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Bootleg video of Dolphins practices on Internet

When the Dolphins admit fans to their open practices for training camp, they announce on the public address system that folks are not allowed to photograph or video any portion of practice.

Apparently, some person or persons attending Dolphins practices this year have been videotaping the team for extended periods of time without the team knowing. The videos, at least six of them, are quite long and quite clear. One extends 15 minutes. One extends 14 minutes. Several extend six and seven minutes.

Many of them show team periods where the first team offense is running plays against the first team defense. They show the Dolphins use of Reggie Bush. They show Miami's blitzes.

And they are on the Internet.

I will not publish the videos on here for obvious reasons. I won't even tell you where to find them.

But obviously somebody didn't think enough of protecting the integrity of Miami's practice to keep from posting them.

I had a short conversation with Dolphins vice president of communicatons Harvey Greene to alert him about the videos. He was surprised they exist and none too happy about it.

I'm expecting a statement from the team in the coming minutes.

By the way, the folks that uploaded the videos go by Dolphins fan handles -- such as Dolphinsfan911. If indeed fans that video taped the practices were Dolphins fans, what does it say about them?

This is, after all, only a week after Dolphins fans chanted "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," during an open and free practice at Sun Life Stadium. Taken together it gives Miami fans a black eye on the reputation front, in my opinion.

[Update: I looked around and my Armando and the Amigo radio show producers searched and we found no similar New England Patriots practice videos. The Dolphins play the Patriots Sept. 12 in the regular-season opener for both.]


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Seminole Sam-
You and joe need to go back to elementary school and get some learnin'


Youre basing everything on "highly skewed evidence" of last season. Ineptitude ran rampant thrughout the entire offensive unit. Even as high as Sparano with questionable game management at times. Lets not even talk Dan Henning.

What, did you expect Henne to be a top 10 qb in only a 1st full season as a starter, in a offense that was equally or slightly more flawed than Henne himself? Dan Marino even admitted he would not have enjoyed playing in the type of offense we've had under Henne. Especially targeting the wildcat itself.

This came from a hof qb about the type of offense that was being run in Miami. Still you naysayers place majority of the blame on Henne himself. True Henne had 19 picks, but at least 5 bounced off the hands of his very own recievers.

Henne can really be credit with only as high as 14 picks, which is still a respectable number for any qb. The low td number could also be credited in part to inconsistencies of Hartline, unimaginative offense, an a very untrusting oc(Henning).

Henne was just a cog in the engine of our offensive problems last season. Not the engine itself. He was just the most visible scapegoat outside of Dan Henning himself. Henning's gone so that only leaves Henne to take the greatest blast of frustrated fans heat.

So fins, instead of admitting you have literally seen NOTHING & prove my point without a shadow of a doubt, you engage in childish retorts??

YOU HAVE SEEN ZERO EVIDENCE. Yet, you believe what you read. that

A retarded argument? LMAO Have you looked in the mirror? Based on the fact you believe whatever Armando or Omar tell you, you'd believe the Sun was blue.

"You and joe need to go back to elementary school and get some learnin'"

Posted by: finsfan72

I think I just "learned" you to go easy on the hyperbole. A mistake you won't mske again (assuming, of course, that you're reasonably "learnable").

"reasons to be encouraged" does not mean lighting it up every single play.

Seminole Sam,

Then why not just go back to that north fla hell hole called Tallahasse and root for those sorry a*ssed Seminole nit twit! LOL...

If basing opinions off what people write and you don't witness yourself as not fact, than I don't beleive the Dolphins really ended 7-9 last year. I only saw the games they won. I don't think Pouncey is going to make the roster because I haven't seen him practice or play in person! See th emiss in logic?

"reasons to be encouraged" does not mean lighting it up every single play.

Posted by: finsfan72

And it certaninly doesn't mean "BY ALL REPORTS" nor not stinking it up on some days.

DB, thanks for finally addressing me.

If you've read anything I've ever said, I don't want Henne to fail. But, I will not make excuses for him or any of them. Why should I?

I'm also highly critical of Clemmons. I didn't receive the flack for that because these observers are reporting now that Clemmons was spotty last year & is in a fight for his job.

