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Confidence is good ... now back it up, please

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to do.

It could be argued that on the low end of that boldness totem pole, we find Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, who on Thursday had a definite opinion of where he and fellow starting corner Sean Smith rate among NFL starting duos.

"I'm going go (out) on the limb and say we're the best tandem in the league," Davis said.

But there's, there's Revis-Cromartie, there's the coming union of Asomugha and Samuels in Philly. There's my personal pick for top duo -- Williams and Woodson.

"Name all of them," Davis said. "I'm putting it out there, we're the best talent."

Well, I'd say the Miami tandem has a chance to become the best duo in the NFL. But it is quite safe to say -- even on a Dolphins fan-crazy blog -- that Davis and Smith definitely have not been the best duo in the NFL up to now.

Not when the two players combined for two interceptions last season.

Yesterday, by the way, was big-talk Thursday at Dolphins camp. That's great!

Even Tony Sparano, who is the most understated guy in Broward County according to a poll of Understated People of Broward, went about as far as he gets on chest pounding by saying the Dolphins will compete in the AFC East.


No, seriously, coach said his team will "make a run at this thing."

"I can’t tell you how this thing is going to turn out one way or the other but I can tell you that the way this team works, the attitude that I see, the ingredients that we have right now all show me that this team is poised and ready to go here to make a run at this thing," Sparano said. "And I think that I’ve been pleased with what we’ve done it practice.  We aren’t going to back down from anybody in this division.  I don’t care who they are and whose out there.  Our team comes to compete every single week and they have.  This team will compete and will compete at a high level in this division.  

"I think we’re one of the good teams in this division and I think anybody that doesn’t believe that probably going to make a big mistake.”

Your thoughts ...?


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When a coach knows hes on the hot seat, he has to make changes. But, the team has a different swagger about them. If Chad Henne plays above his play last year and the D is strong, watch out. That's the most bold statement Sparano has made since he first got here since 2007. Make no mistake this team is gonna be in it till the end. GO FINS!

loving the attitude and i agree 100% with sparano. any team in the division or the league that takes this team lightly is going to be making a huge mistake. i haven't seen a miami team with this much talent on offense and defense since the championship teams of the 70's and it far outweighs the playoff teams of the 80's. if you're a dolphin fan it's time to jump on the bandwagon before it's too late. i will be here to say "i told you so" when we are half way thru the season and we are at the top of the division.

let it fly! peyton manning bad neck? jets improved? Ravens improved? Steelers improved?

I think this team is deep with talent. It just has to put it together and royal bank of scotland.

mistakes will be made, but how you bounce back from those mistakes is a mark of a champion.

If they could back it up, more power to them. They should play as if their walnuts have to be carried around in a luggage cart. Killer instinct can't be taught. Go Vernon "Hemisphere" (More range than a silly old island) and "Lights Out Smith"

I meant Vontae ofcourse

While it's probably not true, I say the same to the Vontae statement that I did to the Eli statement: what do you EXPECT a player to say? "No, I'm not the best." Forget it. This is the tough talk MOST athletes use to pump themselves and others up and get people talking about them. But anyone can talk, many can't walk the walk. When OTHERS are calling you the best, that's when it's real.

However, I agree totally with Sparano. We WILL be a force to be reckoned with this season. No, I don't think we'll be a SB team, and may not even be a Playoff team, but we'll be tough. We'll be in most games. We'll have a chance to win each game played. Opponents won't just walk over us (Patriots included). We just need to put it all together and EXECUTE and we'll be a force in the AFC East.

What talent do we have on offense exactly? Long, Marshall, and?

Once Bush goes down to injury...its going to look like last year.

awesome guys! way to support your team. i am extremely excited about watching this team this year, more so than any year i could remember. go fins!

oh well, here comes the peanut gallery.

Some fans are realistic.
Others just want to avoid reality and cheer.

To each his own.

