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Dolphins tell fans not to post practice videos

The Dolphins are working at this hour to scrub the bootleg videos someone who attended team practices this training camp posted on the Internet.

So for folks who dismissed the importance of the videos being available to everyone and anyone with a computer, I would tell you it's important to the team.

The club today also apparently stepped up monitoring the stands for people who might be breaking the rules of not taping practice. And the club released a statement to its fans or anyone else involved in the activity to explain why this is simply not OK with the Dolphins.

"We have rules in place that don't allow fans to take video at practice," Club spokesman Harvey Greene said in the statement. "Those rules exist so we are not placed at a competitive disadvantage by having the teams we play having video of any portion of our practice. We want to emphasize that shooting and posting of any video can negatively impact our ability to prepare for our opponents. I'm sure our fans understand that concern and will follow our camp guidelines to prevent that from happening again."