They get paid to perfrom, period.

The point is, your renewed optimsim is based on blind faith of reporters who are seeing something you MAY not see the same way.

To change your line of thinking based on what you have not seen for yourself, is sad to say, assinine.

I don't base my belief on any single source. I read Armando, and ESPN and NFL.com and the other SO FL papers. But if I hear the same reports from a half dozen sources, I accept that it's probably true.

Now, tell us, do you believe the earth is round, even though you haven't seen it with your own eyes?

Then why not just go back to that north fla hell hole called Tallahasse and root for those sorry a*ssed Seminole nit twit! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed

Are you changing the subject? Again?
Dagnabbit!! :that, courtesy of Mr. Bowden:

fins, come back when you can actually talk about things you've seen. Not what you've only "heard or read" about.

Joe Shmoe,

Hmmm...... You're basing what you feel on something you saw. Must be 2010. The entire offense not just Henne was a cluster-fvck! To have a 2010 repeat the entire 2011 offense has to be the exact same cluster-fvck.

So, you're basing 2011 on something you've yet to see and the total offensive trainwreck of 2010. You know your offense was a trainwreck when a qb's recievers directly aided in at least 5 of his pick totals. Get a brain dude.

Joe Schmoe do you normally use Seminole Sam as an alter ego to help prove your points or is that just today? Your writing styles and screen names are eerily similar.

Touche on the not forcing my "Cheerios" (or whatever) opinion. That I do not do.

And lastly Joe S. aren't you basing your opinions of Henne and the team on what you watched last year? It seems illogical to assume that a young QB and team that is growing together and has added quality starters to the mix is going to regress. Meaning aren't YOU basing your assumptions on what the team makeup will be from what you're reading as well?

It doesn't matter really because this is a silly debate. The real facts are that no one has any clue what is going to happen this year. We can all guess but that's all it is at this point. Joe's playing the odds and the odds say that Miami won't improve that much because of what they showed us last year. The odds are in his favor. And other people are basing their opinions on hope. There is certainly nothing wrong with hope, it's what keeps us getting out of bed every morning. Both sides are right in their own way.

Is the earth round Joe?

It was an open practice.......not to worry :-)

I'm moving on.

fins, trust me, the earth is not round & the sun is not yellow.

What are you 3? Your argument is infintile.

I sure hope Armando & espn & every other sideline reporter you've read isn't gonna let you down this year.

How DUMB are you gonna look if Henne doesn't succeed this year because his practice reports indicate otherwise?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say VERY DUMB.

loud, I don't know who seminole is. I have no need to prove anything to some of you optimists LOL

I have a greater purpose in life to impersonate someone else LOL

I heard that Obama was elected President, but I'm not sure if it's true, because I haven't seen it with my own eyes.

I'm out too. Later guys...

fins, 2 can play at this game. Don't be a baby.

Don't blame Armando & reporters if Henne struggles because his season didn't go as good as his practices.

Loud, you can ask Armando if I'm impersonating as Seminole.

You shouldn't ASSume.

Just sayin'

It's funny, when outwitted, they leave.

If, by "writing styles", you mean I'm able to articulate a cogent thought, then so be it. Joe's got his own opinion and I've got mine.

You wrote:
"It seems illogical to assume that a young QB and team that is growing together and has added quality starters to the mix is going to regress."

What "quality starters" have we added? Rook Pouncey? Turnstile Colombo? Jason "Father Time" Taylor? To whom are you referring? Or were just hoping nobody would actually read and process what you wrote?

Joe Shmoe,

Henne isnt the only reason Im becoming more cautiously optimistic about our 2011 offense. The new pieces around him are performing well in practice. Im far more excited about what's being placed around Henne than Henne himself. Still Im now looking at Henne with guarded or cautios optimism.

If the added offensive pieces can perform at level half of what's expected. I have guarded optimism we could go out and sign Trent Dilfer off the streets and he could have some success with this now assembled offensive group.

With the now assembled cast of offensive talent. Im getting a feeling even Henne can be a "bottom 10" of the nfl's top qb's. He should finish at least 10th best passer in 2011. Lets keep watchful eye on that.

