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De-fense, de-fense, de-fense, de-fense, de-fense

Had to laugh last night when someone complained on here that I only provided a couple of blog posts yesterday.

Fact is I appreciate your appetite for more posts. But I was not exactly sipping drinks at Friday happy hour. I was reporting and writing the column that appears in today's Miami Herald about the Miami Dolphins defense. Please check it out.

My point in that column is that while mostly all the attention this offseason and early in training camp has been on the offense, it is the defense that seems most likely to take a bigger improvement leap in 2011 -- again.

One defensive issue I did not have space to discuss in the column is the looming battle at free safety. Chris Clemons is the starter and Reshad Jones is challenging for the spot. The Dolphins want more big plays out of the defense, as you'll read. They've made some moves to address that.

They'd like the free safety to make more plays. Clemons didn't do that enough last year. Jones, meanwhile, seems to always be around the football. The team wants more sideline to sideline coverage from that position. Clemons is often a step late.

So continue to watch this battle during the preseason.

Look, Dolphins fans love offense. Many grew up on Dan Marino's exploits.

Ultimately, t is this defense that will win games for the Dolphins in 2011.

Is there a live blog of today's 11 a.m. practice?

Come back and see.


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I recommend the Bushnell X-tra Wide Angle binoculars.

Lay off Henne, the offense will be much better. The running game was below avg. and Henning was the biggest problem. Who uses play action or doesn't use shotgun on 3 n 15s?

I like the new back field and Gates to go w Bess n the Beast.

Stop bitching and be a fan people.

We now have, Oh Lord, five (5) quarterbacks on the roster. But all of them together don't come to one good quarterback. It's the quality, not the quantity, Sparano. You better get one or you will live your last months in South Florida.

D,d, d but Mando we still need a ton of O!

More post more post write something

mando what we are thirsting for is something close to an actual play by play of practice and at least point commentary on what you are seeing since we are just sitting at our laptops waiting on the edge of our seats waiting for any tidbits of information. fanatical desire to know what is going on. nothing is too trivial. you could even bring a couple assistants and use one as a spotter for jersey numbers and a color guy to help dictate to you while you type or vice versa ...... like that

At the beginning of camp always the defense will be over the offense, because the Offense is tryng to implement something new or need time to gel because the lack or continuity practice.
But you have been there for a few days, in the Defense how look Solai and corners & safeties?
and in the Offense what is your impression in receivers & TE.

@Trane, itc from previous post

VY had a problem if my memory serves back in 08 when he had that mental breakdown of his. HC Fisher never truely liked him because the pick was forced on him by owner Bud Adams who fell in love with the player watching him in College because he still lives in the Houston area from there Houston Oilers days, if up to Fsher they would have reworked McNair`s big contract and he`d have stayed. You tell me were VY quit or had legal trouble of any kind ect... since 08???? I think it`s you guys that are taking it a little to far trying to convince yourselves that it`s not a big deal so as to not look at the obvious and that`s our unwillingness to take chances and become relevant again.

In Chicago K.Orton couldn`t beat out Rex Grossman although he got every chance he goes to Denver as an after thought and McDaniels makes a player out of him like he did Cassell. Who is to say Orton wouldn`t have regressed to Chi. form once here and everybody including Ireland was considering sending them a 3rd. it was dumb luck they wanted Starks as well because my gut tells me we would have lived to regret it.

In VY it was low risk, high reward he costed nothing and has the potential we all would like to see under Center and by the way he will see the field this year cause Vick always gets dinged. I believe he goes there to learn a little more about playing Q.B. from Morningweg and knows he will see the field and test the market later (2014) for a big contract. In Marshall we trade two 2nd rounders for a guy with a history of alienating teamates and Coaches. Was in a bar fight were a teamate was killed (Darrent Williams) been arrested for Assault after being traded here had a couple of on the field blow outs (Chi.,Tenn.) and has since gotten into a knife fight with his wife, Edwards was busted for a DUI !!!! It`s the reason he is on probation, I hear you he`s still under investigation for the restaurant fight with his two cousins but why wasn`t he arrested with everybody else on sight????????? Could it be there sweating him for not cooperating in the investigation by pressing him with the probation????????????? Ohh and at a base of 1 Mil yes I take the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we see Pat Devlin this year. The guy is having a good camp.


