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Dolphins announce signing of RB Larry Johnson

The Dolphins have announced on their twitter feed they have signed running back Larry Johnson. So much for those tentative first-and-goal runs.

Johnson, 31 years old, hasn't had a productive season since 2008 when he gained 874 yards. That was also the same year the stuff hit the fan for him. He was suspended by the Chiefs for violating unspecified team rules. He was also suspended by commissioner Roger Goodell for one game that season. Hmmm.

The next year Johnson was critical of Chiefs coach Todd Haley, which as you might guess, led to his suspension for conduct detrimental to the club. The Chiefs cut Johnson when his suspension ended.

Johnson bounced to the Bengals in 2009 in late November and then went to the Redskins in March of 2010 as a free agent. That didn't last. He was cut in September and was out of work the rest of the season.

Johnson has been arrested four times since 2003 on various assault charges against women. In 2003, he was arrested for assault and domestic battery for brandishin a gun at his then-girlfriend, during an argument at his home. The charges were dropped when Johnson agreed to participate in a domestic violence diversion program. In 2005, he was again arrested for assault when a woman accused Johnson of pushing her to the ground, but the case was dropped after the alleged victim failed to appear in court for three different hearing.

His third arrest for assault came on February 24, 2008, after allegedly pushing a woman's head at a nightclub that night. On October 10, 2008, Johnson was arrested for the fourth time and charged with one count of non-aggravated assault for allegedly spitting a drink in a woman's face at a Kansas City nightclub on October 11. Johnson tried to flee the scene but police officers tackled him.

The Dolphins have been in the market for a running back for some time. Today they worked out Clinton Portis. They also worked out Tiki Barber three weeks ago, around the time they worked out Johnson.

They are obviously:

Not comfortable with their current RB situation, which has rookie Daniel Thomas behind Reggie Bush. A couple of weeks ago, coach Tony Sparano admitted in a column I wrote that he was "nervous" about the running back situation.

Miami's running back corps delivered an unspectacular performance around the goal line on four first-and-goal runs against the Panthers, probably pushed the team over the edge.

Is Johnson going to be the guy who gained over 1,700 yards in both 2005 and 2006? No.

But I guess checking him out for the next couple of weeks cannot hurt a team looking to upgrade in the backfield.


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FP4EG's, don't know if he can play. I thought he was out of the lague for good.

I'm just trying to point out the reasoning for them making a move for a guy like that.

Like most, I would have liked Ricky or Ronnie. We needed a guy happy to be an emergency option or spot player. Not sure Ricky & Ronnie would be totally happy riding the backseat all the time.

They made a move for a guy who can carry a big load. That was their need. Did they get the right guy? We'll see...

Joe, I agree, I just hope he can bring it.

Sam, your preaching to the choir. Just pointing out the need Miami has & why a guy like Johnson fits the bill.

listen people unless andrew luck hurts his draft stock tremendously like jake locker did he will not fall to us


I think Ricky would have been the Back for that, I Mean he knows the Offense,The B,WC, ETC,ETC. But I guess there going in a different direction which is a good thing,After two 7 and nine seasons Maybe my TV will survive the year., We'LL see.



Don't forget the wets in that list.

I'm not JUST HATING on the wets, I think it's pretty evident their little run, RAN OUT!

Just saying..............

Odin, How many TVs did you go through the last 2 years? LOL.

I'm sure Ireland and SpOrano could've took another strategy getting a QB this year. It probably would have been VERY costly though.

I do give them some credit though, for putting Henne in a good position to either sink or swim. The more talent we bring in, the more complet of a team we become, the room for excuses there will be.

It's sink or swim time for Henne and I believe they brought in some solid "Life Preservers".

Who knows, maybe an upgrade TE and RT will be cut from someone elses roster.


They should have kept either Ronnie or Ricky

Bush is good.,The player., Bush is great, Well you know,Just saying.

williams and brown both fumbled way too much in awful situations and ran for 3 yards a carry last year. ricky talked major crap after the season and brown was always hurt. thomas and bush will be fine. thomas got good a nice leap over and was stopped just short on the first play. armundo likes to say it was 1st and goal at the 1. but it was at the 3 and thomas gained 2 on 1st down. once the kid gets used to the speed of the nfl he'll be a beast!! better than ricky or ronnie!!!

Odin, How many TVs did you go through the last 2 years? LOL.

Posted by: FP4EGs | August 23, 2011 at 02:11 PM

I could make a really good joke right here, but believe me, truth is stranger than fiction.

