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Dolphins tell Thomas he must hit hole harder

The common thinking for anyone with eyes who has seen Daniel Thomas run this preseason is that while he may become a good player down the road, the rookie still has to adjust to the NFL game.

Thomas, you see, is a former quarterback. He made the transition to running back at Kansas State and now is making the transition to pro football. That's a lot of transitioning. So he has some learning to do.

He needs to be more physical.

He needs to run with more explosion.

He needs to get his shoulders squared, his pad level low and his legs churning.

In lay terms, he needs to bust up in there.

I told you this Sunday after watching Thomas be somewhat tentative on two and-goal runs from the 1 yard line versus Carolina. Despite denials from the Dolphins, their addition of Larry Johnson suggested that's how they felt.

And today, Thomas himself confirmed it.

"I would say that's about right," Thomas said "I've just got to lower my pads and trust my blocks and everything like that and I'm trying to get better here at practice and carry it into the next game."

Thomas is getting encouragement to make his adjustments and improvements from those around him. After his first down run failed Friday, quarterback Chad Henne told him in the huddle to hit the hole harder on second down.

And coach Tony Sparano apparently also suggested Thomas run a wee bit harder by getting on the player's case in practice.

"Yeah he was," Thomas said. "He was just telling me I need to get it in there and to stop tippy-toeing and everything like that. It was true though."


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As much as I hate that we got rid of Ricky or Ronnie for Larry J, he will turn out to be a good free agency move by Miami. He will show Daniel T how it is a running back need to run between tackles. Larry J will probably carry us once the injury prone Bush gets injured again. The truth is Bush is running hard and has a chip on his shoulder which is great however his body won't be able to handle that pounding.

Is it possible that Thomas just isn't a very explosive RB?

I was of the opinion we would go 10-6 but have recently changed my opinion to 11-5. We are starting to show signs of having a solid team. D is great as usual and the OL is looking good agin especially since Jake is back. Henne showed signs of goodness but not greatness yet but it's a step in the right direction. If he can stay consistent...IF, we have a chance to do great things and make the playoffs. We have the weapons and now we just need Henne to step up and use them!


Thomas = Bust

Freedog 13

I am coming to town to whip your assses.
Be afraid, be very afraid.

Why in the world didnt we draft Mallet? We waste picks all the time and this guy without question was very talented. Because of his cockiness? Drug rumors? really? Trade up to get a tippy toeing QB converted into a RB instead, instead of addressing the issue later in the draft, instead of drafting Mark Ingram, who's hitting the hole rather well by the way, instead of signing Bradshaw who was too much money for us but not the G-men. Certainly our GM is not producing quality decisions. Ive liked Ireland, and been paitient with him. But either his ego or ignorance is getting in the way of us rising out of mediocrisy.

A 230+ RB has to be told to run harder?

Sammie Smith v2.0, imho.

The ship be sinkin', folks.

Next year is the first year of our new franchise and direction.... Mike Nolan should be HC. We draft Landry Jones and we get a new GM.

Bill Belichick, I am sooo afraid. Patsies are going down this year.

Second round draft pick project?? Wonderful.

I thought this was a board for DOLPHIN fans??

Koolaid???? I'm diehard and REALISTIC.

You can have your rah rah rah and hope and faith

I know better

The guy averaged 4.3 ypc in his second game behind a line lacking it's all pro tackle and still coming together as a group. Ok, hit the hole harder. But if all he did was rush 20 times a game at 4.3 ypc it would be good for 1376 yards. What a freaking disaster!! The sky is definitely falling. Geesh!!

Writing on the Wall, why is he a bust after 2 preseason games. Could you tell me that. Oh the sky is falling.

JC you stole my line lol.

are we figuring out season stats based on ten preseason carries??

lol. nuff said

JC and Michael, FINALLY some reasonable fans with realistic views.

I had girls tell me the same as the title in this article

Henne to the Beast for a Touchdown Feast!!


Ok over 3000 yards rushing in 2 Big 12 seasons...............nuf said.

Actually Michael those posts are probably the same guy talking to himself. Some are saying Thomas does not practise well enough, you agree??

Lol Mark LOl.

Just give the young buck a chance here. He got the message loud and clear. Let's see it on Sat against Tampa.

We're already acceptably solid in most of the areas. We shall be competitive.

