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First depth chart of 2011 right here

The Dolphins have released their first depth chart of 2011. This one is not speculation from me. This is from the team as it prepares for its preseason opener against Atlanta.



WR 19 Brandon Marshall 15 Davone Bess 18 Roberto Wallace

87 Brooks Foster 11 Julius Pruitt

LT 76 Lydon Murtha 73 Alan Barbre 65 D.J. Jones

LG 68 Richie Incognito 69 Ray Feinga 61 Matt Kopa

C 51 Mike Pouncey 67 Joe Berger

RG 72 Vernon Carey 74 John Jerry

RT 71 Marc Colombo 75 Nate Garner 64 Ray Willis

60 D.J Jones

TE 80 Anthony Fasano 86 Mickey Shuler 88 Jeron Mastrud

84 Brett Backett 81 Dedrick Epps

WR 82 Brian Hartline 10 Clyde Gates 14 Marlon Moore

85 Phillip Levas 17 Patrick Carter

QB 7 Chad Henne 8 Matt Moore 4 Kevin O’Connell /

9 Pat Devlin

FB 36 Lousaka Polite 31 Charles Clay

RB 22 Reggie Bush 33 Daniel Thomas 26 Lex Hilliard/

42 Nic Grigsby 23 Kory Sheets


LE 70 Kendall Langford 78 Tony McDaniel 90 Ryan Baker

NT 96 Paul Soliai 95 Ronald Fields 66 Frank Kearse

62 Johnny Jones

RE 94 Randy Starks 97 Phillip Merling/ 56 Robert Rose

98 Jared Odrick

SLB 55 Koa Misi 99 Jason Taylor 59 Ikaika Alama-Francis

48 Quinton Spears

ILB 58 Karlos Dansby 53 Austin Spitler 57 Mike Rivera

45 Mark Masterson

ILB 47 Kevin Burnett 50 A.J. Edds

WLB 91 Cameron Wake 46 Jason Trusnik 49 Jonathan Freeny

LCB 24 Sean Smith 25 Will Allen 27 Benny Sapp

41 Vincent Agnew

RCB 21 Vontae Davis 28 Nolan Carroll 32 Nate Ness

43 Jose Perez 35 Jimmy Wilson

FS 30 Chris Clemons 20 Reshad Jones

SS 37 Yeremiah Bell 29 Tyrone Culver 44 Mark Restelli


P 2 Brandon Fields

K 5 Dan Carpenter

KO 5 Dan Carpenter

H 2 Brandon Fields

KOR 15 Davone Bess 10 Clyde Gates 85 Phillip Levas

PR 15 Davone Bess 10 Clyde Gates 85 Phillip Levas

LS 92 John Denney


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Now to read the article.

The absence JL77 on this list is a deafening sound!

Bush isn't on either return squads?

kind of disappointing to see Odrick buried so deep on the depth chart even this early in the training camp.

DB15 pulling triple duty makes me nervous.

Losing him to an injury would be devastating.

What happened to Odrick?? Why is he so far down?

“Marshall came out to play,” Smith said. “It’s all about how the offense is using him. They’re putting him in different spots now. So he’s able to use his mitts and his size against small defenders to make plays.”

So was it Henne or Hennings last year?

Is Daboll's new offense already putting Hennings to shame?

Henne hit Marshall four times with 3 being TD's. Counting Marshall's drop, it should have been 5 hook ups for 4 TD's!

I realize it was just one scrimmage but I have to admit, I'm feeling a helluva lot better than I did a week ago!


Henne-Hell Yeah!



Kudos on the, ahem, "retirement"!!!!

The first thing that jumped out at me was: No Clam Chowder!

Burnett might not be the almighty savior, but just seeing his name instead of Crowder's looks awful good.........at least on paper..............


I'm worried about rookies Thomas and Clay, both are backups, they should improve and make the starting spot.

Odrick... why a 3rd team? isn't he ahead of Merling? the deep at DL is not that good, he should be at least 2nd team.

What is the potn of havinf Clyde Gates this year if he cannot be the starter at KR and PR? he should improve ASAP.

TE 80 Anthony Fasano 86 Mickey Shuler 88 Jeron Mastrud

84 Brett Backett 81 Dedrick Epps

Gee-the only thing I can think to say about this slot is:

I hope Charles Clay becomes a beast very quickly!

What sticks out at me is Marlon Moore, Kory Sheets and Jared Odrick, all at the back of the back. Now, for 2 of the guys it could be being careful (since they were injured), and frankly, with Odrick, I'd put him in a full air bubble to protect his fragile body until the season gets here.

