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The curious whirlwind that is the Dolphins O line

Four years. That is how long its taken the Dolphins to build their offensive line.

Four years. That is how long its taken to set what is supposed to be a foundation, a building block to the team.

And we're probably not truly, surely, securely set yet.

Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland have got to be scratching their heads about this one. Building the offensive line has been a priority for the Dolphins since Ireland and Sparano were brought to Miami by Bill Parcells. Parcells believed you lay that foundation with burly, agile, strong, smart, angry linemen and the rest of the team will grow around them.

But this will be the fourth season of this current administration and the line today still comes with serious questions. Yes, still. Despite much free agent cash and draft pick resources and stirring of the roster, and searching for answers. The offensive line which should be an exclamation point remains something of a question mark.


I guess this one goes under the heading of best laid plans not going exactly as planned.

Oh, Jake Long has been excellent. He is a Pro Bowl player every time he steps on the field. He is a rock. But right now the Dolphins are hoping the rock has no cracks. Long will not play in Friday night's preseason opener against Atlanta. He is currently on the physically unable to perform list with what seeems to be a left leg injury. (The team does not have to specify injuries in the preseason and therefore doesn't). Long is rehabilitating that injury daily. But he obviously has not practiced this training camp.

Sparano told me last week the plan with Long is to have him ready for the regular-season opener versus New England. He might even be ready a bit before then, the coach said. That is good news. Even if Long doesn't get a full camp under his belt, even if he is freshly recovered from injury and not fully versed in camp hitting, he'll still be pretty good. Maybe he won't be Pro Bowl caliber until after the bye week, but he'll be good enough.

Jake Long is not the problem as long as he can eventually find his way back onto the field.

So what is the problem?

Let's begin on the other side of the line. The Dolphins have Marc Colombo as their starting right tackle and he isn't being challenged for his job at this point. One supposes Colombo, a former first-round pick of the Chicago Bears, is fully prepared to play well this season because he has Sparano's endorsement.

When a reporter asked the coach about Colombo's struggles in 2010 while with Dallas, Sparano would hear none of it. "I watched the tape," the coach said confidently.

We have a difference of opinion, obviously, because the Cowboys watched the same tape and terminated Colombo's contract.

The tape, according to several metrics websites including ProFootball Focus, show Colombo giving up between seven and nine sacks a season ago, depending on the source.

Maybe there are mitigating reasons for the many sacks. Maybe Colombo was playing hurt. Maybe the Cowboys are making a mistake in letting Colombo leave. But one cannot dismiss the idea that maybe the Dolphins are making a mistake in letting Colombo arrive.

We shall see. That's not the point. The point is this is not a exclamation point solution. There are questions here. We don't know what the answers will be and neither do the Dolphins. For now we have questions at right tackle.

The right guard position is similarly a question mark. The team moved Vernon Carey to right guard because, well, because John Jerry is not living up to expectations right now. If Jerry were a player, he'd be the starter. That's how it's supposed to work when a team uses a third-round pick (73rd overall) on a player they coached in the Senior Bowl.

Let that marinate for a second.

The Dolphins didn't just scout Jerry. They didn't just watch tape of Jerry. They didn't just look at his measurables and talk to him at the Combine. They coached the kid for a week at the Senior Bowl in January of 2010 and really, really liked him. They believed he'd be a player.

He's not a player right now. He's in a fight to make the team.

And he might lose.

And so the Dolphins had to find a Plan B to play right guard. That would be Vernon Carey. I reject the notion Carey was the first option because, as I've written before, GM Jeff Ireland said very specifically at the draft, the team had no intention then to move Carey to guard. I remember this because I asked the question.

But something happened between that answer and training camp's fourth day because the Dolphins felt compelled to move Carey over to cover the void left by Jerry's inability to play well. So now Carey returns to the guard spot where he began his college career -- Carey played guard at the University of Miami.

Moving Carey to guard meant the Dolphins had to basically admit signing him to that six-year, $42 million contract after 2008 was not a terribly sound move. That contract at the time made Carey one of the highest paid right tackles in the NFL. And yes, Carey started at the spot the past two years while under that contract.

But Carey didn't always play up to the wage scale. Last year, offensive coordinator Dan Henning said Carey has the potential to be very good, and some days he is. And some days he's not very good at all. It was a revealing description of an inconsistent player rather than of one making elite player money.

