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Dolphins have to pick up pace to keep up with Pats

I've been dropping hints here and there that earlier this camp the pace of the Dolphins practice, particularly in their offensive drills, was not exactly fast.

It has improved. And last week coach Tony Sparano talked about how things have sped up and how one practice finished 10 minutes ahead of schedule. That's good ....

... but not good enough.

Now that the Dolphins have apparently picked up the practice pace, I implore them (yes, I know you coach types read this drivel) to go faster still. Like really, really, really fast.


Because speed is a wonderful weapon when found in the legs of a player. And t is also a mighty weapon when used by an entire offensive unit against an unprepared or slightly off-kilter defense. A quick pace puts the defense on its heels. A quick pace works against a defender's head as well as his body.

A fast-paced offense (run a play, get back in the huddle, jog out of the huddle, ID the mike, and GO!) dictates to the defense. The last few years, I've heard too many Dolphins coaches and players talk about "taking what the defense gives us."

Good offenses take what all they can. All of it. Even some stuff the defense doesn't really wish to surrender -- such as the pace of the game.

Take last night's Patriots versus Bucs preseason game in Tampa, won handily by New England 31-14. It was a classic case of an offense simply out-pacing the defense. New England's pace was so good, the Bucs couldn't get lined up.

"A lot of times we’d get the call but we couldn’t get lined up," Tampa Bay defensive lineman Gerald McCoy said. "They were moving the ball so fast. Now we have to learn to recognize formations to attack quicker. Tempo. That's why I love our head coach so much. He made things more difficult for us tonight on purpose. He did. That’s how you learn.

"(DE Adrian) Clayborn came to me and was like, ‘Oh my god, it was so fast!’ I said, ‘I know! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!’ It was a reality check, we needed that.

"Man, I’m telling you man, they came out, they’d turn around huddle, snap, oh, 'There’s the Mike, Go!' I was like, ‘Dang! Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?’ He didn’t care. He was like, ‘You’re not going to line up.’ When we turned around one time I checked back around and my hand was going to the grass and they were like, ‘Hut!’ And I said, ‘Noooooooooooo!’"


I want that for the Dolphins. The Dolphins should want that for the Dolphins.

I recognize the Dolphins are installing a new offense. I recognize they do not have Tom Brady at quarterback. I get all that.

But I also understand the Dolphins will be on the same field versus Tom Brady and the Patriots in the regular-season opener. And if they're going to keep up, they have to get an offense going that can, well, keep up.

So I'm simply saying that means putting the defense back on its heels. That's one way to seize the initiative. We shall see tonight against the Carolina Panthers if the Dolphins are closer to picking up the pace. One expects it should be better than last week against Atlanta when Miami didn't really look good enough versus the Falcons' starting D.

The Panthers should be another story. Better be another story.


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first - i'd take half the speed of pats. go fins

You know what happens when you try to make players that have only been in a system 7 or 8 weeks (N.E. week) play at New Englands pace?? Lots of mistakes. Lots of 3 & outs. I know what your saying Mando. I just don't see these players or coaching staff able to handle that strategy.

Speed kills. But they have to know what they are doing before using it. Everyone on the same page on every play. That is precisely what killed a lot of drives last year when we switched over to the wildcat in the middle of a drive.

Mmmm. Hot column.

It was refreshing to see that you wrote a whole article without slamming our QB.
And I'm sure others will agree. Thanks

If Henne moved twice as fast he would still be too slow. Henne gives the defense every chance possible to stop the play.

I saw the first half of the game and have to agree with Armando. Tampa was in slow motion compared to NE.

Having a new OC on a short preseason is something we are going to have to pay for. I'm hoping our offense tonight looks at least a step faster and more organized after another weeks practice and going against an inferior team.

Good topic Armando.....


I have to vent about this hole Terrel Pryor suspension thing.....(DISCLAIMER....I DON'T EVEN THINK HE WILL BE AN AVERAGE QB IN THE NFL)!!!!

Goddel's decision to suspend Terrel Pryor for 5 games for and infraction he COMMITTED IN COLLEGE....reeks of the R word....THAT'S RIGHT....RACISM...

We have watched Rapeistburger be accused 2 season's in a row of the haneous and unforgivable crime of rape.....his punishment....8 games suspension reduced down to 5 games......are his alleged crimes on par with those of Pryor's.....

Let's way that....possible bathroom RAPE....is now the equivalent of getting free tattoo's and and selling your Jersey...(which BTW the school can do legally...but the player can't).....

Brett Farve.....at the time of the incident was an active NFL QB......send UNWANTED PICS OF HIS little PEE PEE....to fellow Jets employee.....Cheerleader Jen something or other.....

