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Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins -- period

Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins.


Despite Internet rumors fueled by innuedo from journalist twitter accounts, the Dolphins have no intention of signing Brett Favre, a highly placed team source is telling me.

Chad Henne is the team's starting quarterback today. Period.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Oh, I assume some of you will counter with the fact coach Tony Sparano declined to rule out the possibility today during his press conference. He was asked directly if the Dolphins would be signing Favre, who will be 42 in October.

"I can't rule anything out," Sparano said. "I'm giving you the only answer I can give you."

Look, the Dolphins won't rule out re-signing Dan Marino. They won't rule out trying to trade for the rights to Joe Namath. They have yet to confirm that they will open the regular-season in September. This is, how to put it, a bung-tight organization that believes everything should remain in house.

So coach was simply doing what the Dolphins do: Giving the media nothing.

Behind the curtain, however, the truth is different. I think I can sometimes, in admittedly rare instances, get the truth out of these people. I have been told in no uncertain terms Favre will not be joining the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the team will have an open practice at 7:15 tonight. I will be there for a live practice blog. Hope to talk to you in the comments section then.


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I can see a Bronco QB coming to Miami.


Brady Quinn.

He probably could give Henne more than just competition.

It is devastating to hear you guys saying you want Brett Favre back.... you are hopeless and I feel pitty for those Dolphins fans that truly believe we will be a better team with that once great QB in the field instead of Henne or even Moore...
Just pathetic... please remember that Hyde and Kely are paid to sell news, dont be naive!


Need to see Moore ASAP.

moore and henne are horrible. favre is retired. we are screwed

They would never sign him.

He did not play for the cowboys.

NOTE: Fin fans that were unhappy because we got Ginn instead of Quinn.

Be happy. Quinn could be a Fin.

Remember this

Orton 2-14
Henne 7-9

Also Henne's stats are better than Dirty Sanchez

Starting oline unit beginning tonight should be:

LT Jake Long will be back
RT Mark Columbo
RG Incognito
LG Vernon Carey
C Mike Pouncey

No more "tinkering tony" mess!

DB. They just need to settle on the best 5.

I would take Farve before Orton

Anyone who thinks Sanchez is better than Henne is kidding themselves. Henne's stats are better than Sanchez who has had a better all around team around him than Henne. All I know is the big games where they took the noose off Henne's neck he preformed. The Monday night game against Sanchez and the Jets, Henne shined because the play calling was good. I have watched Henne since college he is the real deal but the play calling has really hindered his development.

2-14? did u just make that up,lol


stop being bias,. sanchez is so much better than henne. sanchez is ice

Who said they would hate Henne even if he plays well? We hate him right now because he's not playing well. In fact, we don't even hate him. We hate his pathetic play.

In the words of the late, great Tupac Shakur: It ain't personal, baby. It's strictly business. Strictly business...

Sanchez is another USC QB reject even Carsen Palmer is over hyped but is probably the best to come out of USC


I know TS is supposedly an OL guru but I would prefer to see the following line up on the line


It would be nice if everyone played there original positions for once. Incog was a Center at Nebraska and the Rams converted him out of need, if anything he`s proved very tough at the point of attack but has the slowest feet I`ve ever seen and can`t pull.

In Pouncey I`m not so sure you want him calling out the blocking asaignments at the line in game one against N.E. because Belichik will throw everything at him and it could prove to be a long evening for our RB`s and Q.B. regardless of who is under Center. and he was always a better LG anyway.

It`s like when Wannstadt drafted RG Carey and wanted to make him a LT. his move back to RG has been long overdue IMO. I would also like them to work J.Jerry to try and take the RT spot which he played well in a tough SEC.

I am also perplexed by the lack of interest in the draft and FA regarding the TE position because there were players to be had seems Ireland/Sparano are the only ones convinced that Fasano is starting caliber.

Just the fact Farve is being discussed shows how desporate the QB situation has become. And that's a shame.

Hey Tony Sparano,

You know what makes me sick ???? Seeing the same tired crap, shuffling O lineman (3 years and counting), same old crappy QB play from Checkdown Chad, great defense and NO OFFENSE. Tony and Jeff are you listeninng: When we pay your salaries by buying season tickets, merchandise, etc " WE " Dolphin fans can boo all day long, how bout this " SHUT UP AND COACH AND LET THE PLAYERS PLAY.

