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Confidence is good ... now back it up, please

One of the things that aligns people such as Joe Namath, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Pat Riley with folks like, say, Rex Ryan is they all make big, audacious statements about who they are and what they're about to do.

It could be argued that on the low end of that boldness totem pole, we find Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, who on Thursday had a definite opinion of where he and fellow starting corner Sean Smith rate among NFL starting duos.

"I'm going go (out) on the limb and say we're the best tandem in the league," Davis said.

But there's, there's Revis-Cromartie, there's the coming union of Asomugha and Samuels in Philly. There's my personal pick for top duo -- Williams and Woodson.

"Name all of them," Davis said. "I'm putting it out there, we're the best talent."

Well, I'd say the Miami tandem has a chance to become the best duo in the NFL. But it is quite safe to say -- even on a Dolphins fan-crazy blog -- that Davis and Smith definitely have not been the best duo in the NFL up to now.

Not when the two players combined for two interceptions last season.

Yesterday, by the way, was big-talk Thursday at Dolphins camp. That's great!

Even Tony Sparano, who is the most understated guy in Broward County according to a poll of Understated People of Broward, went about as far as he gets on chest pounding by saying the Dolphins will compete in the AFC East.


No, seriously, coach said his team will "make a run at this thing."

"I can’t tell you how this thing is going to turn out one way or the other but I can tell you that the way this team works, the attitude that I see, the ingredients that we have right now all show me that this team is poised and ready to go here to make a run at this thing," Sparano said. "And I think that I’ve been pleased with what we’ve done it practice.  We aren’t going to back down from anybody in this division.  I don’t care who they are and whose out there.  Our team comes to compete every single week and they have.  This team will compete and will compete at a high level in this division.  

"I think we’re one of the good teams in this division and I think anybody that doesn’t believe that probably going to make a big mistake.”

Your thoughts ...?


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To all Fin fans in the path of Irene, prepare and cover your windows, but don't worry by the time it gets to NYC it will just be a wet fart! Nothing compared to what we've suffered in south Florida. In my opinion, it will continue to weaken and degrade to a tropical storm by the time it hits you, maybe as early as tomorrow....

Problem up here redsky is that people have no clue what to do, plus we have have had 10 inches of rain already.

All I can say right now is go phins! We may bot be able to finish with a wining record but honestly as long as we beat the jets once I'm happy

while there are still people who are doubting henne's ability to lead this team at the qb position i'm wondering why there is no contract negotiations going on. henne has a lot of talent. he has a gun for an arm and he is finally getting his chance to lead the team and do the audibles. they are "taking off the handcuffs" this year and allowing him to show what he can do. granted, carolina is not a very good team but he did everything in the first half of that game that you would have expected a brady or rodgers to do and, if not for the penalities that kept stalling their drives on offense, the fins probably would have produced 24 to 31 pts in the first half with the way henne played. he picked up quite a few first downs running and passing. all i know is the fins need to start thinking about getting his deal done or risk losing him at the end of the season. what happens if this team goes 12-4 and he has an MVP year and they don't sign him. then all of the henne haters will be jumping on the bandwagon saying ireland screwed up again.

poll on SS site:

Do you trust Chad Henne?
a resounding 59.19% voted YES. get the deal done Jeffy before everyone regrets it.


Well if Tony says it, it must be true...

its going to be hard for tony to change but i hope he does and backs up his words with actions. if he doesnt grow a set,his players won't either. "show me" should be the catch phrase this year. TD's, not FG's.

The scum in NJ will revert back to their history average of 4 wins per year. The last 2 years were is as good as it gets for the loser NJ Juts

our talent will not be used correctly cuzz we have a dumb-ass line coach as head coach, and he cant even make a off. line...He does not know clock management and expects talent to carry him, and our talent is 8-8 talent, so with no head coach...6-10 will be record, from a Dolphins realist from the 60's

"The Big Mistake" here was Ross buying this team, the hiring of Ireland, and Sporano coaching this team. Every year its the same old hyped talk. We will see. But I suggest to you guys not to get your hopes up too high. And for those of you who are still knocking on Rex Ryan, I personally would love to have him here as our coach instead of Sporano. We would've definitely had a better QB by now. And the defense- wow think about it-Ryan and Nolan putting a defense together.