The Dolphins have adjusted Carey's salary. The definition of adjust here means "cut."

So now Carey is cheaper and the Dolphins hope he plays at least to the level of his newly adjusted pay. Will he? I don't know. The Dolphins don't really know. They hope he will. They don't really know. It's a question mark.

Another one.

The Dolphins used their first round selection this season on an offensive lineman -- center Mike Pouncey. I must say, he looks the part. He's a beast. He seems smart so I expect he'll pick up the mental requirements of his position -- which is not easily or quickly done. He seems strong. He seems quick enough.

But lately, the thing that raised a flag about Pouncey in college has shown up during practices. The center snaps and exchange with quarterbacks have not been always clean, especially in recent practices. I don't know if those are on Pouncey or on the quarterback or both. But something questionable is going on. So we'll have to monitor the situation to see if this question gets answered or if it becomes a larger concern. And until the answer comes, what do we have here?

A question mark.

The reason the Dolphins felt compelled to go for a center with their 2011 first round pick? Jake Grove was a high-price free agent bust. The club paid Grove $14 million guaranteed as part of a five-year, $29.5 million contract before the 2009 season.  

Grove came to the Dolphins with an extensive history for getting injured. It was the first thing after the contract details the South Florida media noted when Grove signed. And then Grove came to Miami and kept getting injured. SMH!

Grove was cut in September of 2010. He played a grand total of 12 games for Miami with 10 starts. Amazing, $14 million for 10 starts. Must be nice. Glad it's not my money.

Grove is out of the NFL now. So is Justin Smiley. He retired earlier this week after spending a couple of days in the Oakland Raiders training camp.

Oh, don't worry about Smiley, either. He's not hurting financially because the Dolphins paid him $9 million guaranteed before the 2008 season as part of a five-year, $25 million contract.

Like Grove, Smiley came to the Dolphins with an injury history. And, sure enough, he got injured plenty with the Dolphins. He missed the final four games of 2008 with an injury and then missed four more in 2009 with a problem to the shoulder that had been surgically repaired in 2007.

I reported last year that Smiley told friends he knew that 2007 surgery had not gone quite right because he lost strength in the shoulder he was never really able to regain. The Dolphins traded him to Jacksonville for a box of sneakers and a roll of rusty pennies before last season. Another free agency bust.

The Dolphins signed their offensive line to $154 million in total deals before the 2009 season. Obviously only the guaranteed portion of those deals actually cost ownership out of pocket. But the money spent pales compared to the wasted energy and time invested on solving a problem over and over and over.

At center, Samson Satele, Jake Grove and Joe Berger have not been the answer.

At right tackle, Vernon Carey and Lydon Murtha have not been the answer.

At right guard, John Jerry, Pat McQuistan, DonaldThomas, Nate Garner, nor Ikechuku Ndukwe have been the answer.

At left guard, Justin Smiley, Andy Aleman, Garner, and McQuistan have not been the answer.

Draft picks Shawn Murphy and Andrew Gardner also didn't help and are no longer with the team.

When you really think about it, the best move the Dolphins have made on the offensive line -- all things considered including price paid, or draft compensation invested -- has been Richie Incognito.

He came to the Dolphins last year after washing out of a couple of college programs because of anger issues. He came after washing out in St. Louis and Buffalo. He came as a free agent so he cost no draft compensation. He played for near minimum salary last year on a one-year tryout.

He started all 16 games, with 15 of those at left guard and one at center. He played well enough to earn a new contract for this season and beyond and he's anchored as the starter at left guard again. Because he's played center, I'm assuming he'll help Pouncey.

Think about this, NFL: Richie Incognito is the most stabilizing force on the Dolphins offensive line right now.

Talk about plans not going as they had been laid.

[Blog note: There will be a live blog of the Dolphins versus Atlanta preseason opener Friday night. Please come here for that. Also, kindly follow me on twitter.]


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Waa Waa Waa... this blog post is all complaining.

C'Mon its Gameday.

