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Dolphins tell Thomas he must hit hole harder

The common thinking for anyone with eyes who has seen Daniel Thomas run this preseason is that while he may become a good player down the road, the rookie still has to adjust to the NFL game.

Thomas, you see, is a former quarterback. He made the transition to running back at Kansas State and now is making the transition to pro football. That's a lot of transitioning. So he has some learning to do.

He needs to be more physical.

He needs to run with more explosion.

He needs to get his shoulders squared, his pad level low and his legs churning.

In lay terms, he needs to bust up in there.

I told you this Sunday after watching Thomas be somewhat tentative on two and-goal runs from the 1 yard line versus Carolina. Despite denials from the Dolphins, their addition of Larry Johnson suggested that's how they felt.

And today, Thomas himself confirmed it.

"I would say that's about right," Thomas said "I've just got to lower my pads and trust my blocks and everything like that and I'm trying to get better here at practice and carry it into the next game."

Thomas is getting encouragement to make his adjustments and improvements from those around him. After his first down run failed Friday, quarterback Chad Henne told him in the huddle to hit the hole harder on second down.

And coach Tony Sparano apparently also suggested Thomas run a wee bit harder by getting on the player's case in practice.

"Yeah he was," Thomas said. "He was just telling me I need to get it in there and to stop tippy-toeing and everything like that. It was true though."


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If Thomas fumbles as much as Ricky has over his career, he'd better get 1,200-1,300 yds rushing minimum every year...otherwise he's toast.

Did it work out for ya little man......... i hope so

Posted by: jamesthefinfan | August 24, 2011 at 03:34 PM

Oh, so that was you peeking through my bathroom window? Or just fantasizing.

Yeah, I deserved it right.

You are so immature you couldn't come up with anything to say beyond infantile incest, and you are calling others idiots. Right. You spout football like only your opinion counts, yet can't even debate beyond a 3rd grade trailor park level.

Feel free to call me more names and spout your incestual fantasies now, Mr. Respectful. Ha!


Your points are well reasoned and to some extent I agree. While we might disagree as to how far Henne will develop as a QB, I believe we can agree on this point: In today's NFL, you will absolutely not win consistently without a very good to great QB, period. The days of Doug Williams, Mark Rypien and Tent (penis head) Dilfer taking a team to the Super Bowl are over. If Henne fails to show signs this year, I say we move on to Luck (unlikely b/c we will not draft in the top 5), Landry Jones or Matt Barker. Anyone agree or disagree?

P.S. Freddie Fart Face is a coward and a punk. Certainly no relative of mine.

Lunch almost ready, damn it smells fine. Not sure if I should use a fork or a spoon, maybe it's finger food?

Rex Ryan's Bowel Movement....

Hi Dad!

James and Peanut:

Seriously, lets set up that grudge match.

P.S. Freddie Fart Face, you are a gutless weasel.

Hey folks,

I'm the cousin of Rex Ryan's Bowel Movement. Glad to meet you all.

Rex BM,

Im expecting Henne will show good improvement. I believe his problems last year were 2-fold.

1. Henning sucks at developing young qb's and so does his system.

2. Henne never looked like a qb with much confidence out there.

The reports from Henne's fellow players seem to suggest Henne's "huddle presence" and command has really grown. To me that's a sign his confidence in himself is also growing. This is what I'll be watching most in our next preseason game vs the Bucs.

We have already seen that even DaBoll's offensive scheme's eons ahead of Henning's. We have also added more explosive weapons. The only element needing added right now is Henne's confidence. There is a slight pulse beginning to show in that area.

Next game vs the Bucs will show if Henne's pulse of confidence gets weaker or stronger. I'll err on the side of optimisism and say I expect that pulse of confidence by Henne grows stronger.

Still it will take an entire year to determine if we're totally out of the woods as far as our qb position is concerned. The total win-loss record will determine this. Henne's growth of confidence will determine the final win-loss record.

