man. They should change the name to Mia SEATURTLES, slow team, stupid fo = SEATURTLES in the cellar. The Bills are gonna be better than you fools this year, BAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! HHAAAAAAAHHHH!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! Were is GoofDolTURTLE who`s been promising he`s gonna clown me and the NATION!!! Waitin PUNK!!!


DB, if Henne plays well, I don't think there is 1 fan on this site that wouldn't be happy to eat their words. I'm not even saying he'll play well or poorly. I'm strictly talking about what we've all seen.

If he plays well, that means Miami should be better than they have been. It's a win win for everyone. Who wouldn't be happy?

I think it's ludicrious that on this board, some people think that just because some of us may be viewed as "negative" that, that means we somehow want Miami to fail just to have our opinions validated.

What people view as negativity is actually simply having realistic expectations. Expectations that are based on what we've seen, not what we hope to see or changes we hope to see. I think some people here need a reality check.

The best predictor of future success is the recent past, not the unknown future. I'm all for a good season from Henne. God knows we need it!

This doesn't necessarily shock me. If it's open to the public, there shouldn't be anything there that would give the Pats, for example, an unfair advantage. And I don't see any reason why the whole Pats and Jets coaching staffs couldn't have gone in to watch the practice, too. Living in NC, I have hung on every word of the live practice blogs and would really like to see them. Secrecy is what the NSMB is for, right?

Someone should video tape coach Ryan eating a meal. What a Sight that is! Just keep your hands and feet away from his mouth and wear a spit shield.

As long as DB is on the good side, he can flip, just can't flop back to the other without good cause. :)

Anyway... Did I screw that up?

Wasnt Henning our O-coord for the wildcat?

Or am I giving him credit for the only good thing that he did not start for the Phins?

Have some of you naysaying idiots ever considered that I maybe beginning to see what I wanted to begin seeing from Henne?

Most of you naysayers are naysayers just for the sake of mimmicking other naysayers. That shows total inability to make independant decisions and think for yourselves.

This is why you'll spend the rest of your lives under someone else's thumb and never have a clue as to why.


I have to laugh, are the Dolphins afraid that other teams will see how the Dolphins run basic plays or just how bad they are. Can you imagine the 70's Dolphins saying we don't want other teams to know that we will run 90% of the time....like that was really a surprise. So what will the Dolphins do close all practices to the fans...really....just how many tickets will that sell. If you have a good team...this stuff means nothing. O'by the way...are the Dolphins going to background checks on anyone that goes to the practices....just in case you have spies from other teams...of course not. People that really know the game don't need camera's...they have eye's!

Dying hasn't flipflopped. Expressed concerns and frustrations over the past couple of seasons, but remained hopeful for our team. And jumped out early with a 10-6 prediction for the season, same as mine.


That is because Henning had like 15 NFL jobs. Too consevative and vanilla for todays game. Simple as that.

Tom the Jest fan:

Your team will look like me when when the Dolphins are finished with them. And please tell your your coach to add some ruffage to his diet. I am feeling quite bound up lately. Thank you.

Joe Shmoe,

What's most disturbing is the same criteria many of the Henne haters are judguing his mediocrity. They are using the exact same to greatly minimize when he does well.

It's a very weak argument when Henne haters use his bad practice results to say he'll totally suck. Then use his good practice results to say practice means nothing.

Do you see how mentally challenged that sounds? LOL...

It comes down to closing practice to the public!


I wonder who is going to play RG, RT for your puke green brigade this year and when we play and Sancheez the gay sailor doesn`t post # you can put it on your big FA signing Plax who after to years in the funhouse will be a non factor also don`t expect much from Mason either we shut him down last year in Balt. and he`s a year older. No Ellis either who was your best rusher so double teams for Pace. When analyzing your team it really will be all you can do to hold us and the Bills off I think you and your nation (notice no caps) will be the cellar dwellers.

Wasnt Henning our O-coord for the wildcat?

Or am I giving him credit for the only good thing that he did not start for the Phins?

Posted by: Poizen | August 10, 2011 at 01:45 PM

Yes Poizen, He was the OC, But the wild cat came from the QB coach David lee like Fin4Life said, It came from his days at Ark., Unbelivable that Henning lasted that long on this team when Lee was there the whole time., another blunder by the FO.


Thanks good read!!

Why are any of you fools drawing conclusions from preseason practice? Get outta here.


No one here with half a brain takes anything ALoco says seriously. Actually you have to have only a half brain to even feel need to defend yourself against ALoco comments.

90% of the time I dont even stop to read anything he says. Ocassionally I comment to him because I know he isnt even sure of his own existence and I hate to be totally mean. LOL...

We have the worst fans in the league. I realize it's not all of them. But the more comments I read and the more stories I hear it just is really disheartening knowing that I "share" a team with such losers.


Great post and I couldn't agree more with all of your well reasoned points.
BTW, Has anyone seen Burris? He missed his scheduled piss test this morning?

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