IF this team could put together an O Line we would be talking being in the AFC Championship. IT has been our biggest problem since Shula left. Its the reason Ricky and Ronnie arent going to the Hall of Fame. How can people like Baltimore, indy, NE, and the list goes on they have ALWAYS had steller O lines and we cant put one together that can even block on the JR High level. I do think we are closer with Pouncy. But Jake is becoming injury proned. I think by the time his rookie contract is out he wont be effective because of injuries. We are still several stupidity free drafts away from get this oline together. Ok im done

I don't understand how Bellechick get's guy's who have a slight character issue's, but the Dolphin's front office led by Jeff Irlenad who has no personality! The guy look's like a KKK leader, won't take a risk on 85, haynesworth and a projected 1st rd pick such as Mallet (who slipped to the 3rd), when a QB was proprity #! This guy probably had the most talebt of any QB in the draft this year!

Look For a lot of FGs tonight from Miamis side, Fisty already said dont expect anything Spical, Big surprise there huh. FIST-PUMP CITY BABY.

Grreat Articl Armand........

but this is by far your best line....
--------------------------------------------------------We have a difference of opinion, obviously, because the Cowboys watched the same tape and terminated Colombo's contract.

Just shut up, let them play the game and see wheat happens.

Well I looked at the tape from 2008 and was impressed. That is all I needed to see.

Just think how history would have changed if Shula had passed on Marino at 27 like Ireland passed on Mallet in the 1st & 2nd rounds...

I love the guy, but Tony Sparano was an O-Line Coach. You would think the O-Line would be the strength of the team. We need a proven Head Coach to come in and bring credibility to this team. I am so sick of the terrible moves this team has made that I cancelled my Direct TV Sunday Ticket. I can't take it anymore.

The luck of the miami dolphins fans. We get a o-line coach for a HC that doesn't know how to coach the o-line.

Here is the plan.

2012 Draft RT in the first round, grab undrafted QB

2013 Draft RG in the first round, grab undrafted QB

2014 draft LG in the first round, grab undrafted QB

We'll get it together, just be patient.

I'll be missing the game tonight but I'll perdict a 21 to 3 Falcon win.FIST PUMP.

Hehehe. The teal story is ypung after last night is probably behind kafta. Now there in is a story. Hehehehehehe

Elcache. Belecheat gets those guys because he has sooooo much in common with them when it comes to character issues.

like everything else, we'll just have to wait and see how the o-line holds up

all the offense needs to do is improve abit in each department - ol,qb,rb,wr,te ,redzone, 4th qtr and we will be 10-6,11-5, whilst the pats r the current gold standard kick your a***e team we r gonna be the most "on the up" team in our div, jests r def gonna decline and i do not think the pats will be better , we could at least split with them

go fins, go o-line, get well j long

Mando, you are the ultimate Fin-hater and by far the most 'glass half-empty' Fin writer I know of. You really need to move to MA and write for the Patsies. Peace out dude.

I can't even bare to read all this BS. Now Hoyer and Mallette are the bomb? Holy crP, it was a preseason game against an unpolished team of third-stringers. Some of you people are just idiots.

TC, It;s because our whole front office are a bunch of stiff's! Bob Craft seems like a super nice guy. Look's like a teddy bear. Bill bellicheck get's these guy's and earns there respect immidiately! The Jet's also have that same persona! We don't! We are the most mulit-cultured city in the world, and we hav some serious white pasty stiff's in our front office, let by PEE WEE HERMAN (Jeff Ireland)!

This to me is more of the problem than Henne has been. Yeah, Henne's not a great QB, but can be a very serviceable one. We are supposed to be a run first Offense to compliment a stellar defense. Didn't happen last year. If it did, we wouldn't have left wins on the field. While the R&R express wasn't what it was the previous years, they were still a decent tandem in the backfield. Between the playcalling (come on, taking Henne out on series that he's hot for the wildcat hurt), and the offensive line last year, this team did not reach it's potential.

If we somehow fix the line this year (big IF), and Daboll comes in with an attacking type offense that isn't predictable, we have a shot at some good things this year.

I somehow see a 9-7, maybe 10-6 season, that should be an 11-5 or 12-4 season, but won't be because of our offensive line.

El Cahe. So it's okay to have that type of person around if you win?? That's taking Lombardi to a whole new level.

VY is brand new on the team, we'll see who fills in for Vick when he goes down...Hehehe.