Rex, I agree completly on drafting a QB next year, 1st round. Even if we win the SB, which is unlikly. There are some studs in the next draft, and ones that will be available at pick 31, than there was this year @ pick 1.


You and Freddie should get your own personalities instead of trying to steal mine. Now both of you should be at work. The 7-11 closes in 7 hrs.


Just wondering, do you look at them before you flush? I do. I've got some pictures if you want to do a swap.


you sound so intelligent........i never said or implied that only my opinion mattered. To the contrary i believe i said i was tired of reading the same old crap on every blog no matter what the main topic was. I would love to read some insightful football knowledge..that im assuming only you in your infinate wisdow can provide me. As for being immature and infantile........thats fine with me. never claimed to be old and or wise but i do know football missy and anytime you wanna battle we can battle. im funnier and smarter

Most of Henne's deepball accuracy issues can be summmed up into a matter of "confidence". I wanst a fan of Henne's while watching him at Michigan, but in those days his single greatest strength was throwing the deep ball.

He hasnt all of sudden forgotten how to throw the deepball since he arrived at the pro level. I believe its a matter of getting confident again in throwing it. As his all around confidence grows in all aspects of his qb game. I believe his deep ball touch all of a sudden reappears too.

After all, during his collegiate qb days, Henne's deep ball touch was clearly his greatest assesset.

my god, wghat are you talking about?

Peanut said i have incestual fantasies.......lol...........its not incest if its your mom peanut.....silly lil boy


Let's make a deal. If Henne throws for at least 275yds, 2 tds, and no picks game 1 against the Pats. You squash the "we need to draft a qb 1st rd" talk for 1 week.

Fair Enough?

Catching up while trying to get some worl done:

.............while Larry Johnson becomes the rag that help polishes D-Thomas up!!!

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 24, 2011 at 03:10 PM

DB, you have a way with words man.


but i do know football missy and anytime you wanna battle we can battle. im funnier and smarter

Posted by: jamesthefinfan | August 24, 2011 at 03:52 PM

Still calling names, a testament to your lack of verbal skills. You just can't recognize what an idiot you really are. Funnier? Yeah, maybe for the wrestling channel crowd or children under 6.

Bye now.

Dying Breed:

Fine, I hope you are right about Henne. I am pullng for him as I do every Dolphin. Still want to see a young QB in here next here who we can build around. You and Poizen actually have a clue, unlike a few of the other Jet/Pats interlopers who come in here masquerading as Dolphin fans.

All I remember about Henne in college was him destroying Florida..........GO NOLES


please dont leave.......i havent finished pissing on you. God i wish you lived next door to me. You got me on the wrong day. Id love to beat the brakes off your condescending ass. What a punk.

To the Fake RexRyan's BM:

Your mom called. She would really like you to start looking for a job so that you can finally move out of her basement.

DB, even in his college tapes, which yes I saw for that draft as a project with all other QB's from that year. Henne can throw a deep ball, the problem he had was putting air underneath it, or arch. Now, every QB has issues there because weather elements play a part in the travel.

which leads to another point I have brought up.

Deep balls are not just the QB responsibility, it is also the WR. a good deep threat, looks once sees the ball in the air knows the play and runs to "the spot" to GO GET IT.

Many receivers are not that good at judging, "the spot", and look for the ball multiple times during flight. this slows the receiver, and lowers the concentration of the receiver, and can cause receivers to lose stride. In thos cases, sometimes the ball was not overthrown but the receiver lost the pace.

this happens often with younger receivers (gates) but primarily can be seen with Hartline. he looks for the ball way to often.

Anyway, just my 2 cents there. :)

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I have been a Dolphins fan for years now. I wish you guys would give D Thomas a break! It's only his second game.....If he didn't have talent they wouldn't have drafted him. I find it funny how people think they know more about football than the guys that eat, breath, sleep the business of pro football. And most of the people who give these opinions wouldn't carry the ball one time if they even could cause they know they don't know what to do, and they would get smashed. Give the man and the team a break. Good things coming this year i just know it

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larry johnson was a bad and pointless move. he wont even make the team. and to cut a much younger special teams guy is a mistake. just another dumb move by the fins

Good point Mike @3:37-

Odds are set to place equal money on both sides of a bet. The line of 7.5 wins for the Fins does represent "national perception".

