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Dolphins tell fans not to post practice videos

The Dolphins are working at this hour to scrub the bootleg videos someone who attended team practices this training camp posted on the Internet.

So for folks who dismissed the importance of the videos being available to everyone and anyone with a computer, I would tell you it's important to the team.

The club today also apparently stepped up monitoring the stands for people who might be breaking the rules of not taping practice. And the club released a statement to its fans or anyone else involved in the activity to explain why this is simply not OK with the Dolphins.

"We have rules in place that don't allow fans to take video at practice," Club spokesman Harvey Greene said in the statement. "Those rules exist so we are not placed at a competitive disadvantage by having the teams we play having video of any portion of our practice. We want to emphasize that shooting and posting of any video can negatively impact our ability to prepare for our opponents. I'm sure our fans understand that concern and will follow our camp guidelines to prevent that from happening again." 


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"Dolphins tell fans not to post video to aid the Patriots"

I fixed your title.

Probably the only way to stop something like this from happening is to have closed practices.
Any intelligent individual or football savvy person could take mental notes and communicate what they have seen.

What about having superior players so that even if an opponent knows what to expect, they could not stop us anyway.

Don't forget to add that the NFL will get very upset at video being released without there being any payment...


2 cents, To your post, i Take back my 6 game win to 5.,At home Denver,At KC,Home Wash.Home Buff, Home Oakland., Though the fins are a Quandry, Great Defense, Not sure about the Offense, The real test for this team IMHOis the coaching(HC) In particular which mkes me say 5 and 11, If they had a good HC Id say 1 or 11 wins, Again this is all only in my opionion..

dusty bottoms,

Since youre not basing your negative Henne analogy on the good or bad of practice. It means youve placed all of your negative eggs in one basket based on:


We all know thats a very foolish approach too. Henne hasnt been truly awful, though he has had some truly awful moments. That isnt too uncommon for a very young qb in his first full season as a starter.

Still, there are signs coming out of this camp Henne is making some progress. As there are still some signs he's still a young qb going into his 2nd full season as a starter.

Why dont some of you irrate supposed fans just go find yourselves another team to go root for. Since unquestionably this one seems top be your root cause of everything thats bad about living.

Why dont you go somewhere and find a nice place to die already or get a fvcking new team foaming at the mouth babbling idiots!

I mean, everybody and their brother knows that ALL Teams tape other Teams practices. Even "closed" practices(remember the satellites and these people have the resources to do it). I hope Teams have come to an accord to discard this Lunacy. I know there is $ involved but these are no Times for "games".

Okay, thanks FP4.

Sucks that we are going to get swept by NYJ and NE huh?

10 to 11 wins.with a good HC.

Last Season's entire offense was eually as flawed as Hennes performance at times were. That flaw went all the way up to oc Hennning. Even bad clock and game management by Sparano too.

We all know thats a very foolish approach too. Henne hasnt been truly awful, though he has had some truly awful moments. That isnt too uncommon for a very young qb in his first full season as a starter

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 10, 2011 at 02:47 PM

More Flip Flopping.



Obviously you can`t base your opinion on somebody elses point of view because we all see things and interpret them in our own way. I do put some stock in the fact that the 3 leading pappers in town have multiple reporters saying that Henne does in fact look better and more assertive than ever. That of course along with a $1.50 buys me a cheap cup of coffee at IHOP, so while the news is encouraging I have decided to temper my enthusiasm. I am neither pumped nor depressed I will reserve judgement for after week 4 when this O should start to really click.


I wouldn't mind going 2-14 as long as those wins were against NYJ.

Well, that's not entirely true.
I would want to at least split with NE and the Toronto Bills.

5 and 11 with the current HC.


I would like to AT LEAST be able to raise hell in our own division!

another excuse for henne/spazano/ireland.. the fans were posting videos.that's why we're 0-4. waaaah.


Hell, nothing simpler than that. After Friday's game and supposing he starts, every body will know whether Henne sucks or if he will lead the Dolphins this year(if then, you are still not sure, we will be kind enough to help you decide).

Two, The Phins might just end uplast in the divsion Iam afraid to report.

We can't wait for a real game; we have to decide who is the best QB we have like, yesterday.

Thats a bunch BS!!! After that I would close all practices just like Salisbury said this morning on Armando's radio show...it will happen again if they trust the moron fans again...this team cant even learn in this area,pfft

What difference does it make, Turmoil, if all Teams are taping other Team's practices? Just a waste of money. Reason it out.

i cant believe anyone would want to tape our offense let alone watch it. fins practices open to public reveal little. anything dynamic is closed to public and probably happens in the bubble.

Tape Armando.


