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Brandon Marshall illness raises football questions also

I was just surfing the web and, going on a football site, I was reading the headlines:

Jets reach deal with Plaxico

Jets re-sign Cromartie

Bengals bring back Benson

Seahawks, Tatupu part ways

Dolphins WR admits personality disorder

Jaguars Lewis ending holdout

Which one do you see is a little out of place? I'll give you one guess.

Look, I have compassion for Brandon Marshall. I feel sympathy for him as he battles the demons of Borderline Personality Disorder. The man's life has, by his own admission, been hell the past year. He hasn't been a happy camper in the least despite being so blessed with natural gifts and worldly luxuries -- cars, big home, lots of cash, great athletic ability, wife, family.

The story of Marshall seeking help for his condition is one of courage. No doubt.

But there is a football angle that must be discussed also. And from a purely football standpoint, and the Miami Dolphins, after all, are a football team not a mental health clinic, the Marshall story has to make you cringe.

Basically, the Dolphins greatest offensive weapon from last season, and the man they are counting on to be their best offensive offensive player again this season, is admitting he is suffering from a mental illness. And while Marshall has been aggressive in seeking treatment for the disorder and believes he has it under control, he adds, "by no means am I healed or fixed."

That is scary, particularly for a team that has no second act if Marshall suffers a relapse. What happens if Marshall goes from Beast mode to Boderline Beast mode, in which he loses control again?

We will hurt with him and for him because you never want a fellow human to be so buffeted by such troubles. But Dolphins fans will also be hurting for their team because, geez, this is a guy the offense is counting on to be on the field and be 100 percent engaged for 16 games. And you should worry because the team currently has no complementary weapon to put on the field if something happens to Marshall.



On a personal level.

And on a football level.


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If you're stupid, you have a "learning disorder." I guess it makes sense that if you're an a@#hole you have a "personality disorder."

Henne sucks. Ireland/Sparano/Ross suck. The Dolphins....suck. And it's GREAT to see us doing zero to change that in FA. This team is a joke. If Marshall goes down we are screwed. Although, it's not like we have a QB to throw him the ball anyways. Thanks for not getting Orton, Jeff! Nice move! Classic Fins! Ugh...

That post was out of line dude. All credit to Marshall for stepping up to face his problem and being willing to speak of it publically. When all is said and done football is just a game. I'm as passionate a Dolphins fan as they come but not so much as to trivialise something as serious as a man's mental health. Go do some real journalism Mando instead of taking a pathetic approach for a story like this. Way below your usual standard....

Did someone say a@#hole?
That's my handle.
Only I get to be the a@#hole.

Henne sucks. Ireland/Sparano/Ross suck. The Dolphins....suck.............

And yes I suck.

Armando....purley from a football stand point....I think you are on the money....and I have been among Marshall's biggest supports on this blog....but man...when is enough enough.....

If this is some attempt to drum up a defence for his wife's pending criminal trial....then I am all for Marshall saying and doing what is necessary to defend his wife...and keep her out of prison....IF....he feels thats what HE NEEDS TO DO......

However.....if this is real....or some ploy to get attention (like chad 85).....

Then it may be time to think about trading our losses with Marshall....

This team can only handle so much....so real or fake....attention grabber...or serious medical condition......this team has little room for distractions......

When Marshall throws the ball in to the stands after a crappy Henne pass....I want to know its because he is passioniate about his craft....and he demands the same level of excellence from his teamates.....and its because of that that his emotions got the best of him....

I don't want to read that Paul the Pscho took over his body for a few minutes and he has no memory of that play....


But no player can be bigger than the team......

not even a top 7 player at his position.....

This team is going to get blown up after the Dolphins go 6-10 this season. Bye Bye Ireland,Sparano,Henne,Marshall,Fasono,etc.

Mark in Toronto.....

From the "live Blog" yesterday.....

I saw your comments....and typed a medium sized response back....but it nver posted.....and I did'nt want the gist of what I was saying lost on 15 plus pages everone did yesterday.....

The football part of the post is now irrelevant.....

Just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite poster's on here as well....and i know we may not always agree....(who does).....I always look for your stuff to read when I see you in blue.....

BTW....haven't seen you but a few times before yesterday.....welcome back......

Let's just hope he keeps it under wraps if the Phins sign Orton maybe Orton will put Marshall in a better mood.

