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Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins -- period

Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins.


Despite Internet rumors fueled by innuedo from journalist twitter accounts, the Dolphins have no intention of signing Brett Favre, a highly placed team source is telling me.

Chad Henne is the team's starting quarterback today. Period.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Oh, I assume some of you will counter with the fact coach Tony Sparano declined to rule out the possibility today during his press conference. He was asked directly if the Dolphins would be signing Favre, who will be 42 in October.

"I can't rule anything out," Sparano said. "I'm giving you the only answer I can give you."

Look, the Dolphins won't rule out re-signing Dan Marino. They won't rule out trying to trade for the rights to Joe Namath. They have yet to confirm that they will open the regular-season in September. This is, how to put it, a bung-tight organization that believes everything should remain in house.

So coach was simply doing what the Dolphins do: Giving the media nothing.

Behind the curtain, however, the truth is different. I think I can sometimes, in admittedly rare instances, get the truth out of these people. I have been told in no uncertain terms Favre will not be joining the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the team will have an open practice at 7:15 tonight. I will be there for a live practice blog. Hope to talk to you in the comments section then.


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Oh yeah mean like how you kept Orton-to-Phins talk alive with rumors and innuendo?

I would'nt put it past these guys, This short season already smells of desperation.

OMAR KELLY and DAVE HYDE??? They are so desperate. They are actually in favor of bringing FAVRE to Miami sighting that NO ONE IS TALKIN ABOUT THE DOLPHINS OUT THERE and THAT WE COULD USE THE NATIONAL ATTENTION???? What, the "booing" incident wasn't embarrassing enough. It's in every newspaper across the country and on NFL NETWRK and ESPN. Do we want an even BIGGER CIRCUS to come to town? How about we stay under the radar and come out and win games. That will grab headlines.

My dream is to have OMAR and DAVE to actually write something that informs the average fan--like myself-- of who is looking good and who is looking bad --- they haven't written anything but TWITTER comments about most of our rookies. It's joke.

Perhaps Ill TWITTER them the link to your THUMBS UP-THUMBS DOWN piece. They clearly need inspiration....


Wait Chad Henne is the starter? Is this your way of saying Orton to Miami is dead?

Thank God...That would be the icing on the Cake!!


Go Henne!

And for the 1st time in my life I saw our head coach stick up for Henne!

Good!!! This shouldn't even be news, Everyone should have known this!

All you Orton lovers, go cheer for the Miami Heat. We dont want you in the stands.

Well thank heavens for that! Favre and Tiki and we officially enter the twilight zone.


Armando used our Patended **PERIOD** LOL!

PS: I think he means it!!!!

Jsalk99. What planet are you on. Orten is the starter for Denver right mow

Can we PLEASE re-sign Ricky!?!?!

Favre was actually a welcome relief from Horton hears a Hoo soap opera.

We could bring back Ricky as an emergency fill-in, like we did with JT.

Dolfdan13...Yeah all these fans that are booing think the NFL is like the NBA and you can get a quick fix...No the NFL has a couple of great qb's and thats all..

If Favre sucks so bad then Henne would easily beat him, no? Why are Henne supporters so scared of a 41 yr old? Is it because he would provide legitimate competition and it would be embarressing to see Favre at this stage of his career unseat your hero Henne?

If I was you, I'd be saying bring it on I know will easily win. Not cower away fearful that if Favre is brought in he'll beat Henne.

Moore, Henne or Branister?, Or Farve?," I'll take a .38 Caliber to the head alex"

Who is sacared of Farve?

John, my friend.

I am so sick of this clown retiring, coming back, retiring, coming back, retiring, coming back.

It is stupid, he misses all the hard work and plays the games on Sunday... F-that.

Hey Guys,
I am happy to tell everyone we now at the Official Miami Dolphins store, we are now selling Brett Favre Miami Dolphin jerseys. Available in Aqua, White and alternative orange. I can neither confirm or deny we have any interest in signing Brett Favre, but we are interested in making money any way we can. So please order your Brett Favre jerseys today!



Poizen, you've never said anything truer here. If we got Favre, I think I'd have to give up on the Dolphins for good.

Moore, Henne or Branister?, Or Farve?," I'll take a .38 Caliber to the head alex"

Posted by: FP4FGs | August 04, 2011 at 03:26 PM

LMAO, Post of the day.

Poizen, he stuck up for Henne & then the very next day said can't rule out Farve as a possibility?


You have the potential to be wrong though Mando... You kept saying the Orton deal wasn't dead, except that it was already dead.

At this point, I'll take anyone who's an upgrade and Favre is definitely an upgrade to Henne.

