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Confidence is good ... now back it up, please

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to do.

It could be argued that on the low end of that boldness totem pole, we find Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, who on Thursday had a definite opinion of where he and fellow starting corner Sean Smith rate among NFL starting duos.

"I'm going go (out) on the limb and say we're the best tandem in the league," Davis said.

But there's, there's Revis-Cromartie, there's the coming union of Asomugha and Samuels in Philly. There's my personal pick for top duo -- Williams and Woodson.

"Name all of them," Davis said. "I'm putting it out there, we're the best talent."

Well, I'd say the Miami tandem has a chance to become the best duo in the NFL. But it is quite safe to say -- even on a Dolphins fan-crazy blog -- that Davis and Smith definitely have not been the best duo in the NFL up to now.

Not when the two players combined for two interceptions last season.

Yesterday, by the way, was big-talk Thursday at Dolphins camp. That's great!

Even Tony Sparano, who is the most understated guy in Broward County according to a poll of Understated People of Broward, went about as far as he gets on chest pounding by saying the Dolphins will compete in the AFC East.


No, seriously, coach said his team will "make a run at this thing."

"I can’t tell you how this thing is going to turn out one way or the other but I can tell you that the way this team works, the attitude that I see, the ingredients that we have right now all show me that this team is poised and ready to go here to make a run at this thing," Sparano said. "And I think that I’ve been pleased with what we’ve done it practice.  We aren’t going to back down from anybody in this division.  I don’t care who they are and whose out there.  Our team comes to compete every single week and they have.  This team will compete and will compete at a high level in this division.  

"I think we’re one of the good teams in this division and I think anybody that doesn’t believe that probably going to make a big mistake.”

Your thoughts ...?


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And after trading 3 picks for Daniel Thomas, i want to see him knock Jerod Mayo out this year !!!

miamifan112 i agree that Columbo is my biggest concern . He just doesnt seem to hold up well against the speed rushers

Matt Flynn looks good , wish to hell we could have gotten him some how. Now he has the it factor

You pound Henne every single day for the last 7 months.
Then Reggie Bush says, "he looked like a real good quarterback" about Henne and now you go a whole week and say nothing at all about him.
Where's the balanced reporting?

Miamifan112 I agree I do remember that Monday nite game, but you right inconsistency is a problem but there lots of problems with Henne, I just hope he has change 90% of it, but it's a new offense and no hand cuffs on Henne and they letting him change plays at the line... It maybe more check down it won't be a bad thing with Reggie!!! But the OL is still a unproven and this guy Colombo is junk really I go to camp and I bring my binoculars and I see him getting burn on the outside by JT wake misi Odrick etc etc and run blocking also he gets man handle, so there is a big concern I think Murtha should get a crack at it, because Colombo sucks!!!

Furthermore Chad Henne caused none of the following: Ernest Wilford, Jake Grove, Patrick Turner, Chad Pennington, Noodle Arm, The BACKDOOR wildcat play, John Beck, Cleo Lemon, 1-15, Nick Saban, Ricky, Ronnie, Joey Porter, Ted Ginn, Pat McQuistan I may die of laughter if I keep going

ray, What is John Jerry doing these days? Perhaps he can play tackle.

LoboN, maybe we need to start chanting, " MURTHA, MURTHA!" at the games, I'm not impressed by Columbo so far!

PriceMaster looks like you got your Dolphins version of "We didnt start the Fire " lmao

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to...

Pricemaster.....that's to name a few, Donald Thomas Smiley Murphy Pat white Satili Garner, a bunch of line backers that Mike was not here they drafted!!! You right also TE a bunch of them!!

I'm just saying not one time does he mention that Henne got pulled 30 times in the red zone last season for the BACKDOOR wildcat play. No wonder he only had 15 tds.

redsky lmao Im with ya on that one Columbo may be the weakest link that gets Henne killed

Yeah and a old fart that called plays that worked back in the sixties and seventies and when he remember them!! LMFAO!! It was so bad he had a QB coach coming up with plays like the WILDCRAP!!! Too funny
So Henne will be let loose!!!

Yeah and now that Reggie's producing Marshall has to do the same or he looks like an a s s h o l e.

Pricemaster what a waste of a draft pick was that!!! John Jerry!! Who is that??? With all those miss draft picks I would have draft QB's and probably hit on one by now!!!

Well Henne is in the last year of a contract that pays him less than $1mil/season so you know he's leaving so that makes this Matt Moore's team next year. He is under contract and making more than $1mil/year.

I keep reading and hearing talk shows down here in south Florida about LJ, but I think LJ is right there with those older backs in the league, they young age wise but old football wise, it's like a old boxer he can give you three or four good rounds but by the time 10th 12th round comes they have no legs and no stamina, so when November December comes around he won't have it anymore and that's the thing about beat up old backs, the mine is willing but the legs are not!!