Love it, love it, love it. I want the boys playing with emotion. These statements, by the way, aren't swagger. They're putting the rest of the league on notice. Now Armando's right, they better back it up -- especially Sparano, because I think his job might be on the line. But even if they don't, I'm glad for this attitude.

saying this team is going 4-12 isn't realistic. it's ridiculous; and that's exactly what a lot of so-called fans are saying about this team this year. fins went 7-9 last year and were close to winning another 3 games so they could have been 10-6 and most would agree they didn't look very good.
where's the talent on offense? long, marshall, bess, hartline, wallace, bush, henne, pouncey and even murtha. promising rookies in thomas, gates and clay. haven't seen anything like this since the 70's. it's ok to be realistic but i can't hide my optimism. 11-5 in 2011.

They are one of the good teams in the division, unfortunately, there are two teams that are better than you so thats not saying much.

They are one of the good teams in the division, unfortunately, there are two teams that are better than you so thats not saying much.

It's all due to us putting that old fart Henning out to pasture and bringing in a young, exciting offensive coordinator.
We could be the turn around story of the year!

the defense is going to be a nightmare for opposing offenses this year. i believe they can lead the league in rushing defense. they need to improve on the passing side of the ball this year but i believe that the pressure wake and jt will bring will allow them to improve. the only question will be the turnovers. if you look at last year the teams that were the strongest had the highest plus margin in the turnover category. i'm optimistic this will change also because of guys like burnett in the middle and whether clemons or jones gets the start they should be around the ball alot. it's the 2nd year for mike nolan's defense and things should only get better.

watched a fantasy draft last night and not one person picked the Miami defense...
...as much as we like to talk about the new look offense, its the defense that has me impressed.

dolphin 77,
there is, realistically, only one team in this division who we can honestly say is a better team than the fins and they are the pats. i think, when everything is said and done, we will see the jets implode this year. i, for one, don't believe the jets are a team that can consistently make it to the playoffs. rex ryan IS NOT a good football coach. he's a cheerleader!

I remember Cam Cameron saying the same thing when he first became our coach. That we'll be in the thick of it. then we went 1-15.
These guys need to do less talking and more playing. Davis and Smith are not even close to being the best CB tandem in the NFL. Not even in the top 10.

oswald, what talent do we have? Well, Bess is said to be one of the better slot receivers in the league, so there's that. Hartline, even though I wasn't too high on him, look at his stats, has one of the highest YAC of any receiver in the league (I think top 15). We have a rookie Center who's looking very good, oh, and by the way his brother is a ProBowler. The left side of the line in Long, Incognito and Pouncey could be one of the best in the league. You already mention Bush and Marshall.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have an OC who isn't stuck in 1940, who understands you need to be aggressive in today's NFL and trick defenses with the formations and not be vanilla, as well as a HC who now understands he's been too conservative in the past, and is ready to open up the offense more.

That's EVERYTHING we've been talking about that's been wrong in the past with the offense. Now, it might not be elite, but at least it's going in the right direction, which means this team will most likely be BETTER than last year's team.

Not to mention an elite defense continuing over from last year which has been improved.

So if that's something to at least make you curious, at least get you thinking this might be the year when things started happening, when you started to see a team that could compete in the future with the best, then I'm not sure you've been watching what's been going on here last few years. Of ALL years, this is not the year to predict a disaster waiting to happen.

Chad henne is going to have an mvp like year....reggie bush is the spark that this offense has needed. Ima go with 10-6 but we sweep the. The jets and split with the patriots with a week 1 win!!! GO PHINS

i picked the fins defense in my fantasy draft. they are going to be dominant this year.

The team is going to compete every week? That's a relief! I was expecting a couple no shows in there. Well at least he's not a blow hard like Ryan.