But Moore scored a nice TD last year (wasn't that him vs. Oakland?). I thought he could break out this year. And Sheets, wasn't he the speedster. How did he get behind Grigsby?

Anyway, with or without Will Allen, our defense will be mammoth. I can't say the same for the oline without Long. With Long, they MIGHT be serviceable. Without him, I think even Mike Vick would have trouble throwing the ball. Sorry Chad, just when you started to turn a corner, here comes Tony Sparano's band of charlatan offensive linemen (though Pouncey seems like the real deal, and Incognito is a force to be reckoned with).

No Long with out him our oline is going to suffer what scares me the most is he isn't even mentioned are they hinting at something is he not gonna play at all this year or something? I sure hope so he is the cornerstone to our line. :-(


Long is on PUP. He can't be listed there right now.

to me we neeed O Hara,...

TE is scary weak....

WR still need a Vet.......

when ROMO got injured, wasn't COLUMBO,the one who got beat

I wonder if Henning could have done better had he had Reggie Bush, Pouncey and Gates instead of Burger and Fries? Hmmmm

Let's just avoid all reality and we can really have some fun.

Relax and take a deep breath.

Don't read much of ANYTHING into this depth chart.

We've had a very short off-season and are installing a new offense.

Things a "VERY" subject to change!

Odrik didn't play at all last year. Nolan wants him to "EARN" his way up the rotation and he should.

As far as kick off and punt returns, right now, TODAY, Bess should be listed no. 1. He's the best we've had for the past three years. The two guys(Gates and Levas)behind him have all the potential in the world but they are rookies. Hopefully they'll be major upgrades, but they have to prove it under fire. They have to earn it!


Hopefully Long plays the first few games, and if we see the same ol' boring offense and lousy start, hopefully this lame duck regime will do the right thing and let him rest and heal!


Please make a note of it.

Not a brain dead fan,
Thanx didn't realize couldn't be listed when on pup list... Makes me feel a lil better hope for a speedy recovery!

Take a deep breath...
Bess will give way to Gates as KR, and share duty with Bush at PR.

Odrick is coming off injury, he'll make his way up the depth chart and be a valued member of the DL rotation. He may or may not start, but this is the deepest unit on the team. Any of our top 6 could start for most teams.

Remember, this is the first depth chart of the preseason, required by the league, not set in stone yet.

Oh my. Just when emotions were riding high and I was feeling so good about our season, Atlanta just embarassed us last night.

And Long is not allowed on th'e depth chart because hes on the PUP list. He'll be starting soon enough. Relax.

Its unofficial. Im guessing this is what they going by for the preseason game on Friday.

**Reality CHECK**

I wonder if Henning could have done better had he had Reggie Bush, Pouncey and Gates instead of Burger and Fries? Hmmmm

Let's just avoid all reality and we can really have some fun.

Posted by: not a brain dead fan | August 08, 2011 at 06:51 PM

Henning wouldn't do any good with Burgers, Fries and a Super Sized Prune Juice Shake!

Matter of fact, he hasn't done ANYTHING since Theisman, the Hoggs and the day and age of running the ball 75% of the time.

Just a tad bit outdated there don't cha think?

PS: For not being brain dead, that was a pretty brain dead thing to post...............

Bottoms Up!!!!

At this moment that Depht Chart means nothing. It will change big.

Still a tremendous amount of change to come. But this gets me really excited for the season.



Having lived in post-K NOLA, I can tell you that Reggie Bush's biggest impact is the RETURN game.

Hopefully the powers that be will realize that. Post. Haste.

Nothing to see here people, move along...

Some things from Darlinton's "Exhibition Only For Miami Dolphins Against Atlanta".

Coach Tony Sparano said his team will not spend the next several practice preparing for the Falcons. It won’t build a comprehensive game plan specific to Atlanta, instead focusing on its goals at this point in camp.

“We are not going to use this as a game week,” Sparano said. “We really aren’t going to prepare at all for Atlanta, just go down there and kind of decide what we want to run and get a look at some things.

“It is going to be hard to use these early preseason games as anything other than practice opportunities to see players and to get them some work.”

-I think this is the best possible strategy at this point. Even SpOrano making some good decisions. Will wonders never cease? Things are starting to look better.


There’s a legitimate competition at free safety during the next few weeks. While Chris Clemons isn’t doing anything to lose his spot, Reshad Jones is getting increased opportunities to show his stuff.

Jones, a second-year pro, saw time with the first-team defense Sunday in the nickel package.

“Reshad in the last couple practices has been around the ball,” Sparano said. “He’s been more physical. You know, the blitz portion of things lately has involved some of those guys, and I’ve felt Reshad a bunch in the last two or three practices.”

