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Brandon Marshall illness raises football questions also

I was just surfing the web and, going on a football site, I was reading the headlines:

Jets reach deal with Plaxico

Jets re-sign Cromartie

Bengals bring back Benson

Seahawks, Tatupu part ways

Dolphins WR admits personality disorder

Jaguars Lewis ending holdout

Which one do you see is a little out of place? I'll give you one guess.

Look, I have compassion for Brandon Marshall. I feel sympathy for him as he battles the demons of Borderline Personality Disorder. The man's life has, by his own admission, been hell the past year. He hasn't been a happy camper in the least despite being so blessed with natural gifts and worldly luxuries -- cars, big home, lots of cash, great athletic ability, wife, family.

The story of Marshall seeking help for his condition is one of courage. No doubt.

But there is a football angle that must be discussed also. And from a purely football standpoint, and the Miami Dolphins, after all, are a football team not a mental health clinic, the Marshall story has to make you cringe.

Basically, the Dolphins greatest offensive weapon from last season, and the man they are counting on to be their best offensive offensive player again this season, is admitting he is suffering from a mental illness. And while Marshall has been aggressive in seeking treatment for the disorder and believes he has it under control, he adds, "by no means am I healed or fixed."

That is scary, particularly for a team that has no second act if Marshall suffers a relapse. What happens if Marshall goes from Beast mode to Boderline Beast mode, in which he loses control again?

We will hurt with him and for him because you never want a fellow human to be so buffeted by such troubles. But Dolphins fans will also be hurting for their team because, geez, this is a guy the offense is counting on to be on the field and be 100 percent engaged for 16 games. And you should worry because the team currently has no complementary weapon to put on the field if something happens to Marshall.



On a personal level.

And on a football level.


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Joe there is some truth to what you are saying but to be honest players will go where the money is. In the end it's about the green if they get paid they will play here. BTW the Jets play the same style football and they have played in the AFC championship 2 years in a row.

Pat Kirwan has his list of 50 FA's available to anyone...His #1 is of course Zach Miller. Guys like Derrick Mason, Matt Roth (remember him?), Kevin Boss, Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner still looking for work...

Also, guess who else...Ronnie and Ricky...

bigt it's only a form of expression from people who haven't played the game and haven't had their knee cap injured so badly that it shifted to the side of their leg. No biggy. I shouldn't have taken offense, I see you didn't mean anything by it.

Hey who cares if he is nuts. He caught 100+ passes and 1200+ yards when he was crazier then a fruit bat. So unless this "treatment" turns him into a bad receiver then who cares. I mean the guy was pretty productive when he was at his worst so if they fix him at all he can only get better. Ricky has been a nut and a flake forever and is our second leading rusher of all time. This is not a big deal.

The Jets made it to the AFC championship 2 years in a row because...

A)Better defense
B)Better offensive line
C)Quarterback makes the big throws
D)Better special teams

And most importantly...BETTER MANAGEMENT AND COACHING!!!

Bigt, the jets have much better talent than the Phins. They haven't won a division title in the last 2 years either. They have been average to above average in the regular season the last 2 years.

And yet, the ultimate goal is a Superbowl. We have the same formula to win games. If they can't win with far better talent, how are those exciting prospects for our team?

I was simply refuting Joe's statement that the system doesn't work. I agree with you guys that the talent and coaching is better.

LouD you're wrong I've hear Warren Sapp say boys game plenty of times, he said it last night actually I played football probably a lot of people on this blog have. It was an expression man don't take it personal I wasn't clowning on your mom or anything dang dude.

i would love to get matt roth back!! what a badass linebacker!!

scott, I feel the same way...And he's now an excellent OLB...Not many people can push him around...But our idiots running this team probably won't...

Dolphin Fan Montreal,

I like Zach Miller too but Miami, please. They are so timid it makes me SICK! Look at the Eagles who took a shot on Vick and they were rewarded! Patriots a few years back on Randy Moss who everyone thought was finished and he breaks records! But Miami thinks Henne has more promise then questionable character concerns of Ryan Mallet or VY.

Miami hasn't done anything to be considered a significant upgrade for the offense. Reggie Bush will make a play every other week and is an upgrade as a punt returner. But I never heard of a 3rd down back making the difference for a joke of an offense.

I like Zach Miller but I want a guy who can win a jump ball battle or take a 10 yard gain to the house. I want Braylon Edwards but because of "character" concerns Miami would never do it. Same reason VY wasn't an option or Vick once upon a time ago etc....

Matt Barkley, Landry Jones anyone?