Last time I checked we were 7-9, nowhere near the playoffs.

Because of the Jim Harbaugh disaster, no top flight players would even sniff the Dolphins, that's on YOU, JEFF, and So-called Owner Stephen " I just ain't cutting it " Ross.

I'll be sure and bring a tractor trailer full of Maaloxx to pass out to fans during the games, knowing we will all be sick after watching more fist pumping for FIELD GOALS.

You are right Sanchez is so much better than Henne, obviously you are not watching the same football games I am watching. Sanchez has his bad throws bailed out by his wide receivers a lot of the times and there have been a lot of his throws that should have been picked off but the opposite team dropped them much like our DB's last year.

ALoco and all you Blind Optimists:

We ALL want the Dolphins to be in the Super Bowl. If Jeff Ireland suited up to play QB, I'd root for him to succeed. The Gang of Defeat, as you call us, or the Plumbers Group, we love the Dolphins as much as the optimists. But we're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

With Henne and Moore fighting to be our starting QB, we are screwed. Before practice started, I was hoping Henne would be improved. He had the playbook and led off-seasons workouts so that was encouraging. But when practice started, we see the same old Henne that has been stinking it up for the last 3 years. At some point you have to call a bust a bust, like it or not.

We want better play from our QB, better decisions from the FO, and better coaching from the fist pump. We deserve BETTER!

Also we did beat the Jets, should have beat the steelers but that was a bogus call by the refs, and the packers. Not too shabby to defeat those playoff teams and superbowl champs. Also, if we go .500 at home we are 11-5 and in the playoffs everyone get off Henne, the defense had the opportunity to put several of those games away and dropped the ball literally.

If the Fins were to bring in Brett Farve all the fanbase needs to do is sit back and wait for the explosion. Farve for about 3 seasons now has had a tough time with his deep pass, case in point, the underthrown 40 yard pass last season that he gift wraps Jason Allen when the WR had a good couple of yards on him. The Favre deep pass is a thing of legend now, a myth if you will, just don`t tell him that.

If he were to come to Miami they would look to reign him in and we all know how that worked out last year for Brad Childress who got canned before the end of the season. My little crystal ball tells me that if that move were made the wheels will come of sooner than later for Sparano and as dumb as people think he is I believe he saw enough like everybody else watching Sports Center to know this and if not then let him hang himself sooner than later, bringing on interim Coach Nolan who I believe more capable anyway.

finsfan72 @7:02,

Amen Brother!!!

Thank God!

I left work but had to come back & check.

Bobby, I'm going to try to address you politely.

1. My opinion of Theisman is my own. You find it necessary to try to call me out on it? Why do you care what i think about him? Find something else to do with your life! My opinion is he's a clown. Only you & CraigM can argue someones opinion. Your also 2 of the most gullable Dolphins fans in the world.

Whether you agree with my opinion or not, thats your problem. I never said it's right or wrong. The kicker is this:

2nd. You don't even comprehend that my gripe is NOT with Henne. I actually WANT him to do well. My main gripe is, was & will continue to be about this Fo failing to fuilfill it's promises to bring in LEGIT starting competition.

You knock everything I say yet never try to reason or discuss. I bring up legit issues you don't touch but everyone else is friendly enough to engage in. You feel it necessary to spread lies about me. Like the other day about the Marshall trade & Dansby signing. Trying to portray me as negative all the time. Get a clue dude. You know NOTHING.

For taking part in your childish nonsense in the past, shows I've been as small as you. Those days are over. It's amazing your just like craigm. Many other ppl here call you & him out for the same reason. From this point forward, I won't engage in your baby tactics. Feel free to annoy other fans with your blinded optimism.

Enjoy the games surrounded by opposing fans.

