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Dolphins announce signing of RB Larry Johnson

The Dolphins have announced on their twitter feed they have signed running back Larry Johnson. So much for those tentative first-and-goal runs.

Johnson, 31 years old, hasn't had a productive season since 2008 when he gained 874 yards. That was also the same year the stuff hit the fan for him. He was suspended by the Chiefs for violating unspecified team rules. He was also suspended by commissioner Roger Goodell for one game that season. Hmmm.

The next year Johnson was critical of Chiefs coach Todd Haley, which as you might guess, led to his suspension for conduct detrimental to the club. The Chiefs cut Johnson when his suspension ended.

Johnson bounced to the Bengals in 2009 in late November and then went to the Redskins in March of 2010 as a free agent. That didn't last. He was cut in September and was out of work the rest of the season.

Johnson has been arrested four times since 2003 on various assault charges against women. In 2003, he was arrested for assault and domestic battery for brandishin a gun at his then-girlfriend, during an argument at his home. The charges were dropped when Johnson agreed to participate in a domestic violence diversion program. In 2005, he was again arrested for assault when a woman accused Johnson of pushing her to the ground, but the case was dropped after the alleged victim failed to appear in court for three different hearing.

His third arrest for assault came on February 24, 2008, after allegedly pushing a woman's head at a nightclub that night. On October 10, 2008, Johnson was arrested for the fourth time and charged with one count of non-aggravated assault for allegedly spitting a drink in a woman's face at a Kansas City nightclub on October 11. Johnson tried to flee the scene but police officers tackled him.

The Dolphins have been in the market for a running back for some time. Today they worked out Clinton Portis. They also worked out Tiki Barber three weeks ago, around the time they worked out Johnson.

They are obviously:

Not comfortable with their current RB situation, which has rookie Daniel Thomas behind Reggie Bush. A couple of weeks ago, coach Tony Sparano admitted in a column I wrote that he was "nervous" about the running back situation.

Miami's running back corps delivered an unspectacular performance around the goal line on four first-and-goal runs against the Panthers, probably pushed the team over the edge.

Is Johnson going to be the guy who gained over 1,700 yards in both 2005 and 2006? No.

But I guess checking him out for the next couple of weeks cannot hurt a team looking to upgrade in the backfield.


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Dyingbreed....Hes an upgrade nonetheless....2 days ago we were worse than today am i right? ok then. stop whining!

News Flash:

Cory Sheets leaves Dolphins practice facility. Later reported filling out team worker application at the local Micky D's!!!!!!!!

CoCo, Watch out or certain people(Odin)(If he's drunk)(Though its still early he more then likely wont) will start calling you names, But I got to agree, Tnats why I see a 5 and 11 season a success., Just saying.


Cory Sheets would be an upgrade if the fins cut my grandmother to be replaced by him. Are you saying just because Cory Sheets replaces my grandmother he's a true upgrade?



Isn't that supposed to be FP4FGs? Or are you his cousin?

"Dave Wannstedt makes Jeff Ireland look like Bill Polian."

Some dude

I wish Miami Dolphins fans weren't the most ignorant fans in football. Could we at least educate ourselves about one or the other. That's all I ask, just pick one, the game of football, OR, the Miami Dolphins. Pick one and educate yourself so you can stop embarrassing the rest of us.

Dave Wannstedt was not the GM, Rick Spielman was. Wannstedt had power of veto on player aquisitions and he used it once. He told Spielman NO WAY on Anquan Boldin because he wanted Eddie Moore who was a gigantic bust while Boldin, well you know the rest of his story.

The Miami Dolphins currently have two players on the roster from the Wanny/Spielman era,, TWO!!!!

They were bluffed into trading a 4th rounder to move up one spot to take Vernon Carey. Patriots took Vince Wilfork right after that. They also gave up a 2nd rounder that same season for AJ Feeley.

They squandered most every draft choice they had which was few after the free for all in giving away our picks for crappy players. AJ Feeley, Lamar, Gordon, Jamar Fletcher, Eddie Moore, the list goes on and on.

Last but not least we lost Ricky because Wanny was using him like a pack donkey and they lost Ogunleye because they couldn't handle the negotiations and Chicago swooped in.