Mando, If Dan Marino had come out and said he had BPD, I doubt you would have written this bullsh@t. We should be praying for him. It took guts to reveal his sickness.

Bigt, your statement refuted nothing. The Jets haven't won superbowls or did I miss something?

Nobody remembers title game losers. Fact is, they have barely made the playoffs the last 2 years. the 6th out of 6 seeds. They haven't won a divison title either. They scrape to get into the playoffs with this so called "good" formula.

They can't win a ring with better talent than us. How do you expect us to fare better? Think about it!

As a physician specializing in treating the borderline disorder I believe we should give Marshall a chance to see how his treatment is going. The borderline disorder is a seizure disorder that can respond amazingly well to the right medication. I have successfully treated many attorneys, correctional officers, nurses, police officers and others so they were able to be productive in society.

The Steelers play the same type of football Joe and they just had a title and an appearance you think about it. It's not the system like montreal said it's the talent, special teams and coaching.



The Steelers? Defensively, sure. always have been. But, since they got Big Ben, their offense has been spread 4 WR's. What are you talking about? Do you really think that they are like the 70's early 80's Steelers teams?

Again, I'll ask you. I know the Jets have better talent. That ALSO reinforces my point.

Knowing the Jets have superior talent & play the same style, how do you think Miami will win a ring if the Jets can't, WITH that better coaching & better talent?

Please, think about it.


joe, i hate the jets but do give them credit 6 p/o's on the road and they were 4-2 in that span.

I think the only thing honestly holding the jets back is Sanchez who is still young unfortunately even though I hate the Jets they are on the brink. As far as the Steelers it's the same game plan the significance in all of the systems jets, dolphins, steelers is the tight end and the Steelers do emphasize smash mouth football. A spread offense is the Pats not the Steelers.

If this Draft turns out for Ireland as I am beginning to suspect it will, we will have Ireland for a long time. Would you be happy with that, People?

However don't get me wrong the spread is incorporated in the game plan but since they lost Santonio it has not been the same.

I didn't mean to say the Steelers are like the early 90's Falcons in a spread all the time. Obviously they run but that is not their bread & butter anymore. They have a Qb & they can throw it around. That's how they win games. Big plays with the QB, alot of improvised plays.

Also, please note, those Steelers beat the Jets formula last year. Also, please note, the explosive Colts wide open offense beat the Jets formula the year before.

When you look at the jets inability to beat those teams that play that style, you will see the smash mouth game is Jurassic in todays NFL.

But Joe would you say that the Jets are on the same talent level as the Steelers right now? We all know when you get into the playoffs QB is very significant with that being said Ben is much better than Sanchez right now.

watch ahrd knocks. the jets organization is ran 100000 times better than ours, its sad

I have to jump in on this with my two cents, sorry for the intrusion. But IMO I don't even agree that the Jets have better talent then us. If the Dolphins were to somehow get a proven QB our team would dramatically improve just from the acquisition. We had the number 6 defense in the league last year and here's the amazing thing about that, we had the #30 offense. That means the defense was asked to do so much more and still succeeded. Three and outs,field goals, etc. and the defense still kept them in most games.

Can you imagine how much better the defense would be with more rest and the ability to get pumped up by seeing your offense mover the ball?

And if we were able to co0nvince the Bengals to trade Palmer our offense automatically jumps to at least the top 15. I just don't agree that the Jets are so superior talent wise.

Well Dusty it's because they demand nothing but the best plain and simple. Bottom line it's not the system or that one system works better than the other you tailor your system to your personnel in the end it comes down to coaching talent and execution plain and simple. Unfortunately the Jet's do it right dang I hate the Jets....

LouD I can agree with that. QB plays a big role plus I think Dan Henning had us handcuffed to a park bench last year.

Looks like Marc Colombo has a deal in place with Miami.

Another freakin Dallas player..

we had rex ryan, but parcells passed on him and hired his buddy sparano

and is long really our for the season?? anyone know the truth on long?

New blog up on Colombo to Miami.

I remember Rex's Daddy and Shula had drastically different Philosophies(and no love lost between them), however both Systems worked.

Hopeful "PHINS Fan:

Dude. You're way way out of line with your comments; I say that because you obviously never did any research on mantal illnesses and this "negative" stigma only hurts those with any type mental illness. A lot of it stems from blows to the head, concussions, and some are born with this disease. I'm personally offended because a family member of mine has ADD or; do you even know what type of mental illness ADD is?????

Trade him to the Jets. Fire Ireland. Start over

I get a laugh when I read Parcells and his buddy Sparano. They don't go fishing together. TS was a yes man when Parcells was around and so was Ireland. This their first real year without Da Boss.

