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Colombo headed to town to sign with Dolphins

ESPNDallas.com is reporting the Dolphins have a contract in place with former Dallas OT Marc Colombo. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has confirmed the story. He'll join the Dolphins.

"He's big, tough, smart," Sparano said. "Started about 72 games down there."

Down there is Dallas, which has seemingly been at the other end of a player pipeline since Bill Parcells was hired in December 2007.

Colombo is an offensive lineman. Sparano said he'll be used at tackle.

Suddenly the Dolphins seem to have offensive line issues they find a need to address. I get that Jake Long is on the PUP. I get that Colombo is an experienced free agent. But Sparano said the Colombo addition has nothing to do with Long or his injury status.

I would say it more likely would affect Vernon Carey, whose status on the team is not certain this season unless he proves himself.

"My vision for him is see where we are in the tackle mix," Sparano said of Colombo.

Colombo is 6-8 and weighs 320 pounds. He's 32 years old. He play, according to the folks in Dallas, was less than stellar a season ago.


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Miami have the Cowboys the greatest football team.
They pick up scraps from Dallas Tex, like no ones ever seen.
Right tackle here, Line backer there they're always finding players.

And if they're not from Dallas Miami will not sign,

cuz We're the Miami Cowboys

i actually like the pick up. we needs as much help on that line as they can get

Jason Taylor coming home? On Facebook page he says coming back

Enough already. These two a##clowns blow our drafts and can't pick players for the Dolphins that are worth a crap, why, oh why, do they think picking players they originally selected for Dallas will work out here.

Hint: They don't know any better. The proof is in their assessment of our FA QB pickup and their statements of how much promise he showed in a Dallas preseason - so much promise THEY decided to put him on the practice squad only to have another team try him out and decide he needed to be dropped like a bad habit. Then we pay him $5 million. These guys are true geniuses.


Borderline Front Office Disorder.
Posted by: $0.02 | August 01, 2011 at 12:55 PM


You come up with some good ones....but this is among the best....

Ross,Ireland,Sparano...aka.... the three stooges

Can we just name the team The Miami Cowboys already. Rejects, rejects, rejects, rejects and more rejects. Does anyone know Sparano email address? I want to write him a "nice" email.


Coming From You....Idiot....I will take it as a compliment....You brainless turd...

columbo is not a sexy pick up by no means....but.....he is a big body on the line that has plenty of experience......we need line help with long on the pup.....with him and fienga...two good pick ups

Why is everyone crying about a reserve linemen.

Great defense minus bad offense equals a 8-8 record at best.Cut Carey,sign Miller and trade for Orton and only then can Miami compete for a play-off position.

BTW Kris Ricky Williams shares that affliction with Marshall.

Jason Taylor back with Dolphins


With all due respect....if you read the entire post (which your post siggest you did)....then clearly you see a PATTERN....and this blue print of Dallas CAST-OFFS have not led us to the play-offs....

Thats why everone is crying.....

Did I really have to break that down for you.......

Sure looks like another season of Musical Chairs with the oline. Could be that 3 or 4 of the 5 starters will be different from last year. And how many games (seasons?) will it take for them to be a cohesive unit?

Even simplier....


Could it be that the FO did not know about the severity of JL's injury and now they are scrambling? I don't know what to believe anymore.

I hope we finich 1-16 and grab Andrew Luck. Actually, I hope they draft him and not another linemand or punter.

Kris you don't get it you really don't. You get a starter from Dallas who will be a reserve here. Who else would you want as a cheap backup with experience please yell moron.

Let me make it really simple for you, because I'm assuming you only understand simple. He's a tackle familiar with the system, one who is familiar with the playbook, simple enough for you.

Fred, with the Bengals in as rough shape as they are, 1-16 might not be good enough. We might have to go winless!

Rick, I'm sure you've been watching this team the last couple of years...Do you get the feeling they "have a clue on how to evalute players and find an appropriate role for them"?
Look what happened last year in training camp with our offensive line...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal

You hit some and you miss some. I'd like to see Carey get replaced. He has been very mediocre lately. But take a look at this list that includes major contributors that have come in under Ireland/Sparano:

Cameron Wake - Undrafted - 14 sacks, Pro Bowl
Brian Hartline - 43 catches, 615 yards, 4th round pick
Jake Long - 1st round pick widely considered one of the best tackles in the league.
Kendall Langford - 3rd round pick, solid starter
Chris Clemons - 5th round pick, solid starter
Vontae Davis/Sean Smith - 1st and 2nd round picks, poised to be one of the better starting CB tandems in the league.
Brandon Marshall - despite all the drama, still managed over 1000 yards despite our limited passing game and missing two games
Davone Bess - Undrafted, 79 catches for 820 yards
Paul Soliai - becoming a dominant player at last, 4th round pick
Karlos Dansby - They went and got him. He has not been a disappointment.

