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Colombo headed to town to sign with Dolphins

ESPNDallas.com is reporting the Dolphins have a contract in place with former Dallas OT Marc Colombo. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has confirmed the story. He'll join the Dolphins.

"He's big, tough, smart," Sparano said. "Started about 72 games down there."

Down there is Dallas, which has seemingly been at the other end of a player pipeline since Bill Parcells was hired in December 2007.

Colombo is an offensive lineman. Sparano said he'll be used at tackle.

Suddenly the Dolphins seem to have offensive line issues they find a need to address. I get that Jake Long is on the PUP. I get that Colombo is an experienced free agent. But Sparano said the Colombo addition has nothing to do with Long or his injury status.

I would say it more likely would affect Vernon Carey, whose status on the team is not certain this season unless he proves himself.

"My vision for him is see where we are in the tackle mix," Sparano said of Colombo.

Colombo is 6-8 and weighs 320 pounds. He's 32 years old. He play, according to the folks in Dallas, was less than stellar a season ago.


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Now to read the article.


Another Cowboys reject?
Are you sh**tting me?

Please change name of blosite to:
Dolphins in Deep Doo Doo.

another mediocre player for a mediocre team, great


They sign O'Hara and that's quite a formidable offensive line.

O-Line and linebacker seem squared away.

Now, on to.......


If Miami Dolphins hire O'Hara & Colombo, then they'll install a new offensive formation called the "armored car" with 10 OL and a RB/P.

How aboutt signing someone we can use and not another Dallas castoff. I can hear them laughing up and down the east coast!!

I'm one of the optimists here, but DAMN, do they really limit FA pickups to Dallas rejects? WTF?

Weird...an ex cowboy signing with Miami. Are we actually paying our front office? This is bordering on comical. How is it that the Dolphins can manage to screw up every aspect of this team while continuing to be a running joke and no one does squat about it??? Oh yeah....because the only person more clueless than our coach and GM is our OWNER!

some people never larn, another old aging awful cowboys player


And we move for worst of Dallas rejects.

Chicago got Marion Barber, Roy Williams and Sam Hurd.

Every below-average guy from the Cboys the Fins sign. The Cboys weren't a good team so it is not too comfortable to get all their kicked out players. On the other hand there is no real backup T behind Carey and Long, only the injury prone Gardner and some awful players who proved last year that they are 3rd stringers and no backups.

Wow...another linemen...unreal

Our team is a laughingstock.

I hate to read Miami's South version of Dallas.
Yesterday somebody joked on me by saying 'Dolphins are Sub-Cowboys'.

Columbo and Vernon Carey are basically the same player at this point in there carrers. I'd be nervous if I was Vernon.


Borderline Front Office Disorder.

cut carey for all i care, he sucks and makes alot. but go sign someone actually good please, for once!

Well that was original. Take players from Dallas. FIRE IRELAND

Vern might be moving to guard. Either way this move signals Vernon at guard or cut. Or O'Hara signed at guard or not signed if they keep Vern. Our line big time just improved either way. No go get TE Zach Miller or the WR Braylon /Floyd (SD) /S.Smith (NYG) and we are ready to roll. With our 1st team O.

Dolphins front office better WAKE UP... they are loosing their fan base

Ok, for the love of god...fellow fin fan, listen. Do you read? Here is a very important piece of information for YOU: Jake Long is on PUP and most likely WON'T be available for the first game or TWO. Why are we picking up a tackle(agreed, I wish that is was a better one and not from fricking DALLAS)? Because there is a gaping freaking hole at LEFT TACKLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok....I am better now.

Andrew Luck here we come. Although knowing our luck we'll end up winning 5 games and miss on him.

One of the weakest aspects of this team last year was the offensive line and all people want to do is complain that we are picking up OL players...

Note, an improved OL will help all aspects of the offense giving runners more room and better pass protection. Everyone wants to blame Henne for everything, but there was a reason we couldn't get off long throws and why our RB's rarely broke anything for big gains. Those reasons weren't entirely their faults. We've added speed at skill positions (RB and WR) while improving our line (on paper at least). Come on folks, stop being such drama queens.

I get the connection with Dallas i.e. Sparano and Ireland cutting their teeth there but last I checked there are 30 other teams in the league. @32 is Colombo past his prime? Do we only have to deal with the cowboys? I'm all for improvements and depth to the O-line so I hope this works out.

I've been saying Carey is overrated...Get rid of this useless Spielman pick!! And to think we could of had Vince Wilfork instead of this big out of shape potato...

How about moving V Carey to right guard and playing Colombo at right tackle...

our line would be pretty good...I think.

Long,Incongnito,Pouncey,Carey and Colombo

Rick, I'm one of those who's been screaming to improve the o-line...But not with Marc friggin Colombo...

Stephen Ross, AKA Head Stooge Curley, continues to allow Morono, AKA Larry, and Jeff Ireland, Moe to ruin this once proud franchise. This year will be another wash. I am so disillusioned with this upcoming season...I do not even know where to begin...Dolphin Quarterbacks are a joke...Who in the blue hell is Moore..We all know Chad 'I am Not Ready For Prime Time' Henne...The offense is anemic at best...I predict a third place finish in the east this year...I hope that we can at least place ahead of Buffalo...I can go on and on...I won't....Stephen Ross You Suck....Sell The Team...Morono and Ireland will not be around for the 2012 season...Good Riddance...

