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Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins -- period

Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins.


Despite Internet rumors fueled by innuedo from journalist twitter accounts, the Dolphins have no intention of signing Brett Favre, a highly placed team source is telling me.

Chad Henne is the team's starting quarterback today. Period.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Oh, I assume some of you will counter with the fact coach Tony Sparano declined to rule out the possibility today during his press conference. He was asked directly if the Dolphins would be signing Favre, who will be 42 in October.

"I can't rule anything out," Sparano said. "I'm giving you the only answer I can give you."

Look, the Dolphins won't rule out re-signing Dan Marino. They won't rule out trying to trade for the rights to Joe Namath. They have yet to confirm that they will open the regular-season in September. This is, how to put it, a bung-tight organization that believes everything should remain in house.

So coach was simply doing what the Dolphins do: Giving the media nothing.

Behind the curtain, however, the truth is different. I think I can sometimes, in admittedly rare instances, get the truth out of these people. I have been told in no uncertain terms Favre will not be joining the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the team will have an open practice at 7:15 tonight. I will be there for a live practice blog. Hope to talk to you in the comments section then.


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There it is, Circus is back in town...


Jets will cut Cotchery by signing Derrick Mason. Dolphins shoud be aggressive and go get Cotchery - adds to the WR corps and sticks it to the Jets...

Sorry guys, My thinking is I would'nt mind see Farve play QB this year, He did great with the Vikes his first year, What the heck..

Miami is the running joke of the NFL. They work out Tiki, linked to Favre and have a QB who "got his feelings hurt" lol.

What a joke!

We want no old, undiscplined perverts aroud here.

so matt flynn is the new wonderboy everyone is talking about hitting it big. How come teams like the Eagles, Pats, and Packers can always have two quality QBs and miami can never find one????

Hi Guys,
I just called Mr. Cook and asked about Mr. Favre's availability and he told me that he is indeed retired. But he would be happy to appear at our Brett Favre uniform retirement party at the Dolphins-Jets game for 1 Million dollars and said he will even come on the stadium PA and say "JETS SUCK!" for an extra million. Isn't that cool! So we think we are going to do it.



LOL all this QB talk is hilarious, just give Henne this year to show if he's got it or not. We are not super bowl contenders even with an ELITE QB let's be real here. Sure we'd be pretty good with a solid QB, but we still have missing pieces on offense other than QB anyway like a playmaking TE, and deep threat WR which I hope Clyde can become our 4th rd draft pick.

Yes it's frustrating being a fan during a total rebuild from 2006 this stuff takes time and patience which i understand the average fan simply doesn't have LOL.

We all can agree though this is Henne's last chance let's see if he's serious about having a starting QB career or not he fails again no worries we'll be drafting a QB 1st rd next year and we'll be in the hunt via trade or FA for a quality QB so everyone should just relax and root on the FINS at this point.


I respect other peoples opinion on Henne and the team but i think some take it a bit too far and i'm tired of so called fans constantly criticing everything this team does. I'm not a big Henne supporter but he's the quarterback right now and i will support him until they can find someone better. Favre and Orton are not the answer for us but i'm confident that they will find the right guy although it probably won't be this year.

Why is it that people get so upset when people speak the truth about this team? Everyone accuses peoiple, including myself, of being negative yet, most of us are just telling it like it is. Why can't you handle the truth?

So, we have 1 of 2 problems. A. People cannot accept reality or B. people like to whine about those so called people who whine.

What does that make you?

TMFMISL-Bringing back the Biff, Favre is not a mentor. Favre never even spoke to Rodgers, they had a terrible relationship in GB.

dishpan is not poizen

although he did just post one of my earlier posts of the day. :)

Get a clue. Jim Schwartz was talking about pushing their Thursday practice back to a pm start in an interview days ago. He also talked about it not being a full pads practice because it would be crazy to insert those players into the mix without some low impact practices first. If this is worthy of a thumbs up then this franchise is truly this disgrace of the NFL.

Joe Schmoe, 04:15PM, Amen brother!