So, yeah, I give them some credit. There have been some mistakes but I'm excited to see Odrick and Pouncey on the field, along with Reggie Bush if he can stay healthy, and this young new burner Gates as well as some fresh running legs with Thomas. I'm not an idiot, and did (do) hope we would get Orton because I think he is better than most people give him credit for.

Geez, you all are like a bunch of women on their monthly you know what! What is the harm in taking a chance on a vetran starter to at the very least likely back up Carey, if not take his job. Carey hasn't very well played it up lately and there isn't much behind him. If they can help the team who gives sh-t where they came from! Quit crying........

another day, another dallas reject. it has finally struck me that sparano and ireland are cowboys rejects too! clearly we are headed into another season of mediocrity. with henne under center and sparano pacing the sidelines, the jets and patriots are firmly in control. we can (again) fight it out with the bills for worst record in the afc east.

Ireland and Sparano go with who/what they know. Apparently, that's the Dallas Cowboys! Too bad they don't listen to their coordinators that worked for other teams. Or, actually spend time in the off-season looking at tape of other teams. Or, actually doing their homework on players that play for other teams.

I'm beginning to think that they're both like the ostrich; big, dumb bird that can't fly and keeps it's head in a hole most of the time. Buy, mention a Cowboy...and that head pops up out of the sand. "Hey, I know him! He'd be great on our bowling team!"

Hopefully, this is just them coming to the realization that a lot of our problems were due to the O-line last year and they're bringing in depth for competition to FINALLY solve this problem once and for all! Then, set your O-line and stop tinkering with it. Let them jell into a cohesive unit for a change.

Buh Bye Carey......$6.6 Mil is not in your underperforming future.

Tracy it a reserve who is familiar with their system and playbook. Why go crazy over this.

Carey and Colomubo and Carey are the same player, but Carey earns 6.6 million against the salary cap. Carey will either renego or get cut. It's good leverage.


Why all the anger...

You asked the question did you not???

If you THINK you already knew the answer...then DON'T ask the question....

If you ASK the question...and DON'T LIKE THE ANSWER....well....thats your problem...

No need for me to insult you...you QUESTIONS AND FOLLOW UP reponses speak VOLUMES.....

I won't be addressing this any further...

Good. I don't like sarcasm

"why all the anger"...was sarcasm....

you didn't know that????

Do you think I give a F#K if your angry.....

Your even SLOWER than I orginally gave you credit for....

No wonder you asked such a idiotic question....

Do you want me to EXPLAIN where babies come from next....

Boy...this blog is made up of all kinds.......

I forgot you're a moron, I thought you weren't going to respond, but I guess monkey see monkey do.

What a bunch of cry babies on this site.Every player that is cut is a reject, otherwise we need to trade draft picks, some rejects are for cap and high income reason. people need to get real, hello! This is NOT Fantasy football, and not one person on here could get a job with a NFL team, except as a broom pusher. If you don't support this team, then just go away experts. Bill

Yeah take about cry babies, you take the prize. Boo Hoo the sky is falling, the Dolphins sign a reserve. Watch your hear for falling skies.

Absolutely right Bill, this is what people on this blog forget. For one reason or another they aren't signed. And all they know is a name no matter how over the hill they are.

I've never seen so much hand-wringing over the signing of an insurance policy/3rd tackle in all my life following football.

Sad byproduct of the information/digital age. People flip out over the most inconsequential of moves, and then copy each others drivel on message boards like sheep.

Miss the old days of print media and the local sports news when you could objectively read about a signing like this, think critically about the issue, and form your own opinion.

Let's see... pass on all skill position prospects with any talent and our OLC coach... er... Head Coach has another friggin' offensive & defensive lineman and oh yea... more coming in? WTF? QB? RB? TE? WR?

Micheal is the type that 'accidentally' drops the soap in the YMCA shower.

MexDolphin the "Armored Car" that's hilarious! I wouldn't be surprised if Fist Pump would seriously consider it!
We have a QB coach that has never been a QB or coached QB's. A OFF coordinator that is a Cleveland castoff. JT is returning for a retirement ceremony basically. Our star receiver is a head case. We have 3 back up QB's.
A front office that has some love affair with Cowboy scrubs and castoffs.
An owner that prefers to sell off tiny ownership bits to B and C celebrities,
and bring sushi to the stadium, instead of improving his team.
We will suck indefinitely until we replace Sparano and Ireland.

This just in!!!!....

The Miami Dolphins sign an ex Cowboy cast off!!!


I am not sure that is the team they should be getting all the scraps from but hey, at least Sparano and Ireland "know these guys". Pffft. Are they saving time and effort on scouting? Familiarity doesn't breed studs it breeds contempt...or is suppose to.

If they dont pull the Orton rabbit out of the hat, this will be a long season. We are good enough on def to win just enough to lose out on a stud QB.
To anyone saying Henne and Orton are the same I say look no further than TD to Int ratios. Orton manages the game much better WHILE not throwing near the game changing Ints.