Can anyone say "Andrew Luck Sweepstakes"? I hate our owner, I hate our GM, I hate our GM's fat mentor, I hate our coach, I hate our QB and I hate those ugly green pants they wear - side note(The Dolphins should only wear White pants - at all times!)The NFL is a QB league now so lets just suck it up - go 2-14 this year and get Luck and see what happens with a new coach and a new GM (and hopefully a new owner, although that is doubtful). I mean if the Dolphins don;t win the Super Bowl, who cares what there record is? Suck this year and it will pay off - I hate being a Dolphin fan in Pittsburgh.

Kind of pathetic...Don't our players know that announcing yourselves as the best tandem in the league, before you've proven anything, only makes you look pathetic and makes you a laughing-stock? You are acknowledged as the best in the league by your opponents and others, not by self-proclamation. Sad really...Somebody needs to point this out to Vonte...

"show me" should be the new catch phrase around the fins. start "playing" and the fans will follow. we need vet leadership and ballers and cb's who can catch.

It is becoming apparent that Home is right and somebody has learned how to manipulate Climate. Who are they? A Nation, a Religion? Nah, they are the richest, most powerful entities in this World, the great Transnationals and Consortiums. Their objective? Downgrade this Country. Simply put, we are under attack and those of us who want must Defend ourselves.

oscar canosa I will defend myself with an umbrella because I'm not God and cant control crap otherwise lol. Hey on the bright side I'm looking forward to blizzard in Miami :)

Apparently, those powerful Groups have not captured the x messages sent, that they MUST share their Power in the Now. Well, good luck to them.

Yeah Lobo. I'm looking forward to the Game tonight.

Time flows through Worlds.

Me to lets see what Johnson brings to the table . Hopefully the " I'll show you punks I aint old version" shows up lol. Can you imagine a 1/2-3/4 full Larry with Reggie,Marshall,Bess,Fasano,Gates,Harlite combined with an even 1/2 improved Henne with better D. Makes me salvitate just thinking about the possibilities

Larry Johnsons stats last year, 5 carries for 2 yards.

nuff said your right this is true , but everyone also said Marshall would be to much trouble , Pouncey was a reach and Reggie will never be an everydown back. My point being is that you never know . People grow up mature ,change and start new . We may become the Dolphin Rehabiltation Center lol

We'll see lobo. Don't you think Ronnie or Ricky would have been a better mentor?

What gets me is they pass up on giving a 6th round pick for Santonio Holmes, crazy stupid, and sign a guy with a background 80 times worse.

nuff said I agree and I'm not saying I understand it , but for some reason I have this feeling we are building a rejuvinated all star cast dirt cheap. I think Sparano will be laughing his way to the AFC Championship and Hennes nuts are going to grow as big as his head :) lol

Raheem, who tought you how to speak ? Can't understand a word you say. Slow down pal so i can understand what you say.

LoboNoches, Pouncy hasn't proven a thing yet and just because our coaching staff says Reggie is an every down back does not make it so. I'm hoping it all turns out great for us, and we shall see as the season moves forward.

It's not how you start, it's how you PHINish.

The Signal Phinish lol I like that bro. Your right on both points but the fact that we are adding pieces at reasonable prices and not over reaching and spending next years draft is a good thing . Yes alot remains to be seen but so far the fact that we are even airing the ball and Henne looks like puberty hit and his balls are growing in is a good thing. Heck almost everything this pre season so far is night and day compared to last year

The argument against Reggie Bush because he's isn't an every down back is absolute rubbish.

It doesn't matter how many times the guy runs it. It is how effective he is with it.

If he averages 100 yds/g rushing on only 12 carries/game this year, would you really complain about how he can't be an every down back?

Throw in the fact he can catch the ball better than Ricky or Ronnie and he seems to actually be able to make people miss. He should be a HUGE upgrade compared to last year.

The only issue I can see is the injury problems he's had previously. Can't be effective if you can't stay on the field.

