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Dolphins add DB Gerard; plus live team drill coverage

The Dolphins have announced the signing of former Ravens defensive back K.J. Gerard this morning. The club also said it placed linebaker Mark Masterson on the reserve/retired list.

Gerard spent 2009-2010 in Baltimore. He was recently waived the by Chicago Bears. Gerard is 6-1 and 192 pounds.

On to practice:

The Dolphins will be on the field sometime around 11 a.m.

I'm at camp. I will provide camp updates in the comments section plus team drill updates and play by play as I see it. So head over to the comments section for the updates.



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Mark Masterson retired? he just started out!

Would you believe he just started and then stopped?

So now 2 people have quit?

Hey Armando,

All I'm worried about this season is the OL play. More the RT and RG position. Is Sparano going to stop playing with the line before or after the Atlanta game?

Will Allen is not practicing again today. Cannot be good news.

do we have any pulling guards except pouncey who we put at center?????? it affects the run game.

How has Carey been looking at guard.

What happens with those guys is it injury issues or do they decide the work required is not for them?

Armando, I like how our defense is looking. But I would like to hear any progress on the injury returning guys like Jared Odrick and A.J. Edds, how do they look?

Losing Will Allen would be a terrible blow. In today's pass happy NFL you need 4 starter-quality CBs. Period.

Carey drove me crazy at RT. His size can make it interesting at guard.

No lineup changes for the starting OL. At least they are not mixing and matching so far this year. Of course, they also haven't played a game yet.


Please keep an eye on Reshad Jones and give us any info between him and Clemons.

If you had to choose between the two today, who would you start?

Mandoooooooooo - i thought you said Odrick was looking good.. why is he third string.. in know it's a deep position... but.. 3rd string for a second year 1st rounder? sounding like a bad deal to me..

Any chance Miami brings in Roth or McKinney.

Roth? No chance. Not based on how they parted ways last time.

man the dude filling in on the troy stradford show is drunk at the world. QB's who were seen as failures after 28 starts but went on to be successful?


off of the top of my head

lions sign harrison we're goin to regret that one lol

Odrick has been taking second team snaps, Image. I know the depth chart said third team but he's taking second-team snaps. They put him on third on the depth chart because he's coming back from injury.


By the way, Reshad Jones was on my radio show this morning.

He said he wants to be called "Get it on Jones."

I know. Crazy.

Armando. Any word on Jake Long??

Now we know how much he’ll play for. For the low price of $2.5 million plus “reasonable incentives,” McKinnie can be all yours.

NFL.com reports McKinnie’s agent Drew Rosenhaus sent an email to all 32 teams detailing McKinnie’s asking price.

Mckinnoe was over 400 lbs according to reports

Good to know - thanks...

think Gerard is insurance to Will ALlen who hasn't helped much over the past few years?

mckinnie would be a great sign he's been durable thus far

I thought they would have sign Leonard Davis and kept carey at tackle

Is WIll Allen through?

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether Clinton Portis would be a good addition for the Dolphins? Injury issue's aside (its no wonder he gets injured the way the Redskins use him) he could teach our young RBs a lot and is good at pass protection. Profootballfocus rate Portis and Fasano in pass protection and them in the backfield Henne would have all the protection he needed to find Marshall, Bess, Bush etc while still having run or pass options from the backfield. He'd be cheap and surely make more sense than Barber...

In this heat those lbs will melt off.

I'm worried about RT..seems like the last piece of the OL puzzle.

we do need help in our secondary

benny sapp im not sold on
will allen injuries
sean smith cursed with teddginn-donitis! stone hands

clinton portis is actually training hard with one of my trainers here where i work seem s a little over wieght but not in a bad way

from his sports drills still seems to have it

he said he wouldnt mind playing for us



Anybody see the discussion on NFL.com about Tim Tebow to the Dolphins?

What a crock of horse manure!

Finsfan72. Give it time to jell, there are plenty of bodies for ol right now and qualified


Who do you see as qualified for RT? Murtha, Willis? Not Colombo.


the worst part is people eat that crock of horse manure all day like its going to happen

and the writers are laughing at the public for gobbling up their crap

We're starving for football news...but I'm not eating that Sh^t

Finsfan. Columbo yes although he will need to be rotated some. The rest give them a shot. If we need someone later cut downs will bring something. Mckinnoe is not the answer if columbo is not the answer.

Hard to get excited about a team that ain't going nowhere - 6,7 wins a year.... Whatever happened to " Dolphin Pride? "

Some WR-DB batles:

Roberto Wallace beats nate Ness.

Marlon Moore beats Nolan Carro

Vontae pass breakup vs. hartline.

Is this a live blog or when is practise.


Do we room for all the defensive linemen we have on the roster? If not who might be the odd man out? Any chance one of these guys gets moved for a depth running back? I'm still not convinced we've got the guys we need back there.

Gates quick slant catch vs. Vontae.

Marshall takes Sean Smith deep for a TD

Marlon Moore toasts Wilson deep but pass is overthrown by Devlin.

I was high on Reshad Jones when we got him in the 5th round I believe last year.

I hope he can get a starting job...the man's a ball hawk. If he can play at a high level I have no problem calling him "Get It On Jones"

Vontae could be a ProBowler this year

Bess beats Bennie Sapp deep but pass overthrown by Moore.

sean smith gets dominated by b marsh all day. We may have a weaker link at CB #2 than we thought

Brooks Foster drop.

and r jones can hit

Mando how has Gates looked returning kicks and punts. He is to fast not to use back there. I know he is a rookie and has to work his way up though.

Livas jukes Vontae, catches a 15 yard out.

Is there any chance Will Allen is on the trading block? I know his old team is looking for DB help.

Marshall beats Sean Smith again on a 40 yard TD. Smith cannot cover Marshall.

Hartline catche s 12 yard out vs. Wilson.

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