Your post addresses the other bloggers comment but not mine. I think they should have grabbed VY and not worry about finding altar boys, its football. Still though, different issue. They replaced one 3rd stringer with what they felt was a better 3rd stringer. Its a stretch to see that as a move to challenge the starter. It's an arm to throw in camp.

I want to make something clear about what I posted a few minutes ago I`m not dogging the Marshall trade and hopefully he can get his personal life straight and be the payer we all saw on Sports Center while a Bronco but I do take exception to the naive postings of some suggesting we passed on some people because of there baggage because it just isn`t true.

We have taken the risks in the past and unfortunatly in Pro Sports your not left much of a choice when dealing with a 75% dynamic of self entitled under 30 Milionaires. Hey Jimmy Johnson put together a cast of characters which were more representative of South Amerca than America in Dallas and they rode them to a decade of dominance, Al Davis also comes to mind with his 3 SB Trophies.

Hear you Trane!!!

From Rotoworld:

Brett Favre on Dolphins: 'I have no interest'

Don't flatter yourself a s s hole.
We don't want you - Go Away!


My sentiments exactly don`t know why Sparano just didn`t say we have no interest. He basically gave the ego maniac a platform for saying he wouldn`t play for us!!

Catch you all a little later

We need a coach. Like yesterday.

The fact that we have a superbowl caliber defense is the part that really pisses me off! Because all we need is a 'decent' QB and who knows how far this team could go!?

I believe in this defense, but still in a happy pass league any team can put points on the board fast. Will miami offense be explosive? doubt it.... we can´t compete with the pats, ravens, eagles, jets (hate to say it) with out putting points in a bit, not those long field goals possessions. At least I will rather see henne trying some long passes and be incomplete than those checkdowns of minus -1 yd.
I know is not madden but guys... stop kidding yourselfs.
Come on dolphins!!!


we have 4 qb's.brandstater cut. get your facts straight.

Mando,we want to hear about henne as well as the other qb's. Henne is our QB. Everyone knows this. why deny it? dont come here and tell me you were writing the article while at practice! You are not doing your job IMO and you shouldnt be there if you are writing. You do that at home after you witness stuff. You are not witnessing to us! you are saying someone is a lefty when indeed they are not! pay attention or dont write at all!

Why isn't anyone talking about special teams. Didn't they fire the special teams coach in season last year because the unit was horrible and didn't said unit react by well,showing us how much more horrible they could be with a new coach? By costing the Dolphins a bunch of yards and putting the defense in with their backs against the wall that unit had to have lost us a couple of games at least.

So I'm curious, did the FO do anything to address this glaring weakness? Does anyone know? Has anyone asked? Do we still have a special teams unit, haven't heard a word about this. Armando, please help.

VY is a quitter, a locker room cancer, and according to his former coach (on Podcast w. Rich Eisen) someone who didn't practice prepare or watch film like a 'pro qb'......oh yeah, he's an Eagle (thank God). All this team of mis-fits needed was a quitter (which he did TWICE on the Titans). He's not coming so get over it.

Hang on to Patrick Devlin he's our future, develop him and you will be surprised!

jose hit the nail on the head...we need a new (good) coach...and owner but that's not going to happen

Sorry but that boo henne post is old and getting annoying. Accomplishes nothing, the post and the action, both as useless as the other.

FLH is a wimpy donut. Aw VY wasn't a good boy so he says lets pass up on great talent as. More than half the of the players in the NFL are angels mamma's boy.

this defense will be top 5 in the league. All hail Mike Nolan!!!

Swagger is one thing, I hope they don't get too cocky too soon. It's easy to feel great going against a broken offense in practice mode.

Drinking my coffee and read this statement made by Sparano.

