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Confidence is good ... now back it up, please

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to do.

It could be argued that on the low end of that boldness totem pole, we find Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, who on Thursday had a definite opinion of where he and fellow starting corner Sean Smith rate among NFL starting duos.

"I'm going go (out) on the limb and say we're the best tandem in the league," Davis said.

But there's, there's Revis-Cromartie, there's the coming union of Asomugha and Samuels in Philly. There's my personal pick for top duo -- Williams and Woodson.

"Name all of them," Davis said. "I'm putting it out there, we're the best talent."

Well, I'd say the Miami tandem has a chance to become the best duo in the NFL. But it is quite safe to say -- even on a Dolphins fan-crazy blog -- that Davis and Smith definitely have not been the best duo in the NFL up to now.

Not when the two players combined for two interceptions last season.

Yesterday, by the way, was big-talk Thursday at Dolphins camp. That's great!

Even Tony Sparano, who is the most understated guy in Broward County according to a poll of Understated People of Broward, went about as far as he gets on chest pounding by saying the Dolphins will compete in the AFC East.


No, seriously, coach said his team will "make a run at this thing."

"I can’t tell you how this thing is going to turn out one way or the other but I can tell you that the way this team works, the attitude that I see, the ingredients that we have right now all show me that this team is poised and ready to go here to make a run at this thing," Sparano said. "And I think that I’ve been pleased with what we’ve done it practice.  We aren’t going to back down from anybody in this division.  I don’t care who they are and whose out there.  Our team comes to compete every single week and they have.  This team will compete and will compete at a high level in this division.  

"I think we’re one of the good teams in this division and I think anybody that doesn’t believe that probably going to make a big mistake.”

Your thoughts ...?


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Is there a lower paid starting QB in the NFL than Chadwick Henne?

I believe not.

VY as a 3rd stringer even makes more than Henne. So who has more value you say?

I think you you guys are all half right. Henne was the big reason why they finished 7-9 last year. Defense is great, running backs are okay...should have gotten one of them back,shouldnt have gotten the one oc who was worse than henning, but whatever. Every NFL team has talent at every position. The big key, is the qb. The Dolphins did nothing to improve. Nothing. Thats why they will be 7-9 again. With a good qb and a better oc, 11-5 or 12-4. I am auper optimistic, just hate when the team fails to look at whats wrong... BOOOO0 Henne!

Because he's still on his rookie contract. That's obvious.

When did I ever say I thought Henne was the QB of the future. I just was against bringing in VY like you, Not Whoever. But it's obvious he is still on his rookie contract, did I have to tell you that.

finsfan and michael:

The time is right for us to get a real franchise QB. I was a Henne proponent and still hope that he will do well. I just don't see it happening though. This team has a lot of good pieces, but the most important piece is missing: A very good to excellent QB. In today's game you must have that to win. Outside of a goalie in hockey and perhaps a dominent starting pitcher in baseball, the QB in football is the most influential position in pro sports.

I still think we should have paid whatever Denver wanted for Orton.

Why are we even talking about Vince Young?

Fisher, who is a great coach, wanted out years ago, but Bud Adams wouldn't let him.

Who cares.

Brady Quinn would have been a better investment than Orton. He has maxed out his potential, which I will admit is still better than Henne will ever be.

School must be out...juvenilles taking over the blog.

Rex, those are hard to find unfortunately.

Some of you people sound like Sparano with your statistic-dropping everywhere. WHO CARES!!! Statistics are for suckers. Apparently, Sparano said Clemons had basically NO mental mistakes last year. Anyone think he was the best Safety in football? See, statistics are for nerds who are trying to be the story when the story is on the field.

Only statistic that matters is wins and losses. I don't care what Henne did or didn't do, what Brady has or hasn't done against us, how many yards our defense has or hasn't given up. The Colts game 2 years ago should have told everyone everything they needed to know about statistics. We possessed the ball 3/4 of the game, AND STILL LOST!

I don't care if they do as the worst rated team in the league, but if in the end of the game our points are greater than our opponents, I'll be happy.

So bring out any statistic you want. All I know is we're 0-0. And we need to win like 11 games to possibly make the Playoffs. Those are the only numbers I really care about.

Yeah sorry Finsfan72. But I can't let that guy attack me.

Some fans are realistic.
Others just want to avoid reality and cheer.

To each his own.

Posted by: oswald canola

And some Jet fans insist on posting on Dolphin blogs - MORON!

That's right DC were 0-0 and that why we play games, to find out who will win. Talk is cheap.

Henne is on his rookie contract. he is worth more than Moore, but not so much more that Henne should consider holding out, because he should be happy we weren't able to score a decided upgrade.

If he tore it up, he could have held out. If he was so bad he had no hope, he would have been cut. Our Chad Henne is somewhere in between. He flashes at times, sucks at times, and aspires to be in the middle of the pack with respect to league wide QB talent.

Michael: True, they are hard to find. We were spoiled with Marino, the Phins lucked out that he dropped so far in the draft that year. Shula was smart. He had been to the super Bowl the year before with Woodley but knew he would never win with him at the helm so he made the move. You keep fishing until you find THE guy. Jones or Barkley might be great, ok or terrible. But you will never know unless you take the shot. Parcells took a shot with Henne. It has not worked out. Besides, Parcells is living in the eighties still. He still thought that you can go on the cheap with a QB. Fact is you can't. And don't start in with the whole "yeah but Tom Brady was picked number 199". That was a lucky fluke. He was drafted to be a back up, nothing more. He is great but no one, and I mean no one saw that coming, including Belicheat.

Michael you ate right. VY headed for #3 in Philly.

The year that Coach Coughlin "made changes" in himself the Giants won the Super Bowl. Just sayin'.

