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Chad Henne in his own words

Chad Henne spoke with the media today in advance of Saturday's important preseason game at Tampa Bay.

The minor challenge he had to his starting job prior to last week's game is apparently passed. Now, he's clear to discuss the return of Jake Long, his expectations for Tampa Bay, what statement he can make in that game, and whether the Dolphins offense is going to shock the world this season.

By the way, I noticed yesterday some of you commenting on Tony Sparano's speech pattern. Everyone is different folks. Henne has his own style, too.


(On having Jake back in the lineup) - “Yeah, it’s good to see him back, not only is it good to see him back, his physical talent is getting better, leadership qualities also, helping out in the huddle, doing a really good job with the offensive line, the guys in the huddle so yeah, all-round, it’s great to have him back in the huddle.” (On having him on your blindside) - “It’s great, he’s going to do his job every time. Feel comfortable, he’s going to give it his all, and it’s just a lot of fun having him here.”

(On looking forward to the next preseason game) - “Yeah, absolutely, I think, overall, Tampa is a fast, young team, upcoming and were excited to get better, were excited to get more plays in as an offense and I think it’s just going to be a good challenge to see where we progressed from last week to this week.”

(On being more an attacking offense) - “Absolutely, we’re definitely out there to attack them. If they give us a coverage that we see, we change and audible the play and we’re definitely on the attack in the game and they’re going to have to adjust to us.”

(On playing more to your strengths than compared to last year) - “Well, I think it’s more in my hands, I think as a quarterback, I have more audibles, I can get us in and out of the plays, get us the right plays, and give us a shot out there on the field.”

(On looking more comfortable on the field) - “Maybe, it’s things I’ve learned in the offseason, I think, it’s going on year four for me so I definitely feel a comfort level, but there’s still a lot of work to be done and I’m still not set in stone and knowing everything about the offense and the little twitches here and there, but I definitely feel like we’re going in the right direction, feeling really good where we’re at right now.”

(On where do you think you are in terms of game simulation) - “Well, I mean, we pretty much, we have most of our stuff in whether we ran the plays or not, we did install most of the playbook, but you know, it’s game week, you know, so you got to prepare for each and every team, there’s going to be different game plans in them.”

(On how much you had to running practices in the offseason) - “Yeah, definitely, very beneficial to myself, on the leadership part of the side, and just, you know, getting the guys to listen to me rather than coach and I think you get a little more out of it when its player to player rather than coach to player and kind of get them in the right spot, even though, you tweak a little bit about the route, you get a feel for them against stiff defensive coverages.”

 (On biggest difference in running backs) - “Well, I mean, obviously, last year we had two powerful backs, they can run the ball up and inside, we didn’t really use them a lot in the passing game. I think this year we’re more versatile in Reggie Bush, going out there, Daniel Thomas definitely go out there in routes, but I think we still have that power attitude also with all those backs. You know, Daniel (Thomas) and then Larry (Johnson) out there definitely are power backs.”

(On how the league is going to be shocked with the new offense) - “Well, I mean, it’s definitely a big change, it’s going to be a big change for everybody so you know, they’re watching film on us now, they’re studying us hard so they’re going to have adjustments on their defensive side and we’ll see a lot of different coverages than we have in the previous years, but we’re excited to see, we got to get to Tampa this week and see what we can improve next week."

 (On this game being a statement game)- “Yeah, I mean, they were a great team last year, started off very fast, have a lot of speed on defense, the biggest part that the defense reads the quarterbacks eyes pretty well so you got to be alert where everybody’s at, fit in the windows, and make the smart plays out there, but definitely a great test for us. Their offense, you know, got (Josh) Freeman back as a quarterback, he’s doing a really good job there so we’re going to have a good shot to see where we at right now.”

(On hoping to see after playing Tampa) - “We’re definitely going to try to improve on things that we can improve on from last week. You know, we got to come out fast, start fast as we did last week, put more points on the board when we get a chance into the red zone, put touchdowns on the board rather than field goals so we’re just looking to get those drives going, start fast, and make them adjust to our speed.”

(On the difference of having Reggie Bush in the lineup rather than not) - “Yeah, I mean, he definitely helped us out opened up some lanes in the passing game and obviously, in the running game. He’s a hard runner, once he hits the hole, he’s agile, makes somebody miss, it’s definitely tough to bring him down so he opens up a lot of space for us from the offensive side of the ball.”