I hope reality turns out to be much different.


Brandon Marshall is the same body type of Roberto Wallace. Being able to learn how Marshall uses the same body-type is really accerating Wallace's growth.

I see the same thing with Johnson and D-Thomas. They brought in a rb with the nearly identical body-type as D-Thomas. Sometimes it helps more for a kid to actually see how a guy nearly his same body-type perform. Than it is to just try and coach that kid into becoming better alone.

That's why I believe Larry Johnson was chosen over the other rb's available. It wasnt that they're so disappointed in D-Thomas as they were making a direct investment into giving him the best opportunity to become great.

Like Marshall and Wallace, Johnson and D-Thomas are nearly physical mirror images of each other.

DB, I like Henne and think he will be a good NFL QB, not sure about great, because he needs confidence. Can still happen.

I still would love to draft a QB next year, even if Henne wins MVP. We need a guy with talent to beat Henne, or push Henne, and have an upside. In case, Henne fails, Henne, gets hurt or even as trade bait to get better.

Trust me, I think Henne has all the skills to be well good enough, but wait till you see the QB's that come out next year. could be 1984 again!

Have 2 great QB's on the roster is not a bad thing, and 2 young ones mean the building blocks are in place!

Thomas will be fine, give him some time to adjust to the NFL. He had a good game against Carolina other than the goal line plays, he is young and he will learn. He looks quicker and more elusive than I expected from his college clips.... He will be a key part of the success of 2011.

ill take that challenge dying. and if he doesnt?



part of the fins success? u mean 6 wins. thomas was another bad move , dealing up for him. they could of had mallet and been getting him ready for his first nfl start


If we have to draft a qb to beat out Henne that's worst news possible. Best case scenario, Henne begins to show signs of being the qb Miami expects. Then continue too see about upgrading the #2 qb position which guarantees Henne will always be pushed.

Plus, make sure the #3 qb is always a guy that keeps pushing the #2 qb to maintain his position. We can afford to just stand pat at any of the 3 qb positions.

We always need the #2 to push the #1 and the #3 qb to push the #2 qb.

Mallett graded out worse than Henne coming ito the pro's.

Mallett has not seen a 1st string defense in the NFL yet, and his weaknesses are decision making and mechanics under pressure.

Not sure why everone is on the Mallett bandwagon after 2 pre-season games.

Dying Breed-

I love your points about D. Thomas, and L. Johnson. I think D.Thomas will be fine with a little seasoning. And LJ could be a good mentor for the kid. Plus if he really is motivated and in good shape like everybody says, he may even get a lot of carries.

But as Poizen says, we MUST draft a 1st Rd QB next year. Even if Henne grows leaps and bounds this year. Picture San Diego drafting Rivers when they had Brees. Picture Green Bay drafting Rodgers when they had Favre. Picture Philly drafting Kolb (2nd rd. I know) when they still had McNabb.

cause poizen we have the worst starting qb in the nfl

DB, You misunderstood what I posted. To have 2 very good QB's on your roster is not a bad thing. Especially if they are young.

If henne is really good great. but if you can draft a guy that might be even better what is the harm?

If the guy is not better he should be a hell of a backup, and then you have trade bait for picks in the future... all adds up to a win.

That is where was heading with that.

Wow! See the Herald hired a blog hit staff of former cheerleaders who think sucking football players shlong in the locker rooms qualifies as being football experts.

New Flash:

Dear former cheerleaders,

Sucking schlong in one's team cheered for locker room does not qualifies as "football expert". It only qualifies you to make ho' movies! LOL...

Really guys, get OFF the Mallett wagon, already. It's a done deal. It's over. Get over it.

dusty, you say the same thing, every post.

I disagree 100% with your opinionon henne 100%


Did not misunderstand you. Reread my post. I actually totally agreed with you. I just reworded exactly what you pretty much said. I think we're on the exact same page.

