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Chad Henne's progress off the field is apparent

If you only have a view of what happens on the field, this post won't interest you. But if you think what goes on off the field matters also, particularly when focusing on the quarterback, this is important.

Very important.

Sunday's view from the field showed quarterback Chad Henne have a fine outing. He threw three touchdown passes. He had one interception. In Miami's new offense.


But peel back that on-field viewpoint to the picture behind the scenes, in the locker room, and you see perhaps more important signs that Miami's young quarterback is at least pointed, if not already headed in the right direction.

For one thing, players are going to Henne for answers this training camp.

“Yeah, what I’ve seen is the more people are going to Chad for the answers and that’s a good problem," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think that the more times…you would have to envision that when you’re at Indianapolis or a place like that, that people are going to Peyton (Manning) for the answers.  Well more people are going to Chad for the answers now and that’s a direct reflection of what this young guy has done in this lockout period.

"You know with what he did with those workouts and the amount of time he put in has been outstanding.  You know we have had three or four practices where blitz periods and they’re not flashy because the ball doesn’t get down the field when it has to come out of your hand fast.  But the whole operation from huddle call to snap to him getting the ball out in some of these situations his percentage right now in those situations has been really high."

It interests me that teammates are going to Henne because it's a sign they respect Henne. It's a sign they view him as something of the offense's leader. It shows respect for his knowledge and ability to help.

It's good teammates view Henne that way because it would be very easy not to. Remember, the truth is Henne was benched last year. He is the guy the team spent much of the offseason trying to replace in that the Dolphins studied every quarterback available in the draft and then searched high and low in free agency to sign somebody else.

The team also was involved a very public attempt to trade for Kyle Orton. And everyone expects if a Chad Pennington-style miracle becomes available to fall from the sky sometime this preseason, the Dolphins would probably be in the mix.

So it's obvious to the players in the Miami locker room that Henne's status is not exactly written in concrete.

But Henne's footing is firm enough in their eyes that they go to the guy for help. That's a good sign. He has not been undermined. He has standing.

That's big for a quarterback.

This is also big: Henne and Brandon Marshall are starting to make more of a concerted effort to figure each other out.

Look, these two guys are polar opposits, Marshall an emotional fellow and Henne something of an over-thinker. But these two guys also need each other. Henne cannot succeed without Marshall and vice versa. I hope they have learned that after not exactly showing they recognized that last year.

Earlier in training camp -- the first week -- I had my doubts these two guys could ever mesh. Henne clearly prefers to throw the ball to Davone Bess over Marshall. Marshall doesn't always do exactly as the play design calls and Henne has trouble with the ad libbing.

Hence, they weren't on the same page.

But the two spoke about that prior to Sunday's scrimmage.

“I think today is really the very first day we connected pretty well," Henne said. "I think the previous practices we weren’t on the same page and we talked before practice, we communicated, and we got it done today.

"I mean, the details has to be solid out here. I mean, if he’s in one spot and I’m throwing in another spot, we’re not on the same page. If I know where he’s going to be at least I can give him a chance to put the ball up there for him. Coach always said details are the more important thing so that’s what we did."

What they did -- Miami's current starting quarterback and Alpha receiver -- is communicate. If only for one afternoon, that translated to them being in synch. That doesn't guarantee anything for the next outing, but it shows progress.

Henne on Sunday showed progress -- on the field, yes. But just as importantly, with leadership and communication issues he faces in the locker room, he showed tangible gains on Sunday as well.


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Good post Mando... Nice to see the other side of things for a change. And your play by play yesterday was awesome!

Henne And Marshall's 1st Meeting


Brandon I hear your momma's so fat when she goes to beach she has drop anchor and lower the sails.


Listen bro, you dont know me like that to talk about my momma. Dont make have to drop yo' b!tch a*zz!

Sunday they finally made up. LOL...


You also need to write an article on Marshall showing signs of growing up. By declining interview after his 3 td catch yesterday it allowed Henne to bask in the glory of the media stage all alone.