(On impressions of Charles Clay) - “Yeah, Charles (Clay) is great. He’s coming a long, he’s still learning the offense, but done a great job, but what shocks me is his speed, he can really get down the field and attack, if he has a corner on him, you know, he can almost, you know, sometimes run under it, and safeties and linebackers, it’s going to be a little mismatch, but he’s done a really good job, he’s improving in his blocking, if we need him in there to block, but we’re excited in having him here.”

(On working with Mike Pouncey) - “Mike's been great, and smart guy, really smart guy. Picked up things really quickly, obviously he was there in the offseason workouts a little bit and that helped out, but our offensive line coach, Guge (Dave DeGuglielmo), has done a great job with him. Bringing him along, giving him technique, letting him make calls up front rather than me just giving him the answers so trying to build him up so he can make some of the calls and take a little off my plate.”

(On the shotgun snaps) - “Well, I mean, he’s been doing a great job. He gets it in the right places, I think last week we only had one miscue on the snap, but doing a really good job putting the ball where it needs to be and you know, being decisive where the snap is.


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Mando, it's not Sparano's 'speech patterns', it's his inability to deliver clear, concise statements and answers. In other words, it's hard to understand what he's talking about.

But I suppose if the team understand his gibberish, it's Ok.





buffet of knowledge .



Roman Soldier Helemts from Chad henne whos not worth a penny

War Sanchezz





I'll be there. Front row

Us jet fans always hang out in the peek aboo room

finsfan72 thanks lol my favorite movie is saw was Yssup Mi Amore :)

I'm an expert on roman soldier helmets

Rex told me it only hurts the first time.

He was RIGHT.

What Woman wants to SIT on my face ?

By the way, I noticed yesterday some of you commenting on Tony Sparano's speech pattern. Everyone is different folks. Henne has his own style, too."

What an A-hole you are Mando. You ALSO have a style. A Rupaul, Perez Hilton type of style.

I'm in no Teaching mode today.

Phinsfan4life: I've noticed the same thing from Henne. He seems to be playing faster, more bounce in his step in the pocket and showing more confidence in improvising to make a play. He just seems quicker in everything he's doing now as opposed to last years robotic lethargy.


If Ricky and JT didn't understand him, nobody can. He puts the team to sleep. They play like it.

Lets go beat the bucs.And start talking good about this team.

I will

let me let me please

I can do it

I shold warn you though when i pass gas it doesn't go Thpppppppppt, it goes WHOOOOOOOOSH-OOOooosh-oosh

We should beat the bucs. They looked awful last week. The Dallas game the following week will be more interesting.

dont care if we win or lose as long as i get it in the endzone

It is evident, that in Internet most People, as they write, reveal the amount of s-it they have on their Mentality.

Can anyone understand a single word Raheem says ? Buc Head Coach.

a friend of mine works for the jets and he got me interview
they offered me the job of bikini waxing the cheerleaders
I turned them down flat. I was like oh my GOD NO who wants to be around a bunch of sweaty naked cheerleaders


What do you have on your mentality Big Boy

Why dont you tell Lego all about it

If you know what I mean...


I'm going to go out on a limb here.

You didn't happen to get banned from the wets blog did you?


Who is more interesting to listen to, Henne or Sparano?

Enemas with warm olive oil are heavenly, oh but the muck afterwards!

Sheesh! I mean, shee....t....I mean, oh well, never mind.

But Hey...if it feels good....

I like listening to SpOrano.

He's really pretty straightforward. But when he really starts stuttering and stammering it's usually because of some little bit of info he's trying to hide.

The Devls in the Details!

What a bunch of tards

Henne + Tony

Will and Grace




Enemas with warm olive oil are heavenly, oh but the muck afterwards!

Sheesh! I mean, shee....t....I mean, oh well, never mind.

But Hey...if it feels good....

Posted by: odinseye | August 25, 2011 at 07:34 PM

Gee Golly Mr. Wilson, I wonder who could be impostering me? With all the thought and originality involved it just couldn'tbe Fageman.


I guess most people have sex, money(power) on their Mentality. Tards, did not grow up well.

New to Miami. Just getting into fball. Had a couple of cuban girls but they didn't swallow. I mean whats up with that? One wanted rear door action. It was ok, but not the kinda girl I'm taken home to mom.

oscar canosa well yssup soup is good cant help it lol, couldnt give a crap bout money though never had it and it aint worth much now a days :)

In BrokeBack Mountain..there is that scene where she realizes hubby didn't really go fishing. Classic! LOL. Good flick every time.