To those that say keep adding killer offensive pieces I say it won't matter a lick if Henne keeps missing guys. Bush gets in the open field the ball has to be there on target to have him do damage. Clyde Gates is fast and can run by people, but so was Ginn and that TD pipeline never materialized.

Hope the Fins swim better than I think.


Wow, Tony S. is proving that he's not a very good head or offensive line coach. Hey bro, you worked for me once. Do you want a job?
Tony Sparano will be gone by the end of the season.

Here's a clue for some of you FNG's here: It's not just this one signing, it's like somebody already said, it's a PATTERN. They cannot evaluate talent. Any one of the more knowedgeable fans on this blog could do just as good if not better.

Here's another one: I've been saying for 3 years, this bunch from Parcells on down was a mistake. The sooner they're gone, the better off this franchise will be. It's really quite simple.

No wonder Football is full of divas when you read the crying and complaining of the wanaabees fans wow that's the reason I love Rugby.

Love all the depth moves, keep em coming

I'm waiting for my phone to ring any minute now with a 305 area code.

I just got a call from Ireland.

Me too.

The great thing about Columbo is he knows the blocking assignments, and he knows the blocking schemes we are going to run cause he has already played with Sparano, less of a learning curve. The guy is only 32. That is not terribly old for an O-linemen. He provides insurance and he is better than Murtha and Gardner. Still hope we sign Sean O-Hara.

Hey guys,,,take a deap breath and chill. Lets save all this venom for after the 4th game of the season. Colombo had some nagging injury issues last yr and the whole cowboy team stunk up the field last yr and so what if he came from Dallas. No one knows what will happen this yr,,,so take a chill pill dudes and dudetts and relax.

Everything we get from Dallas turns to turds, starting with JJ and Dave down to our current coach and every player in between

***************Breaking News*******************

Dolphins have just signed Jerry Jones used condom, coach Sparano is very excited.........Wait forrrrrr it....and there's the fist pump.

Hey Vernon Carey's play has been average lately. He was hurt the last 4 games of the season. Maybe he hasn't looked that impressive in training camp thus far.

We have only 2 weeks before the first preseason games, we need players who are familure with what we are going to run. The Columbo move makes great sense and provides insurance and competition.

I would still like us to sign C Sean O'Hara if he is healthy. We would have one of the most formitable O-lines in the league. O'Hara is an 11 year vet that was a former Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl winner. He has seen every defensive front from the Tampa 2, 4-3, 3-4, Nickel, Dime coverages.
He could call the line formations let Pouncey learn while playing his more natural OG position. Our Line could look like this J.Long, R. Incognito, S. O'Hara, M. Pouncy, V. Carey, or M. Colombo depending on who wins the RT position.

You guys on here have no clue about football! Get a pad and pen out! Every player has something called value and a cap #! All I hear on here is who we should sign if you were the GM, well thank god you guys aint cuz we would be MILLIONS over the cap! I think we all can agree that Columbo is the same kind of player Carey is, Carey 6.6 mil Columbo's contract not released yet but lets say 3 mil thats 3.6 mil extra that you can offer Zach Miller or Braylon Edwards. Miller Edwards and still Orton on the radar will cost $$$ we just need to prioritize who we really want and see what we can offer!

that´s the way they want to fill those empty seats???? in spanish... "este eqipo es una porqueria!!!"

Thank u roger for posting some sense on here...wow we got some negative dol-fans here...at least we have football people:.I can't wait to watch my dolphins on a Sunday with a beer....and for the record henne will be fine....we don't need to waste money on orten.let's get braylon or Floyd.

Someone know where Sparano bought the title of Offensive Line Coach?...

Wow!!! This team is going to be so explosive on offense. We don't have an every down type of RB and our QB situation is just as bad as last year. Our #1 WR is setting us up for something terrible (probably a Ricky Williams type scenario.) Our HC and GM seem to be the only people in the NFL who haven't caught on to the fact that this is a PASSING league now. We've become the land of Dallas Cowboy rejects. We're just above (and not by much) the Raiders, Bengals, and Browns as the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL. We'll be lucky to go 3-13 this year with this talent and pathetic coaching. Thanks for nothing Mr.Ross.

hey roger50!!!, the problem is they do that and STILL dont get any of those players ya named... this is the same history over and over, we sign and draft mediocre players, you want some examples?? : every one except Long, bess, marshall and davis. We need talented guys, not cowboy´s leftovers

"wow we got some negative dol-fans here...at least we have football people:.I can't wait to watch my dolphins on a Sunday with a beer....and for the record henne will be fine....we don't need to waste money on orten.let's get braylon or Floyd."

hahahahahah!!!! thats why the office of this team act like that, ´cause they know you will be there either way, they give ya crap and you said its ok... man we lost to det and buf at home last year, and the team hast improved since then are you happy whit the idea???

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