To me that's great progress Marshall maybe growing up. Seems thats what got lost in all of the great things that happened Sunday!

repost from last blog, didnt know u had this in pipeline armando!!

IMO big factors in how henne able to grow as leader

#1 - no chad p, chad h was always in his shadow leadershipwise and respect from teammateswise and last season chad p was the starter in waiting despite henne being given the job, they were always gonna try chad p as soon as henne f**ked up and he knew it and it affected him, no cha p and henne doesnt have to try to be chad p 2, can be his own man

#2 running offseason workouts, chance to relate to his teammates and let them realise he is now the chad p replacement

#3 no grandad offence or grandad oc, just one chat with daboll would have given henne the confidence needed (even if it was illegal contact!)

#4 tyler thig gone + BM wanting to prove himself= a more approachable BM ready to try to get on page with henne

all team are likely to look to henne as LEGIT qb now

BUT henne has to start well for there to be no slide back to last years forlorn henne

I pray Henne does well. I get so tired of the so-called fan bashing this man. I can name several HOF qb's that started slow. Marion is on of a kind and don't forget it.

as long as ne thinks the mon. niter is a scrimmage,the phins may have a chance w/ henne at qb.lol

I cant really give Henne that big of kudos for the lockout workouts organization. I believe more were following Jake Long's lead than Henne's.

Why would most follow Henne's lead? After last season's dismal performance they weren't even sure Henne would be the starter this season. Teams dont follow qb's until thier on the field play warrants it.

Only 1/2 kudo I give to Henne is the kiss and make up with Marshall before Sunday's play. Even that was more than a day late and dollar short. But late's better than never!

Henne has been coming around a little better the last 3 outing. Hopefully the consistency continues or grows better.

Now that's a nice change. Now we just need some W's to keep the respect going.



Sorry to be the turd in the punch bowl here, but I was at the scrimmage yesterday. People should pump the brakes this "Henne turning the corner" talk.

First, Brandon Marshall was single covered. He will NEVER be singled in a real game.

Second, Henne is still making single reads. He looks at one receiver. If that guy isnt open- its a check down. The guy still wont scan the field.

Third, He had a typical bonehead INT that everyone wants to ignore. He threw it right in the hands of Dansby. Dansby didnt even have to move. How could he not have seem him? Henne should be past this kind of stuff by now.

I will say he does look more comfortable and in command back there. He also looks more nimble, maybe hes dropped a few pounds.

The Henne-Marshall situation was one like when a husband and wife have differences. The husband expecting to get the goods that night without first making up with the wife.

Henne made up with Marshall yesterday and finally got the goods!

Being from Connecticut, and having to deal with, Jets, Giants and Patriots fans all the time, Im willing to give a wait and see period to Chad Henne this season, but he will, and should be on a short leash. Go Miami Dolphins, from Beautiful Connecticut!

Rich Taylor,

If you were at the practice you would have also informed us the reason why Marshall was single covered. In case you missed it, Nolan said he was working on safety blitz packages.

Have you considered Henne may have done a good job getting the ball out of his hands against those safety blitz packages too? If you were there dont give us part of the story, gives us the whole damn thing. You were there there right?

Mando, how much of this success was due to better protection from the line, that is going to be the key.

Great news for Henne and the prospect of a good season. hopes are a little higher now.

Some maybe making to big a deal of the practice pic 6 too. God forbids that any of the great qb's have ever done that in a practice or scrimmage. Let's just cut Henne now!

Practice and scrimmages are all about developing consistency going forward. I do thing in Henne's last 3 outings he's beginning to demonstrate this. I just hope it continues. Only time will tell, not you and I.

That is a coaches problem if they have had problems communicating!

Dying Breed,

It doesnt matter why he was single covered. It only matters that he was. And it wont happen in a game.

And that is the whole story. I was there. But no, I didnt bring my rose colored glasses with me. Left those at home.

He DOES look more comfortable and in command. The offense looks like its being tailored to him. He should be better this year.


My greatest rise in hope was seeing better consistency from Henne in the last 3 practices. Finally seeing symbolence of Henn-Marshall td potency was a huge plus. We've been waiting for that since Marshall 1st arrived.