Fageman seams to cornered th market when it comes to Homoerotic innuendo.

Getting it in the endzone

Hates cheerleaders

Loves Will and Grace

Quite experienced with enemas and roman soldier helmets

Him being the average representation of wets fan, NO WONDER the all just loves them some Mark Sanchez ;)

I'm not mad, but




How about sex, LoboNoches?

In BrokeBack Mountain..there is that scene where she realizes hubby didn't really go fishing. Classic! LOL. Good flick every time.

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 25, 2011 at 07:44 PM

DB, Fagean told me it was based on anexperience he and sanchez had back in the day.




The deceased gave a powerful performance as a Cowboy with a hidden Mentality(sex wise).

Im almost %100 sure Oscar is Odin and Hene Gyno





I guess when it comes to being a H O M O nobody beats the Fageman.

Well, I mean besides his half brother/boyfriend.


You called us weak?


You must be Limp Wristed cause your typing sucks as much as your face des-BAM!



The funny thing is that I'm never mad just righteous.


Since your team is headed to Queer St. Your probably going to have a long year of answering my taunts from Jets land. NYDN JETS STREAM is fo real men


I hate to be the Grammar Police, but half of the problem in reading your interviews with Henne (and Sparano) is your usage of one, long run-on sentence after another! Correct punctuation would really help in reading your posts.
Go FINS!!!

We have a -3 points when we play the Jets down here. Too many winterbirds or northeast-retirees in here.

oscar canosa yssup soup and sex go hand in hand yummy yummy yummy :) lol

oscar canosa yssup soup and sex go hand in hand yummy yummy yummy :) lol

Ronnie Brown on a bruising TD run for the Eagles. Don't think Thomas would have made it.

What to do with all these Jets Fans down here? Somehow we have to make them realize that, the retirees are dying a slow Death here. The winterbirds should seek Cuban women(forget Football). No?

Saturdays game is a dress rehearsal and I'm looking forward to see who will step up and make plays on offense.... On defense find out who take that starting safety position and see if our pass rush improve from last week, I saw the game three times and QB had sometime to throw, but I think they didn't really give it 110% effort, so Saturday is going to a good test I like to see us dominate the Bucs! But all the time we play the Bucs is always a battle.

What, they have Football today?

Since your team is headed to Queer St.

-This wetspot can't type a sentence without using some sort of homoerotic innuendo, wonder why?

Your probably going to have a long year of answering my taunts from Jets land. NYDN JETS STREAM is fo real men

Posted by: Lego My Lageman | August 25, 2011 at 07:55 PM

Thanks, but NO! I'll pass. FAGeman's idea of a real man is Tom Selleck in spandex.

He' love them gay pornstaches!

oscar canosa I'm from NY been a Dolfan my whole life and there are more Pit and Jet fans down here then Phin fans , its really sad and pathetic

I wanna toss Sanchez's salad while Fat Rex tickles my prostate with his whale meat. And of course I will be wearing my Lageman Jersey to clean up Rex's man juice in my behind

Good game on espn Ravens verse Redskins

They passed the Gay Marriage Law in NY because so many fagboy Jets fans wanted to get married to each other and eat ass.

If you are a dumbass as a Head Coach you will be so in any other position you Coach.

Andy Dalton is looking pretty good for Cincy

Lego My Lageman dont foget the feet Rexy loves da feet

Rex and Sanchez went out to celebrate after he was drafted.

After finishing their first drinks they realized they had no cash and their wallets had been picked.

Rex told Mark: I know how we can drink for free all night. I'll take this hot dog out and hold it between my legs. You start sucking it and when the bartender see's it he'll kick us out. We can do it as many times as want. it works everytime.

After getting kicked out of the 10th bar Mark started to complain. He said, my jaws starting to get sore, it's my turn to hold the hot dog.

Rex replied, what hotdog? I threw that thing away after the second bar.

Thanks Ray I almost missed it!

Is this a dolphin site or a dolfag site? Does anybody really think any of this gay stuff is funny or shocking? You sound like 13 year olds. Pathetic really.

No doubt you wouldn't let anyone you know see your posts out of sheer embarrassment.

Redsky danti hall took one to the house on flaco!

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