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Dolphins announce signing of RB Larry Johnson

The Dolphins have announced on their twitter feed they have signed running back Larry Johnson. So much for those tentative first-and-goal runs.

Johnson, 31 years old, hasn't had a productive season since 2008 when he gained 874 yards. That was also the same year the stuff hit the fan for him. He was suspended by the Chiefs for violating unspecified team rules. He was also suspended by commissioner Roger Goodell for one game that season. Hmmm.

The next year Johnson was critical of Chiefs coach Todd Haley, which as you might guess, led to his suspension for conduct detrimental to the club. The Chiefs cut Johnson when his suspension ended.

Johnson bounced to the Bengals in 2009 in late November and then went to the Redskins in March of 2010 as a free agent. That didn't last. He was cut in September and was out of work the rest of the season.

Johnson has been arrested four times since 2003 on various assault charges against women. In 2003, he was arrested for assault and domestic battery for brandishin a gun at his then-girlfriend, during an argument at his home. The charges were dropped when Johnson agreed to participate in a domestic violence diversion program. In 2005, he was again arrested for assault when a woman accused Johnson of pushing her to the ground, but the case was dropped after the alleged victim failed to appear in court for three different hearing.

His third arrest for assault came on February 24, 2008, after allegedly pushing a woman's head at a nightclub that night. On October 10, 2008, Johnson was arrested for the fourth time and charged with one count of non-aggravated assault for allegedly spitting a drink in a woman's face at a Kansas City nightclub on October 11. Johnson tried to flee the scene but police officers tackled him.

The Dolphins have been in the market for a running back for some time. Today they worked out Clinton Portis. They also worked out Tiki Barber three weeks ago, around the time they worked out Johnson.

They are obviously:

Not comfortable with their current RB situation, which has rookie Daniel Thomas behind Reggie Bush. A couple of weeks ago, coach Tony Sparano admitted in a column I wrote that he was "nervous" about the running back situation.

Miami's running back corps delivered an unspectacular performance around the goal line on four first-and-goal runs against the Panthers, probably pushed the team over the edge.

Is Johnson going to be the guy who gained over 1,700 yards in both 2005 and 2006? No.

But I guess checking him out for the next couple of weeks cannot hurt a team looking to upgrade in the backfield.


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.....and russ came out of his 2 year coma.

why am I not surprised!

Look bring in a Super Bowl coach doesn't mean anything, Belichick was a failure at both Cleveland and NY before NE, Cowher had no coaching experience before Pitt and neither did Mike Tomlin. Jimmy Johnson came here and did nothing for us. We just need a GM and coach that are on the same page. Lendell White is still out there and they didn't even look at him. This is guy that SMASHED 17 Goalline TD's in Tennessee and we haven't even picked up the phone!

What? Ricky Waters or Corey Dillon aren't available!

Go Phins!

I don't want to support a team that allows woman-beaters to represent them.

Are there really no other RB's in free agency? What was wrong with Portis?

Hell Martin, I think even Corey Dillion would have been better!

Russ, first off, Bush is not the featured back, he will get about 8-10 touches per game, Thomas will get the vast majorities of carries. Second, Reggie Bush is the first one on the practice field and last one off, reported in multiple papers and blogs. So unless he gets injured, I can care less what happened in the past. Lex Hillard is also a good RB. And we have a line of Incognito, Long, Pouncey, Carey and Colombo, who is a very good run blocker by all accounts. I don't know what team your looking at, but it certainly isn't this one.

Portis wasn't coming for the money. Johnson came because even league minimum will help pay for his Lawyers. I can't beleive they signed him even if he does samsh the ball in the end zone. He is a poor image for a team.

I do not believe that this is a bad signing. While it would have made since to keep Ronnie, Larry will come in at a much lower price. The question that we should be getting an answer to is why? Apparently the staff is not happy with our current RB situation. Who are they not happy with now. At the start of camp they were gushing about our RBs. I guess that they have a problem of evaluating skill positions e.g. TE and QB and now RB. While I understand that they are trying to do, I believe that they are always 2 steps behind. We really needed to try for Z. Miller and any QB that would push Henne and we got squat. They also signed another WR and never even brought Braylon Edwards in for a tryout.