If you act a damn fool usually IMO it's because you won't control your emotions or think before you act. He should take responsibility for what he does and learn how to make better decisions. I don't feel there's anything medically wrong with him just like there wasn't anything wrong with Tigre woods other than he didn't control himself.

the trifecta should have been dismissed together,the way they came, so the fins could begin rebuilding a winning system like new england's. our franchise has become a joke nationally.

Everything is a disorder nowadays....

your sad....we got a disorder for that...

kid is energetic....we got a disorser for that...

your a D&ck....we got a disorder for that.....

you go to bed at night....and wake up in the morning......yup....we got a disorder for that......

Kingsmith amen nowadays everyone has some damn disorder get over it already and be a man. Accept responisiblity for stupidity and stop being an idiot.

Just because we know right from wrong doesn't mean that's what well do but it's on the individual not some medical excuse. This is why the pharmaceutical industry is soooooooo lucrative now.

OK, replace "BPD" with knee injury. What happens if Marshall goes down with one? Who do they have as the X receiver to carry the receiving offense? What happens if Henne goes down? Or Thomas? Same valid point Mando is making.

Not nearly enough playmakers on offense or planning for reasonably foreseeable contingencies. Things like that is why this team has been mired in mediocrity for most of the past decade. Forget competing with the Jets and Patriots for the playoffs, the reality is that they will be in a battle with Buffalo this year to avoid a last place finish unless they add more offensive weapons.







I'm not mad at all upgrading the oline. Every year, and I guess this is how Tony wants it, the oline is the focus of our potency. Obviously he's not too happy, since he hasn't meshed together a great unit since he came here. Maybe O'hara is the answer, maybe 2 guys. But I'm starting to get sick of reading about all these other teams making deals, and all I hear about Miami is Brandon's personality disorder. WHO CARES?

Another note, I really don't understand the Miami thought-process. I don't agree with it, but Miami wants to be a run-first team. Fine, if that's what you wanna do, DO IT RIGHT! Get your RB (they did in the Draft), get your oline together, and GET YOUR ALL-PRO FB Vonta Leach. If anyone is worried about blocking schemes, how's Vonta Leach for insurance? I mean, you can't even compare Polite with Leach (and I like Polite, he's a hell of a player). But Leach is the best of the best at his position, and he would have definitely upgraded any run game Miami wanted to see.

So, let's keep it quiet about Miami wanting to be the run team. Obviously, they don't really want to do that, or else they would have ensured our RB would be 1,000 yds this season by taking Leach.

I honestly cannot believe what I just read. You literally sicken me. How can anyone put a game before a mans health. Actually... how can anyone be dumb enough to even post this? I mean you must be half retarded to not keep this filth to yourself. Actually im probably right, you must be retarted so im sorry if offered you Mr.dumbass.

We need to sign Randy Moss or Terelle Owens as reassurance to Brandon Marshall, in case he has another attack. We know without him, our offense will be totally different.


Aloco, who made you the decency police? This is a football blog and Armando is discussing football matters.

In Denver, while posting all those big numbers...he had the disorder then too, right?

No. What's affecting his play in Miami is BQS: Baffled Quarterback Syndrome. He doesn't have a QB who can get the ball to him on a consistent basis.

I feel for the guy; he seems sincere enough. But isn't that goofy press conference evidence of an ego disorder as well? I mean, who gives a sh*t? Half the players in the league must suffer from some mental disorder as it is.



The problem with Marshall is he's just like every other player who suffer a season ending injury. But he's a greater risk because on top of that, he's got the mental illness that he's managing also.

Twice the gamble from a football standpoint.

Then act on your opinions and cruise from the blog if you don't respect the posters or author.

Otherwise you are just a little yapping chihuaha that tries to make trouble for no reason.

The topic was fair and important especially during free agency when the Dolphins are considering whether or not to add another WR or not.

Doesn't matter how good he is if there isn't a qb who can get the ball to him & others or a system that throws mostly 5 yards at a time. He is probably troubled when losing & cured when winning & catching td passes.

This is from the 7-on-7 drill observations from Omar Kelly:

"Second play, the pass goes to Hartline, one of Henne’s better passes of the day, but Hartline drops it."

UGHHHH!! I know this is just the start of camp, and not reflective of anything, but anyone heard that saying, " you play the way you practice"? Why do I get the feeling that this year will just continue the inconsistency we've seen these last MANY years?


Hey, I've got a disorder too. It's called the I root for a team that makes personnel moves that no one understands disorder.