There's no reason whatsoever why the Henne-Marshall connection shouldnt combine for at least 10-13 td's this season.

What is the difference between Henne and Sanchez? Several. One, coaching (or the lack thereof). Two,confidence by the coaching staff that he is the QB of the future, regardless of poor showing now. Three, the offensive line. Four, the local press. Five, the play book. Henne, has had none of those. And then,to add insult to injury, along came Brandon Marshall.

@Rich Taylor.....Everything you just wrote was in Armando's other blog...down to the terrible interception.

Looks like I know as much as you do...while sitting on my couch in Brooklyn.

Rich Taylor,

Some of Henne's greatest distress last season was against blitzes. Nolan gave him a steady diet of them from what Im hearing and reports are Henne handled them well. Blitz recognition and excution is one of the main areas I want to see Henne improve this season.

He didnt handle them well at all last season. So guess what dc's are going to start him out on a steady diet of this season? Great the staff's throwing blitzes at him to get him to where he needs to be in at least that phase of his development.

Basically it doesnt much matter Marshall was in single coverage. For me it matters most Henne was handling blitzes well enough to accurately get him the ball. The old Henne was inconsitent blitz or no blitz, single or double coverage.

I agree DB, you know where I stand on Henne, and my passion behind it.

I am hoping what I saw from this guy is starting to click, but it all does come down to giving the kid consitancy in front of him.

His leadership IS showing, remember i mentioned that from the mouth of D.Bess, and my understanding is Henne did control the vol workouts.

This has been all good news.

The Dansby int was a timing route new to the offense, and Henne put the ball where the reciever would be, bad he did not see the reciever went behind Dansby, Bad on the reciver to run behind the linebacker. GOOD that we had someone on D catch the ball and take it to the house!

nice to hear, though I don't know why it so difficult to get the ball to one of the best WR in the NFL. Details are important but if Marshall ain't getting the ball than who cares.

"plans never survive contact with the enemy", so just get him the dang ball.



It's a start but as Mando said: "Henne clearly prefers to throw the ball to Davone Bess over Marshall. Marshall doesn't always do exactly as the play design calls and Henne has trouble with the ad libbing."

Henne HAS to spread the ball around to be sucessful. And realize plays always don't go the way they're planned. Marshall's stength is challenging coverage.

Dying...The whole offense knows when the defense is going to blitz in a scrimmage. They aren't disguised. The whole point of the exercise is to execute the fundementals, and not get anyone hurt. So these are as straight forward as reading directions for building a lego castle.

Like I said last night. I will start believing what I'm hearing when I see it in a real game situation. Until then this is practice, man we talking about practice.

I personally have been most impressed with the practices I've seen in Miami. I'm going to go ahead and crown them SB champs right now, no need to play out this season.

Who is the Mother Hen of all the old, cackling lesbian here?

Armando, Very good article...There are a lot of Henne bashing on this blog but the guy needs time to develop, this will be the year that he either sinks or swims ...Also, there is a much better team around him which will make things easier for him.

my biggest concern is still the OL ...

The test will be if Henne is a team captain. If the team votes him as a captain then you will know if he is truly one of the leaders.

Line forms to the left......we have two flavors; fruit punch and grape. Drink two glasses and get a rosie view of things to come. Kool Aide taste great, especially with the heat of the summer. Euphoric feelings will expire by Thanksgiving (warning: maybe earlier). Enjoy the show.

(additional warning:kool aide may cause temporary memory loss, such as promises made about changes to qb position, speed at receiver to be added, fireworks on offense, etc.)

(additional warning: after kool aide wears off, may have feelings of anger, dispair, nausea, vomiting)

Sounds like Sparano has taken a page out of the Ross book of damage control/PR. After very publicly appearing to secure a replacement for the current guy and failing, start a media campaign that tells the fans what a great job the current guy is doing.