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne spoke with the media today. He addressed many topics, including the criticism he has received early this preseason, as well as that “we want Orton” chant that sounded through Sun Life Stadium earlier this week.
Here’s Henne, in his own words:
-on Dolphins coach Tony Sparano sticking up for him after the “we want Orton” chant:
“Sure. Yeah, I mean as a player you definitely appreciate your coach coming out, standing up for you – but that’s how this team works. He’s got our back and we’ve got his back. And you know, it goes [for] every position out there. I’ve got Yeremiah’s back, he’s got my back. So this is a full-blown team and we definitely appreciate our coach standing up for us because we stand up for him.”
-on whether he heard the chant:
“Sure. I mean – absolutely you hear it. But you take it in, take it out. You’re worried about practice, trying to improve and get better out there. But the biggest thing is, you know, if you’re a Miami Dolphin fan, hopefully you’re cheering for the Miami Dolphins and the players out there rather than somebody that’s not [on the team].”
-on his reaction to hearing it:
“Yeah, it’s definitely tough. But as a team, we stick together and the guys just like Tony did, there’s guys in the locker room that have my back and believe that I’m one of the leaders on the offense. So I appreciate what goes on in the locker room and out there on the field, we’re just trying to get better each and every day. No matter what the situation, we’re going to hear some of that noise when we go to away stadiums. So maybe that’s a little pep talk for us and we can get over it.”

-on Brandon Marshall, seeing a difference in him this preseason:
“Absolutely, you know, Brandon’s been great out there – working really hard out there. Just being a team player out there. That’s all we ask for everybody to be – just be a team player, be accountable to yourself and he’s done that, done a great job and everybody has a lot of respect for what he’s done and come out to what he has to say.”
-on whether he feels he’s definitive starting QB, or whether he feels he’s competing with Matt Moore:
“No, I mean, I’m competing every day. Rather it’s Matt or Tom or Pat Devlin. I’m competing out there. Nobody’s made the mark yet so I’m just out there to show what I have and just improve on everything, keep learning the playbook and just make some plays out there.”
-on what he feels like he needs to work on:
“Well, first of all, just learning this offense. Try to have a 100 percent mentality that I know the ins and outs of this offense. And then, I mean, this is a new start. Obviously, there’s things to improve out there. But each and every year I felt I’ve improved just a little bit and you know, this is a bigger and better year for us and we’re very excited. With coach Daboll in there, we’re [using an] attack mentality as an offense. And I think that’s going to help a lot of us out.”
-on the constant critiquing and how he remains composed:
“Well I mean, obviously I’m a human being, so don’t say it doesn’t affect me. It does affect me. But you wear it on your sleeve as a person and you know, for me, I don’t let a lot of things show. But deep down inside it does hurt but hey – I’m here for the team, I’m here to make myself better, help the team be a better team and the biggest thing for us is, you know, we were 7-9 last year. But that’s last year. It’s 0-0 this year and we’re out here to improve, get to the playoffs and make things happen in our division.”
-on whether the criticism motivates him:
“Sure, absolutely. I mean, the criticism is always going to be out there, especially at my position. I mean, I’m the most critiqued person – the head coach and the quarterback are the most critiqued people. And for a quarterback, you’re out there, if you’re winning games, things are going well. If not, you’re losing games, then everything is pointed toward you. So it’s part of the position and obviously it is a little bit of motivation out there for you. But our team I think has a mentality right now that we’re as a team, we’re one and we just want to be the best we can play.”
So there you have it. We thank Chad for taking the time with the assembled media mob today.

sorry to dump the oppositions report on her armando but

imo, this is not crying

he'd get into more trouble telling the boo'ers to go f**k themselves, but he'd def get more respect from the boo'''ers if he did

that's life!

We only benched Henne twice this year. If we bench him another 3-4 times this year, it should build character. Just please stop chanting "We want Orton!" Besides hurting Chad's feelings, Denver has told me if I don't stop it they will file a tampering charge against the Miami Dolphins. We need our draft picks to waste on another QB in the second round. Andrew Luck is way overrated anyway. Chad Henne will be much better.