FLPD, I'm with you on this one. This is all just one more piece of evidence proving my theory: The Feminization of America and the American Male. Don't get me wrong, I hope the guy gets it together, don't wish illness on anyone (mental or otherwise). But I don't remember Marshall being on the team 30 years ago when I became a fan. I don't remember Marshall in the 90's when I sweated through that decade, don't even remember Marshall in the 2000 decade I just got finished forgetting. I'm not a Dolphins fan because of Brandon Marshall, I'm a fan of the MIAMI DOLPHINS!!! And first and foremost, over ANY player, ANY Coach, ANY Owner, I want to win. So anything that helps or hurts that end goal, is worthy of discussion if you ask me.

Now, with that said, Marshall will work through it. And I don't feel all that badly for him. Life puts all kinds of obstacles in front of people. And people without Marshall's celebrity seem to control themselves and live their lives in dignity. I don't know why Marshall should be any different.

I'd say to Brandon, this may be harder, but you've been blessed with so many advantages, this is one you'll have to work to neutralize, and it'll make you a better person afterwards. Now put your helmet on and get the h*ll on the field and DO YOUR JOB!!!

Also, how does Jake Long going on the PUP list not count for a MAJOR NEWS STORY ON THIS SITE!!!

GOOD POST DC .......

Hey, I've got a disorder too. It's called the I root for a team that makes personnel moves that no one understands disorder.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | August 01, 2011 at 08:05 AM

Easily the post of the day by Mr. Ferguson.....

I work in health care, so maybe this will put your mind at ease...
Borderline and other personality disorders are best dealt with by behavior management; pharmacological treatment is usually not successful unless you are treating accompanying symptoms.

I knew someone with BPD who worked for the IRS. Unfortunately, their BPD made them an EXCELLENT IRS employee.

I would be less worried about his diagnosis and more concerned that, given the fact he self-reported, how many others likely suffer from BPD but are never properly diagnosed. With BPD, the more you know about the related behavioral patterns, the better you are equiped to deal with the individual and create appropriate interventions.

I could be wrong, but I believe the health care industry, for instance, is a perfect place for people with BPD and other disorders to "fit in" - much like the IRS. And just like the Priesthood, which is the perfect harbor for certain behaviors, being a star athelete can be a perfect haven...you just say the person is a jerk when they misbehave, but it likely runs deeper than that.

Mando -

What a inane post and you are missing the point here. It's not like this just happened. He has had it all along. If it has not hurt his performance before, why would it do so now - because he is actually caring for it?

You are just trying to create drama and scary scenarios that are not warranted. Actually, I think Marshall's addressing the issue will only make him a better player.

Oh, thank God, we have a health professional. Ajdczar, question, what's it called when you do the same thing and expect different results? Like not giving the same QB competition to earn the starting position you yanked him from the last time you saw him there? Like making the same personnel mistakes and not fixing the same glaring holes seen year in and out by everyone EXCEPT the GM? Like using the same tired strategy that's been proven NOT to get you anywhere near a SuperBowl (or bring fans to training camp, Preseason, Regular Season games, should I go on?)?

What's the prescription for that?

so now we know the cause of being a jerk

"being a jerk syndrome"

i keep getting that myself and often attempt to modify my behaviour, it does help to be aware of the condition


whenever my wife says i've got BAJS i try to modify my behavoiur

i recommend self diagnosis

Its been awhile since I posted but I think him playing the game doesn't affect his "disorder" or vice versa. He had it last year when he had over 1000 yard season he had it the years before when he got over 100 catches for a few years. I personally don't think you should post about his illness if he's still doing his job as a Dolphin reciever. You didnt say he had a "disorder" when he threw a ball into the stands you said he was a diva so leave it as is. Wether he cathces the ball or drops it he's still got BPD so I personally think your blog was a little out of line. Stop bsing over something small like this and write about Dolphins foootball. GO DOLPHINS!!!

I think the PHins are moving in the right direction the biggest hole is still at QB and I think they are going to get it filled eventually. There is no reason to try and pull the trigger on Orton yet there is still time and the closer it gets the the official start of the new league year the better it is for the Dolphins and worse it gets for the Broncos.


Noel Devine anyone?

Devine then became one of the most-watched undrafted free agents, forced with all others to wait until the lockout ended to get a crack at the NFL. After false reports emerged that he’d join a Falcons team that has too many running backs, Devine opted to join an Eagles team . . . that has too many running backs.

