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Dolphins to scrimmage on Sunday

Time to take it up a notch, folks.

The Dolphins have been practicing once a day since July 29 and have been doing that at an even pace, once a day, since that time, doing the work, steady-like. To heck with that!

In an effort to light a bit of an urgency candle under his team, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano announced today that the team will scrimmage Sunday at the team facility.

“First of all obviously we don’t have time for the ball to be on the ground and we don’t have time for the penalty thing,” Sparano said today. “The detail part of this thing I want to see cleaned up as much as we can, but more importantly I just want to see these guys play at a high pace. I don’t want robots out there.

"I just want them to go out and I want to see the playmakers make plays and watch that happen out there in a competitive situation. So it’s not real different than what we’re practicing out here. We’re going to get more plays in, but when you call it a scrimmage like that and the light goes on I think everybody kind of plays at a different pace. So that will be fun to watch.”

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned that I wished the Dolphins would turn the pace up a little bit in practice? You play like you practice and if the practice pace is not very quick, the team might settle into a malaise that's hard to shake when the games actually begin.

Sparano and his coaching staff might have sensed the same thing. Also, some players perform better when the stakes are higher. (I am very close to including rookie tailback Daniel Thomas in that group if he doesn't pick things up in regular practices.)

Thomas was outstanding in the Monday night practice at Sun Life Stadium. But in other regular practices he's been unspectacular. Maybe if the coach announces this is a scrimmage, the rookie will see it as a time to shine.

It would be nice if others could shine as well, by the way. Others is defined here as the first-team offense. To put it bluntly, Miami's defense has been better than the offense so far this camp. That is to be expected at practically every training camp -- defense ahead of offense.

But It would be nice if the offense could show some consistent signs of life, put some positive plays together back to back, and you know, score some touchdowns. It hasn't been terrible. But neither has it been really good so far.

Maybe the scrimmage will change that.


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"Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned that I wished the Dolphins would turn the pace up a little bit in practice?"

Not really. See, we FANS are really more interested in what the PLAYERS or COACHES say, and not some ego-maniacal writer who thinks he somehow predicted or influenced the upcoming scrimmage.

DAMN! Why can't the dolphins get an ACTUAL reporter for their team?

He doesnt want to see robots out there. Is he referring to henne?

We need to sign Ricky Williams as a major insurance policy! We should also sign Troy Smith. He could easily become the starting QB. Sparano needs to consider the possibility that thomas could turn out to be a dud; enter Ricky Williams to save the day!

Hey, 77. Henne is the starter. You want to keep crying or actually support your team?

Bond, you are double o stupid.

Not even one preseason game and Sparano needs to consider the rb they traded up for in rd 2 could turn out to be a dud?

To those who affiliate themselves with any of the political parties, you can no longer run from the fact that none of them, not one, is on your side. This charade of political pandering jeapordizing the debt limit is beyond shameful and is seen as such world wide.

Do the right thing. Vote everyone in Congress out. And be very wary of voting for any politician affiliating themselves with the Democratic or Republican Party (GOE - Gang of the Enemy)

Hey checkerboard, we will see who is stupid when the season starts and your boy Henne does his best Fiedler routine and blows some key games that we need to win, with his untimely interceptions and under throwing WIDE OPEN RECEIVERS. The only stupid people I see are the people who believe different results will eventually appear without a change! Keep in mind; I have a mirror.

The real danger with Henne is that he plays just well enough to keep hope alive, and then folds in the end. He will never be consistently good enough to take a team to the big dance.


let's keep this a football blog. There a many places you can go to discuss politics.



Its not your blog. It's Armando's blog, where he states in bold:

No subject is taboo, no deadlines, no space crunch.

Go find some other place to act like you are the blog police.

He will never be consistently good enough to take a team to the big dance.

Posted by: B.M. | August 06, 2011 at 02:45 PM

You really do not know that. For as much as you know Henne could have an outstanding season behind a healthy line and with better play-calling.

Many players make the developmental leap in their third year.

Still the same thing, no matter what the post is, there are people blasting Henne, already saying Henne sucks, and he will fail yadda yadda yadda.

Are any of you phin fans or are you Henne haters.

If your a phin fan it is time to get over it and support this guy since he is your QB at this point. I would hope you would like them to win no matter who the QB is.

All of you Henne haters have no clue what he is going to do this year, we havent even played a pre-season game.

you guys are typical haters and not fans. you dont have to like the guy at all, but support him, he is in your teams colors, and the guys you do like on the team... guess what... they support him...

So that makes all of you hater the morons, and on the same level as a Jet fan.

Thanks, have a great day.

I don't know it...yet. But I feel it right now. Just listening to Armandos reports, it really seems like Henne is the same QB that got benched last season. Let's see how the first few games go.