Joe, the problem with your post is

there is no such thing as "reality"

there is only perceived reality

You perceive the reality your way, I perceive it mine.

So is there really reality???


i'm not sure if he was holding hands with ts at the time though

I am very thankful for the Miami fans. They allow me to travel to your fine city and take in football games every year. It is always nice to see 10 - 20,000 of my fellow fans there as well. I'm not even sure that Stub Hub will be needed this year. Will probably be able to buy at the gate - behind the Dolphins bench LOL.

They have some kind of Brigade in support of Henne for tonight's practice. Err...


Keep rooting mediocracy!

I've been a fan since as long as I remember and I live in NE. It was embarrassing years ago! It's an outrage that this team is not even close to the "winning" ways of the past.

How many lame QB's have we rooted for only to be disappointed?
How many Coaches, Running backs or WR's have we lost or let slip by?

To joke about it means I will still be rooting. You know it's bad when there's nothing left but jokes! If i took these nitwits in the FO seriously, I would've forgot football altogether.

If Henne breaks out at some point, which I'm almost sure he won't since his feelings get hurt when fin fans let him know he's playing like crap. I still won't be a Henne fan.

GO DOLPHINS! and no disrespect

Michael Farve spoke before the lockout about wanting to mentor Cam Newton, He could do the same here with henne devlin or the QB we draft next year if Henne tanks it.

Sure he wants to play, but I think its more just wanting to be involved in football

Guys Again I am Not Nostradamus but I can Pridict Henne will be Booed At 8:45 Pm on sept 12, Will be replaced At 9:01pm, And the fins will lose the first game 31 to 6, Two Fist pump FGs in the 1st half, Miami will be down 10 to 6, Unfortuniyly the Pats will make halftime adjustments and score 21 second half points.

Henne will probaly be gone next year anyways! And morano too! So you guys should go to sleep and wake up next year..I'll be watching no matter what!

sorry it was after the lockout my bad

Why are you Dolphin fans so pessimistic? We are still having the NFL investigate why we lost the Pittsburgh Steelers game last year. We got hosed. If you take that game and 3-4 others we lost and make them wins, we are definitely looking at the Super Bowl this year!! We were the ONLY team to win in Green Bay last year. They won the Super Bowl, so they were pretty good. So have faith in us! We are going to the Super Bowl! Mr. Ross says so!



wolf, thanks for that. DC, I am not thinking he said anything wrong at all.

Good for him, that must have been a really crappy moment. Hopefully it motivates him instead of knocks him down.

Sounds mature.

I was just thinking, what if Henne gets cut during trainig Camp or takes us to the SB? Boy, are we/them gonna look bad!

Come on TONY !!!! Give the fans a double fist pump. Lets get the troops fired up !!!

I'm as disappointed as anyone by Henne's play the last few years and i'd be the happiest fan in the world if we could find a top flight quarterback for this team. That player is not currently available to us so i'm going to support who we have until they can find him.

It's the people that say this front office sucks, the team sucks, Henne sucks, etc because they didn't get the guy they wanted that aggravate me. It's just totally childish IMO and it's depressing to read.

I also think this team will surprise some people this year, even if it's Henne behind center, and a true fan will support this team no matter what.

I remember back in 09 when the Trifecta told the fans that the Jet way of doing things didn`t work and we would build thru the draft not bring in fading players at the end of there respective careers, so much for that plan!! After botching picks on supposed future "CORE" players (Shawn Murphy, D.Thomas, P.White, P.Turner ect..) they have turned in desperation and done a complete about face. If we were talking about signing Davin Joseph (OG) who is 27, I could see it, bringing in a 25 year old VY would have been intruiging given his physical ability but no!!! We basically flip flop on the philosophy sold to the fanbase while running around in circles 4 years into this regime with no clear plan in sight, that isn`t hating it`s being a realist.

We sign a 34 year old RT, slide our almost 30 yera old former RT inside and are doing what we can to sign another 35 year old OG to add to the mix. If everybody is so damn curious about why they slashed money from Carey`s contract, I got two words for you SHAWN OHARA!! I was always a very big JT (37) fan thru his career but in all honesty if you watched the Jets playoff run last season you had to notice how gassed he seemed in every game getting pushed around and being an all around liablity, there is a reason Rex didn`t resign him for the bargain basement vet minimum.