I don't disagree, just hard to find. lol.


I've been saying for a while here that we need to get a 1st rd franchise QB, even if Henne gets a lot better. 2 quality QBs never hurt a team.

The NFL is a QB driven league, now.

...What Keith Simms said makes a lot of sense. The zone blocking scheme relies on leverage, and atheletisism. More then brute man strength. There is a lot to the scheme, as the lineman have to make quick choices according to their reads. Sure this is true in a man-block scheme. But in a zone scheme the Guard for instance may have to seal of the middle linebacker, while the tackle seals the defensive end, and the tight end all the way to the saftey. On that same play, depending on the front. The Center may take the linebacker. While the guard has to get his head around the defensive end, and the tackle the saftey.

There is a lot of movement. That is why Simms said the Phins may struggle with stretching the run lanes. Because Carey, and Incognito are not the typical guards you would find in this scheme. Usually the center, and guards are smaller quicker atheletes.

Now, he didn't say anything about the inside run game. Which we should be able to block pretty well.Watch and see if our backs start to make 1 cut, and find the inside seems. That is the postmark of a zone scheme run.

I think I spotted Oswald Canola floating in the bowl with me this morning. A stinkin Jets poster in a Dolphins blog. Oswald, time to move out of your mom's basement and actually get a job that involves something other than you playing video games all day and drinking your bong water.

I always liked Jeff Fisher, and he IS well respected around the NFL, but not sure I want him as coach of the Fins.

He really hasn't won anything. Hasn't even had a really good team in years. I think he is at least HALF responsible for the VY fiasco.

At least Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher have SB rings.

ltcdolphin, what about Shalala and your prediction. Don't you feel stupid now.

ltcdolphin = multiple name poster.

Yes he is, and not a very smart one.

Well this team defense is much better than last year. The overhaul has been done on offense. Most dolph fan miss a major outline in this offense. Brian daboll. Anyone here watch cleveland against the pats and the jets last year. Well hes offens woop the pats and they ran buckshot against the jets. Only lost in the last play of the game. He did that with way way less talent than we have here. So you have it this team can go 5 and 1 in the east. Sw bill and jet split with pats. With a record.like that i dont see why we dont win the east.

he D is improved, and Daboll should make the offense better.

Cya that is for you not me.

ltcdolphin, be clear...............

About what??

Whether you feel stupid about VY and Shalala. In fact about everything you post.

@Oswald Canola, dude you are one pesimistic individual! most fans on this thread are pumped that our team and coaches are finally getting it together! you are so caught up in mediocrity that you can't see what is potentially staring you in the face! how long has it been since Miami had talent like this? to my recollection to long. We have a honest to goodness real shot @ the playoffs this season, if Henne can keep consistency!and end this bad run of good game bad game! i like what i'm seeing out of him, he seems to be more at ease with himself and more confident in his approach! on and off the field. If last week is anything to go by, we are in for an exciting season. Oh and i do hope Davis and Smith can back up their comments! and be the next Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain, heres hoping. GO MIAMI!!!

The first post about by was how awful he was and a rookie was beating him out. All I have said is fire shalalsla now, and I stand by that. Fire shalalala now. And unlike you I can read a dictionary.

on a different note , how many people here will be at the mon night game on the 12th

No you didn't last Friday you predicted that she would be gone in a week, and she's not. When I told what the process would look like for her ouster you laughed. Now whose laughing.

No I did mike.



Absolutely not and from you it's suspect. Fire shalalala now. Perhaps you read that and thought it meant last Friday.

You said she would be gone in a week. I said the trustees would let here retire in 6 to 9 months, and you scoffed at that.

on a different note , how many people here will be at the mon night game on the 12th


I know you'll be there rocking that new $11 Chad Henne Jersey, right? LMAO


finsfan72 absolutely sitting with Papa Dukes in the 400 section near the 50 yard line woooo hoooo

Not me Michael. It was not me. But anyway it seems you need practise in putting words in other people's mouths. Worry about yourself.


Anyone know why ESPN Power Rankings for 2011 has us rated at #24? Doesn't that seem too far back? Do they think we are that bad?

Craig m. Maybe using last years stats.

CraigM - I'm not surprised that we're ranked that low by ESPN. Heck, Golic and Greenberg on their radio show both predicted us to be 4-12 and 3-13 respectively. What have we done to deserve a higher ranking? Henne is the 2nd worse QB in the league according to most of the pundits I've read, and we've got a new OC, and some new pieces to work with. I think it's a pretty fair rating to start the year based on everything so far. I hope we can prove them wrong and be better than that!


So many new names that talk like they are regular bloggers. Hmmmm.

I know what you mean. I've been blogging here for years, see it all the time.

We will go only as far as henne takes us

Lol, I don't post much Michael, I'm usually just a reader who chimes in from time to time. I'm a fins fan living in Daytona Beach.

I wasn't trying to offend or anything by my comments, so I hope you didn't take it as such. I just happened to read your comments about the ranking, and thought it would make an interesting discussion.

Just joking around bnofal. Post away!

which website has the game on tonight?

The game Sat against Bucs should be an indicator as to how much this offense has improved. If Henne can cut down on turnovers and offense cut down on mentalmistakes and penalties made last yr in crucial downs, then this offense can be pretty good, not great, but above average which is alot better than last year and 9-7 would be possible. How well will they execute against good bucs D?

I believe Henne wouldn't need to be a top ten QB this year. All he needs to be is a good manager like Brad Johnson with the Bucs and Dilfer with the Ravens.

If he can do that, the defense and improved o-line could take the team the rest of the way.

Craig M probably because history speaks for itself and until we show otherwise we will always be underrated. so back to previous question , who going to game or am i the only lucky sob

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