** I HOPE THAT... **

. special teams are working hard(remember last year)
. the (red zone)offense is working harder then the special teams(remember last year)
. gates is as fast or faster then mike wallace
. jake is O.K.
. brian dabol's playbook exploits hartlines extra weight by installing many plays featuring brian in down field blocking assignments(like the steelers use hines ward)
. brandon marshall has more T.D's then last year
. all players are eating, sleeping PLAYBOOK!
. #30 learns how to tackle(clemons)
. sporano finds time to watch a game or 2 from last season to refamiliarize himself with some problems, tendencies, and flaws with some 2010 players
. sporano identifies these problems so he can fix them
. reshad jones gets the starting job
. brian dabol's playbook is better then dan henning's
. carl dorrall does a better job with henne and is at this very moment breaking down vasts amount of henne film footage
. we sign a cornerback that can cover and tackle a mike wallace type reciever
. henne is working extremly hard on everything
. we sign kevin boss or asante samuel and NOT brett farve!
. henne is working on head and eye movements, touch passes and playbook, that he improves, and if not, palmer is cut(due to finances) rather then retires so we may sign him
. henne realizes he has unique oppourtunity to improve really quick by taking advantage of gates rare speed and makes him his favorite target(gates is henne's savior)
. our kansas state 2nd round pick is worth our 2nd round pick
. J.T. tells us everything he knows about the jets
. fins play with intensity this year and play at a faster tempo

Finsfan72. Have you been to any practices yet?? How do you know henne has not improved?? To say what you say with pnly 4 or 5 practices is certainly jumping the gun by at least .5-6 weeks.

Budtli. Excellent.

I have not been to practices but have followed closely EVERYTHING written or said on TV about them.

And I'm not jumping the gun. Henne has had 3 years, plus a whole offseason. Remember he got the new playbook that Friday the lockout was lifted.

Underthrows. Overthrows. Same old same old.

YES, it is what it is. And yes, that is a true statement. The qb we have has is what we as fans have to deal with. Get over it, this is what we have and nobody else is coming to bail this team out. It is what it is. I for one will cheer for the team with Henne as that is who we have. Get over it, it is what it is.


Nfl.com is reporting Cory Sheets as cut. Can you look into that for us? Here's the link showing it:


Present time not the past.


I was at practice and you were not to far off, Henne started out alrght but in looking to get rid of the ball before the D-inmen could touch him (a tag equals a sack) He started throwing those arrent passes he would throw towards the sideline high and away which is what drew the boo`s. All you can hear out of people at that scrimmage was how he couldn`t even curb that twitch in practice after nearly starting 2 seasons.

I would like to add that the idiot who posted about what happend for NFL Network saying that those were the uneducated unemployed Dolfans can bring his sorry A S S down there and speak his peace to alot of our faces. There were alot of folks like myself who got of early to make the trip and others with there kids, the frustration just seeped out on him early. I know it was only a scrimmage but when they ran the drills were the DL was allowed to rush he got shaky and it got under people`s skin who were hoping to see more out of him.

I really had my reservations about Braylon Edwards and B.Marshall in the same huddle but the one year deal he just signed with S.F. for 3.5 Mil is a gamble I would have taken in a heartbeat, when you analyze the similar deal VY got with Philly it will leave you really pondering the what if`s.

It had the potential to blow up in our faces putting those 3 on the field together but the upside would have been worth it and had it gone South on Sparano/Ireland I would not have held it against them personally. They would have won back there jobs for 2012 in my book by simply having the balls to make a move and go for it!!!!

doesn't matter henne sucks and he always will. guarantee moore is named the starter before next week. bottom line!

GREG Z......32.........US GOVERMENT.....GOD
DTING BREED..63......EX-CON.............DB
POIZEN.......21........FRY COOK........DB@GOD
DC...........,31 BLACK MILITANT.........GOD
WOLF.........73.......BREAN DEAD........GOD
OSCAR.......142....CIGAR MAKER........NONE.
FIN4LYF.....32......GAY ACTIVEST.....GOD

I bet you Marino could still play.


Sign Favre........PERIOD

Mando, I remember when you said that Brandon Marshall was not coming to the Dolphins! The bottom line is than the Miami Dolphins do not have an NFL first line quarterback in training camp right now and you know it.....and so does the rest of the league.

1-4 by week 5 in conf...if we beat Cleveland, 0-2 in division guaranteed. One job this off season and the FO got out played. The wheels are going to come off early...and we will start this whole fiasco over again next year. Shoulda woulda coulda gotten a QB in the off season will be the story that haunts us...as well it should.