I took time to respond to your question because I wanted to look over the schedule again now that we know who went were in FA ect.. Which changes things and I believe realistically that anything under 9-7 gets Sparano canned. We get the NFC East and the other 3rd pace teams from last year (only Phily & G-Men scare me).

I don`t see how anything under 9-7 can be viewed as anything but a miserable failure. We could even swing it to 10-6 if we get OL stability and no major injuries with of course Henne keeping the mistakes down and using the players around him instead of trying to force things.

Good news, my socio fin4. Thankyou.

I'm so tired of all the whining and crying. I'm tired of ignorant so called fans.

I'm ready for some FOOTBALL!

I want to see Marshall and Gates scoring TD's.

I want to see Dansby and Bernett shuting down the middle.

I want to see Reshad showing the rest of the secondary how to hold onto INT's.

Most of all, I want to see Wake and Taylor DESTROYING opposing QB's!

kris, from the last post, yes, EVERYTHING is debatable if someone wants to be contrary. What I think you're having a hard time understanding is how people use figures of speech and all caps to symbolize emphasis. When people communicate, there's more to it than the words. There's the decibel-level of their speech, body language, velocity. All these things help the listener to understand the context of the speech and give it more meaning. We aren't able to see each other, so that's why I use all caps, to signify emphasis in what I'm talking about.

So, if I say something is not DEBATABLE, it doesn't mean kris can't have a differing opinion and debate it (obviously, you do and you did). It means I'm emphasizing that I believe my statement to be true (factually or otherwise). It means I stand behind what I say (I know, this must be difficult to understand for you since you like to think I'm a fence-sitter).

So, that's that. But to the greater point, all you need to do to prove to me Crowder sucks is to tell me which MLB has been better than him during his tenure? Dansby, yes, we both agree on that. But I won't insult your intelligence by telling you there are 2 MLBs in the 3-4 scheme Miami plays. So, again, which MLB (besides Dansby) has been better than Crowder during his tenure?

Now, this doesn't really ensure someone is wrong or right. You're saying Crowder SUCKS, meaning no worth. I'm saying he's solid. But he could be the best we've had and still suck, I agree. I disagree though that he sucks. And you are smart enough to know where I'm going, because as you said in your post, I could surely find a stat that says the run game was better with him in the lineup.

And the reason for that might not be that he made the tackle. You played football, you know there are other factors that go into a good player. It's the sense of the game (football intelligence), communicating where teammates should line-up, calling plays, all of that.

I guess you're saying Crowder showed NOTHING while he was here, he was just a jersey. Therefore, to you he sucked.

If that's your point-of-view, I think you're letting your hatred of the player get in the way of objective analysis. Much like some do with Henne. I don't allow myself to do that (probably because I'm a fantasy football player and need to know the objective truth in order to win). So, while I'd MUCH rather another BETTER QB over Henne, I know he's the best on the team right now. See, that's being objective. Henne is not my favorite, I think he's been mediocre in his career, yet, I don't want to put in Moore just because I don't love Henne. AND, furthermore, I think Henne HAS done a few good things while he's been here (the 2 NYJ games in '09 were spectacular showcases of Henne IMHO).

Back to Crowder, I think he's been better than you are willing to admit. I think any poll taken from "experts" or even Dolphins fans would probably 2nd my opinion (maybe not, but that's what I think). I think the objective opinion of Crowder around the league is smart player, solid, NOT a playmaker and INJURY-PRONE. I see why you wouldn't like him (or anyone else). I see why Ireland cut him. I'm not mad at him being cut. But we'll see if Burnett is truly an upgrade. Regardless if he is or not, the difference in opinion is more likely on the definition of "sucks". To me, John Beck "sucks." To me, Cam Cameron "sucks" as a head Coach. "Sucks" to me means worthless, not even backup or practice squad worthy. If you're saying Crowder "sucks" accepting my meaning, I fully disagree, and won't fence-sit on that, I won't ever agree with you there.

Me too, odin, I believe I have always enjoyed Defense more. GRRWwwlll!

Sorry kris, in my last NOVEL of a post (yeah, it was too long), I meant to say Pat White sucks instead of Beck. I think Beck could be a good 3rd stringer, haven't seen enough to write him off fully. Pat White, yes, I'm willing to fully write him off and call him a chump.


The Dolphins will go 14-2, 5-1 in our Div.
Only losses on the season Eagles, Patriots
Avenge losses by beating Pats in AFC Championship 31-17.....Henne # for game 28-38 375 yards... 3 t.d....Marshall..11 rec...170 yards...2 t.d....Bush....192 rush yards...1 t.d...........................................................................................

Avenge other loss by beating Eagles in Super Bowl.......51-21....Henne # for game 32-42 480 yards....5 t.d.....CO-MVP....Marshall 18 rec...212 yards...3 t.d....CO-MVP.....Bush...120 rush yards....110 rec....3 t.d...Snubbed in MVP Voting

Harvey Greene, please GET A LIFE you moron!!!!


