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Dolphins tell Thomas he must hit hole harder

The common thinking for anyone with eyes who has seen Daniel Thomas run this preseason is that while he may become a good player down the road, the rookie still has to adjust to the NFL game.

Thomas, you see, is a former quarterback. He made the transition to running back at Kansas State and now is making the transition to pro football. That's a lot of transitioning. So he has some learning to do.

He needs to be more physical.

He needs to run with more explosion.

He needs to get his shoulders squared, his pad level low and his legs churning.

In lay terms, he needs to bust up in there.

I told you this Sunday after watching Thomas be somewhat tentative on two and-goal runs from the 1 yard line versus Carolina. Despite denials from the Dolphins, their addition of Larry Johnson suggested that's how they felt.

And today, Thomas himself confirmed it.

"I would say that's about right," Thomas said "I've just got to lower my pads and trust my blocks and everything like that and I'm trying to get better here at practice and carry it into the next game."

Thomas is getting encouragement to make his adjustments and improvements from those around him. After his first down run failed Friday, quarterback Chad Henne told him in the huddle to hit the hole harder on second down.

And coach Tony Sparano apparently also suggested Thomas run a wee bit harder by getting on the player's case in practice.

"Yeah he was," Thomas said. "He was just telling me I need to get it in there and to stop tippy-toeing and everything like that. It was true though."


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Fistpump will correct him, after all look how he has corrected our off. line...dumb butt

Rex, the run Eli Manning (about Jay Fiedler ability) won the SB just a few years ago. beat the pats even, who had brady

Stop criticizing Ireland. He knows his business but the problem is the owner has not opened up his pocket for new hires, in spite of what they say. That's the key: the money to spend. Without the dough you can only get the scraps, which is what we are getting. Do you think that Ireland is going to tell you this and stay in the payroll?

I was watching LJ highlights at Penn State and I never realize how big and fast he was. he looks like a full back with RB speed and mad power. The first tackler never brought him down. I hope he can flash some of that with the Dolphins. What ya think? He's only 31!

Hey, no where did Armando say Thomas was a bust., Thats some of you extrapolating out of context. Or something like that.

He's REPORTING what Tony and Thomas himself said.
I'm almost afraid to ask how many of YOU actually KNEW Thomas was an ex-QB? (as most of you are lying sacks of merde, I won't pose the question.. LOL)

MY gripe at this point is 2nd round running backs OUGHT to already know the stuff Tony is griping about.
As someone else here commented, our 2nds shouldn't be PROJECTS.

A Bust after two preseason games, how can anyone be so stupid to say that. There is no way of knowing what he'll be.

Not the first time he's been told he needs to work on hitting the hole harder...wink wink

Does his girl tell him that also??? Just wondering ??

Yeah, I have a comment for all the dorks who thought letting Ricky go was a good move: Did we EVER have to tell him to HIT THE HOLE HARDER? We had an excellent running back in Ricky and we let him move on. Could have had him fairly cheap, too. I AM NOT SOLD on Ireland and his coach. I see a 9-7 season and the 2 of them gone next year. As to the 2 cooordinators, I like Nolan and so far am impressed with Daboll's play-calling. I, for one, am not sold on what parcell's created and left for us. I am an optimist by nature, but the 2 geniuses running this team have brought out the realist in me.

I do like the Bush pickup. Him and Ricky in the backfield while Thomas developed would have been a good thing.

Dolphins next quarterback ... Ryan Timothy Tannehill (born July 27, 1988 in Big Spring, Texas), Texas A&M University. And each and every Dolphins fan will be elated on draft day.

the charade has to stop once and for all. this dolphin team is terrible. the best thing that can happen is that we go 1-15 (beating the jets of course) and draft andrew luck. then maybe we will finally have a future in south fla. this fallacy of you idiot fans that think we have a chance this year is foolish. chad henne is the qb tony sporano is the hc and jeff ireland is the gm. enough said. we must go 1 step back to go 2 steps forward and when we go back it will be time to clean house once and for all (piss poor job by ross not doing it last season)

the sammy smith imitation on short and goal has to stop....running back launching as a human projectile at about the 3 or 4 expecting to fly into the end zone is getting stupid...also,selecting thomas in the 2nd with mallett still on the board was not a good move...running backs and receivers are a dime a dozen...