Price, if Henne improves, the Dolphins might keep him, if he doesn't, then you're right, he's history....I wonder if any other team would develop him.

redsky Henne wants that payday and he knows this is it . I got a feeling he is going to shine and my $11 investment is going to be worth booku money lmao

Redsky if Henne doesn't do it this year or if Henne light bulb didn't go on at home there isn't no developing him because he is not worth the playing time because to develop a QB he needs to play!! I hope he does good and prove me wrong and every body else!!

I hope Henne puts it together this year! I hope he proves everyone wrong....then Lobo can sell his shirt for more than he bought it!

Redsky that's funny!!! Lmao..

redsky lmao yeah baby screw the stock market I'm riding the Henne Lotto

Did anyone watch Rodgers and Bradford tonight? After watching them, makes it hard to see Henne getting a whole lot better. Those guys just seem so natural and in control. Henne just doesn't have that kind of presence.

Im not a Henne lover or basher but the kid had a crappy OC, an OL that was musical chairs an no Favre to tutor under. Lets see what happens this year with the training wheels off before we roast him

Sorry not a fan of watching Rodgers or Bradford getting rammed or packed.

I did stay at a Holiday Express and I am watching the Minnesota Valkyries vs. Green Bay Chill.

Even beyond all that oline, OC, can't see him ever being a top 10 qb. He may play a little better and get us more wins this season, but he doesn't have the intangibles, he is not a gamer like these other guys. Just watching them pass it feels so much better than watching the Henne forced passes. I'd be very surprised if they resign him for 2012.

I'd be very surprised if they didn't wait and see how he does in 2011 first.

Ya think?

Hey I like Flynn too bad the PHINS didn't try to go after him! But you guys know that JI TS will live or die with Henne!!

Homofan, maybe you can get to the stadium early enough to give him a bj good enough to improve his game. Ya think?

Audrey surely you're a jester. A gay jester.

While you all fantasize aboyt grown men in tight pants. I'll be happy going into next years draft with all my picks.

Your probably to busy being infactuated with men you can't have to realize, you build through the draft.

1st RD-QB

2nd RD-TE

3rd RD-RT

If I remember right you were fantasizing about 3rd stringer Vince Young(what a joke) just a short while back. Hows he working out.

Sweet dreams and give it a reast already..........

The Valkyries hold off the Chill 28-25.

Great game. The lingerie Football League keeps getting better and better.

But andre the jester wold not know nothing about that.

Just saying

Where are all the guys that were clamoring for Vince Young?

I bet their all the same guys that claim they will admit when their wrong and gladly eat crow.

Talks cheap where they at?

Can you imagine if these guys were actually GMs?

Vince Young? Yeah.

Chupa you are crazy but you shut Andre up.

Funny how facts reasoning and logic to a troll is just like light to a roach

Scurry scurry scurry

Wow that was a lot of excellent thought provoking advice....but no we don't need Young, we need a top 10 type qb because those are the ones that win you the trophies. Having watched Bradford and Rodgers tonight, you can see Henne will never get there no matter what players are around him. Simple as that.

Now I will let you get on with your festivities.



It's the same sh-- they've been peddling for the past 7-8 years. SHOW US don't tell us. How can we believe such things when both sparano and henne were almost (and should have been) out of here last year?
Nobody wants to hear this crap, JUST GO OUT AND WIN GAMES!!!

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to do.
Joe Namath CHAMP
Babe Ruth CHAMP
Ali Champ
Riley Champ
Rex Ryan Foot Fetish

IrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggkkkkkK, stop the short bus and loosen up your safety helmet Armando I want to make sure you can hear me.
Did you just compare Ryan to a select group of ALL PRO ALL TIME American sports Icons. Champions?
ROTFLMAO(to tears) talk about a creditbility gap. I can understand this kind of ignorance from a Jets rag writer, but for a supposed Dolphin beat writer? You've got to be F'ing kidding me!
My ex boyfriend used to blog here and I was thinking about it but -Rex Ryan- associated with American Sports Legends? No thank you Armando this kind of ignorance only need be ignored.


rachel is a closet queen with a pene.

Hacked :p

So I guess that makes me the Queen of your dreams?

You are one sick puppy.

I am not her ex boyfriend she's mynishg[;d'bv'ouiahv

She's my ex[l;ajhqpufgbn';zlk

Odin looks just like Ozzy Osbourne and has to pay people to be his friend.

We ROCKED at the racetrack toniiiiiiiiight!

Leaving for Lake Superior Shortly. Pike, Salmon and the ever elusive Walleye.

Henne is going to ROCK Raymond James tommorrw!

Life is GOOD!

PS: Rachel is a cheap Hooker!