Count me as unimpressed with Henne's progress, and our QB situation in general after this week of practice and scrimmage. Yes, I'm sure Henne has improved. He's better, but better than what? ... bad? So he's less bad. Doubtful, none of the other QB's are winners in waiting anytime soon. So Once again we have a body keeping the QB chair warm until next year when we will once again ask if we're ever going to fill the position with a superbowl caliber player. Considering all the nice complimentary moves we've made to improve our Dolphins, the glaring elephant in the room is still munching peanuts. We are not amused.
Go Phins - best of luck, and I remain a fan. But please stop insulting us with this hopeful Henne "give-him-a-chance" song-and-dance. I'll cross my fingers for next year.
Predict 7-9 on good D, and some nice check-down plays from Bess and Bush.

Well Im optimistic!!! By players going to Henne for answers it looks like he may just be at least trying to become a leader. If that happens our 2 to 3 wins could increase significantly maybe 8 to 9 wins?? I know thats a pipe dream but hopefully this bunch might prove to us they do know what they are doing after all.

I have been a die-hard Fin fan for almost 30 years now. I liked Henne when he played for Michigan and he has the tools to be a successful QB in the NFL. Like others have said, I think he was held back by the Offensive Coordinator, the presence of Chad Pennington and the overall lack of confidence by the Dolphins Organization including his teammates. Hopefully. the lockout practices helped create a stronger bond with his teammates. Combined with a new offensive coordinator and no Chad P, he has no more excuses. This is his last chance and I really hope he succeeds given most of his walls have been torn down. Good luck Chad and get us 11 wins :)

I was reading thru the last blog and noticed that for an entire page (5) there was an intense debate going on about who the better defensive coach was (Rex Ryan,M.Nolan) and I remind everyone that there cut from the same cloth. The Coaches on the Balt. Ravens 2001 Super Bowl Champs were Marvin Lewis (DC), Rex Ryan (LB`s), Mike Nolan (DB`s). In 02 or 03 Lewis becomes HC in Cinn. Nolan took over as DC in Balt. then in 04 He gets the HC job at S.F. and Ryan becomes DC IN 05.

If we`ve learned anything from Jim Johnson (RIP) in Philly and D.Lebeau in Pitt. it`s that it`s not the scheme (3/4) per say but in knowing how to diguise the packages enough to always keep the O. guessing were the pressure is coming from and then of course knowing were to bring it from (OLB,MLB,DB or Saftey Blitz) on any given play.

In that capacity I believe Nolan & Ryan have proved to be elite at running these scheme`s and are 2 of the 5 best minds in the game running Defenses today. Ironically there both better than there old boss M.Lewis as far as understanding how to run there scheme goes. The only real difference between the two is that Rex`s flamboyant style has translated better as a HC while Nolan`s approach didn`t but it`s worth noting that he put together a very nice D while in S.F.

You guys keep on reading these articles and keep believing them. But forget that this team for years now has been a big preseason hype. I really do hope Henne makes a miracle come true. But I seriously doubt that will happen. But then again I repeat, bring in some legit competition and may the best man win. Don't do that, and you will be gambling on what is the most important position in the NFL. I simply don't think Henne is the answer. I hope I'm wrong.

Mando I was at practice yesterday and saw them chemistry there. It's crucial to have that, otherwise we're going nowhere fast...

The whole team seemed to have a different approach, a different feel to it. It's not the same old boring practices of seasons past. I saw a younger, more up-tempo team out there. It's also nice to see these young faces and 2nd year players starting to develop, such as clemons, (who has bulked up quite a bit) and Carroll.

Nic grisby seems fast as well; he has a nice hop and cut back moves...

Wow, Ricky joins the Ravens.

WOW, I have had a good feeling about the season... except...

Running back, and we do not have a back up plan, unless Rex is 100x better than i have seen. I thought Ricky would be that security blanket... not so much...

JS in LA,

If you look at Henne's stats you'll see that maybe he was bad in certain areas, which albeit hurt the team, but he wasn't "bad" overall.

Com% 61.4
Yrds 3,301
TDs 15
Ints 19
Sacks 30
QB rating 75.4

You'll notice a few big problems with his numbers.