Henne is struggling a bit. He's been up and down, that is a fact.

Another fact, The Miami Dolphins lost their offensive coordinator last season and hired a new one.

Fact, There was an NFL lockout that prevented teams from talking to their players.

Fact, The Dolphins hired a new offensive coordinator who is installing a brand new offense.

Fact, The team didn't start learning that offense until the end of July.

Fact, it's only been a couple of weeks.

Fact, the QB has to know every play in that book and it's audibles as well as learn new info coming in from scouts on what opposing teams defenses might be doing.

Fact, that s**t is tough!

Fact, reports are saying that Henne has been up and down.

Fact, any QB in the league is going to take some time to learn a new offense.

Fact, We won't know if Henne has improved over last season until he is comfortable with the new playbook.

Fact, That may not happen until week 4 or so.

I heard that Obama was elected President, but I'm not sure if it's true, because I haven't seen it with my own eyes.

Posted by: finsfan72

That's funny because even his most hated adversaries address him as President and his (Obama's) crib is the White House. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

"Fact, That may not happen until week 4 or so."

Posted by: LouD

Sure you don't want to give Henne even more of a cushion, Lou? How about week 10?

Moving on meant moving on to a new discussion. Not leaving.



Outside of a rash of critical injuries occuring on the offensive side of the ball during preseason. This revamped offense has serious chance to catch the Pats defense not fully prepared. ENUFF SAID!!!

Seminole you obviously aren't farmiliar with my posts. I wanted Henne to have real competition and have little faith in him at this point. With that being said he is our QB and we don't have a choice in the matter. I will support him 100% because there is nothing I can do and I know that supporting a player goes a lot farther than booing him when it comes to building confidence.

I'm giving him the same cushion I will give ANY team that has a new offensive coordinator and new playbook in this shortened off season. The vet teams who kept their head coaches, coordinators, and QBs will be the ones at the top of the league and one or two lower tier teams will sneak in to the playoffs. Lets HOPE that's Miami.

DB, I still like you. I was just pressing you to answer the 2 questions I asked earlier. Even though you didn't, I have not reduced your credit rating.

I want Miami to improve as well but I won't take the word of sideline reporters. I want to see it with my own eyes.

Let's just say, I'm not as trusting as you may be in what Armando & others are reporting. As they say, proof is in the pudding!



Or perhaps Reggie "Please don't hurt me!" Bush as a "quality starter"?

Dude is a broken bone/torn ligament waiting to happen and is, at best, a situational, change-of-pace player.

And Seminole talk to someone who has a football back round on the matter that we're discussing. I said until at least week 4 as a fact because I've heard many analysts say the same thing about all of the teams who are behind the 8 ball due to coaching changes

So I guess you can call that one less of a fact and more of an educated guess.

Lou, I guess I'm saying that's it's my opinion that Henne will fail. Four weeks, 8 weeks, whole season - doesn't matter how much time he's given, imo.

Henne's continued presence in a Phins uni = good money, after bad.

Seminole you obviously aren't farmiliar with my posts. I wanted Henne to have real competition and have little faith in him at this point. With that being said he is our QB and we don't have a choice in the matter. I will support him 100% because there is nothing I can do and I know that supporting a player goes a lot farther than booing him when it comes to building confidence.

Posted by: LouD | August 10, 2011 at 03:31 PM

Loud, based on what you just said....you do realize I agree with everything in that paragraph? Word for word & I have said the same things myself. I'm not seminole either but chose to respond, just FYI lol

My problem has never been Henne per se, rather, the inability of the Fo to bring in legit competition like they promised.

I support all the players but I won't make excuses for their poor play like some people here.

And until I see improvement on the field, not the practice field, my opinion won't change, because I have seen nothing to change it.

I'm not saying any of these reporters are lying or misrepresenting, but I'd like to see it for myself.

Joe Shmoe,

I count and discount sideline reports accounts to a degree. However, usually when they report a guy consistently sucks its accurate. Usually if they say a guy consistently good its accurate. Its the guys in the grey areas most difficult to predict.