All of this and bringing in Tiki Barber (36) for a look after 5 years removed from the game and you then have to take bringing in Brett Favre a little more seriously than Mando is giving it credit for. It could end up being a blessing in disguise because when they try and reign that ego maniac in and he ignores them the blow out will come like it did last season in Minn. which caused HC Brad Childress his job but you can`t discard the possibility either.

Every team in our Div. significantly improved there D-Line`s, in N.E. pairing Wilfork inside with Haynsworth. The Jets selecting two DT`s early in the draft and the Bills grabing a sure fire bet in DT Dareus, we needed to move on this by addressing the OL with another superior inside talent because running in our Div. this year will be tough and were coming with a rookie and a player in Bush who won`t be very effective if run in between the tackles.

The signing of Burnett was an upgrade but it didn`t take much with the overrated Crowder. IMO we shoud have moved on Barrett Rudd because the knock on Burnett is his suspect knees which both have been operated for ligament damage, it`s the reason the Cowboys let him walk and S.D. didn`t do much to keep him around. I hate saying it but we upgraded on name recognition alone with some suspect older payers, again something we were told woud not be the model our team would follow!!!

Guys, this talk about "Mentoring" Is BS, This is a buissness, Would you help a guy trying to take your job away?, Doubtful, So stop with the "Mentoring" GarbagE, Always thought it was only idiots that said that but I guess theres a lot of Idiots.

Poizen, not quite brother. I don't make things up. Reality is what it is.

A Perfect example from earlier today:

TB in 2 years of rebuilding went from 3-13 to 10-6. Improvement? Yes

KC in year 2 of rebuilding went from 4-12 to 10-6. Imrpvovement? Yes

Miami in year 3 of rebuilding 11-5 to 7-9 to 7-9. Improvement? Factually? NO

The proof is in the increase in wins. It's quantified & is proven. Those are NOT debatable.

Yet, people tried to debunk it earlier with what they perceive. Perception it what people think reality is. Those are excuses & ever changing. We were worse off, we had injries yadda yadda yadda.

Reality is constant, tested, proven & cannot be refuted. That's the difference.

Come on guys, sing with me!


(Sorry I don't know any other words. I do know the Fins to the left song also.)


Sorry John,

Didn't mean to come off as insulting.

However, I think you're absolutely correct. I am a scared, threatened little rabbit because of Farve or whatever point your insinuating-ROTFLMAO!

Dude, seriously, if you haven't a clue just admit it and move on.

YOU said bring in Farve for competition. I simply said that's ridiculous. Farve would command a gigantic contract and immeadiately be crowned King Starter. No competitio, no controversy(LOL)-PERIOD!

Don't even try twisting things up with ignorant "scared supporter" suppositions.

First and foremost, I support MY Miami Dolphins. After that, I'll support ANYBODY that can or will lead us back to the promised land.

Hallaluya and and Amen TOO!

Scared Rabbit-ROTFLMAO!!!!

Joe, The problem is you have not listed the record of all those teams you just mentioned this year...

what if they all go down, does that blow your argument?

Just being devils advocate for you, because if that happens that blows up your whole post.

That was not a shot at you, so please do not take it that way.

All offseason we heard someone is coming in to challenge Henne. We also heard that the organization wants competition at every position.
It was all hot air and the organization has failed yet again. I don't care if you're 100% convinced Henne can do the job, you still bring in the competition.
A championship defense will be wasted. Fans are rightly livid with the lack of leadership and planning. You don't win a Super Bowl with Chad Henne. That is the goal although it appears the front office stopped thinking about this a long time ago.
Wow, were we spolied with Don Shula or what?

good to see an optimist/deluded fan fightback today!! very hard to do when even us optimists have major worries, but hang in there, we do actually have the makings of a good season, confidence and a good start to the season will be key, winning breeds a winning mentality, losing gets harder to turn around, whilst we all all focus on talent and athleticism, the mentality of EVERY team member is key, get that right and your playing with extra men

(cue henne bashers to say he hasn't got it upstairs!)