Still, it was surprising to see that the Eagles waived Devine on Saturday, after only three days of work. Per Scout.com, Devine left the team. A source with knowledge of the Personnel Notice tells PFT that Devine indeed was listed as being waived with the “left squad” designation.

He officially was placed into the waiver system Sunday, giving every other team an opportunity to claim his minimum-salaries contract.

The question becomes whether a stew of frustrations for a guy for whom everything came easily boiled over on Saturday and caused him to do something rash — or whether a player who seemed destined to dazzle at the NFL level has ended up being a dud.

With 90 roster spots this year, it makes plenty of sense for anyone with needs at the position to bring him in for another look.

It's obvious some here have never had to deal with mental illness either personally, or someone they love. Otherwise, there wouldn't be this ridiculous blog post from a supposed journalist--the idiotic comments are about par for the course though.

BM we are pulling for you. Get Help & Get Healthy!

With the above stated, great article. You asked a very appropriate question. Is there a plan B if BM steps away during the season to deal with his personal health issue?

Unfortunately the answer is NO! But then again, who do the Phins have, in the form of a QB, to get BM and or plan-B the ball? No One!!

The way things are stacking-up, I am starting to feel a little LUCK is on the way (next year)!!

I always wondered if I disliked you fro no reason Armando, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Excellent analysis. Mando you balanced compassion for Marshall personally with a solid football discussion.

Thank you.

I hope he gets better as well mental illness ain't no joke, but as far as this season goes it will be lost without a real QB anyways unless Henne becomes Joe Montana or something which is highly doubtful, if Henne was a top 15 QB we would have a shot at the playoffs but he was in the 28 to 30 range last year so know what THAT MEANS , IT MEANS A LOT OF DRINKING THIS YEAR !

"Dolphinitis". We all have it and its not going away. Marshall needs to take the yr off and get well, if not, then the Fish need to release him so he go to another team and be " the beast" again. Sparano/Ireland has lost this team.
And why are the Jets signing every good free agent and the Dolphins are signing only the bottom layer of free agents? Cap space doenst seem to apply here.

I'm baaaaaack!

Mando, please continue to push the Dolphins to add more firepower. They gotta do it, no doubt about it.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired while watching this offense kick field goals.

It's just an overhyped excuse to give him liberty to act up again.

Why is everyone so in love with Orton? Since when is Orton a franchise QB? Since when is Orton in the same sentence as Brady, Manning, or Brees? He's not even in the Ryan/Flacco category. IMO he's no guarantee better than Henne at this point, except you'd be overpaying for it.

I completely disagree with this article. Nothing with Brandon has changed, he has had the same issue the last 4 years and has been very effective. He realized last year he was not where he wanted to be and by all accounts has worked his butt off to get ready for the season.

His coming out and admitting this issue is aweseom. No longer will there be whispers and questions as to what is wrong with him.

I look for him to have a monster year, if he has a QB to work with... Henne is not.

This same question was posed on ESPN and both the experts said the do not see a problem.

That was way out of line. If he can't get your support, hence the support of fans because people read your lines, then it's troubling. You use your influence on this blog to bash the guy instead of rooting for him. Jeez cut the dude some freaking slack! What the F happened tonnope for the best.

Mando, I hope you didn't produce this dribble out of the need to write 'something.' This is pure garbage and it exists solely as an example of the type of fear-mongering that permeates the media. Alas, I guess it's your blog and your opinion.



Dear Mr. Salguero

Do you think if Brandon Marshal had been diagnosed with BPD sooner he would still have lost that knife fight with his wife in the off season ?

What steps is Brandon Marshal taking to avoid being stabbed again ? Maybe Bryan Cox can help Brandon Marshal with his hand work like he's helping Cam Wake....he's never been stabbed...I think

Do the Dolphins have any interest in signing
Michi Nogami-Marshall to a contract as a DB ?

She's only 26 and believe me any oposing teams wide receiver would stay clear of her side of the field as to avoid being stabbed...I know I would.

Soiled :)

Article seemed fair to me....

As much as we would all like to see Marshall overcome his illness, he's still being paid handsomely to do a certain caliber of job.
Not sure how many doctors or psychologists we have on the blog, but I imagine there are at least a few of us who understand even the basic functions of a business.

And as a fan of the team....and a supporter of the individual player....It's worrisome on BOTH counts.

I'd also welcome Braylon Edwards here, FWIW.

Observer its not about him being elite or in the same framework as Brady or Payton he is simply just better than Henne or any other QB we have on our roster.

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