Hehehe. Yes he is brand new and so is kafta but we see who played and looked good doing it. Young did not look go and has not so far. And here is a guy that signed on a team knowing he would be 2nd string and was okay with that.
They gave Ronnie brown alot of work and he looked good. Henning was telegraphing everything he did last year.

Sparano is a former o-line coach and has his fingerprints all over that area of the team. There's no hiding from that.

Ireland and/or Parcells are responsible for bringing in the o-linemen that Sparano likes to the team. It's a given that some of the guys we brought in Sparano probably didn't like so much but it's hard to say how many.

Bottom line: Most GM's would have lost their jobs based on the results we've witnessed so far. We don't seem to be hitting on our 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounders as often as other teams, imo, and if that continues, we won't see the steady improvement that everybody expects over the next few years.

No, this story sucked. I couldn't even finish reading it. Anyone following the team knows all of that. Anyone with sense knows plans never goes as laid out on paper. Nothing new, poor article. Quit compaining. Snooze.

I said last year before most everyone else, that this regime keeps signing rejects and putting them on the roster. Last year they basically cut 2 or 3 linemen during the period before the first game and sign, you guessed it, a bunch of rejects(proctor, mcquistan , etc.). This doesnt work. The best lines stay together for years.
On another note, think Ryan Mallet would look good in a Dolphins uni right now. This fo sucks.

All of this is interesting because ESPN still ranks the Dolphins offensive line as 3rd or 4th best in the league overall (helped considerably by Long who got an A+ deservedly), but this unit isn't terrible. Does it have questions....yes, but apparently every other team in the league is going through the same thing.

You people are crazy! We are the most improved team in our division. How did the Jets or Pats get better, huh? Can you tell me that? They didn't. You sissies are all going to run and hide and change your names when Miami wins the division. How many will admit you were wrong?

Posted by: Craig M | August 12, 2011 at 07:49 AM

Wow. Crazy you say? That's what I think of your post.

The Jets haven't gotten worse. They're stagnant. They're as good as they were last year. They had pieces they could afford to lose & replaced them with veterans. They are no worse off.

The Bills added as many quality proven peices as we did in Barnett & Brad Smith.

The Pats addeed 2 probowl caliber D-linem and & probowl caliber WR

Miami added whom? An OK ILB, a fragile Rggie Bush, A 2nd round RB? And a 4th rd WR, & a 5th rd Hback who are not even locks to make it out of training camp.

I'm not knocking Miami's moves but let's get real here. Most people have Miami's offseason as one of the worst, if not, the worst. But, to you, we are the most improved in the division? You're out on an island.

Seriously, you can dismiss what other teams do because you cannot see past your fandom but that changes nothing.

I am by no means an O-Line guru, but it seems to me that it would make more sense to move Colombo to guard and leave Carey at RT if Carey had better pass protection metrics last year. I am scratching my head about why you leave the inferior pass blocker at RT, and move the superior pass blocker to RG. Maybe there is something going on that is not public (Carey coming in overweight, etc.), but this would not be the first time this coaching staff has made a personnel move along the O-Line that didn't appear to make much sense at first, and at the end of the day clearly didn't at all.

This is the exact reason that we'll have a new Coach and new direction next year. The ONLY thing these guys prioritized, the ONLY goal they had, was to shore up the lines. The defense wasn't really THAT bad, so they only had 1/2 amount of work there. But the oline needed to be completely revamped. And over the course of the last 3 years, the FO put MOST of our investment into that oline. And 3 years later, they're still a shambles. Yes, Incognito was a good pickup. Yes, I believe Pouncey will be a good player. But all the scrubs and injury-prone and mediocre talent we brought to fill voids are proving that Ireland and Sparano DON'T know what they are doing on the part of the team they supposed know the most about.

The icing on the cake is Marc Colombo. Ask ANY Cowboys fan, ask ANY "expert", Marc Colombo was horrible last year. Not inadequate, not mediocre, but BOTTOM OF THE BARREL. And this is the answer to our RT problems? Taking a player who has been inconsistent, not great, and replacing him with a WORSE player, only so that player can slide in and fill a hole you created with the 3rd-rd (close to) bust in Jerry? A guy you COACHED in the Senior Bowl.