Wow...The Phins got lit up on the Radio today. Peter King(love him or hate him) had some strong statements about the way the team went about handling the Orton trade(or attempt) Saying that basically the FO was gutless, and in a round about way clueless. He also questioned why Tiki Barber was brought in for a look..Echoed by Armandos earlier post saying that some GM's were asking within if the situation was that bad here, especially with Bong Pipe still available..No new news here, as Armando earlier reported this.I just found it ironic that I had not read the post until a minute ago, yet heard the interview this morning. It makes me wonder what exactly is the gameplan here? What does this regime see that others(fans, nfl insiders, now GM's) do not.

In response..Cowheard(who I cannot stand) made a pretty good point about the Phins. He gave our favorable schedule as an example. Going down the list of teams we play with poor-average quarterbacks. He actually picked the Phins as a sleeper if, and here is the kicker...We get better quarterback play. Again no big news in that statement.

Joe, you sounded EXACTLY like LeVar Arrington (who does a radio show up here in DC). He's criticizing the Redskins a lot lately (with good reason), and he's getting sick of people who take his criticism as him hating on the team. He had to tell people, "I criticize them because I love them and want them to do better and fix their mistakes."

So, that's why people hate, they take the criticism as unhelpful, when really, it's very helpful. You have to know your problems if you ever want them fixed.

Well we do need a QB Bad everyone knows it even at 42 Favre is better then Henne, but these guys are going to die with Henne unless he makes a miraculous turnaround which I don't think anyone would bet on that.Here is the truth , no playoffs this year and we know it now and they haven't even played 1 preseason game, I cannot remember a time when there was such low expectations maybe we will get a surprise and make a deal to bring someone in.


Cause we're the
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,


Joe, truthfully, Success is not in a win loss record, it is playoffs right?

I mean if a team goes 11-5 and looses in the first round of the playoffs

then nevxt year goes 9-7, and wildcard and gets to the superbowl... is that progress?


u can trawl the historical stats and find HUNDREDS of dumpster teams that improved for 2 seasons, only one of the teams u mentinoed made it to the p.o.'S AND they lost

your other criticisms of the fins r much better go back to them!!

come to my work and boo me and see if I dont come out of my chair and dislocate your jaw from your face

Fins to the RIGHT
Fins to the LEFT
We're the only game in town!


Can we all agree on one thing and that is that we want this team to win and make the playoffs on a yearly basis like it did when i was growing up. If Henne can somehow do that i'll be his biggest fan and supporter, but to say you will hate him even if he breaks out and gets the job done is ridiculous.

Dave Hyde writes a moronic article about how the phins should get Farve, and all of a sudden the Dolphins are interested in Farve? You media types are making all this happen. Then TS is asked a stupid question and answers vaguely - hmmm surprise surprise.. Once again the media creates the story, writes the story, comments on the story, and then is drops the "giving the media nothing" bomb.. Sheeshh..


Poizen, not taking sides or anyting, but you say it's about playoffs...2 playoff appearences in a decade...Case closed...


Don't forget guys, WE SIGNED REGGIE BUSH!
He is always on TMZ! He is a STAR!



nsbnative - couldn't agree more..

Nsbnative. Well said but most of these folks don't have patience or class to do that.

Montreal, What the hell did that mean?

I am upset about the same thing. This regime is the last 4 years. not all the time you mentioned.

The Miami Dolphins today would like to confirm the season will begin in SEPTEMBER! (I don't know why Armando is making up things like we won't confirm when the season will start. What does he think? That I am stoopid?



good job FP4 now don't watch the game

Who cares if the fans boo Chad Henne! He get's paid 500,000 a year, Sparano gets 1 million a year and the rest of you a-holes on this blog get maybe 45,000 a year if your lucky. If he sucks which he does BOO his ass. Practice, games, Pre season it doesnt matter!

I am not stoopid Armando!

Nice try,


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