In addition, the Miami Dolphins have announced we will retire Brett Favre's jersey the final game of the season against the NY Jets.



Wow Armando, nothing more classy and professional like then trashing your caleauges on your blog....

I think it's unlikely to happen, but it can't be ruled out because this regime is desperate, there is no one else out there(Orton isn't happening, Sorry Mando), even at 42 it would be an upgrade over Henne, and finally and maybe most important of all, Steven Ross would absolutely love it because the attention around the franchise would go through the roof, along with ticket sales.

Joe, at first I thought Sparano didn't talk because he wanted to keep his plans under wraps.

Now I know it's just because he absolutely HAS NO PLAN! He has no strategy, he has no thought-process. He's just taking things as they come, trying to fix them on the fly. That's why Sparano doesn't divulge anything, there's NOTHING to divulge!

Armando, here's my prediction...Knowing how this front office thinks, he will be in Miami...You'll see...

Not a good fit because he doesn't look good in White Jersey's anymore.


I see your point. That circus is old and reeks of elephant poo already.

But regardless of how he acts or what follows him, if he is a better QB than Henne what are you going to do, suck for Luck?

If Favre is brought in, I hope that Henne can beat him and that should Henne go down, we've got a hell of an insurance policy.

What I dont get is people overreacting saying that they arent giving Henne a chance if they bring Favre in. Of course they are giving him a chance. He has had the keys to the car for awhile now. If he cant keep them then its his fault. Especially if a 41 yr old QB can come in an beat him.

Bring it on is what everyone should be saying, especially Henne supporters. You think Henne is so great then you should have no worries that he can beat Favre and whatever follows.

Favre is also familiar with Brain Daboll's offense...I'm telling you, watch...Wouldn't be surprised at all...

Joe! STOP IT! :)

Oh, Poizen, meant to answer you in the last blog, yes, Henne did talk to reporters about being booed. And did say he was hurt.

I know. Sickening. He should have just shut up about it.


You are the classic example of ignorance on a sports blog.

Regardless of how you feel about Henne, you don't bring a retired legendary QB with a gazillion dollar contract in to offer up some competition.

PS: I apologize in advance if my pointing out your pointlessness embarrasses you. Have a nice day!

There is a point in pointing out pointlessness.

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know WE ARE SHOCKED rumors are going around that we are trying to sign Favre. This is SIMPLY NOT TRUE! We have NO INTENTION of trying to upgrade the QB spot. Yes, I know what we said before in the past, but that was just a smoke screen. Mr. Ross is very happy with Chad Henne at QB cause they are both from Michigan. You may remember Mr. Ross even said Chad reminded him of #13. We fully expect Chad to develop into the kind of QB you would expect within the next 7-10 years. So please don't go for these Favre rumors. They are simply not true.



P.S. Please stop booing Chad Henne. It hurts his feelings. Players have feelings too. I don't, but players do. XOXO

If this front office is going to be stupid, then let's take it to the max. Mando, you act so childish with your "period". Scared me to death. No, not really. You talk about how Favre is not coming, but yet we work out a 36 year old rb? How about throwing us a bone here buddy. I keep coming to this post to see who we have signed for our starting qb. I will not watch my beloved Dolphins anymore until Henne is out of here. Everyone knows he can't and will not win. PERIOD!!


ROFL. Your the classic example of a scared supporter.

Odds are this is all bogus. Just media speculation trying to sell newspapers.

The funny thing is when people like you feel threatened enough to insult and even respond to supposedly 'ignorant' people on a measly sports blog.

John, I don't like the guy,

But for the record I do like Henne, have been asking for competition to come in at the right price, and all the guys out there I think Henne would/will beat... including Farve.

Now to entertain the masses thinking this might be a possibility.

If Farve comes in, he wins by default, that is the only way he will come here. He eill not come here for competition, he never does.

He also will need a minimum of 10 million, AS ALWAYS.

So John, those are also reasons for my THANK GOD!

Yes, Henne is an idiot for mentioning that...

His cosch was already speaking up, now he cries about it, that won't help him at all in the end.

I wish that was not true.

Henne was a born leader. He went to the Stephen Ross Business School at the University of Michigan. That is his pedigree for success.



Would surprise me one bit if Farve ends up here, Ross would make a killing putting people in the Stadium to see the has been legend here,He's a Ho, And Ross is a Pimp, And we're the Johns., I see it happening..

Dear Mr. Salguero

Brett Farve just texted me an interception...is he commin on to me ?

Soiled :)


I agree he doesnt come here unless he is handed the keys by default and THAT I am not in agreement with.

I dont see any circumtstance in which this regime does that though.