Guys, these aren't just bumps in the road, these are HUGE BOULDERS! This is why after 4 years, the Falcons are at the top of the league, looking towards SuperBowl appearances, and we're stuck down near the bottom with the Cleveland's and the Cincinnati's of the NFL. Like we've been for the last 2 decades.

No, I don't care who says what, it's all b.s. I have EYES. Other Dolphins fans have EYES! The NFL fans have EYES! There's a reason we get no respect. There's a reason they're chanting for Orton. There's a reason no one is excited about football in Miami. It's because this organization is in a tailspin. They make 1 good move, and 3 bad moves.

And to think, all this time shoring up the line, they could have been collecting stars, skill position athletes, to counteract poor line play. Guys that can get open, run from defenders, QBs that can escape tackles, make plays from nothing, TE's that can run away from any linebacker. But no, instead we get this. A bunch of jokers playing on the oline, can't even snap the ball right, can't even protect the shaky QB we have, and give our mediocre skill position players the room they need to succeed.

Awful, in every respect. Poor planning, poor coaching, poor strategizing, poor valuation of personnel.

This is why we'll be 3rd in the AFC East again. And like I said in the beginning, this is what Tony Sparano can look back on when he wonders how it all slipped away.

No, this story sucked. I couldn't even finish reading it. Anyone following the team knows all of that. Anyone with sense knows plans never goes as laid out on paper. Nothing new, poor article. Quit compaining. Snooze.

Posted by: Tee

Right. Just go ahead and stick your head in the sand, Tee.

The plans have gone pretty far south of what was "laid out on paper". O-line was supposed to be a strength on the team and a lot of resources were invested in that area. Sparano and Ireland's track record has been abysmal as far as acquiring quality o-linemen who represent long-term solutions.

This will be the demise of Ireland and Sparano. If this o-line sucks there are big problems.

Last year injuries and lack of depth. running backs did not have holes, QB was getting no time with 5 step drops.

come on, wast Sparono a offensive line coach?

Anyway, the o-line is going to be the key for this team. QB is good, running backs are faster if anything vs last year. Receiving core seems to be solid enough.

The D "should get better".

But if this o-lines sucks the ship sinks and this to Sparano and Ireland and their players go with it. New Regime.

As much as I would like a new regime, I would much rather see this year be a great season.

Her is to hoping our o-line expert coach gets it right THIS year.

BTW for all you Ryan Mallet haters, do you see him last night? 12-19 for 164 yards and 1 TD in just over 2 quarters of play. That's a QB rating of 108. Oh I know what you're going to say: It's presason. He's playing against 2nd and 3rd teamers, yada, yada, yada. I ask you, if he was on the Dolphins and had the same performance against the Falcons tonight, what would be the headline in saturday morning's herald??

Young did not look go and has not so far.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 12, 2011 at 09:32 AM

Says who? You or the facts below? Smell the roses...

Coach Andy Reid considered keeping Young on the sideline Thursday because he’s so new to the offense, but Young’s performance Thursday night could remind the Eagles why they signed him.

Young completed 3-of-5 passes for 45 yards, including a 32-yard strike where Young broke free of two tacklers. (Yep, in the picture above.) Michael Vick was impressed.

ltcdolphin see @ 9:50

you are in major denial.

Datajack... Nope wont say any of that. I will say he is playing for a competent coaching staff and a coach and owner that work together to build a functional winning organization. Bellicheck found "they system" that works for his teams in New England, and the owner has now brought in anything to fit that system.

I wish we had a belicheck.

I'm not sure why this article surprises anyone. Some of us have been saying it for years now. This regime has been incompetent when it comes to the o-line & it's their supposed strength. This is not being negative, it's simply speaking the truth.

Armando left out alot of names too. How about Procter, Feigna, Koppa, R. Thomas & on & on & on.

Like DC said, & I agree 100%. Knowing their failures, they did not bring in adequate personnel to compensate for the line. Such as a decisive Qb who can make plays under pressure. A game breaking WR who can make something out of nothing. A legit TE seam threat. Etc....

It's been a comedy of errors & this train is likely coming to a halt very soon.

It took young over 1 year to learn the playbook as a rookie, he is not a very bright bulb... but if you have 2-3 years to let him get through a 100 page book, he might just get there.

Joe Schmoe,

You've got another impersonator on here trying to make it look like that was me at 7:49 am. Cute guys!! Just to clarify...that wasn't me.