How will it turn out at the end? Henne's performance, we all know, will determine it.

We don't need him to play great. We just need him to be a fulfilling QB. If he reduces the number of bad decisions he constntly takes, we'll be very competitive.

Monday night vs. Patriots we'll be either refreshing or cold water for all of us.

I'm excited.


Wow. Those girls knew Thomas must hit hole harder?

They must be really into sports. :-)

stats... mean shat

ever hear of Pat White

too many projects on this team

I'm getting "nervous" about our RB situation too. heck of alot of uncertainty at that position.

be interesting to see him throw the ball a couple of times this year, keep the other teams guessing alittle.

go dolphins!


My name is Mr. Cheese.

Some people believe me to be elegant.

Others believe that I am classy.

I invite you to offer your opinion. Am I elegant, classy or -- dare it be said -- both?

I have read that. He still looked pretty good in the last preseason game. You just can't start calling this guy a bust or not good after 2 preseason games.

I love my Fins, sorry for the negativity but truth is we got problems or better yet everyone on our squad needs to improve or prove themselves minus a few obvious names.

Ok over 3000 yards rushing in 2 Big 12 seasons...............nuf said.

Posted by: Michael

Curtis Enis and KiJana Carter had a lot of yards in college too. Not so much in the pros.

Three weeks of camp and already Thomas is a bust? What a joke. He's learning, he'll get it.

I am VERY EXCITED about Larry Johnson. Everyone else is "well, we'll see".

Johnson has NO physical issues, is just 31 with no wear and tear over the last 4 years, a former Pro Bowl power back that was never given a shot in Cincy or D.C. and sent packing from K.C. for reasons other than on-field performance. And he's highly motivated.

You heard it here first - Johnson will be a force in the Fins power running game.

Stats mean nothing, really. Then why keep them. Stats are a measure of performance. If you ignore stats you're burying your head in the sand.

Seriously, why do people care about Thomas? If he can't cut it, cut him. This team has a long history of busting on 2d round picks. No biggie.

The need for Thomas to hit the hole harder doesn't mean he's no good. The kid played very well last week except for the goal line runs. It's actually a good problem to have. It means he is patient waiting for his linemen to open holes. All he needs to do is put everything he has into his burst once he sees his hole. That's probably the most fixable part of a running backs game!!
Run harder clown!!
Also, bush an Larry Johnson are pro's. They will show the Kid all he's lacking!!
Our running game will be fine!!
Our O-line is in good shape this year!!

Carter held out until the 3rd exhibition game as a rookie, and suffered a torn ACL. The know and speed were never the same after that. Ennis had a 1,000 yard year for the Bears, but had to retire because of a degenerative knee injury. So those 2 examples don't work.

Ingram wouldn't have had the "hit-the-hole-hard" lesson to learn. Still wish we had drafted him #1. Ah well. Thomas has the body, if he can learn the game. Sigh. Seems like the tale of all our draft picks: Looks the part, if we can teach them to do the right stuff.


Blair Thomas.

michael....quit it son.

stats are nice

but not the end all

im pretty sure theres been plenty high stat producing busts. K?

end of that


L. Johnson signing to me is a head-scratcher. Yeah he's got the physical tools (or did at one point), but not the type of personality consistant with past personell moves. More like a Jimmy Johnson flyer than Sparano/Ireland. Really confused. Might work fine... but just didn't seem to be on anyone's radar. Guess that too, we'll soon see.

On Mallet

".....He forces throws. Makes bad decisions. He doesn't deal with pressure up the gut. His mechanics become sloppy when he has to roll out."

Mel Kiper

Ron Dayne was another guy who was successful in college but struggled in in the pros. I don't care about Thomas's college stats, I want him to become a solid RB here in Miami. He doesn't have to be great, but if a 31 year old off the street winds up taking his carries, Thomas appears to be lacking.

Again Armando being Armando................

Seems to me D-Thomas and Larry Johnson are very similar in speed and size. Bringing Johnson in is totally not a displeasure with Thomas move. It's a help Thomas get better faster move.

Think about it guys, what better way to help Thomas get bettter than to bring in a former pro bowl vet(Johnson) with similar size and skill to teach what's exactly expected of him.

What better mentor for the kid than someone who in his youth mirrored him in size and skill. Then took that skill set to consecutive pro bowl levels.