UH, Portis is extremely overweight?? That may have been a factor. But since none of us was at the workouts, I suggest the Dolphins probably had a better look at these guys then us dudes on a blog

Larry Johnson is Lawrence Phillips reincarnated. Just a matter of time before he implodes, and the South Beach atmosphere certainly won't help if, and I mean IF, he gets a roster spot.

good call Bobby, the OL is built to run block. Columbo is bad in Pass Protection but like I said earlier, I think Murtha will be over there by the end of training camp!

1980, that's what everyone said about Marshall, including me. Domestic violence, assault, I guess you want us to cut Brandon now for our "IMAGE"??

we should have kept the backs we had they were great in the wildcat..... now we have to start all over with reggie.... why do we always seem to go backwards.... WTF Steve


Snap out of your dream and wake up! The Panthers were the worst team in the league and have done NOTHING to change that in there immediate future. Newton will suck as a rookie and Clausen sucked last year. Get the picture?

Our o-line is new? That's the problem, 1980. Our o-line is ALWAYS new! They have drafted more o-linemen and/or brought in more high-priced FAs than any other organization and what do we have to show for it? What? A team that could only run in the Wildcat and last year they couldn't even do that? Gimme a break!

Jerry is a bust, Carey is now a GUARD (so I guess that tells you how sorry he is), Colombo should go back to being a detective, Long is always banged up and can't run block, Pouncey is a rookie and Incognito is a fat mall cop who can't stop holding to save his life!

Been there, done that. 2-14 this season, Ross fires them all and Luck will be the new face of the franchise. Book it!

The truth is we can analyze the players all we want, but it is up to them to reach into their soul and perform to the best of their ability. We have been witnesses to seemingly bad players play excellent, and vice versa. Im not saying the organization is smart, but I hope these Dolphin players prove us all wrong and really give it 100%. just like we saw back in 72'

Larry Johnson, guys? Come on! We're all trying to have faith and be optimistic, but Larry Johnson? He got FIRED from the Washington Deadskins last year and their offense is predicated on big RBs who can move the pile. By all accounts, Larry Johnson was more than a couple steps slow last year. Shanahan booted him.

I guess Priest Holmes wouldn't return Ireland's phone calls. :-(

Snap out of it and learn Football, most Tackles Carey's age move to the inside anyways to extend their careers. Long can't run block???? It is called the PRO BOWL for a reason and he was there. Incognito is a beast inside and it is obvious that you never watch football but like to talk about it! Pouncey is going to be great and like I said before Columbo is a weak link. Put something on the board that makes sense and stop pouting non-sense. Your trying to be funny with your little nicknames and your not. Ross isn't smart enough to fire them all that is how we got to where we are...Second, we have no shot at Luck, no pun intended, and we don't get in th etop 5. 7-9, book it!


The FACTS say the offensive line was terrible las year - in every facet of the game. Now you can argue they're going to be improved, but you cannot argue that they've already shown they're up to the task. They haven't shown it. Period.

Go Fins!!

Maybe Ireland asked the other candidates if their Mother was a prostitute.

a team isn't going to hit on every draft choice and every FA acquisition it makes but look at this list:

cam wake
karlos dansby
kevin burnett
a j edds
reshad jones
brandon marshall
reggie bush
devone bess

this is a short list of guys they brought in either thru FA or the draft that will have a tremendous impact on this team. two of them were chosen in later rds, one (who is one of the best slot receivers in the league) was an UFA and the others were FA acquisitions that previous regimes never would have gone after. this team had a history of signing FA's long after their prime and now Ireland brings in guys who still have plenty left in the tank and he sucks as a gm. i don't get it. i would much rather have what we have now rather than the old way of thinking. let's bring back keith byars, or irving fryar. i love it.

Larry Johnson??????

9-16 , here we come !

Russ, obviously you are a troll using another name. Jake Long has played every single game and has been a Pro Bowler for all 3 years in the league. Incognito is a nasty, big linemen who doesn't get holding penalties like you claim. So what, Pouncey is a rookie, so was his brother, so was Jake Long, both Pro Bowlers. Like I said, your an obvious troll, now at least I know to no longer resins to you, nome or Sam, have a nice day Jets boy.