..The Larry Johnson pickup keeps bothering me.
I could be wrong, he may have something left in the tank. But come on really? I know my panties are in a bunch all over a player that may not make the team. But say he does. How many times are we going to force the ball into the arms of this broken down snowplow? What is the real expectation of his contribution?

As I said. I could be wrong. And this rant is farthest from trying to stroke my own ego about being right(In fact I hope I'm dead wrong)Also I'm not hating on LJ. He had his time...HAD HIS TIME. He was very good 4 years ago. But the running back position is a young mans spot. Getting older(Imo) usually means your nit getting better.

Darryl Dunphy I think they signed him to be that goal line brawler , the one to pound it in when not throwing to help our red zone production. Old or not he is still a monster to take down and can help

LN, I know it's only preseason, but I do like the look of the changing offensive playbook. It does look like they have decided to finally tear out the pages written in the 80's. Here's hoping it really does help Henne blossom into a pretty good qb.

IF Henne and our O-line perform, I think we will be fighting for a post-season spot in the final three games.

I know, I know....that's a big IF.

If he wants a little extra motivation, Reggie should listen to Saints play-by-play broadcaster Jim Henderson’s recent comments to 1560 the Game in Houston.

Asked to characterize Bush’s legacy in New Orleans, Henderson said, “Somewhat of a constant tease. . . . He’s one of the greatest practice-field players I ever saw. And so often — and I saw every game he ever played for the Saints — he’d get the ball in his hands and you’d go ‘Oooooooh’ and it’d be followed with a ‘Uhhhhhhhhh’. That’s usually the way that it went.

“Reggie was [a] very scintillating performer, had great star power. But if you really looked at his numbers, he was not a superstar. He really not even a star. He was below average in a lot of them. But he was a person that had marquee value, and I really expected that some team would overpay for him this year just for that. And I don’t know whether the Dolphins overpaid for him or not at $5.5 million a year but he was due to make nearly 12 [million] with the Saints this year.”

The Signal honestly I dont think were going to be fighting , I really think if we can get a headstart and whup NE the first game and sweep the little sea planes then we have a good shot of steamrolling the division

oscar canosa (@ 10:07 AM)

There's one simple answer to your question....

NO Politician should EVER be allowed to spend 1 Million dollars to get elected.

The people who can afford to donate that kind of money, to an individual, wish to put their own interests above yours, mine and the well being of the of the Country.

If we're witnessing "the decline of our civilization", it's because our 'Roman Senators have all been bought, and paid for, by 1% of the US population.

NOTHING is ever Simple, Yazzi.

oscar canosa everything is simple, see first the ball gets snapped then Hennes hands off to Reggies down the middle for 25 yards , then another snap and TD throw to Marshall. Rinse and repeat 12-4 Miami goes to playoffs yaaaaay :)

Aug 23, 3:29 pm EDT

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano is a long shot to survive the season. Since leading the Dolphins to an 11-5 record in 2008, Sparano and the Dolphins have suffered through back-to-back 7-9 seasons with no playoff appearances. Sparano's future in Miami may hinge on the success or failure of QB Chad Henne(notes) , who is a polarizing figure in South Florida in his own right.

This one IS that simple.

The explanation as to WHY is
somewhat complicated.
(There's not enough space here to lay it all out.)

The bottom line is...

We're not really a fair fight.
Go Dolphins.

Mando...for us fans in Orlando is the game going to be on tv? If not where can I watch it?

I have direct tv, Sunday ticket, but after scanning all channels today I only saw the Jax game and Pattys game televised..if you could spearhead that for me please

Dolphins are come out this year like that quiet kid whos gets bullied in school and comes back and shoots the place up. Watch out NFL the bullied shall be the bullies


Will Chad Henne be wearing a Trench Coat?

..LN. I understand why he was brought in, and as I said. This isn't about me being right, and the FO wrong..Just my opinion. I do not like the signing.

Johnson couldn't be the short yard back on the Redskins, he couldn't do it for the Bengals, and he was released by KC because his production was poor. Now I get it that in KC he was making the transition from feature back to backup, and he threw a hissy fit. I'mm not worried about his attitude. I'm concerned that backs hit the wall. And in my eyes Johnson has done so at full speed. Nothing left to see.