Henne is the future!

The guys on "PTI" just repeated yesterday the Favre to Dolphins rumors and just speculated that they believe it to be true. Armando won't say anything about them though, because he knows they have a forum to hit him back hard if he says anything about them.

Listen, I'm sure Armando's source with the Dolphins told him that, and I believe that what Armando is reporting right NOW is true, they won't sign Favre TODAY. If the Dolphins look bad in the pre-season or the first few regular season games with these three QB's and start 0-2 or a poor 1-2 they will probably sign Favre because Ireland and Sparano will want to save their jobs and will be desperate and Favre will only want to play regular season games and skip the pre-season. The problem with the media is they are too busy insulting everyone and trying to make themselves seem important and not doing the one thing they should be practicing. Thinking before they speak. Is Armando's reporting wrong? No. Today. Check back in September. This organization knows it can't have a bad season or they will have serious problems.

The Dolphin franchise is the Pits; not since Don Shula guided this team has it been worth anything. Get rid of the whole bunch and start over again. Even the Big Tuna could not take this crap anymore; even though he became part of the same old story. Who cares who they bring in; it will not work. Get an o-line that can run block and some defensive backs who can cover.

The truth is this - there's not a coach in the league who says what Sparano said regarding Favre, "I can't rule anything yet" who is content with his starting QB. Neither Sparano nor Ireland is satisfied with Henne. Did they blow it in not signing Orton? Chances are - yes! If Henne performs as he did last season, the dolphins will not even finish .500. I've been a fins fan all my life, and the way this organization has been run for the past decade has been hard to stomach! This is a quarterback league, and though I hope for better things for Henne this year (and believe there's potential there), the fact is - he is currently at the bottom of the barrel of starting QB's.....and there's not a team in the league who can make the playoffs with a bottom-of-the-barrel starting QB. Hopefully, Henne will play twice as well as he did last season; then, he'll be an average to above avg. QB and the fins should make the playoffs.

Henne sucks. Period. Farve has usually been an every other year qb and last year wasn't so great. Henne is a whiner and maybe if he was more worried abo his own abilities instead of remarking about Tim T., saying he wasn't an NFL qb, his own performance would be better. We need more Marino rumors! Wewt!

As a lifelong packer fan I would love to see it. When he was with Minn. and in the NFC North (and I hate to admitt it) I used to hope he would get hurt. He is always a threat. But with the Jets and now maybe Miami it would be a blast to see him play. Also makes me feel younger (I'm 41). If he can do it maybe there is still a chance for me.ha ha

Brett Farve may be old but he would still be the best quarterback we've had since Dan Marino everybody is calling Brett a joke Chad Henne is the joke We knew we needed a quarterback and we should have gotten one every time we get some good players we get rid of them!!!

Is Miami big enough for Brett and LeBron?


Orton to Miami is dead. Been a Dolphins fan since about '70. Haven't paid much attention since Marino retired. However, I'd watch kickoff to final buzzer if Favre came on board. Come on Brett, one more won't hurt you. Put on that helmet and a real short skirt and let the drama kick in again!

I got nothin' against Henne personally, but he's not the same player each week. He doesn't even look like the same player sometimes in the 2nd half of one game. I always wonder if he got signed by the opposing team at half time and neglected to tell us. Henne will, without a doubt, give us another real solid 8-8 season. Oh yeah!

BTW, any chance we can Marino for one more season? Even at his age we'd go 9-7 at least. Bring back Shula. When the Fins let him go was the start of their demise. And for who? That guru JJ? Hmm. He had one lucky roll with the Cowgirls, but he ain't no Bill Parcell. Showed his true colors by just bailing on us.

Chad Henne will never be a hall of famer. Beam this guy up Scotty. His system has malfunctioned. I'm a diehard fins fan, but Henne? Anyone else getting a laugh on that?

Chad looks as good as anyone in the game right now when he's ON, but as I stated earlier, he often looks like a completely different player half to half. He has no consistency WHATSOEVER. And, as far as Quaterbacking goes, if there's any, any atttibute he must have, it's consistency.

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