First of all, he was sacked 30 times but I would say that that is not really his fault. Yes, he's not Michael Vick but no one ever said he was. The problem was the line was in flux the entire season.

His completion % is actually VERY GOOD at 61.4%. By comparison Tom Brady had 64.4% completions and that is absolutely off the charts.

The problem is that he threw 19 ints, four more than td's of which he had 15. This resulted in him having a QB rating of about 75%. However, it has been pointed out that he was also "the most unlucky" QB in the league because he had the opposing DB's dropped the lowest number of the balls that were potential int's. I tried to find the Football Outsiders article for you but couldn't. This article from ESPN talks about that article: http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/25987/chad-henne-better-than-you-might-think.

All the best,
So, the glarring problem with Henne last season was that he threw too many picks. I think that the offense last season was too predictable. Too much vailla ice cream without any toppings. If I'm right that the new offense brought in by Daboll is less predictable, you could see the int number drop by a great deal. This would boost Henne's QB rating by a lot.

I think we all need to give this guy another chance. He clearly has the talent. I think that the new system will serve him well.

What up D-Fans! I have been eating and sleeping this website for news and opinions and never posted a comment till now.

At this point, Henne is our guy, so lets just support him and hope for continued positives.

The O-line last year was brutal and the Dan Henning was even worse.

We should have a better OL with a OC that runs the same system as NE.

I just hope these guys can absorb the offence quickly.

OK, I can't find the Ricky news anywhere...

All board the Henne Bandwagon!!





Bong Pipe to the Ravens???

Ricky Williams joins the Ravens
Posted by Mike Florio on August 8, 2011, 1:07 PM EDT

Getty ImagesWith Willis McGahee and Le’Ron McClain gone, the Ravens needed a veteran presence at tailback.

They’ve gotten it with the addition of Ricky Williams.

Per a league source, Williams signed a two-year deal. It’s worth up to $4 million.



I don't know DB, sometimes you make sense and other times you go on a rampart(always with hostility, though. We can feel it). Those are signs of a poor education. We Internauts are not responsible for any drawbacks others might have had in their lives and are not disposed to tolerate any abuse heaped upon us.



Good Day Dudes

Ricky Williams has signed w the Baltimore Ravens

have a HAARPy day :(

By the way, in your 12:14PM post in the previous Blog. I was referring to the Fans and not to the Coaching staff. (For most Fans it would take half a Season to realize that a Team has improved). Check?

Ricky signs with Ravens. I am officially depressed. Ricky has been my favorite Dolphin since Danny retired.

Behind Rice, he'll probably tear it up and show Ireland/Sparano that they should have kept him.

Best of luck Ricky.

...The new qb rating system is pretty cool. It does away with the old standard rating system that was flawed, and outdated. The new system includes fumbles, a clutch index(when passes are completed within the context of the game have more value) overthrows, underthrows, and reciever YAC are all included in the formula. I do not have a link for the description but if you google ESPN QB Rating Im sure you can find one.

Of course the usual suspects were the top rated passers..
1 Brady
2 Manning
3 M. Ryan
4 Rodgers
5 Vick..

In this new system a 50 percent passer rating in the average. 75 being in essance 100 percent. Brady was 76 percent setting the bar

I don't need to bang the Henne drum. We all know where he sits among NFL QB's. No need to beat a dead horse. Check it out if you want..It is new so I'm sure some will discard it's credibility. But IMO ways to figure out stats are always evolving. Remember, the NFL didn't even keep track of sacks until the 80's.

Henne is the QB. For those who hate him - get over it. He will be more experienced and better this year than last. He will not be Dan Marino (sadly) but he will probably be middle of the pack. He will have a lot more targets to throw to, much better protection, a likelihood that Gates speed will force single coverage on Marshall more often, and a defense that will be even better than last year and will get him the ball. If Daboll does his job right and Thomas/Bush upgrade the running game Henne has a decent chance of talking us to the playoffs.

Ricky got “a two-year deal worth $2.5 million with some escalators that could make the contract worth $4 million total” That’s a whole lot less than he made last year.

have a HAARPY day :(

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