So if he does come in, I am sure that JI and Tony said its a REAL competition.

I dont like Favre either. Really I think he's a douche.

However, I dont think that Moore is legitimate competition for Henne (nor is Brandyaddayadda or Devlin). I think that we are basically handing the keys by default over to Henne.

I can only hope that these reports are in fact, false. Since if they turn out to be true, it would mean that the coaches are not liking what they are seeing from Henne and that does not bode well.

LOL soiled...

good one.

Armando, if someone would of said the Dolphins plan on bringing in Tiki Barber for a workout a week ago, would you have believed it? Don't put anything past these guys...You of all people should know that...

All that I agree with John.

I also find it mildly amusing how Mando goes OUT OF HIS WAY to show his moral disgust towards Ricky Williams, Braylon Edwards, Joey Porter, etc., but has nothing to say about Brett "I tweet my junk to chicks" Favre.

Showing your prejudice are you Mando? Or is that ok in your funny little religion (like abusing young boys and remaining a Priest)?

I am waiting for Armando to come out and say that he was wrong about the Orton-Henne trade...in fact his "reporting" probably was a contributing factor to the boos against Henne, keeping alive the idea that the Dolphins might obtain a slight upgrade with the trade for Orton...he even talked about himself being "alone on a twig"---I assume that this twig has broken and someone has probably stepped on Armando. He often whines about coaches not taking responsibility or players not taking responsibility for their poor decisions, I am looking forward to Armando taking responsibility for his inaccurate claims. However, I am not holding my breath.



Hi Guys,

Once again, I can confirm we have **NO INTEREST IN UPGRADING THE QB spot!** Why should we when we have future All-Pro, Hall of Famer Chad Henne? Instead, we are saving our cap money to make another 5-6 changes on the Offensive Line. Coach Sparano as you know used to be an old Offensive Line coach. It is his expertise. That is why we always so smart on signing the right guys to play on our offensive line. We will have the best offensive line in the NFL within the next 12-14 years.



I'd like to see favre, as despite everything he is my favourite non Marino QB.

He has the 2 things most people think Henne lacks
Hes not scared to take a gamble
A passion for the game, sure he likes the spotlight but this love for the game is the reason he dosent want to retire and why he wont want the big bucks. He can't light up the league anymore but he can be a solid starter if protected

Despite this, he is 42 and if Henne has any chance of breaking out he should beat out Favre

If nothing else he would be a good guy to have around for Devlin, Henne (might help develop him into more of a gunslinger) Hell I'd like to have him around foe our 1st round QB next year.

Dont rule it out

Mr.Soiled Bottoms, Would you either confirm or deny the accusation that you are the poster known as "Gary Stevens"?

I just broke my hip thinking about Brett Farve

Hey Guys,
Yes it is true. John Elway said he would come out of retirement and play for us if we unconditionally trade the Broncos two #1 draft picks. I think it would be a great idea. He said he will still remain GM of the Broncos though. Not sure what that means, but it still sounds like a great idea, especially since we can't get that Orton guy now.


I would much rather have checkdown Chad and our defense than favre and his 57 ints and our defense but that's just me

Armando acts like a little kid...the kind that get his feelings hurt!BOO HOO!

Dear Mr. FP4FGs

I am not Mr. Gary Stevens or is Mr. Gary Stevens SoiledBottom...great now i'm talking in the third person...thanks Mr. Home :(

Soiled :)

hey should of signed Vince Young

LOL @ Mando about his "Thumbs Up" To Mr Fist pump for making "His Practice" After 4pm because of the new CBA,Getting his new signees a Pratice oppertunity Appentenly ever other club has done the same thing.Come on Mando, Do your homework, I give you a Thumbs down for cluelessness.

No one here will deny the fact that BRETT FAVRE IS WAY BETTER THAN HENNE... ANY DAY AND EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY! LOL! You Henne fans are unreal. At least he'll learn something from Gramps! Bring Favre is for 1 season... could things possible get any worse... really? No one likes it but it fits... you know BRETT WANTS THAT CALL!

PS - Tired of rooting for a losing team! Maybe the team will be motivated by signing up for HARD KNOCKS!!

Favre to Miami is a joke and you people are dreaming!!

But the bigger joke is you whining, fair weather, crybaby fans that can only spew negatives. I've been a Dolphins fan all my life and it embarrasses me that we have fans like you. What will you do when Henne breaks out and has a good year. I know, you'll jump on the Henne bandwagon. You people are pathetic!!!

Go Dolphins and all the players on the team including Chad Henne.

Remember that this is a football team not a retirement home we don't want over the hill athletes ie farvabeans or tikihut

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