This team is going to be excellent. Win 10-11 games and make playoffs. Why? First rate defensive talent in every position with a great coordinator. Seem to have fixed the special teams problems that cost us 2-3 games last season. OL improved, talent and depth at WR, breakaway running talent with Bush, Henne with improved leadership and field reading. Still challenges - can Columbo protect in the pass? Is Long healed? Will Thomas be able to be the banger we need? Will Gates and Henne establish chemistry? Most importantly has Henne moved from #22 to #15? or #10? Even with challenges this team can make it tough on any team in the league. Jets and Buffalo lose both games. Chance to split the series with the Patriots. If Henne is markedly improved to top 10 with this talent we are seeing the emergence of a new Dolphin dynasty. If not we use a ton of draft picks in the Andrew Luck bowl and the dynasty becomes recognized with his emergence.

Fortunately for us Fins fans, MOST things in sports are cyclical.

Lets take our AFC East.

Unless Mallett is the 2nd coming of Brady, there are maybe 2 more years of Patriot reign, baring injuries.
Their receivers are older, and despite a great Defensive minded HC, their defense has been only a bit above average OVERALL.
Still, there's Brady, the best there is right now.

The Bills will be better, but they're the Bills.

The Jets are older at several positions, have an average QB who at least makes some plays. Eventually, they'll discover their HC is a liability. Hopefully, the NFL will also refrain from allowing officials calls to mysterious go the Jets way more often than not.

That leaves Us. Assuming Henne is NOT the 2nd coming of Bob Griese (an uber smart QB), or Dan, an upgrade at QB next season (draft pick) will mean we're 2 years away. Perfect timing for taking over the division.
Our skill players will be in their prime (other than Marshall) and our O-Line and defense will be at their peak.

I'd be looking at next season's FA QB's...the good ones. Get one, before someone else does.

every national sports outlet has us rated 3rd place in the division, has sparano not lasting the whole season. nobody but miami fans sees us as doing jackola.

dream on, what else is new?

We may be 3rd in our division, but it doesn't mean we can't win 9 games.

we might be able to win 9 games, not sure what that does for us, another 15 spot in the draft.

i think belichek will keep the pats rolling beyond brady. he'll have someone ready. he is having a look at mallett now. if he doesn't like him enough, he'll get a 2nd round pick for him later and find someone else. the jets have a short window to win. buffalo i think in 2 years will be much better. we'll have a new coach next year, new qb, and that will set us back another 2 years. its the same old story with this team.

dream, I'd be pretty happy to be division winner in 2-3 years, though this or next would be the thing. FA QB this up-coming offseason would get us instantly there. I mildly disagree regarding Bellicheat.
I believe he will retire when Brady does, sort of a gesture. The last thing he'd want is to be 2nd rate, and the Pats would be a 9 win team without Brady. You can't underestimate Brady's brilliance and value to his team. He's the general on the field.

If formerly corpulent Tony goes 9-7 this yea, he stays. 8-8. he's gone, ireland stays, Dolphins, the MUCH better Dolphins persuade another Bill...Cowher to sign on the dotted line.

Dolphins win the SB 2013.
Dream ON!!

Chupa...I will eat crow when Henne doesn't suck in the 4th quarter of critical games. Give me a break...you are seriously convinced now after 1 good half of pre season football...against Carolina that Henne is the answer. wow...your gullible.


i think only a playoff win saves tony. ross already has a plan b lined up. belicheck has time to find a top tier qb to replace brady and you know he is already thinking about that. he'll use his normal stash of picks to get a good qb. don't see him retiring so soon that guy is obsessed with fball. fins need stability with a real hc and qb before we can start predicting the next trophy. leave it to ross to choose the wrong guy. we've got some decent players now, just can't go too far with a dunce hc and inconsistent qb.

i'm out. these preseason games are jokes. only the regular season will tell us anything.

I can't argue some of your points (besides it's nearly 2AM here)...however, as Ross gave Tony multiple years, and if both the jets and Pats make the playoffs, how can the Fins. Tony goes 9-7, he HAS to stay. How do you fire a coach that improved his record in the toughest division in the AFC?

ireland will want to save his job, so he will impress upon Ross to make the correct coaching decision, should he fire the formerly zoftig Tony S. (I'm running out of adjectives to describe Tony's former chubby self.) LOL

Still haven't used "porcine" "semi-obese", "roll-y poll-y" "hefty", etc.
FAT has been done to death. Glad he's on the right side of the health-o-meter. Now if we can reduce the fist pump to a thumbs up...wait, my kids say thumbs up is an OLD men gesture.
I really need to get to sleep.


Henne is sacked twice tomorrow, fumbles. Freeman has his way with the suddenly braggadocios Vontae Davis.

Fins lose, for the 10th time in a row to the Bucs in pre-season, 26- 13. (3 fist pumps, the other 7 comes with 1 minute to go in garbage time.)

Great comments tonight guys, we'll see what plays out tomorrow!

We ROCKED at the racetrack toniiiiiiiiight!

Leaving for Lake Superior Shortly. Pike, Salmon and the ever elusive Walleye.

Henne is going to ROCK Raymond James tommorrw!

Life is GOOD!

PS: Rachel is a cheap Hooker!

Posted by: odinseye | August 27, 2011 at 01:13 AM

Is It me or Is Oder Eye just tripping?, Poor Ba$tard.

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