Being TOTALLY HONEST, since The Trifecta's arrival I'm on my 6th TV!

And before you ask, YES! Lots of alchohol was involved. Without going into too much detail, a 16 gauge goose hunter was used twice. The girl I was dating at the time left me and never spoke to me again, Go Figure :)

Wow, Larry Johnson.

Very confusing move for this organization.

LJ appears to be a bad guy in the community and the locker room with few redeeming qualities on top of being not a very good RB anymore.

They showed Ricky the door and now sign LJ?

I do not understand this at all.

Looks like the bifecta has seriously misjudged the RB situation.

I doubt LJ sees the field. Disappointing to see Sheets did'nt cut it and was released. Lex ought to get the carries.

If Columbo does his best impersonation of a turn stile this season then that makes two important area's that the bifecta has majorly misjudged.

What about Terell Pryor admitting he thought he would go to the Dolphins.

Do you think Ireland would have dropped a 4th round pick on everyone's favorite slow-witted tatto parlor affcianado?

LOL @ Odin, Did you ever put a "Hotties" Head through a TV?,Just wondering.LOL

Bush is good.,The player., Bush is great, Well you know,Just saying.

Posted by: FP4EGs | August 23, 2011 at 02:14 PM

Quit confusing me!



Gary, Even Ireland is'nt that stupid.

LOL @ Odin, Did you ever put a "Hotties" Head through a TV?,Just wondering.LOL

Posted by: FP4EGs | August 23, 2011 at 02:22 PM

NO! NEVER! I'm not a Larry Johnson type whatsoever. Not because of morals or anything like that, just because I hate wasting money on bail, fines, victims rights funds, etc, etc. Besides that, do you know how long it takes to make a good batch of Hooch in the county jail?

Back to your question though, no. However, thanks to my "UNIQUE" charm and wit, I have had many a Hotties try to put -MY- head through a flat screen.

Bottom's Up!!!!

i think the only thing we need this year is a number 1 TE to bump fasano to number 2. the line will be great. not good, great!! pouncey looks like a carbon copy of his twin playing center. he was pushing his man back and i saw him downfield a few times going after a second tier guy. columbo looks better than carey at right tackle and carey was moving gus at right guard. add long and WOW.

daboll's offense is way more aggressive than henning's. love not being in a 2 TE set nearly every play!! lot's of slant's and clear outs to get bush the ball in space. about 5 home run shots. our wr core is strong!! i know marshall is the only name guy but we got great depth and talent there. will they keep 6? maybe 7? marshall, hartline, bess and gates are locks.the other 3 guys are also full of talent. moore, wallace and livas returning punts. can we keep 6 WRs and a return specialist?? if we only keep 2 TE's yes. if you want a bigger set put in a tackle eligible.

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Ireland is, perhaps, that dumb. In case you missed it -- he just signed Larry Johnson.

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This is the icing on the cake! Larry Johnson???? WTF??? I can't wait till these f@chen clowns are fired. I can barely stand to watch this anymore... First they pass on a good QB in Mallet for that loser Thomas... Now they realize it and get ole grandpa has-been... This is almost comical. Wake up Ross and get rid of these idiots!

We didnt sign lj to be a great rb. He was.sign for.short yardage only. I still think we should have sign a te. I do believe he has a good chance of making this team better. We didnt sign portis and other rb out there because we already have what they offer. Quickness . We need a bruiser and thats what he brings. Its amazing none u guys realize that.

We just felt this at work, just north of Baltimore. Very scary! I work in a brick office building and the whole thing was shaking. Probably lasted about 40 seconds, but it was pretty forceful. We heard that N. Virginia felt it at 5.8, no word on the strength here. Any other ATS'ers out there that felt this? Anyone hear of any damage? I can't call long distance, and my Verizon cell isn't working either.

I guess it is Mother Nature, again ?
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one word....fracking.


I'm predicting yet another 7-9 season -- though I will gladly eat my words if the fins overperform.

The Dolphins are not as terrible as the naysayers claim.

They have an OUSTANDING 3-4 defensive line. Solid starters (if middling depth) at LB,
A secondary that has huge upside,
A deep and talented pool of wide receivers
Young solid players at both Kicker and Punter
And a well-anchored left-hand side of the line.
They also have one of the leaguest better Defensive Co-ordinators.