Good Work there Ireland !!! and you actually traded up to get Thomas...

Just watched Tony Sporano's press conference. States Daniel Thomas didn't know he needed to go full speed in practice and he took plays off. Wtf? We traded up for a project RB.

Great, another John Avery!

Yet another reason why not signing Ronnie or Ricky was a botch...

Yay, another Ronnie Brown. These guys sure know how to pick 'em.

Thomas production in the preseason and history at Kansas St suggest he is going to be fine. I am so tired of hearing from all the Slimy green and Patsy fans on our blog. I wouldn't be caught dead on their site. Busters. It's bad enough all the dolfans complaining about GM and coaching on this site. Geez, let the season play out. We have to accept the team as is. Fumbling Ricky, Tippin Ronnie are gone and in my opinion, good. Let's get younger and faster. DONE Let's get rid of "old dude" calling plays. DONE We are a better team.

Ricky and Ronnie had bad seasons last year because our O-line sucked last year. Shouldn't have gotten rid of either. Rather, should have just added Bush and another and let them all compete. Just another example of Sparano being an ignorant coach. Want to see the Dolphins flourish? Cut Sparano!

Ronnie Brown would have gotten in there!!

we coulda had Mallett instead of a soft RB that runs high.

when I saw Bush playing for Phins he reminded me of Marshall Faulk.

When I saw Thomas running he reminded me of Sammy Smith

The Dolphins traded up to get Thomas a 230 RB who everyone said was the second coming. Now Thomas pussyfoots around, doesnt hit the hole hard enough and is simply a "miss Nancy". So now the Dolphins had to sign a 31 yr old RB/malcontent/woman beater. Why am I not surprised? ITs the Sparano/Ireland dailey dog and pony show.
Ross havent u seen enough?

The same thing was said every year with Ronnie Brown but he always played soft. Jim Kiick tried to knock some sense into him. At this stage Daniel Thomas needs a push. Hopefully Larry Johnson has a chip on his shoulder to redeem himself or else they wouldn't have signed him. Hopefully Johnson will knock some sense into him and Thomas will get the message.

Did you guys ever think that he was brought in just for competition? Smart move in my opinion by the FO, bring in a vet who has proven he can put the ball in the endzone to show the rookie how its done. LJ is not here to take over DT or Reggies spot, he is simply here to make the position a lil bit stronger.

Yep dragonfly... I agree. Passed on Mallet for this loser??? Only to sign a has been with issues... I say the ONLY good thing about this year is we'll be done with the clown FO

Yes Thomas hit it hard we just got rid of a RB that wouldn't hit the hole & look where he's at... NOWHERE!!!

Dear Fans,
I know there are rumors going around we are going to trade Tim Tebow. I can not address those rumors. However, we are concerned that if we brought Tim in to back-up Henne, you may actually start up with the "Henne Sucks" chants. We simply can't have that. It hurts Henne's feelings. He is very emotional, you know.

So while I can't comment on the Tebow rumors (I can't even acknowledge the fact there are rumors), I just want to thank you all for being fans.



P.S. Larry Johnson is looking great for a 43 year old!

We did ZERO to improve the Running Game! Infact, I'd rather Have R & R back. They knew the system & you didn't have to tell them to run hard! LJ is washed up! It amazes me how ignorant the masterminds think on this team!We had a top 5 backfield last year, be lucky if we are in the top 20 this year. Where is the improvement??????

Well, let me re-phrase that... We had a top 5 combo with Ricky & Ronnie, just had an idiot call the O!

Never like the Thomas pick. Nothing special about that kid and most certainly not worth a 2nd round pick. For a guy his size, he really runs soft.

You're all a bunch of idots! Another Ronnie Brown,and our FO are clowns.They didnt even sign RB.Fuckin REtards!!

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