Did Farve miss even one game for his blatant and unwanted sexual harrassemt of of the jets cheerleader.....not to my knowledge......nope....but Pryor sells his OWN RING....WHILE NOT YET AN EMPLOYEE OF THE NFL....and he gets 5 games before he even has a contract.....

Men....This thing stinks......and the smell is coming from Goddel's office.....

It is making me consider if the NFL is worth my money....


The Dolphins arent even in the same hemisphere as the Patriots. Comparing the Dolphins to the Patriots is like comparing Henne to Brady. Or Sparano to Belicheck. Just not even close. And with the BS way this front office keeps running things, that gap isn't going to close anytime soon. Yay! I can't wait to play them twice again this year.

When you mention the Patriots you are talking about one of the premier organizations in football. From ownership to coaching staff to players the Dolphins can't go there. We are not even close to the Jets. We are lucky if we finish 8-8 this year.

Armando, This is a good article, congratr's...

on a personal note, I saw your face in the background on the B cox interview a couple of days ago and I must say man...you're face looks like a bowling ball, you're getting fat man.

the gap is getting wider. sparano/ireland are in over their heads.

Some observations:

1) I will never forgive America for not voting Cassi back into the game on "Big Brother 13." What were you thinking in voting Brendon back?? I miss Cassi with her unique beauty, and her wonderful southern accent.

2) The AFC East has begun to resemble baseball's American League Eastern division. The Patriots are the Yankees and the Jets are the Red Sox (I know. I've criss-crossed the cities.), and the rest don't stand a chance. Sure, every once in a while, there will be a Tampa Bay Rays to come up and challenge, but that's the exception to the rule.

3) I'm beginning to forgive America for not voting Cassi back into the game on "Big Brother 13." But healing is a slow process.

4) I was stunned at how mediocre Reggie Bush's stats were for his 5 years with the Saints. I don't know if running back is a position where you can be mediocre for a significant period of time, and then all of a sudden blossom into a star. I've seen that happen at quarterback and receiver, but not running back. Can anyone cite any examples of a running back having his first 1,000 yard season or his first sudden great leap in his rushing average at least 6 years into his career?

5) I've forgiven America for not voting Cassi back into the game in "Big Brother 13." But boy, I miss her unique good looks and her wonderful southern accent.

6) I just received a letter from the government of Canada telling me that, having left the country more than 5 years ago, I am no longer permitted to vote in Canadian elections. They're afraid of me. They're very afraid.

Goddel's decision to suspend Terrel Pryor for 5 games for and infraction he COMMITTED IN COLLEGE....reeks of the R word....THAT'S RIGHT....RACISM...

Posted by: kris | August 19, 2011 at 06:55 AM

No doubt its racism, for all the reasons you stated. The NFL is as political and corrupt as any other major organization. They don't see it as a sport like the fans do, the joke is on us. To them it is a business like any other. Workers, rules, company image, propaganda, sell more product for higher prices. The fan, as we have seen, is not remotely part of the equation, because they have gotten so arrogant they don't believe they will ever lose them. They just might though.

Thomas Jones is a back who didn't have a 1000 yards rushing his first 5 seasons & then went on to have 5 straight seasons with over a 1000 yards... Not sure if there are many others but, he is one... although in his 5th season he did come very close. The Thing with bush is he has never had many carries & gets injured alot... But you never know maybe with more carries & being more involved he could possibly be a 1000 yard rusher, some guys do better playing more & may even help with the injury thing, not always coming in cold off the bench, it gets you more into the game than standing on the sidelines only coming in for a few packages a game, thats imo, proffessional atheletes are in shape & maybe that doesn't effect them, but sure does me...

Excuse me, did you say "keep up?"

"with the pats?"

I want some of what you're smoking.

Uh, if Goodell wanted to be 'racist' he simply wouldn't have allowed him into the supplemental draft at all, which is probably how it should have gone, because Pryor's actions disqualified him from the criteria set out for the supplemental draft. So in essence, he cut him a break. That's pretty generous towards a player with little chance of being even a back-up QB in the NFL.

NE only looked fast, because the other team was so slow. I think we have said this about 37 times: good, veteran Teams will have a decided advantage over less settled Teams at the beginning of this Season. And, of course, we get the Patriots right from the box.

I always wonder, what wrong could we Dolphins Fans have done to deserve this punishment?

@Kris~~~You are a moron~~~~~~~~

The Fins have no QB or coaching staff to accomplish this. Hell, the Oline is still in flux. It isn't ever going to happen in Miami. Unless they trade for Brady or bill Walsh comes back from the dead. Oh, I forgot, they still have no team speed.

Wishful thinking Armando. Nothing wrong with it. The fact of the matter is that we have neither the QB nor the Coach to pull that off. Sparano is more worried on giving you statistics, # of repetitions, etc. than playing winning football. Now he says "time is not our friend". That's. happening al over the league!. "Only the mediocre don't adapt to change".

