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Colombo headed to town to sign with Dolphins

ESPNDallas.com is reporting the Dolphins have a contract in place with former Dallas OT Marc Colombo. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has confirmed the story. He'll join the Dolphins.

"He's big, tough, smart," Sparano said. "Started about 72 games down there."

Down there is Dallas, which has seemingly been at the other end of a player pipeline since Bill Parcells was hired in December 2007.

Colombo is an offensive lineman. Sparano said he'll be used at tackle.

Suddenly the Dolphins seem to have offensive line issues they find a need to address. I get that Jake Long is on the PUP. I get that Colombo is an experienced free agent. But Sparano said the Colombo addition has nothing to do with Long or his injury status.

I would say it more likely would affect Vernon Carey, whose status on the team is not certain this season unless he proves himself.

"My vision for him is see where we are in the tackle mix," Sparano said of Colombo.

Colombo is 6-8 and weighs 320 pounds. He's 32 years old. He play, according to the folks in Dallas, was less than stellar a season ago.


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yes aloco sherwin williams is good paint. just painted my house a few months ago, is it interior or exterior. if exterior get latex.


Why complain about the Cowboy reject when he can do the same job as Carey at a reduced rate? A BIG reduced rate! Question, do you think Carey gives you 6.6mil worth of right tackle play? Now I do agree that they havent been as agressive with some skill guys but its what the market value is also! Do you really want Deangelo Williams at 9mil a year or resign Ronnie or Ricky for maybe 1/3 that? Running backs are easy to find now, on the other hand TE and WR you have to be aggressive with and open the check book

Your Miami Dolphins, the AAA team of the Dallas Cowboys.

Roger50, I agree, dump Carey and free up cap space for a WR, and QB! But xerxes is right also, seems like the Dolphins have become a nursing home for the Cowboys.

The Dolphins proposed offensive depth chart according to some of the rocket-scientists on this message board:

WR Brandon Marshall, Braylon Edwards
WR Chad Ochocinco, Davone Bess
WR Plaxico Burress, Clyde Gates
TE Zach Miller, Todd Heap, Anthony Fasano
QB Vince Young, Kyle Orton, Pat Devlin
OT Jake Long
OG Brian Waters, Richie Incognito
C Shawn O'Hara (Mike Pouncey cut because no one liked the pick anyway
OG Harvey Dahl
OT Anyone but Vernon Carey (except Mike Colombo)
RB Ahmad Bradshaw, Willis McGahee, Darren Sproles, (Daniel Thomas cut because no one liked the pick anyway

(No need for a fullback anymore - we're a passing team!)


LMFAO! Thats the point I'm trying to make! This Isnt fantasy football! What do you think that cap would have to be dln265? 300mil! Its not time to panic guys! I think behind closed doors they are counting their pennies to still persue orton aug 4 when the cap is in affect and for Denver it would be then or never cuz there is no way denver just lets him walk next yr for nothing in return when they really need cap space now! As much as I would like Orton down here what do you guys think of getting edwards and zach miller resign ronnie brown and let Henne go with a new OC that hopefully doesnt tell him throw it away at all costs! Yeah Henne likes to check down but did u ever think maybe he was told to do so??????

shaun o'hara plese comeeeeee baaaaccccckkkkk , no more dallas rejects....

Man I am glad I do not live in Florida. You half baked fans are so negative. It is soooooooooo easy to criticize. Our defense has been entirely revamped and juiced up to be super bowl ready. We still have issues on offense, but every year under this regime we keep getting closer to competing for the title. Are you fans or not? Look at yourselves,maybe you should switch teams. I am very excited for this year. And for all those idiots screaming we will get Luck next year....are you crazy or stupid this team is solid and getting closer all the time. GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!

This team has so many holes my feeling is to try and sign Edwards at WR, resign Brown, get O'Hara and try Henne one more time. He can't be any worse, and there just isn't anyone available at QB. I'm not excited, but at least those moves might make me actually interested in what has become the most boring team in the NFL.

Mike moskus are you kidding me every year we getting closer to competing for a title!!!
What rock did you came out of, are you one of those guys from the geico commercial??
Because I dont see this offense getting any better with the OL uncertainty and of course who under center and who is backing him up!
So first please dude get your facts straight on the offensive side! The defense is very good not great yet, I believe it will get better after the secondary improve and I think they will!

People...just because you sign someone does not mean that they will make the final roster, you do understand that don't you?

please ireland please im begging u to quit.....please ireland we dolfans jus cnt take u pickin up rejects an castoffs from da cowgirls please stop we cnt take no mor
e! i have a really bad feeling da way u running things dat da fins in 2 to3 yrs we gonna look like da bills,browns,lions,etc.... ur killin da team! i like j.taylor,i do... but jus da simple part of him signing wit da jets last yr i would have neva brought him bak....nevaaaaa! he went to our worse enemy an u welcum him bak! ireland i hope u read dis.....U REALLY SUK IRELAND>>>>>dnt kid urself,dnt let da mindless blow hott air up ur crack.....U REALLY SUK IRELAND" o an by da way ireland.......U REALLY SUK!

Your Miami Dolphins - The Dallas Cowboys minor leage team. Gosh! What did Parcells do here? What the hell did he leave behind? These guys can't think creatively? Or maybe this is what the management of the team wants. Just a low cost, mediocre team and LOTS OF CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT to get our money and make a good profit.

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