"I mean, our playbook is about that big," Sparano said, holding his hands about a foot apart. "And there's no way we're getting anywhere close to that kind of install where if you had all the OTA's and the off-season — I mean this would be the third time around the horn for most of these guys …"

........And then thought, is it too much to ask to want the coach of my favorite team to not be such a defeatist? I just wish he answered their question by saying something like 'well I know it's going to be tough but I have faith in my players and we will get it worked out'.

I mean it read like he was already making excuses. Like he's rehearsing what he's going to say to Ross if they have a bad season. I just wanted to hear that they're working hard and he's not worried about it. Just a little confidence might help the fan base a bit!

This place is a morgue today, I'm out.

visit the blog daily, post rarely. Mando, I have always appreciated what you do here but sort of agree w/ scott. Most of us are phinatical and need as much on our phins as we can get. I consider u my trusted source so please give us as much as you possibly can.

D will be good again but hopefully not on the field all game. Jones will be a playmaker. Odrick too. What about Edds, heard he had coverage skills, that true? post injury? Other lb's, Burnet?

With the apparent speed increase on O, can we win the ones our D keeps us in and maybe a few others. Im optimistic!

Sure ill get blasted over qb issue and thinking positive but Bush & Gates will add something he havent had in a long time and with the beast and the man Bess the O will keep D's honest and score points.

fin4life, for what it's worth, Vince Young had some sort of issue last year as well.


We strive for excellence here in S.Fla. and won't settle for any subpar product placed on the Field.

what have you been doing the last 2 decades then oscar?

practice blog?

I thought Thursday's was very helpful. wish there had been one from yest. want to ask Mando about O-line. John Jerry taking first team snaps?

Sorry, Armando, won't be able to follow your "broadcast" today because I have to go out(mercifully).

You must have been on the wrong Blog,ncfin.

I don't understand not going after Malcolm Floyd?He signed a two year deal with the Chargers.7 million for two years .6ft.5in. great hands.

Eating dung.

Hey guys, Henne had his moments last yr, we all know that. BUT I believe the OL was the biggest let down of the season. Henne must have a few seconds to find receivers, the RB's must have at least a crease to run through. I think moving Carey to RTG is the best thing along with Marc Colombo, who has to play better then last yr. Colombo has the size, power, nastyness thats required for combat at the Right Tackle position. If moore is half as good at QB as I believe, he will take Henne's job by the third preseason game.

Finally, we focus on our strong point which is DEFENSE! Teah baby! The Miami Assasins! Burnett is huge upgrade from Crowder! That Gator Sucked! His big nouth never led to turnovers! We blew MANY turnovers last year/ This defense will give us 3 more wins for sure.

Dolphins need to move to L.A., then @ least they could fill the seats with home fans instead of all those jests fans...


You mention one of the reason to cut vernon's salary was to clear up some money for one more potential move, any update on that?

Do you think our passing game will improve this year?

I wish everyone would give Henne a chance, he's still young and has shown signs of greatness. He has been inconsistent, but that's expected. Guys like Matt Ryan and Big Ben are rare, so a young QB usually needs time to learn and go through growing pains. Aaron Rodgers didn't have to play until what, his 4th year? How do we know Henne can't reach that level unless he's given a fair chance (and protection)? Please don't boo him, what are we, Eagles fans?

"Stop bitching and be a fan people."

There's a diff between being a fan and a fanboy.

Stop blaming everything else for Henne's inconsistency. He was the same in college.

Don't focus on Henne! He is gonna fly with the West Coast offense! Reggis will help onthe screen's. Ronnie and Ricky were to slow. Regiie is a shifter and willkeep the defense honest! DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE!


Rob M,

As the Sporono say, "You're a freakin' bloodsucker!"

Give Henne a chance!!!! We've given him plenty already,,,,

So what is it west coast east coast offense it's confusing!!! I will think Reggie knows what he is talking about, but does TS know the difference!!

Give Henne a chance, you mean, another chance on top of multiple chances. Well, he'll get it, but if he screws it up AGAIN this year, he's done! Fair deal?

I think moving Carey to RTG is the best thing along with Marc Colombo, who has to play better then last yr. Colombo has the size, power, nastyness thats required for combat at the Right Tackle position

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