Please educate yourself regarding your own team before you ever compare this regime with that one. They are the direct reason the Phins went 1-15. SO NO IT DIDN'T COME OUT OF NOWHERE AS RUSS SUGGESTED!


How can you guys think Thomas is a bust?

He's a ROOKIE. It's preseason. How could a rookie be a bust before he even plays a real game?

By the way, he had 12 rushes for 52 yds against Carolina.

I'm dumbfounded.....

Here's what happened...Nolan overheard the LBs & safeties saying it's great not to have to go up against a bruiser like Ronnie in camp and that triggered a light bulb moment...LJ is just a scout team scenario. It also occurred to Ireland lastnight when he watched Brandon Jacobs lumber down the left sideline against the bears and none of the DBs wanted anything to do with him.

"Hey, we better get some work against a guy like that".

Or, we could blame HAARPA rings...


ALoco's getting confuesd again flip-flopping in out of different aliases. LOL...


Isn't that supposed to be FP4FGs? Or are you his cousin?

Posted by: finsfan72 | August 23, 2011 at 05:21 PM

Cecil Collins / Lawrence Phillips...hadn't heard those names in years! Wonder how their game against the guards went. That Chris Rock makes me LMAO.

hohum please post JTS words. Not saying you're wrong but the way I recall it JT had a problem with Parcells and still does. Tony loved JT and they never had a problem with each other. If I'm wrong,,,,,,prove it.

You tell 'em LouD!

Wannstache ruined this franchise.

Gary Stevens you're wrong. Wanny had "power of veto" and as I pointed out only used it to pick Moore instead of Boldin who was Spielmans choice but I digress. Point is still solid, no matter who was making the decisions the Wanny regime was an epic failure. He rode the coattails of Jimmy Johnson for his two playoff appearances. It only took them two years to completely destroy everything Johnson was building and to also ruin the future of the Dolphins.

"Hey Lou, there was a reason why Ricky 'bad mouthed' Sparano. Sparano's an idiot...that's why."

What is this? Is this a point? What is this because I don't understand why you would think I actually have anything to say to this nonsense.

Thank You Lou, You know more then 80% Presently posting,Your right Ricky left(The Day before traing camp) Opened to screw Wannstadt, Cant blame him, Though the 4 game suspension coming his why for the 3rd Drug test might have swayed him, Your Right Wannstadt was the cancer that has brought us to this.

That does seem like one of Aloco's typical misspellings...HMMMM

Guys I'm On my I Phone, Many Mistakes on words occur, Give me a break.

Only on a team that will win no more than 6 games would the signing of a 30+yo washed-up woman-beating, hasn't played in two years RB be considered an "upgrade". IF LJ is such a "good pickup", why have not any of the upper tier teams signed him prior to now. No one else is that desperate. The market for a 30+ yo RB is almost zero...especially this one w. his history. No one is talking about his health record.....if I remember, he had hip and neck problems in the past. There are only 3 or 4 teams in the NFL that would consider this signing an 'upgrade'

BTW Breed, You do flip flop., just saying.

Really? Larry Johnson? Were Shaun Alexander and Priest Holmes unavailable?

Just makes you wonder considering Ricky and Ronnie were still productive.

Hate to say it, I said it on draft night, but Thomas just doesnt look like anything special. Trading up for him was a mistake. I hope he proves me wrong, but I saw him play a couple times last year and i just dont see it.

To me Jordan Todman from UConn who was taken a few rounds later by SD looked like a much better back that Miami could've gotten without giving up a pick. Again, i hope I'm wrong

Plate, Like I said before, Maybe He'll surprise us. LMAOROTF,OIJPMP

hohum, here is what Jason said,

"I've never been a fan of micromanaging," Taylor said . "If you talk to anybody, not only in sports ... no one likes to be micromanaged. In sports, when you're micromanaged so much, I think it gets to a point you're so afraid to fail, you don't give yourself a chance to succeed."

Taylor then linked Sparano's micromanagement to Chad Henne's not exactly spectacular performance this season.

"When your quarterback is so afraid to make a mistake or so afraid to throw a pass because there's a chance it could get intercepted or a chance it could be incomplete, when you're so afraid to make that mistake, you don't give yourself a chance to have success," he said. "It goes back to the old cliché, 'You can't steal second with your foot on first.'"

Then it goes on to say they talked and all is well. Here's the thing, I was explaining why Ricky wasn't brought back and I stick by it, "he badmouthed the coach".