That was 0-16

russ is using another name. his real name is rumpelstiltskin.

RW wasn't happy with his role splitting carries with Ronnie, why would anyone think he was an option to be a backup on the bench?????? That's what this position is. They sign LJ now, see what he has and in 10 days they will have much more to look through when cuts start flowing out.


Now put together the list of draftees and FAs that did not pan out. Compare the list.


Now put together the list of draftees and FAs that did not pan out. Compare the list.

Hang on, both Tiki Barber and Clinton Portis are still available (I believe Cecil 'The Diesel' is still doing time). It's not as if the FO missed out on them. They've signed LJ by choice. I don't know what it means or what need they're trying to fill, but they've made a conscious decision that LJ was the way to go...for now. For all we know, they're just doing his agent a favor (I know that sounds conspiratorial, but I think that kind of thing really happens). Y'know, in the context of "Hey, can you give my guy LJ a shot and I'll help you out with ???". The guy could be released by next week. Can't wait to hear all of you say "I told you so, stupid FO anyway".

You don't pretend to know or understand everything the government does, do you?

As far as R & R go, neither of them were creating yards of their own last year. They weren't making anyone miss anymore. Ronnie danced too much for a guy with his frame, I think he always did.

I guess Priest Holmes wouldn't return Ireland's phone calls. :-(

Posted by: Russ | August 23, 2011 at 11:51 AM

Actually, he did but Ireland had Curt Warner on the other line. :-)

of the 25 players they drafted between 2088 (ireland's first year) and 2010 (not inlcuding this year yet, too early) 17 are still on the team. i would think any coach and gm would be happy with the fact that they have so many players still on the team. add to that the list of FA's they signed from my previous post and it has been even more successful.

Troll of the day: Russ

this is not a bad roster:


This guy will never make the team. This is just too push Thomas and rest of the backups. if he has something left, great.

( Y )

What's up guys? I just got out of surgery but as you can see from the photo I'm doing fine.

If you know what I mean...........

Ireland is unreal.... He should have re-signed Ronnie and been done with it. He is younger than Johnson or Rickey and still has game, watch and see what he does in Philly... You never can have too many good players, and injuries are very common at RB, big mistake Ireland.


While Ireland makes questionable signings at times....(LJ to me is NOT one of them)....I think he he has earned his stripes as the GM....Look no further than Dallas to see that this guy knows how to stock-pile talent....

Its coach Tony who worries me....his decsion making....his lack of a 2 min offence....the allowing RBs to roate in and out every series.....

Maybe Daboll does for the offence...what Nolan has done with the D-fence....he tell's Tony to stay out of his way....


This is my last time addressing you since you're obviously a fool.

Noticed you only mentioned three of our 5 starting linmen. Hhhmmm, wonder why? Ironically, one of the linemen (Pouncey) the best you could say about him was that he could become as good as his brother or Long. That's hilarious, because what he could become isn't what he is now. Right now he hasn't proven anything other than having the same last name as a very good player (btw, a player who was good enough to come out a whole year earlier).

A man who points out FACTS is no more a troll than the FOOL who glosses over the facts and fluffs up the players. For example, Incognito might be nasty and big, but he didn't do anything on the football field. Sorry, Bobby.

My last response to you. Come up with facts or sthu.

Wow, never heard so many get their panties in a bunch over the signing of a potential 3rd string rb. How many carries does a 3rd stringer get? Avg of 1-2 a game at best? Lj is not the replacement for Ricky or Ronnie, those are Reggie and Donald. Lj is a candidate to replace Patrick Cobbs. He's here to battle Lex Hilliard

Ronnie Brown signed for $1MM!!!!!!!!
If we are not comfortable with thr RB situation can Ireland at least admit this one was a mistake?

Posted by: Hector | August 23, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Right on Hector! Ireland just at least admit you made a big mistake... It will make it a little easier to take...

Rumor has it they invited OJ in for a try out. Team needs role model for young RB's...