Pat White is a perfect example. Too small. No way Sparano goes for that guy when he has an oline to tinker with. But Parcells did wasting a great pick.

The reason that Parcells didn't take Ryan is because Ryan would never listen to his crapola.

Here is the real story. Marshall knows that the Dolphins are going to suck. They did not get a QB or another WR. He knows that he will have another bad season. After this season he will be demanding a trade. He is setting the stage to be traded and still make good money because he has been being treated for his "illness" and he will then tell teams that he is "cured or fixed" If you think its anything other than that, your wront.
The Dolphins are broken. FIRE IRELAND NOW

After reading this first page of comments I am wondering what the average of the posters is? From what I gather a bunch of 15-20 year olds in or just out of high school. First off Marshall put himself on TV with his statements, Mando simply voiced his concern which we all should have. We feel for Brandon as a person and we feel for the Dolphins as a team. At the end of the day we need to step up and win games, with or without Brandon. We have talent especially on the D side of the ball which I am truly eager to watch peak this season. We signed Bush, a risk yes but the up side of that risk could be huge as a returner for field position and if we can properly use his athletic ability to create positive yards. I like the signing. As for Orton, he will most likely be released on the 4th, hmmmm then we can sign him without giving up ANY draft picks. Miami is playing this move extremely smart. So please before any of you negative, arrogant, narrow minded, supposed Dolphins Fans post again let’s try to be civilized. You all remind of the people who post on FB that it’s too damn cold in the Winter but then you see them post that it’s too damn hot in the Summer. I think that's a mental condition, called I’m a teenage drama queen, and yea I’m sure there is a cure for that as well... Grow UP. Now let’s talk some positive Dolphin Football and hopefully sign our future QB Orton on the 4th!

BigT, I would say the Jets are on par with the Steelers talent wise.

Obviously, the Steelers can open up the offense. Due to inexperience with Sanchez, the Jets cannot do that yet.

But in some ways, I don't think, I know the Jets are more talented than Pittsburg & vastly more talented than us. Jets vs Pitt, Jets O line is much better. RB & WR poisition players are better. TE's are equal. DB's are better. LB's are equal. The 3 places I see Pitt with the edge is the Dline, QB & safety.

I do think that if not for Sanchez, the Jets are a superbowl team. I cannot say that for Miami what so ever because many pieces, especially the skill positions, are not in place.

DC Dolfan....

Excellent questions....excellent.

But in reality the system is quite similar to our model. If we had a talented qb our offense would look a lot like the steelers and the jets but we don't have that so that's where we falter plus out o line was garbage last year the systems depend on how well the run is executed without the run the offense is crippled because time of possession is critical because the system is designed to wear a team down.but when the run falters that's where guys like big Ben are great because he can put the team on his back if need be.

For all of you uneducated people posting things about personality disorders, yes, in the psychiatric community, something is defined as a mental disorder when it interferes with your ability to live a functional, safe life. This disorder is more complicated than many of you can probably understand, and the sad part is that many of you are probably suffering as well. Brandon, good luck - you've already won by coming to this realization.

And to the writer of this.. opinion piece, I would like for you to learn more about this disorder before questioning the man's ability to play the game well. Brandon has spent the past 4, maybe more years suffering greatly and not knowing why - how can you think seeking treatment could do anything but make him a better player? This article shows the ignorance of people in regards to mental illness..

Ok I say this as a lifelong dolphin fan, every since I was 7 and my dad got me glued to the tv every sunday. Way before Monday Night Football. Hard orange seats, hot sun, rain ponchos, parking on people's lawns.

But.....ok he has a personality disorder/bipolar. How is that our problem and why didn't the dolphins snoop around about this before they sold the farm? And is this who the FO wanted their fragile young QB to develop chemistry with, an irritable and unpredictable veteran? Based on the Henne/Marshall performace last year, it explains a lot.

And as a woman, I just have to say this: If some female Soccer player or Hollywood celebrity came out and said they are bipolar, the collective sportsfan world would shake their heads and say...oh great, another crazy chick! But the response to Marshall is respect and awe and admiration. Say again?

It's brave from Brandon to speak out. I'm not a Doctor, but I think his illness is treatable. I'm not concerned about the football side of this but just the opposite, since football does good on him. I think we have the best Brandon Marshall ever. He should have a great 2011 season, even with the team's QB issues.

I think Henne's role is only the creative in the over all post.

It's very interesting post.I think Brandon Marshal will be back soon.

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