-If Jones makes the leap that I think he will, the defense has the potential to be "Lights Out"!


“Mike did some things today from a recognition standpoint that he didn’t do two days ago,” Sparano said. “You know, two days ago we started a package here in practice from a pressure standpoint that a young guy coming in can struggle with that and he handled it OK. But [Sunday] he handled it very well. He doesn’t have to be told a lot.

“He gets it and a football guy and spends a lot of time at it.”

- I was very skeptical of this pick at first and I hope I was wrong because we need this guy to show up big more than ever now.


Cornerback Sean Smith on offense-dominated scrimmage: “When the defense is doing good, it’s really quiet out there. But it’s good to see the offense get the crowd going because they’re doing it against one of the best defenses in the league, in my opinion.”


HUHHH??????? Odrick is 4th on the depth chart at RDE??? Also depth on the D seems to be an issue with Ronald Fields backing up Soliai and Austin Spitler backing up Dansby and on the DT front I find it perplexing given Shawn Rodgers was out there and had by N.O. for 3 Mil per and we needing a plugger didn`t even go sniffing. This depth chart reads of motivational ploy for the team. We need to wait and see when teams have to trim there rosters what capable back ups fall out at multiple positions that`s for sure.

7.5 wins by LV? At this moment it appears right where it's supposed to be.

The numbers don't lie. I don't bet against LV. They know.

Me neither, Claire V.

Pulling for lex Hilliard to be 1st or 2nd string. The guy is a beast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMWZpM0TxbI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

When you have to hope this, hope that, maybe this, maybe that, you are not their yet.

Why isnt Gates lead KR and PR? Bess is reliable but not explosive, don't want him back there again mainly for injury reasons but for performance reasons as well


Settle down sprout. Rookies rarely get listed #1 before even playing a preseason game. It's called respect, giving it and earning it.

I have felt a more relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere coming from training Camp this year. Anybody else feels like that?


Oscar, The most relaxed inmates are those on death row.

Just saying.


Wow! Actual rational comments pointing out that August depth charts for meaningless practice games mean very little?

I'm impressed!

Alco, Death row inmates leave one way or the other.


Are you people kidding me worrying about this depth chart now. It means nothing. Please don't show your lack of knowledge.

I know everything.

Reggie has averaged 7.2 YPR on punt returns in his career. He has returned only on kickoff in his career (for 32 yards).

Bess: 9.8 YPR

So Reggie is the man for returns? Bess isn't a very good return guy and he's better than Reggie.


If it means nothing why are you here responding on the subject? Please don't show your lack of awareness.

I'd like to see Henne on punt returns, get his juice flowing a little.

They put this up because the NFL requires it. At this point in preseason it means nothing.

Henne put return.....awareness?????

Odi, Gates is by far the best return man on the Team. He blows by people in practice w/o even running his fastest.

2011 Wildcard Game - Ravens at Dolphins

4th qtr, 50 seconds on the clock.
Mia 14 - Ravens 10.

Ravens ball, 4 and goal at the 3.

Flacco under center, takes the snap, drops back, looks left...wait, its a draw play to Ricky Williams, he stutters right, stutters left, drives hard up the middle and bursts through the line. Is he in? No call yet, no call yet, waiting....TOUCHDOWN Ricky Williams!!!!

Claire, do you sell Drugs?LMAO, Sorry bro couldnt help my self, 6 And 10 here we come.

The next jacka** that uses the term "checkdown" as if it's a bad word better think twice about watching football ever again because you obviously have no clue what the terminology means and therefore are watching the sport blind.

Checking down means the QB went through his reads and they weren't open. He looked at his A receiver,, covered, looked at his B receiver,,covered and then went to his C receiver last. That means he CHECKED DOWN to his third option. THAT IS A GOOD THING!

Otherwise he would be "staring down" A receiver and not going through his progressions properly. Henne and every other young QB have been guilty of this, hopefully he's improved in that area. But the next time someone says they hate Henne because he checks down too much please do us all a favor and hold your breath until everything goes dark! :) Thank you and have a nice day.


Have you tried a cup of chamomille tea? Its very relaxing. Check down a cup.

greatdane Sparano said this week that Long is coming along quicker than expected and he even thinks Jake might start practicing before the last pre-season game so don't worry too much.

odinseye, I've been hearing some good things about this Brackett kid so maybe we will get lucky with the TE position between he and Clay. Fasano is at his ceiling so I hope so. When do we get lucky like other teams ya know? Bess was a start, now lets see marked improvement from Chad and a TE emerge from the pack!

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