What is he supposed to say w are competing for andrew luck (which may have made fans more excited). This is a show me league so we shall see

They say good coaches evaluate themselves each year and adapt themselves to the game as it is. I think with the Parcells cloud not looming over Miami this year, Sparano has a chance to be his own coach. Ireland has a chance to be his own GM. This year is a true test of what these guys have. I've held off too harsh of criticism for the best part of 3 years. If you are going to be a playoff team, you can't have doubt that you can compete with the best talent in the NFL.

Bring it on... I'm really looking forward to this season.

"Make a run at this thing"

Kind of hard to argue with that!

Sparano finally making it his team !

I like it! Go Dolphins

where's the talent on offense? long, marshall, bess, hartline, wallace, bush, henne, pouncey and even murtha. promising rookies in thomas, gates and clay. haven't seen anything like this since the 70's. it's ok to be realistic but i can't hide my optimism. 11-5 in 2011.

Posted by: dm1dolphan | August 26, 2011 at 09:13 AM

Hartline - still hasn't proved he is a starter
Wallace - still hasn't proved he is a starter
Bush - has not played a full season since his rookie year
Pouncey - Rookie should be good, will have the usual rookie growing pains
Murtha - are you joking? 2nd stringer at best

Thomas, Gates, Clay - unproven rookies. Nobody can say up or down how well they will do in their first year.

Henne - He is so good the GM has still not offered to extend his soon expiring contract.

Dabol - Lowest ranking OC from 2010. Only one year experience. Fired from first OC job after one season.

We still need Sean smith to be better and

Henne simply can't make the multiple read!!!!!

It all depends on Henne. They have the players, but the uncertainty is the QB position.

Lets see how the fins perform Sept 12th before all the talk about "Competing",

I agree. They all ride on Henne's shoulder. Make or break year for him and the coach. The defense looks to be there if healthy. I'm going out on the limb and say we are going to be the top defense. There I said it.

Tom, HC Too.Just saying.

Oswald, If you don't like them so much then why are you spending so much time on a Dolphins blog? So, don't watch any games! Go root for the Jets, I am sure there is a Jets blog somewhere you can join. Miami has enough crap fans such as yourself.

Its funny if you say one thing critical or question anything people just assume you are a Jet's fan here. Silly.

I see people in celebration mode before the team has proven squat, thats all. Let them prove something and then I will become more optimistic.

Every preseason is exactly the same with this team, super high expectations followed by big disappointments.

Oswald, seriously? You call yourself a PhinFan? We do have the talent, our D will carry us in most games and we do have the pieces on offense to make things happen, then again I guess your life must be pretty sad when you have to come here and poop on everyone's parade. I agree with the lot of you, Sparano is making it his own team now, the Phins will be a force to be reckoned with, we will beat the Jeats at NY and at home, we will split with the Pats and sweep the cows, I mean the Bills, if we can split with the NFC EAST (W at home and losing away) we go 3-1 against the AFC West and then beat Cleveland and Texans, both very winnable games, so by my count thats 5-1 in the division, 11-1 in the AFC and 2-2 vs the NFC for a grand total of 13 wins to 3 losses. Oh yeah by the way, Davis and Smith will combine for at least 9 picks. Go PHINS!!! (Saludos, Armando!)

This is the AFC, 9 and 7 or 10 and 6 wont get you into the playoffs, Heck 11 and 5 might not get you in.

Sean Smith, catch the picks thrown directly at you! THEN we can talk elite duo.

We can't take our foot off the gas in games. That has hurt us in the past. Must go for the juggular, esp. when we smell blood!

Our defense is encouraging, I'm good there. They can't keep us in the game if the offense is not scoring points.

Fan cheering on the blog won't make me a believer. I need to see results. Let them give me something to cheer about. Wins.

To all the Optimists on here, I too think the fins have improved, but dont get my thoughys twiste, Just saying I've(We) All have been down this road, The Home opener will show how far this team will go, Until then I have the right to Repress my optimism.(LOL)

I hope so bro, but we will see. They have to put it all together and prove themselves this year.