Yes JT did as well but if you only see things in black and white you can use that without seeing the big picture here. Obviously they like Jason Taylor more than they liked Ricky Williams. Williams is a flake, he never talked to Tony about his comments, JT DID. They cleared it up so there will be no locker room division. Williams never talked to Tony man to man like Jason did so there it is. As a matter of fact I would place a bet that Tony took some of JTs words to heart after their discussion. JT IS well respected around football. Ricky Williams, not so much.

OIJPMP=Opps I just pooped my pants.

Give Thomas a chance. It's WAY too early to judge him yet. He did have an outstanding college career and was highly rated coming out.


Rick Spielman held the title of 'general manager' during Wannstedt's tneure but Wannstedt had the final say on all personnel decisions.

I am not sure what your source is for the claim that Wannstedt only used his (veto) authority twice -- unless you happened to be in the Dolphins offices at the time.

What we do know is that Wayne Huizenga made a big deal about Wannstedt being the 'guy' when he hired him -- and, at the end of 2003, made an equally big deal of stripping him of his personnel authority as as a condition of keeping his job. This certainly implies more than a figurehead 'veto' role.

Spielman essentially played Jeff Ireland to Wannstedt's Bill Parcells. Only Wannstedt could make decisoins on his own. Hard to untangle who screwed up one decison.

Now I agree with you that they were both idiots in way over their heads-- and even if I believed that Wannstedt's only personal decison was Eddie Moore -- that would still be a firing offence.

But there is no evidence whatsoever backing up your claim that Wannstedt should be asbolved of responsibilty for the ruinous personnel decisoins that set this team back for (what will likely be) a decade.

So yes hohum you were right, JT did say some things about Tony but here's what Ricky said.

"A team takes on the personality of the head coach," Williams said. "I think the way we're coached, Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things that it takes to win football games: not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring in the red zone. He spent a lot of time saying 'If you do these things you win.' Sometimes, I feel like he does it a little bit too much.

"My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that 'You guys are going to win,' then all that other stuff takes care of itself."

Ya see, F,,,,L,,,,A,,,,K,,,,E,,,, FLAKE. So the coach goes through a lot of effort to teach his team about not turning the ball over, converting third downs, and scoring in the red zone and that's a bad thing to Ricky? Maybe because he's a stoner and wants a laid back coach to be like,,,,"ahhhh whatever dude, just go out and play and the rest of it will take care of itself".

JTs back, apparently Sparanos style isn't as bad after you play for Rex Ryan aka Jabba the Loudmouth.

Gary and LouD-

I think you both agree with me that Wannstache ruined the franchise. Speilman was a bit player no matter how you look at it. It was Wanny's show.

As for the issue of "vetoe rights" or "absolute personnel power" I remember it the way Gary does. I remember Wannstache having absolute authority. Remember Wannstache hired Speilman. Wannstache was Speilman's boss up until the last year.

New post up.

finsfan72: not necessarily judging Thoomas yet. Just an opinion based on what I saw from him in college.

The one complete game i saw was his bowl game vs. Syracuse. He broke a 50 yard run early, but the rest of the game he gained about 40 yards on 20 carries. That Syr defense isnt exactly stocked with NFL caliber talent. He didnt look "special' or fast against a pedestrian college defense. He just looks like a plodder to me. 2 yards and a cloud of dust type of guy. i just dont see his game translating to the NFL too well. Just think it was a bad pick.

Hope he gets every opportunity to make me eat crow, and succeeds. I'd love to come on this blog and admit how wrong i was about Daniel Thomas

LJ was a great signing. We like his history with women.

Ok Lou, I usually don't go into detail. But since you challenged me, I will.

It's on record that several players called Sparano out. RW was one of those. Don't take my word for it...look it up. I believe his words were 'micro managing'

Point being, Sparano is an idiot but worse, gets rid of his critics. That clear enogh for you Lou?

But there is no evidence whatsoever backing up your claim that Wannstedt should be asbolved of responsibilty for the ruinous personnel decisoins that set this team back for (what will likely be) a decade.

Gary Stevens

Whoa. Whoooooaaaaa, WHOA! Slow down Gary. I NEVER said that. You must be confusing my posts with someone elses. Someone said that Wanny makes Ireland look like crap. My point was that he was comparing a coach to a GM and either way Wanny AND Spielman ruined this team for years. We agree so I don't know where you're coming from here.