They have an erratic, error-prone QB.
Unproven Runningbacks
Mediocre Tight Ends
A Offensive Co-ordinator with a lot to prove
No return game to speak of
A Right-side-of the offensive line that is in shambles.
A Dan Snyder wannabe at owner
And a Head Coach who is incapable of speaking in complete English sentences.

This -- to me -- sounds like a 7-9 team.

Home true blood. Strong here in Delaware. Earthquake today, hurricane Friday or Saturday, even mother nature is trying to clean up dc.

Any decent pass catching TEs going to be cut before the season starts? Seems to me that's the one area we might be able to realistically upgrade prior to the season.


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Posted by: Gary Stevens | August 23, 2011 at 02:41 PM

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Hee in Connecticut our buildins was rocking back and forth pretty bad... 1st time for me, we got evacuated from our building!

Is it me or did Home predict this last Jan.?, He also stated the no Hurricanes would hit the US but hit Mexico and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere?When Was the last Hurricane to hit the US, I think its been 3 years now., Maybe Home is on to something here, Maybe WE ARE "Sheapole"Just saying.

Dear Fans,
Larry Johnson jerseys are now available to purchase at the Official Miami Dolphins team shop. Be sure to get yours today! We believe that Larry Johnson will be the Smoke behind our running attack and Reggie Bush will be the Fire. Where there's smoke, there's fire!! We will be burning up the league this year on the ground. Thank you for being a loyal Miami Dolphins fan.



P.S. There is no truth to the rumors we were interested in Mr. Pryor. After various discussions with him, I was able to ascertain that his mother was not a prostitute. That was the extent of our conversations. I can't believe Al Davis gave up a 3rd rounder for him! We got Larry Johnson for NOTHING! Eat that Al!

Dear Fans,
I want you to know I didn't make a mistake signing Mr. Columbo to our OL. Even if we end up cutting him and eating his huge guaranteed salary, we made Vernon Carey take a huge pay cut. So while we will have (once again) wasted money on the salary cap, none of that money actually is coming out of Mr. Ross's pocket. And that makes Mr. Ross a happy guy.



another Dolfan writes:




Home on the HAARP triggered earthquake of 8.23.2011

Home, the push down in the market is just a ploy to bring down average costs so the big funds can come in and buy low and show huge gains. Same thing done every summer.

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I also felt the earthquake in NJ. Weird.

Iam In San Jose Calf. Everythings Great here.

30 something RB to go with washed up 30 something OLmen; super bowl here we come!

Do I remember a hx of neck problems w. LJ?

Resigning Ronnie Brown would have been better?
This smacks of despiration!

See ya Sparano

Given his rap sheet, he seems better suited to work as crowd control at a Bay Area football game.

FLH, Ricky & Ronnie will get alot of work on their new teams. Ronnie probably more. Johnson will hardly play unless we suffer inujuries.

Johnson could be had cheaper because he won't play much versus Ricky & Ronnie who would expect to play & get paid.

Is Johnson the best guy for the short yardgage, goaline, emergency job? Based on his production & troubles.....very debatable.

LOL@ FLH, Yeah gotta agree, Smells as if it's a Last ditch effort from Ireland for a guy that has'nt played for 2 years.,I wonder if he contacted Icky Woods?

I'm in Bethesda, MD, it was a 5.9 earthquake. C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Now I know what my cuz feels like in Cali. Damn, can't the Dolphins just win a SB for I die? That's ALL I ask.

This team loves hunting for acorns!

DC, you're asking for alot LOL

Nuts DC just NUTS!

If Home is right, it is SB or bust this year. :)

He won't last.
Let's have a look at those cops that tackled as long as we're desperate.

Guys I don't think Ricky and Ronnie were going to sign with this team in the role that the team wanted them to play. Take a look....Ronnie is the backup for a likely playoff Philadelphia Eagles team. Ricky the backup to a likely playoff team in Baltimore.

Both of these opportunities are more attractive than what the Dolphins were offering. The team was ready to turn things over to new guys after subpar performances from both of them last year. There's no evidence that either guy could get it done any more. So bash Ireland if you like but the Johnson move is just checking out what a vet can do in limited playing time. Not a bad move, even if it gets scrapped in two weeks.

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Joe/Poizen, now, the roads are all jam-packed like after 9-11. I can't leave work even if I wanted to (I live about 1 hr away).

All I got is this blog, y'all are my lifeline to the World.

If I'm goin' down, I'm goin' with my people, aqua and orange all day!!! LOL.

People complain too much in here. If the patriots had got him, the same people and "experts" would be saying "That was a brilliant move!!"

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