I hope so bro, but we will see. They have to put it all together and prove themselves this year.

Sporano is probably on cue....

The problem is this...the team is only good....and in order to compete with the pats...and talent collecting jets ....we are going to have to surpass the realm of good....and enter the statosphere of great....flirt with great....

We have a GREAT play-maker in Bush....

We have a GREAT WR....Marshal and Bess

We have GREAT LB....Dansby....

Great is not out of our reach....the question will be...can they grasp it.....

armando - where's your opinion on how reday to compete the fins are - do u see us going 4-12, 8-8 or 10 -6? do u predict a breakout season for henne?

or u just waiting to pounce ?

whilst i love the crescendo of optimimism on this blog by many and second it (10-6, 9-7 is what i've been saying since the draft and should b reason to keep the fo) i don't really think anything has changed YET success in pre-season doesnt mean that much

bush and burnett r the big fa acquisitions and the only real difference since draft day,

a healthy bush (no pun) will make a big differnnce to an offence prepared to maximise mismatches but bush is injury prone, i've asked myself how well can we do without bush (yeah we all struggle w/o bush) the answer to me is that we still have enough to compete strongly as long as henne and the o-line turn-up

its henne combined with dabolls style of offence where the real optimism can come from at moment, but its all just a waiting game

I think we need to re-sign chad henne now!


ArmandoSalguero Former Dolphins G Keith Sims says the Dolphins are now a zone blocking team and w/ Carey n Incognito as guards, the sweep game won't be good.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/football/#ixzz1W8vXsB32

Now are you all going to call Keith Simms a Jet fan?

I think Sparano may not be too far off if:

1. Henne throws less INT's than TD's.

2. The secondary doesn't drop every ball thrown to them.

3. The offensive line gets it together.

4. We have consistency, (4 YPC average or higher) at running back.

I agree with most here. The roster is very good. If Henne plays at least middle of the road qb in relation to his peers this year, the team will be a force

Wolf, The Three things that have changed Is..
#1 Reggie Bush(Can he stay healthy?)
#2 Brian Debol (If this works out Ireland will look like a genious
#3 The O-Line is still in flux.
So there you have it, My Wife is from Missouri, and she always states " SHOW ME", So Iam gonna be like that state Motto " SHOW ME".
Again Sept 12th will show if the changes in Offense will be the turning factor, I think the fins Defense is good, But you never Know, People said The Defense was great last year, And Good the year before that, How'd that work out the last 2 years in the second half of the season?

the reality is the running and passing game start with the OLine as the foundation;ours is marginal after much tinkering. absence of run blockers and pulling guards is troubling. sparano needs to "show me" as his teams have quit the last 3-4 games in the past 2 seasons. embarassing home losses have to be turned into home field advantage.

coach is correct. 12-4

The New Motto of the blog should be "SHOW ME".


not sure about your 3 things - one isnt a change! I think since last season a lot more things have changed, but i agree with your gen sentiment they all need to SHOW US , however we all like to express our opinions here

my main banging drums have always been that the fo and henne have not had enough time to be regarded as busts though must get to 9-7 thsi season to stay (imo)there was alot of negative press about daboll at the time of his appointment but it's his presence and hennings absence which is the BIGGEST potential gain for our team since last season but we have to wait to see how playcalling and schemes survive on the real battlefield against generals that adjust at half time

Agree Wolf, Getting rid Of Henning was the # 1 change, What ever Dabol does wont be as bad as Henning IMHO.

Great teams have a great satudium of crazed fans backing them. I think the phins with all their short comings have put themselves out there, and will work real hard.

Now it is time for the fans to have their back BIG TIME.

The New England game, if won does not mean we are in the superbowl, and if lost does not mean we are dead in the water.


As a fan I have been ready to hear some of this, enough with the silenced approach go out there and say it, we can beat anyone on this league but you got to believe it cause I am loving it!!

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