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Confidence is good ... now back it up, please

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to do.

It could be argued that on the low end of that boldness totem pole, we find Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, who on Thursday had a definite opinion of where he and fellow starting corner Sean Smith rate among NFL starting duos.

"I'm going go (out) on the limb and say we're the best tandem in the league," Davis said.

But there's, there's Revis-Cromartie, there's the coming union of Asomugha and Samuels in Philly. There's my personal pick for top duo -- Williams and Woodson.

"Name all of them," Davis said. "I'm putting it out there, we're the best talent."

Well, I'd say the Miami tandem has a chance to become the best duo in the NFL. But it is quite safe to say -- even on a Dolphins fan-crazy blog -- that Davis and Smith definitely have not been the best duo in the NFL up to now.

Not when the two players combined for two interceptions last season.

Yesterday, by the way, was big-talk Thursday at Dolphins camp. That's great!

Even Tony Sparano, who is the most understated guy in Broward County according to a poll of Understated People of Broward, went about as far as he gets on chest pounding by saying the Dolphins will compete in the AFC East.


No, seriously, coach said his team will "make a run at this thing."

"I can’t tell you how this thing is going to turn out one way or the other but I can tell you that the way this team works, the attitude that I see, the ingredients that we have right now all show me that this team is poised and ready to go here to make a run at this thing," Sparano said. "And I think that I’ve been pleased with what we’ve done it practice.  We aren’t going to back down from anybody in this division.  I don’t care who they are and whose out there.  Our team comes to compete every single week and they have.  This team will compete and will compete at a high level in this division.  

"I think we’re one of the good teams in this division and I think anybody that doesn’t believe that probably going to make a big mistake.”

Your thoughts ...?


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All right, this is sad. Even the Buc's 2's and 3's are making plays on the 'Phins 1st team D. And the offense looked sickening, -2 yrds for Bush, Thomas and Polite both getting stuffed, the supposedly improved O-line looking like Baby Swiss. If they play like this in the regular season we'll be lucky to make 7-9 again.

Ok, and now our 1st team offense is moving backwards against the Buc's 2nd team D. Pathetic is the only word for it.

I wanted to see Sparano and Henne canned last year, and now I can only say that Dolphins' fans will pay for Foster's short-sightedness. Why he likes Henne I do not understand, aside from the Michigan thing. We would've been far better off keeping and developing Beck, though Sparano couldn't develop herpes in a brothel, so Beck's probably far better off where he is, with a Coach that actually understands how to develop talent.

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