Tonights game is not going to be a good judge of how good we we are. However it will be a good judge of how bad we are. If we dont dominate this team with a rookie QB and the worst record in the NFL last yr a new coach to boot. I think we will get a good look at what our team is really going to look like. And oh man our first game against the Pats on Monday night OMG. If I was Tony Sparano Id be packing my stuff its going to be ugggly. NE may score into the 50s that night ~just sayin

Suspending him for 5 games isn't really a punishment, it may look like one from the outside, but he's not going to play this year anyway from all accounts he's at best a third stringer who is atleast a 3 year project, so boo hoo, he can't play on the practise squad for 5 weeks... no big deal, if he's denied entry, he may not get drafted at all by next april, with the new crop of QB's available out of college... Really though he shouldn't be suspended for anything he did in college, but it doesn't really hurt him any imo...


Our D, won't allow Brady to score 50 Pts. Our Offense won't be as bad as people tend to think.
Pats are lightyears ahead of us on Offense, but I think our defense is better than the Pats... Will it be enough to beat tha Pats, not sure, but that's why they play the game.... I think it will be close to start the 4th qtr and hopefully the wheels don't fall off like they did last yr in the 4th qtr pretty much every game...

Armando, Interesting article but the bottom line is the Dolphins should have overpaid for a better QB. There is such a dire need that overpaying should not be a question. All the other added positives will not result in wins without the right guy at quarterback.


Fast is better than slow

In Shape is better than out-of-shape

The Patriots are better than the Buccaneers

The Patriots are better than the Dolphins

Tom Brady is better than Chad Henne

mando, you really should move to boston and write for their paper. You and king from SI have you head so far brady's a $ $ you can count his teeth.

Yea Mando, I would like to see that.

but our O-line will not give the protection Brady had. Not sure if Daboll has that sense of urgency buit in his offense.

And the truth. After the last two years, to think that Henne would be able to run the offense like brady does is really pushing it. Henning and his ways have made Henne gun shy, and there is not a ton of proof saying that Henne can break that habit. I think it can be done, and I think he is smart enough, just don't know if it will all be put together.

Also in NE, the pass sets up the run, seems like we are a run 1st to set up the pass which is by design slower for some reason.

team speed is a must, and bnot just for the pats. with our team speed(notoriously slow) all of the time, is it just that sparano overlooks this, or does his words fall on deaf ears, does he have anyone in the booth to verify that his orders of playing faster are being carried out. SPEED has eluded the fins for a long time both in physical(players) and game tempo, and is the major culprit that hinders henne. i use this alot but, payton manning has nothing to prove, wins alot of games, throws a lot of TD's, is respected and gets paid, some consider him one of the top QB's in the league, YET, he still plays as though he's a rookie in jeopardy of not making the team! when he's standing in the pocket his legs don't stop, he doesn't drop back, he runs back, his reads(knowing the playbook) are as fast as his motor movements, and that's why the game is slow to a manning, or rodgers... they push their playing speed to the limit so that their tempo is faster then the defense, buying them that extra time in the pocket. compare henne to manning, watch the tape, i hope the new QB coach is reading this, it's so obvious! of note... now compare matt moore to henne. who does matt look like? payton or chad? GET THE LED OUT!!!!!


Everything is still Hennings fault I see. When will people give up on that already and move on? Henning is gone, gone, gone.


Please ask the editor of the blog to filter out all blogs with the word Henning. There are people here that will be blaming Henning until 2021.


it's not dolphin fans, in general, that did something wrong to deserve this punishment. I must have broken a bunch of mirrors or something when I was younger and just can't remember. I have been waiting for this team to put it together again since the back to back superbowl wins in the 70's. So, that's how long I've been waiting to see this team get back in and win. Yeah, we got there against Washington and San Fran but, honestly, I knew we didn't stand a chance in either of those games. Anyway, I'm seeing them do some things now in terms of acquisitions that makes me hopeful that we will soon be back to the party.

People need to realize also David Lee and Pennington were Henne's tutors.

Armando, please edit out people who can not read anything other than what they want to. They focus on one word and not the subject of the blog entry.

they will continue to make useless response posts until 2021...

Uhm, what about that whole time of possession thing?

People need to realize the point of the blog is not being able to be sure Henne will be able to speed up the game like Brady being gun shy, if that continues.

"if rookie center Mike Pouncey doesn't start to catch on fast with these preseason repetitions don't be surprised if the Dolphins eventually resume discussions about potentially acquiring Shaun O'Hara" - Jeff Darlington

Darlington must be smoking crack or something. Center is the least of our worries unless Pouncey goes down and we have to rely on Berger.

Did Anyone see the pass last night that bounced off the chest of a buc defender just standing there? I am not sure if I missed something, but the commentator said that was a great tip by the defense??? Does anyone on here remember that play, or remember seeing it?