Wanny had power to veto or power of authority or whatever you want to call it but Spielman was the scout, he was the GM. He did all of the GM work. He was know to have an extensive scouting notebook that everyone said was impressive but people thought he didn't have what it took in recognizing good talent. Whether that is Wannys fault or his doesn't matter. My original is still true, Ireland=GM // Spielman = GM // Wanny = coach (with final say on personnell) and Ireland is way better than both of them which is my opinion backed up by a decade or more of facts.



well for all you fair weathered fans theres a big difference between the two. Ronnie and Larry.. One cost 8.5 million And one cost 1.5 million.. And it only cost 10k to try him for two weeks. And wait to see who gets cut.. JUst saying..

As we saw last week...the running back situation is fine. These guys actually run hard and seem to care whether the team wins. The R&R show was getting old and the Dolphins are evolving for a change. What's not to like? Obviously this move is to preserve and teach Thomas the way the game is played.

Why is everybody getting so worked up about Larry Johnson? What did it cost us (not much)? He's just an RB, what's the big deal? Is it that woman disciplining thing? C'mon man. We've all done it. You know how it is. Sometimes you just need a pop to take the edge off. Sure, its unlawful, but its just a little hit. He just got caught multiple times.


Was I talking about Ricky Williams or Larry Johnson? Anyway, I don't get the venom spewing, self-righteous soapbox declamatory viewpoints being perpetuated upon we Dolphins fans regarding one washed-up RB vs another, more expensive one. Ricky, I mean. Or is it Ronnie? Which one is everybody up in arms about? Oh well.

On a side note, the 2011 Dolphins football team is shaping up nicely.


Did you mean Larry Csonka? No offense intended. Got to keep our forebears straight and give them the respect which they earned and deserve.

R U kidding, they will cut him by week 2!!!
Bad!!! Bad!!

Totally inexcusable.Larry Johnson does not represent an upgrade over either Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown and when you factor in the his off field behavior this might qualify as a down right stupid move.

Would have been SUH-weet if they went after Willis McGahee.

"Johnson tried to flee the scene but police officers tackled him." And we want this guy to run the ball for us and he cant outrun or break a cop tackle!! Come on!! lol

Hey Storm, as a retired cop I resent that comment! Even in my 30's I could still outrun and outfight guys like him!.....

I want to see Johnson sink or swim over the next 2 games. I don't want a good RB prospect cut for this guy!

What are they thinking?
They kill the momentum of a feel good week following the Carolina game with a move like this.
Why would they bring this washed up delinquent on this team? Another stellar role model for our kids.

Should have absolutely kept Ricky or Ronnie, probably Ricky. He would have been a good complement to Reggie. However, the coaching staff apparently liked what they saw in LJ, so let's see what happens. He may truly realize this is his last chance and be a good find. I hope they don't cut Hilliard to keep LJ. He always seems to get positive yards and is versatile.

I HOPE this isn't the early indications that Thomas is the new Pat White. We can't keep treating 2nd round picks like they are 7th round picks that don't matter. Hopefully Thomas works out.

you sick pathetic Dolphins fan's. why would You sign ronnie to a huge contract? I love Ronnie, but no one else was giving him one. LJ is not there to save the team, merely help with the inside running. Have any of you people live Squeaky clen live's/ Get over it and stop bashing Your "supposed to be Team". We are merely a middle of the pack Team, and as soon as you folks realize that You may be able to get some sleep at night.

Are yall really throwing a hissy fit. Johnson is here to be the 4th string running back yippie dam doo

Ronnie Brown > Larry Jonnson...total botch

The cops tackled him...

Can we sign the cops to a linebacker spot? They seem pretty badass

Yep, I really have faith in the Dolphin front office or maybe we should call the them the "front outhouse office" cause those guys are always in the crapper.

That's the problem, The front office is always messing up, they just want to save a buck instead of looking for a win and pay out a little bit more. Hey maybe he learned his lessons give him a break. but we still had the guys and didn't need to get rid of them.We had better than Johnson.But then again the front office missed it's cue...always.I think it's time to get rid of a few guys at the head of the fins, not team mates...who is messing up more?

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