Washington, I have a great idea for you...

you seem to know a lot about the problems in our government.

you would serve us much better by not being on a dolphins forum and maybe going and fixing the problem.


I don't hate Henne. I hate the fact this organization is continuing with an exercise in futility.

Poizen. Let us know how you feel why not!!!

Ok, Washington,

Clearly many of the incumbents need to be removed. Especially the many millionaires who are obviously disconnected from the challenges of working class people.

However, your premise is fundamentally flawed. When you jettison all incumbents you remove institutional memory from the legislative process. What results from that is the enhancement of the power and influence of lobbyists.

The kick'em all out or term limits idea sounds good at a glance, doesn't work well in practice.

yea, well, same ol crap at times on this post gets frustrating.

BM, you read the post it does not fit you, so dont take it personal.

Those people know who they are, give them a few seconds o ingest what i said... then the peopl sho attack me will be te guilty ones... lol

Go Henne--he's our QB, like it or not. We had all better HOPE he gets it together. It's better to hope he improves than to bash him. What good does that do?



I am here helping to spread the message to the common folk who are so tuned out of politics and more interested in Lady Gaga to even realize their country has gone down the tubes a lot further than the Miami Dolphins.

BM. You know that how so early this year???

fine post finsfan72...

Actually Washington...if you want to quote the Blog...quote it right....First two words are "Everything Dolphins"....not freaking politics...I come here to get away from all the corrupt crap of the government and how Nobama is ruining this country...would much rather talk about Henne and his check downs that that!! Now...get the hell out of here and go post in a forum that cares about your crap posts....

Let's see how the first few games go. EXACTLY.

A bit different than Henne will NEVER BE CONCSISTENT ENOUGH, etc. New OC, new system, etc. This is the year we find out. So give him the benefit of the doubt perhaps? He IS going to be the QB.

ODF. You espouse exactly what the founding fathers envisioned. Hence the constitution.

Washington, I appreciate you and your attempt to educate. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. I love the USA, and those scumbag afgany militants just killed our navy seals that killed bin laden.

I will only accept economic disaster in the USA after the phins win a superbowl.

Washington. Nothing you are saying here isn't true (IMO) but this is a football blog dude.


Removing instutional memory sounds good to me. I don't concur with your idea that leads to the enhancement of power and influence of lobbyists. The current system fosters their endless dominance.

We have a constitution that should be followed which says of the people by the people for the people, no of big business for big business by big business. A whole new congress would break decades old ties of connections and political favors.

Poizen & Oregon; you boys need to realize what has happened to the dolphin nation in the past decade. When we had the #1 defense during the Taylor, Thomas , Madison, Surtain, Bowens, ect era; Wadnstedt allowed Jay Fiedler to prevent the dolphins from ever making it to the big dance. All Wadnstedt had to do is get a QB and he would not do it. So, the new england patriots went on to live the life of championships that the dolphins would have had, had they simply gotten an above average quarterback. So when the dolphin nation see that the coaches are making the same mistake again, they have a right to be IRATE!

I am the farthest thing from 'the blog police', and do not want to be.

I do not mind trying to remind that this is not a political blog so as to hopefully prevent this blog from devolving into yet another politically contentious forum.

Heck, enough yelling goes on inhere over trivial matters like how good or bad Henne is.

Certainly the political climate is as contentious and as populated with low information voters as it has ever been.

For these reasons I do not mind trying to remind that this is not a political blog. I'm sure you understand.

Why doesnt washington cut off all the feet of anyone who dies this year. Sell them for 1 million $$ a foot?

Rex Flubber Ryan will officially fix the national dept in 3 weeks.


I think it will. How many times when we would play the Jets or Ravens and we were at 3rd and 5 or more did we all see the 9 man blitz coming and still Henning had no answer. Quick slant or screen...nothing. It drove me crazy. I'm not saying Henne is the answer but a few things. We need to find out. He needs a good Oline, last years was below average. He needs a running game. Last years was one of the worst in the league. He needs a chance.

If you had a choice right now, would you pick Orton as our QB or Cowher as our new head coach? I would pick new head coach.


Do you realize that Afghanistan is soveriegn nation that we waged an unproved war on for 10 years now? By our governments own definition of terrorism, we are the terrorists. Put yourself in their position, foreign country coming in and removing a government when the enemy was a group of terrorists from another country.


Let meet here sunday of the bye week so you can tell me I was right.

No bond, you need to understand...

I have gone through the last decade alse, and have lost my mind with the epic failure.

I also am irate, and frustrated proper competition or replacements have not been brought in...

But you know what, it is not Henne's fault. The kid is working hard to get better and doing all in his power to make us a winner.

So blasting HIM is just STUPID!

Supporting him for his hard work, makes more sense. it is not his fault we are in this position...

game, set match... right?

It's better to hope he improves than to bash him. What good does that do?