Henne now holds the Guinness World Book of Recods for fans making excuses for him. To date, there are now 19 billion 275 million 888 thousand 999 excuses as to why its really not his fault he is under perfoming.

As a coach you learn from your mistakes, right?
wrong if your are Tony Morano... Last years biggest issue was the O line not Henne, Anything change so far this year? NO Horrible
musical chairs again at o line, no gelling, Murtha should be starting this game at rt tackle
that way we can see if he can play and the only change would be popping jake in for the last 1 or 2 pre season games to gel... Morano is an idiot, a failure and should have never been hired as a head coach.... 4th and inches , hold on here comes Dan Carpenter, coach to WIN Tony... Also Ireland is a fool, cut Kearse drafted in the 7th instaed of Virgil Green TE a desparate need position... real smart FASANO is a decent #2 TE at best, but not on Miami!!!
SHIP OF FOOLS CONTINUES!!!! The sad part is, if we brought in Mckinnie and got him in shape now at RT tackle, and made a trade for a seem TE all the talent is here now

The biggest problem this team had in 2010 was the play of the special teams. We saw blocked punts, bad tackling and bad blocking that resulted in touchdowns for the other team, poor starting field position for the dolphins and great starting field position for their opponents. In week 7 against the Pats the avg starting field position for the Fins was their own 18 while it was the 31 for the Pats. You can't win with bad field position.
That problem has seemed to have been corrected and with the addition of Livas and Sheets in the return game the field position should be much better this year.
Pouncey should help solidify the o-line and with the shuffling over they should perform better together as a unit. The defense is soldified with the return of Odrick and Edds and with newcomers like Wilson.
Henne and Marshall seem to be on the same page and the offense has a ton of weapons this year it didn't have last year like Sheets and Bush. Gates gives them the speed at receiver they were lacking but Bush and Sheets add a dimension of speed that wasn't previously there and Wallace is a guy that defenses will need to account for now. Miami comes in with a four receiver set that includes Marshall, Hartline, Wallace and Gates and has Bush in the backfield or on the line it is going to be difficult for opposing defenses to line up against that. so, I'm looking for a 10 or 11 win season. Call me crazy but I can't see it any other way.

DM1, The "Biggest" Problem being Spical teams????Well it's one of MANY problems,Id Say the biggest Problem is the Owner, You know the Idiot who put this sub 500 team together, That my friend is the "Biggest" Problem.

virgil green isn't exactly having a stellar preseason. neither is hankerson. they are two guys a lot of people threw out there during the draft as players the fins should take and they aren't doing anything. both have been dropping a ton of passes.

Keep up with the pats.we'll be lucky to keep pace with Buffalo.As I said in earlier posts SPARANO is going to stick it to Ross and leave a very rich man.Forget this yr fans.

did anyone watch the philly game? 3 ints for vick 1 for young. At least henne is only making 500k this year not 16 million like vick.

I just love the Pats way of thinking, if only the Fins get to that point in my life time I will died a happy hombre.

This morning my coffee was somewhat weak....after consulting with my fellow Dolphin "fans" I concluded that it was


I heard Mallet had a sub par showing last night. Expect Craigm to come here with his "I was right & you were all wrong" schtick & ask for a show of hands!

Yes, Henne missed terribly when he threw the last scoop of coffee into the filter throwing wide right and into the sink.

Patsies 56
Fins 3

We're not in the same league as them, Sparano will be fired mid-season.

Sparano stated two weeks ago he needed to see the young players in pre-season. So why are the #1's going to see more of playing time Saturday? Is Sparano trying to get injuries to key personal? JAke Long comes to mind.
The difference between New England and Miami is not players but coaches. Lets get real,,,,

There is no other option but to Win this game. No matter what it takes. Silly man Ross took away our Heat advantage but we have other intangibles Like Livas and Gates. Who over wins has a HUGE psychological advantage over the Division. If we get to Brady we can beat them in spite of Henne. Go Fins!

You have to learn to walk before you can run. I would be happy if this offense could just play swith some assemblance of order and look like they can push the ball down teh field a few times a game and score 7 before they institute the K-Gun or push it New England style. The Brady of 2001 could not push it like the Brady of 2011. It takes time.

LOL, Vann!! Nice

The terms Henne & hurry up are a contradiction.

Henne knows when he hurries up, that's when he's likely to throw a pick.

Henne can't use the hurry up and that's also what frustrates me about him.

time of possession is definitely our friend. remember the Colts game a while back where Payton spent the whole game on the bench? (lost that one, you might point out, but still a good game plan I thought). I would like to see Henne improve his 2 minute drill to at least a collegiate level. We used to be able to go the length of the field in a minute and a half, and worry about leaving too much time. Still miss Dan.

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