I will add to your comment about the PUP. If Long misses the first game, while on the PUP, he has to sit out 6 games. Thats the rules. So, Sparano might see this as happening and needs a new LT. Ugh man.


Its amazing...why was I under the impression these last few years that our line was a piece away from being great and a position of strength? Oh yeah...I am a moron.

Ladies and Gentlemen Please Give A Warm Welcome To Your 2011 Miami Cowboys.....WTF....Bizarro World.....

The smell of paint makes me vomit.

The Cowfins strike again!....what a surprise another cowboy. Don't they know there are 30 other NFL teams in the league

According to ESPN.com and NFL.com, Randy Moss is calling it a career...

Isn't it a bit too early for a full contact practice? Yeah, but its late, Man, very late.

has anyone updated sparano and irelands available players list since 2007, he seems to be working off a treasured piece of paper that he's had since training camp 2007

wake up guys dallas 2007 is over you're in charge of the fins 2011!!


Don't expect the Offence to have any kind of showing tonight; that Defence is Murder,Inc.

Hello my sweet babies! Mammy Wheatcakes come to take your cares away! Have some spiced rum punch sweet lil childrens! Come put your little heads in Mammy Wheatcakes bosom! There, there.

Idiots who are liking this move. WE DO THE SAME SH#T EVERY YEAR!!!! Upgrade the offensive and defensive lines. Build through the draft. No flashy overspending FA moves. Blah, blah, blah....where has it gotten us??? NOWHERE! I get the concept. I want a solid O-Line too. But when I see NYJ chasing Asomoah and signing Plax and NE signing Haynesworth and Ocho.....and then Miami.....Reggie Bush, Matt Moore, and now Columbo???? SERIOUSLY??? And go ahead and tell me those other players are washed up or trouble makers and I'll tell you NE makes the playoffs every year and NYJ went to the AFC Championship last year. GET A CLUE! This front office and owner are a JOKE! We can't compete for anything more than 3rd place with this team. You'll see. And this SH%T front office has done SQUAT to change that!

Rick, I'm one of those who's been screaming to improve the o-line...But not with Marc friggin Colombo...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal

He isn't a sexy pick up, but I try to operate under the assumption that these guys have a clue on how to evaluate a player and see an appropriate role for him. There are 53 guys on the roster at the end of the day, and we need role players as much as we need stars.

To Disgruntled Dolfan...

Out of the blogger's here ( and there are some pretty stupid one's ) ...I think you are right on top...you are either 5 years old or a mindless jets fan disguising himself as a dolphins fan....

Guys, unfortunately I live in the North Dallas area, so have the displeasure of watching Dallas Cowboy games. I have witnessed first hand of the entire year of poor play by Colombo. I know of at least two games that he singled handed cost the cowgirls the game. When he got cut, I said to myself, please lord, don’t let the Fins pick up this peace of garbage. Just like their play calling, they are so predictable. Carey is far better than this scrub. And a scrub is exactly what he is.

And the Offence completely discombobulated.

Rick, I'm sure you've been watching this team the last couple of years...Do you get the feeling they "have a clue on how to evalute players and find an appropriate role for them"?
Look what happened last year in training camp with our offensive line...



can we just skip the season and get to the part that this FO gets the axe and we can get to draft our QB

Colombo was an "Age" casulity in Dallas. Now maybee carey can be moved to RG.

6 million to have carey play guard is too much guys - he will be cut and look for a trade coming with some cap space

Well well well!!! In my 25 years as a Dolphins fan, this has to be the worst I've seen fan opinion of the team. But the fans opinions are legitament in many rights. For this to be the best free-agency since the beginning of free-agency, and the Dolphins not participate in it is crazy to me.

I truly believe ownership as well as management take Dolphins fans for granted. Its shown by the product that is being put on the field. Considering the division that we compete in you would think that management would want to put a product on the field that is more competitive. Instead they're showing use that they are ok with mediocrity based on how they have chosen to address holes on the team. Patriots and the Jets finish ahead of us in the division and both organizations could have settled and not improve there product on the field, instead they are aggressively improving there team through free-agency.

Its says alot about the Dolphins organization as well as the fans who accept the mediocrity. I, for one, am fed up and ask you to jion in with me in protest!

whay has no one made a move on TE Miller? He would be on the top of my offence list

Have I missed something? Has Dallas won a Superbowl with all these hits we are signing from their discard pile?

Anoter waste of Money.....what next

Hard to believe the Dolphins cannot acquire a FA that didn't play for Dallas. Even Burnett was a Cowboy!

NEWS: Miami also cut Dotson & Baker

It sounds like the Dolphins still have NO idea what to do with their O-line.

Even I know this much, a 32 year old scrub from Dallas is NOT the answer!

Hey Armando,

What about Richie Incognito? I've heard lots about other players starting, but I thought the report was that Richie played well last year. He's still on the team, but apparently the Dolphins have no plans of him starting. Is that the story?

Fans shouldn't worry about our o-line...Remember, our HC is an o-line specialist...LOL!


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