The only thing that makes any sense to me, and this is a reach. If the Phins are running more run zone. Johnson does have a little experience in that system, limited, but some.
Look, we got rid of Ronnie Brown, and Bong Pipe because their age was larger then their production. I just do not see LJ as a contributor.. More as a theif of reps, and a roster spot. A player that because of this makes the team worse..Not better

Actually it may be Parcells who is the real polarizing figure, but somehow managed to avoid the label.

I wonder how often he'll be on ESPN touting the top offenses thru the season?

I wonder how often anyone will ask him why he built his Dolphin offense geared toward the opposite philosophy?

Aug 23, 3:29 pm EDT

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano is a long shot to survive the season. Since leading the Dolphins to an 11-5 record in 2008, Sparano and the Dolphins have suffered through back-to-back 7-9 seasons with no playoff appearances. Sparano's future in Miami may hinge on the success or failure of QB Chad Henne(notes) , who is a polarizing figure in South Florida in his own right.

Posted by: Michael | August 27, 2011 at 12:34 PM

I think this is a fair assessment of the situation. I think it would apply to any Coach, QB an team that's performed like we have for the past three season.

Henne and SpOrano know their on the bubble with their backs to the wall. Should make it alot more interesting to say the least.

Dolphins are come out this year like that quiet kid whos gets bullied in school and comes back and shoots the place up. Watch out NFL the bullied shall be the bullies

Posted by: LoboNoches | August 27, 2011 at 12:42 PM

I think they play Alice Coopers "Schools Out Forever" on the PA when the Phins come out of the tunnel.

Oh yeah, and after every TD too!

odinseye yes he will be wearing a big trench coat with a price tag for $11 hanging from it.

cowkilla as far as i know game will be on nbc tonight

Henne and SpOrano know their on the bubble with their backs to the wall. Should make it alot more interesting to say the least.

Posted by: odinseye | August 27, 2011 at 12:49 PM

Yes this adds another level of drama to the season.

odinseye lmao that would be cool and when we win they should play "Sun Glasses at Night " for Sparano

I think they play Alice Coopers "Schools Out Forever" on the PA when the Phins come out of the tunnel.

Posted by: odinseye | August 27, 2011 at 12:51 PM

As long as you are talking Alice Cooper, how about 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'?

Bleacher Report on the bucs:

The Bucs need a serious rebound after their non-serious performance last week against New England.

Good news: It simply didn't count. More good news: If this team needed a reality check, it got a big one.

-I think this means the Bucs are going to be taking tonights game EXTREMELY serious.

Interestng bit from the Bleacher Report:

Mason Foster Needs to Keep Bringing it

Mason Foster got slapped with a $20,000 fine by the Commish for his great hit on Chad Ochocinco last week. In the new, dainty version of the NFL, as seen in the eyes of commissioner Roger Goodell, that's a no-no. It was simply a great tackle, so good, in fact, that Ochostinko offered to pay the fine himself.

Foster is the hitter, the physical presence the Bucs have wanted as opposed to the finesse, non-physical Barrett Ruud, who apparently is Roger Goodell's dream player.

Foster says he won't change the way he plays.


-I hate Goodell, he's a panzy plain and simple.

Cowkilla, got all the NFL channels here too, but had to buy the deal from nfl.com to catch the Dolphin games live, streaming online. $20.00 for all preseason games. Wasn't bad to catch all the Dolphin preseason games live. You get the last two weeks for $10.00 now.

Rock On nice one lol. How bout " No woman No cry" for Rex Ryan when we beat the Jets

Rock On you just gave me a great idea for my next "collaboration".

If Henne EVER takes that next step, look for me on youtube, I'll be singing:

I use to be such a sweet, sweet thing, till the Dolphins drafted Me!

to compete in this division you need a good quarterback that we don't have so 8-8 here we come.


Make my body your human couch. And sit on my face first.

Goodell is a petty tyrant. The game he ran on Pryor is mind blowing. Punished at the NFL level for college activities and during a lock out!?

Also the whole head trauma issue was entirely during his watch. They knew what was happening to players and decided to turn a blind eye for years and years which is despicable.

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