Henne maybe about as close to being in that "grey area" as one can be without exactly officially being recognized as being officially grey area.

Henne having lots of room to improve isnt even a debate. That's why I continue to use the words "cautious" and "guarded" optimistism when assessing my personal feelings about Henne. Never once have I stated "completely sold" when referring to Henne.


Im out guys. Great debates. It was just my "boxing gloves" day. A great leader once wrote: "Choose your battle grounds carefully". Today was my day of choice.

Nothing personal, all of you have a great day! LOL...

Does anyone here really think that the coaching staff is going to unveil anything important in a practice open to fans or the media? I think not. These are simple base formations, nothing more. We'll have some fresh surprises and new looks for the Patriots when the season open.

Go Dolphins!

Db, I didn't say your sold. I took offense to you calling naysayers as simple minded & more.

For the same reason you're not sold on Henne being better or getting better, is the SAME reason naysayers won't admit or say he's getting better. You're optimistic cause of what you read. We're pessimistic because we wanna see it, not read it. we're in the same boat.

You painted with a pretty broad brush & used some condescending words to describe those people.

Yet, the reasons why you started name calling apply to you as well.


Joe Shmoe,

Didnt I just post I choose to wear my "boxing gloves" today? It means I wasnt trying to strut around the ring in "pink panties" looking to get fvcked!

Not my fault some "grown men" here have "little girl" feelings. Man up for goodness sakes. Shed your littole hopscotch ways. It a man's world! LOL...

I thought this was a manly world. Not a "Barbie doll" hairstyling convention! LOL...

If you wanna stop a fool from finding a buried treasure. Just add a percieve insult into the treasure map.

A fool will forget all about the treasure and focus solely on the percieved insult! LOL...

Joe, you keep asking what anyone has seen...

Your point to making excuses was quoting other teams and situations, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, and claiming there were no excuses.

you did not see that or read that? I think you assumed it because you have not heard it in the media. Is that right?

Wouldn't that be similar?

Posted by: Poizen | August 10, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Pozen, being a subscriber to sunday ticket, i get to watch A LOT of games. And I DID watch many of those teams games FYI. Especially San Diego & Philly since they were usually on AFTER miami's game ended.

And it is true that Chicago had a p*ss poor line. Didn't you watch the Giant game vs them where the Giants had 7 sacks in 1 half? Yes, a couple was Cutler's fault, but in general, they were terrible!

It is true that Denver had a p*ss poor line, SD had a p*ss por line, Indy, Pitt & Philly. Watching those games, ANYONE can see that. Those of you who say they have good lines are kidding yourselves.

Those QB's still played well. No one needed to make excuses for them. The excuses are in Miami from the glass half full gang to refute any hint of Henne's being a below average Qb last year.

Let's drop it and see if he improves this year. I'm all for it but by no means have my hopes up.

dying if u cant watch henne and understand hes garbage then we cant help u, u need to actually watch more football. everyone in the organization tried to replace him, we just couldnt find anyone that wanted the job.

DB, you showed up to a fight with pink boxing gloves, you ninnie. And even in a war of text, you failed to answer questions.

What good is wearing your girly pink gloves if you didn't wanna use them? Man up or find yourself some duper absorbant maxi pads you Sally!

I am cool with that Joe.

I have Sunday ticket also, And denver did blame their line a lot, especially to defend Tebow play.

remember that orton behind that line, was a 3 win QB 3-10 if I am not mistaken, who many were clammoring for.

Henne was 7-9.

I guess my point also was you said no one was making excuses for the play, and some were. Denver especially.

But the other teams you mentioned were able to run the ball, and do it well.

Like you said, lets let the season play out, that is what I was saying also.

But Henne is our guy right now, so I hope you have his back until he truly deserves to get pooped on this year.


Armando, when will you start writing positive articals on the Dolphins, all I ever read about is negativity when I read your articals and well I've finally had enough. So here's the deal when you take the time to write something negative about the team I grew up loving I'll write something negative about you but here's the catch I'll be writing it to your supervisor. Armando life is to short and hard find better material anyone can find the negative be the one to find the good.

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