Doesnt this seem to be a more feasible explanation than the garbage Armando has fed us. Do you want the admittedly "fatso" Armando feeding you the same type of garbage he's been feeding his own fatso body?

Really, Mallett? there are 4 QB's that are comig out this next draft that are better mechanically and mentally than Mallett of Cam was this year.

Was not worth the risk to draft the QB this year, next year is the time.

Two-time Heisman trophy winner Archie Griffin never did a thing in the NFL. That better not be Thomas! :(

better running back next year than Thomas?

Daniel thomas had 8 carries for over 50 yards and a td. I think he is looking good. He's played one preseason game and people are saying he's a bust??? haha. Ronnie Brown was a number 2 overall pick and didnt pan out too well. Give the kid a chance. Thomas and Bush with a little bit of Larry Johnson sounds great to me. If our offense plays as well as the D this team will contend with anyone.

JS in LA,

Larry Johnson's signing isnt a headscratcher. He's signed at the vet minimum with zero guarranteed money. That's equals udfa type contract if he's not on the opening day roster.

The Benifits:

1. If he makes the roster, he would be the perfect rb mentor for D-Thomas. Remember, D-Thomas played qb the first couple years in college and is still basically learning the rb position. He may have not learn to fully use his size and still needs work on technique. Johnson can be a huge help in this area because D-Thomas gets to see first hand how a guy his equal in size and ability does it.

2. Should D-Thomas go down to early injury we have a seasoned vet rb to plug right into his spot. Remember that's huge considering we get it at a price that's basically comparing the peanut to it's shell.


Armando's D-Thomas undertone seems to suggest a killer undertow that D-Thomas is already a bust. Armando has a long history in his blog of ninja-like skills to lead revolts against players here in Miami.

A Small percentage of time it's fully warranted. But the greatest majority of the time it's just more of the same Armando blog bs!

Calling a rookie who hasn't yet played a game in the NFL a bust (or even potential bust) is only highlighting how ignorant and stupid some people are about the game of football.

That's much different than saying a guy (like Odrick) was potential bust because he got hurt game 1 and had a history in college of being injury-prone. 2 totally different scenarios (though so far in camp Odrick is proving to be a nice addition, though not yet proving his 1st-rd drafting was the right move).

But why did we trade UP and give away two picks for Thomas? That was a stretch. Now they are figuring it out.

DB< agree on the concept, except for the actual person. Not head-scratching the need for a vet pile-pusher, although I thought we already had a few fullback bodies on the roster worthwhile (one drafted, two vets), plus we had RW we let go basically because he wasn't a FO fave. Just seem to be going in circles. Johnson has been kicked out of town his last few teams, and hasn't lit up anyone's scoreboard. Definitely not my idea of a mentor either.
Not going to complain, since I haven't seen him perform yet in a Fins uni, but... dubious nonetheless.

D-Thomas Positive:

1. It's absolutely astounding a guy whose only played the rb position for 2yrs amassed nearly 1,600yds rushing on the division 1 colegiate level last season.

2. Based on this, the sky's the limit for this kid once his technique improves and his confidence grows. This kid has the potential to be a pro bowl like Larry Johnson 2nd coming. So what better mentor to develop this skill than Larry Johnson himself.

everyone needs to relax about thomas. He's gonna be good. He just needs a little more time. he's played in 2 preseason games.


Who's hole? Which hole? Is a ladies mouth also considered a hole?


give him a chance.

I like how Henne is taking control of the huddle and telling the rooks how things are done.

Hello Everybooooooooody!

I just got back from work.

Thomas is a BUST! I could tell by the second carry from inside the 3!

He's already had almost a quarter and half of pre seaseaon games, How long are we going to wait-SHEESH! Oh yeah, this means SpOrano and Ireland suck........by PROXY!

PS: Pay no attention to the other couple of nice runs he had, those were ALL the O-line. If you don't GET IT by your first 8 carries as a rookie, you just don't GOT IT!

Cut him! NEXT!

(picture me as Archie Bunker listening to Edith going on and on and ON...........)

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Dolphins tell Thomas he must hit hole harder"

Sometime in the near future......after being arrested Larry went on to say I thought Coach Sparano said to hit the ho harder.

Soiled :)

Look at our resident TMZ writer trying to create a story here. Someone need to hit Mando's hole softer. The abuse is making him even less readable, if that were possible.

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