That was a fake Aloco. No way he wrote that , no way our Aloco wrote that! :)

Harvey Greene,
FYI, having a disavantage is;

Having Chad Henne @ QB
Having Soprano @ Head Coach
Having Ireland @ GM

Everything else is irrelevant.

Please go get a team so we can worry about giving advantages to other teams by posting a damm practice video on youtube.


Joe I wanted to repost this in case you didn't read it. I'm still on the fence about what Hennes season will be like but I will take a side after the 3rd or 4th preseason game. This goes along with your statement about witnessing things with your own eyes. This is what Hartlines eyes told him last season. This is from a story about Brian Hartline in the paper.

"Hartline believes another year playing alongside Marshall, who often draws double teams, as well as a less confining game plan under new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, should bolster last year's anemic 17.1 points-per-game output."

On what will help the team score more points;

"Cutting Chad loose, letting him play scare-free, letting him throw the ball up in the air, let us make plays. Not every play is going to be a clean catch. You got to give us a chance, although it looks like we're covered and make a play for you.''

I really hope we're right and last years crappy offense wasn't all Hennes fault. From the sounds of it even the players believe that the play calling was atrocious and even further it sounds like Hartline just admitted they all knew that Henning had Henne playing scared and too conservative.

"Cutting Chad loose, letting him play scare-free, letting him throw the ball up in the air, let us make plays."

DC, agreed on crowder. channing loved being a dolphin and was a run stopper in the middle. he was smart and knew the opp plays. dansby was quick to point out crowder was intelligent and instinctive and appeared puzzled by the move to release him. the years crowder was healthy he recorded many tackles and was a guy who kept his teammates "loose". those who knew him liked him as a person and a player. and remember,unlike merriman,harrison,cushing,matthews etc, crowder did it without HGH. sparano likes playing musical chairs with players. he'll bring in a undrafted FA to be cut next week.

"Hell, nothing simpler than that. After Friday's game and supposing he starts, every body will know whether Henne sucks or if he will lead the Dolphins this year(if then, you are still not sure, we will be kind enough to help you decide)."

Really Oscar? You're going to decide if someone is ready after 6 plays? Henne won't be playing for that long, we've been told that. Starters usually only play one series in the first preseason game.

Was there practise today

Can anybody refresh my memory on what the compensation was to move back into Rd.2 for Daniel Thomas???

On Crowder sucking,,,,,the Patriots tried to sign him,,,,,enough said.

People are posting to me here & didn't know it.

God bless you all!






Getting quiet in here. I can just see all of the office people now. "Oh my God one hour left, I better make it look like I did something today"!

LouD @3:44,

I read that article as well and thought it was re-affirmation of why there was less than stellar effort out of some of our players on Offense last year. Daboll if anything brings an energy and flow that was lacking to say the least and believe it will translate to better effort this season.


itc yeah. the ss has a few blurbs,nothing to get excited about. henne was a bit better today tho

Instead of issuing passive-aggressive "statements" to fans, maybe the Dolphins brass should directly tell Bill Belicheat to stop sending his minions to videotape Dolphins practices! We know the "statement" was intended for Belicheat. :-)

I'm thinking 6 wins total for this squad.
6 - 10 and a rew regime to become mediocre all over again.

AFC East: Split Buffalo and NY Jets, a sweep by NE = 2 wins

Rest: At Browns, Denver, at Chiefs, Raiders = 4 wins


If you keep your screen open to your work and blog you can get everything done and pass the day quickly.

No blog from the herald today or summary but the SS did a summary. Interesting very intetesting.

Forgot about the Skins - that's a W, so 7 wins

7 - 9 and a rew regime to become mediocre all over again.

This is a tweet from Andrew Carter today. It means nothing, just like the reports of bad practices. Everyone remember that.

"Henne putting together another solid day thus far. Looks comfortable out there. Making decisive throws."

I put the over/under for the Phins the season at 5-11. You can't win close games with a loser at QB.

fin4life lol, I know, I'm just jealous. I work outside so only get to come in here when we have a rain day!

4, swapped 3rds and gave away a 5th + 7th.?

Jeez can't some of you just go quietly sit and bash your head in with a hammer or a rock? Wouldn't that be preferable to the constant stream of negativity that seems to permeate your useless existence. It's f***ing mind numbing do*ches! You are dragging everyone around you down. That includes your families and even your pets. Look at little Fidos sad face, can't you tell he's sick of you? The poor thing, sitting and listening to your nonstop criticisms, "you're too furry", "you don't walk right", You're food is too expensive". IT'S DRAINING. You are a drag. You are an oxygen thief.

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