Russ, you are stupid. How can someone be a bust when they haven't even played one game yet? We talkin' about practice.

Agree w Hector
Def would take Ronnie Brown back for a million.

The whole situation makes no sense!



and a retread like Larry Johnson
Is this to put a fire under the arse of the three RBs


Otherwise makes no sense at all

All 3 of these RBs we already have are out to prove their worth, IN A BIG WAY

3rd and 1 or Goalline?? Give it to Polite! Polite not Johnson or Thomas or Bush!! Where is Polite! Give the MAN the ball,he's great at it! Go Fins! Cut Johnson next wk you watch!

Maybe they brought him in to avoid possible injuries?

You know, the game and a half worth of garbage snaps coming up in the next two weeks.

Then again, we could play Bush, Thomas and Hilliard against everybodise 3rd and 4th string defenses, like we did Long last year.

Fist Pump!!!!

They probably are just filling the gap left by cutting Sheets. They'll release him in a second if the find a better back up.

Let's not judge Thomas after two preseason games like Mando did. There is what you call a learning process. He'll get better.

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Holy Smokes

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Dear Mr. Salguero

Does the Miami Dolphins Brian Cox wish to get his Larry Johnson some Reggie Bush.

Today's question was brought to you by Double entendre : A word or phrase having a double meaning, especially when the second meaning is risqué

Soiled :)

Women in S.Fla be warned....Larry Johnson is coming to town!

First of all, I'm not worried about all Larry Johnson's off-field antics. I don't bleive he's that guy any more. The young Larry Johnson was smug, arrogant and had an attitude. He was bigger than the team. He was a first round pick out of Penn who thought he was above others. My guess is he's been humbled since then, as his playing time has been chopped, he's been chopped two or three times and his salary has been shrunk immensley. This is a guy who signed a three year/$12 million contract with the Redskins just 15 short months ago. Those days are gone. This is likely his last chance. He's only 31 but he could be done this year. That's got to be a pretty bitter pill to swallow for the guy. Hopefully he comes in and plays with a chip on his shoulder. I think this move is about competition. He competes for a spot and it also sends a message to guys like Hilliard and Politte that he's hear to play for your playing time and maybe even your job. Nothing wrong with that. Best player plays.

I also get the feeling that Sparano would have been happy with Brown back in this role this year but for some reason Ireland wanted to move away from Brown. I'm not sure that was wise. Brown back as a third back would have been a good move. He also could have stepped in if the rook struggled or someone went down. We'll see if that comes back to haunt them. I'm glad Sparano said he's been nervous about the running game becaue I've been nervous about the running game too. I still am a bit.

Mark in Toronto, not taking you to task on this but I hear from a lot of people 'you can always get some good street free agents down the road'. Who do you see as some of the guys that might available? I'm guessing guys like LJ or Portis? I'm glad they are addressing this now because I could see an injury coming in week 5 and this team struggling to find someone to do the job for a number of weeks.

Triple.....that was good....

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bobbyd12, another reason we probably weren't interested in Portis (besides his weight) is the concussion issue. That's what kept him sidelined with the Redskins. And I think it happened multiple times. Once you get more than 1 concussion it's really hit or miss. Some guys can come back and be fine, others have lingering problems (or re-occurring) concussions.

So I wouldn't have wanted Portis here.

Overall, I agree with Mark, this is not very significant. If he makes the team, LJ won't get more than 5 carries a game (I'm guessing). And probably won't do much to help (or hurt) the team regardless.


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"Johnson tried to flee the scene but was tackled by police officers"

Good stuff Omar. But he didnt have anyone blocking for him so he still might have something left in the tank right?

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Isn't Alex Jones the REAL predictor of these things.....

Mark in Toronto is right. Why are people getting so upset about this move. As he's also said, Johnson isn't coming in to replace Brown and Williams....Thomas and Bush are doing that. The easy answer would have been to keep Williams or Brown as third stringers but we don't even know they would have agreed to that. The situation is that Brown is a backup for a playoff contender in Philly and Williams is a backup for a playoff contender in Baltimore. If you were them, would you have taken the situations they took or played third stringer in Miami for a questionable playoff team? Easy answer I think.

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