What good does bashing him do?

Sp. As I answered on the other string cowher. Now a third choice could have been wait to week three of preseason and see what the product is. There are many signs of improvement, let's see if they continue.
TE. Tulsa guy looks good.

Miami Dolphins In Depth by Armando Salguero

No subject is taboo, no deadlines, no space crunch.

Hey Pando...no knock on #7 today. Also no mention that he had a good Friday night practice as well. I guess when you dig yourself into a hole you just hunker down until you get the chance to try and advance your SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) opinion.

BM. The question will be answered long before that. And odds now are not on your side.

By what armando writes..........

there is your problem. Armando writes like a 12 year old girl.


Everything Armando reported today suggests Henne is the exact same QB he was last year. Odd's are heavily on my side. You are banking on a guy suddenly changing his game come week 1. I'm banking that Henne today is going to be the same Henne 5 weeks from now.


you are obviously passionate about politics. I suggest you close down your computer. Walk out your door and talk with your neighbors about it.

Some misguided individuals are saying: "give henne a chance". Well when the people see henne doing the same things this year in PRACTICE; how can they possibly feel confident in henne. Brandon Marshall told the coaches that Tyler Thigpen was a better QB than henne. Instead of taking Marshall's advice, they traded the only real Qb that they had; thigpen. Now, they worked out Troy Smith who is a good Qb, but I bet that they do not sign him. You cannot go to the bid dance if your QB-driver only has a LEARNERS PERMIT!

Mando announces a scrimmage and leaves out the time. When is it?? 11AM so we are good in the heat and da Ross ays when it's cool.


We are all neighbors in the internet world.

I tried talking to my real neighbors about it but every time they see me come they close the blinds, turn off the lights and don't answer the door. Not sure why that is.

Real interested to see if Ray Willis could turnout to be a good signing.

I know he was not a big time FA but perhaps the bifecta has found an acorn.

The quality of play at RT is going to be critical this season. Despite Sparano being very happy with Columbo, reports from last year have me concerned.

Let's face it, for the most part (obviously some cuts and some minor additions may be made - perhaps even some churning at the bottom of the roster if we're lucky), the personnel that are on the field now is what we're going to have for the season. So we might as well pop the corn, open the beer and pray.

All the "good" QB replacements are gone. All the good TEs are gone. All the good WRs (for those who aren't satisfied with Hartline - I'm not) are gone. Pretty much what you see now is darn close to what we'll get to watch the whole season.

Relying on rookies is never the best plan but it's how this regime is moving forward. They must feel comfortable in their jobs because they've made no moves that will significantly better the team. I said significantly. They've made some moves on offense that may improve it in the long run but Thomas, Clay, Gates and Pouncey are not likely to win an extra three games for this team. The new offense? Who knows?

Fact is nobody knows. Best guess is that the offense will continue to suck but, gentlemen, we have what we have so all we can do is hope that this FO and Coach know a lot more than they have shown in the last three years.

I am hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Nothing that has been done instills much hope, but I am a fan so I'll be supporting my team (and bitching too if they don't do well) through the season. Even if they go the 6-10 or 7-9 I think they will. Oh, and beating NE on the first night with a gimpy Jake Long (or no Jake Long)? Not going to happen. Be prepared for that.

Sorry david, do not alter the truth to fit your argument.

Marshall said he liked Thigpen better because Thigpen strayed from the playbook, which inevitably got Thigpen benched. Coaching was the problem there all the way. Henne did not rock the boat with coaching the same way thigpen did.

And, still david, troy smith not being here is not Henne's fault, coaches starting Henne is not Henne's fault.

So no need to bash him, he is working very hard to get better and help people like you try and support him with that hard work.

Go send letters to Ireland Ross and Sporano if you are unhappy with Henne as a starter. Blasting Henne in this blog and when he gets on the field does not do this team any good at all.

just my opinion, (last paragraph)





4- BACALA ...........

Ross may have inadvertently given Sparano far more job security than he intended, because after Ross's pathetic debacle and sheer lack of professionalism, he may have scared off the better coaches from wanting to work for him.

bond,david bond, how do you know that Troy Smith is a good QB, please tell me. The reality is that he's a lifetime 51.7 passer, with 1700 lifetime yards. That doesn't sound like a good QB. Sounds like a scrub to me.

Anyone know what time the scrimmage is at?

Bdb. Have you actually been to practise??

Jimmy, I get expecting the worse, and hoping for the best.

I am optomistic about this season and think Henne will do great if the o-line is solid.

The point is and I think your on board.

We gots what we gots!!!!

So when game day comes, support the players in Teal and Orange, to beat dem Pats, week one!

ltcdolphin, PEACE.

I think the message is, if you suck you suck, but if you are any good you better concentrate and not make mistakes.


still never heard why I made a "names to avoid" list.

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