Not sure why everone is on the Mallett bandwagon after 2 pre-season games.

Posted by: Poizen | August 24, 2011 at 04:19 PM

He can throw the deep pass better than Henne ever will, force defenses to respect his arm.

Mallett = chunk yards. Henne = 10 dump offs and hope for YAC.

good poizen, glad u noticed i dont switch on my opinions like u have. and hilarious people saying lj is a good signing. he would never mentor anyone, cares only about himself. and he wont even make the final roster. theres a reason why he hasnt been wanted by anyone for a couple years

Sorry about that DB. I guess I did, the first sentence threw me off.


Also made a 4:22 PM post describing all of the Herald blog hit paid posters(former schlong slurping cheer leaders) like dusty bottoms. LOL...

dusty, back to unwarranted attacks.

Never changed my opinion once. I think many of the regulars will tell you that with confidence.

Not sure where you came up with that.

I was surprised by the Larry Johnson signing but only in as much as I thought they had more confidence in Hilliard filling that role.

I don't think the signing reflects any on Daniel Thomas per se. It's not any different than what SpOrano and Ireland have done since their arrival.

Daniel Thomas = Ronnie Brown

Larry Johnson = Ricky Williams

Reggie Bush = Cobbs/Sheets(?).

As far as the numbers go, this is what SpOrano likes to work with.

Whether or not we've upgraded remains to be seen.

I'll give you a hint on what I think:


To all the Chad Henne haters out there. Did you know that Henne has better stats than Mark Sanchez? I hate the Jet's but you don't see them calling for his head...why? Cause he had a team around him. I want to see what Henne does with a little more time and some fan support....? I hope he has a break out year and all of you can shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bush Thomas and LJ should be a help. Go Dolphins!

bs poizen and u know it. as does everyone else. and dying if henne doesnt do that week one then what?

Paid Herald blog hit posters are only here to enhance the blog hits. There's no better way to accomplish it than with gross negativity.

Negativity and controversy sells(increases blog hits). For the Herald, increased blog hits means selling ad space for more money.

Does everyone get it now? If so stop fighting with the paid blog hit patrol. LOL...

I am serious dusty??

What are you talking about?

I have not changes my opinion on anything here, either you have mistaken me for someone else, or you just like to stir crap up.

Anyway, moving on...


You say "former schlong slurping cheer leaders" like its a BAD thing. I happen to LOVE schlong slurping cheer leaders. What gives?

dying see u over at the new blog so u can rip me personally some more instead of just disagreeing

I'm not a big fan of bush (like in 70's pornos), but I do like the little Racing stripe you see in today's adult films. LOL!

I hate the Henne-Sanchez comparison. The goal isnt to be better than Sanchez. The goal I would like to see from Henne is become one of the 8th best qb's in this league.

Becoming one of the 8th best qb's in this league automatically qualifies him as a perrenial playoff calibre qb. These are the qb's that seem to get thier teams to the playoffs year after year after year........

At this point comparing him with Sanchez is pretty meaningless. We all know that at this point in Sanchez's career Jet playoff appearances have had more to do with our collapse(2009) and thier defense(2010) than Sanchez himself. Dont get to carried away because he has had some timely plays.

Sanchez and Henne both have a ways to go when it comes down to regular season performances. A comparison at this stage is like trying to compare wet paint to wet paint. Wet paint put down now and wet paint put down 5 seconds later are still both wet paint.

man there are a lot of idiots for Dolphins fans here on this site....amazing at all the gloom and doom over one potential back up RB that's 4th on the depth chart..LMAO....All you couch coaches get a flipn life! or support and or follow another team. Go Fins....10/6 year or maybe a 11/5 year......

Daniel Thomas tippy-toes behind the O-line like he's John Avery. We all remember how well Avery turned out for the Dolphins, don't we?

morons like seminole sam, Henne has not even started his FOURTH year yet. what are you talking about 8 year plan? He'll be great in this, is 2nd year as the full starter

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