I will say, I don't think the Jets are better. I think they have taken a step backwards. You can't lose Smith, Ellis, Edwards, Taylor, Cotchery and Jenkins and replace them with Mason and Burress and say they're better. Check out some of the Jets' blogs and see how confident the fans are about their team. So we'll agree to disagree but I expect Sanchez (who I don't rate that highly) will struggle further this year. He's got a guy in Burress who is even having trouble getting on the practice field. Bad start!!

The Pats are the Pats. I wouldn't be dumb enough to say they are going to struggle this year with Brady and Bellicheat at the helm. I'm not convinced they had a good draft and I'm not convinced that Haynesworth, Ocho and all the DLmen they have added will make a difference. They are still better than us but by how much? Let's see..

TC, my Dad is buried in Arlington as a War Vet! Im a Pro-American as they come! Lombardi was a class of Art work! Ireland is a frickin stiff! On the O-line, Sparano is playing musical chairs AGAIN! First of all they let go of Samson Sateele who was a 2nd rd draft pick to the Raider's who by the way ran the ball pretty damn good last year. He is there starter again this year! Then in 2008 they draft Shawn Murphy in the 4th rd.Where is Murphy, Then they spend a 3rd on Jerry Jones who probably can't learn the play book. And Sparano was an OL coach for the Cowboy's? UGH

How long has it been since the Dolphins won a playoff game? Went to the Super Bowl? Won a Super Bowl?

Thanks slate. But I watched it and heard and hear Philly sports guys daily. But then again you come from whete??

Glad to see that wasn't really you Craig. It was a pretty good impersonation!! lol

About the Jets, well I look at it this way.
Ellis is old but still good enough for another year. But they drafted 2 young guys so they could afford to lose him.

Cotchery & Mason are a wash. Age being a factor. But Jericho is hurt & in the last year of a contract anyway. Burress is the unknown for them right now. Have to see how he plays.

brad Smith was their ST ace & I think they'll use Mcgnight in his role. I don't know how much of a difference it will make.

Jenkins hardly played the last 2 years, the Jets won't miss him. Taylor was a spot player, he won't be missed.

All in all, I think they'll be the same average team as they have been the last 2 years. They've gotten hot at the right time.

We'll see how this year goes.

I heard Mangold got hurt yesterday but not sure how bad.

Fair article Armando. Colombo ended Romo's season on one of those sacks, even though I cared less, we cannot afford Henne being knocked out by a Colombo mistake. We need Jake back on the field, no brainer, and I'm sure Pouncey will be fine. Hopefully this O Line will be set and comes together. Yes, Incognito was a great pick-up, one of the very few acorns that these guys have found.

Blah,Blah,Blah. It always sucks when the pretty girl finally arrives at the party when you're leaving. Hey Mando(!) where have you been, we've been over this and over this for the past two years in here. We have talked about this problem to death. Come up with some new s**t man!

Elcahe. Thanks for your fathers service. You must be proud of him.
I'm am as frustrated as most with this team. But the saying it is what it is, applies here. As someone said earlier that our o line is 3-4 in the league. So who is right those that know or a bunch of biatchers on this blog.

Craig M, you left out the retirement of Damian Woody. The guy taking his spot is not the same high caliber player as Woody. Even though I love Plax, he will not be Edwards. The Jets have stepped back this year

This is an article by Armando to try and stir the pot and get a bunch of hits. I'm not going to play along. I will say however, show me a team in the NFL that isn't tinkering with their OL. Take a look at Pittsburgh, the NFL runner-ups and look at what they are doing with their line. Released Starks, Colon and others. Green Bay, drafted a couple of OL in the first round in the last two years. Dallas, chopped Columbo and Leonard Davis. NE, tinkering with their line. Colts, same thing...

It's a fact of life in the NFL. You bring guys in, they get hurt, they don't work out, they get overweight, they lack motivation, they get hurt. It happens. It's happening all over the league. That's the part Armando left out. Last year the 49ers drafted TWO OL in the first round. Is anyone saying they are set for the next 10 years? Nope. That's not how these things work. There's no guarantees.

I will also add, while I'm not sold on Colombo, the sole reason he was chopped was not because of his inferior play last year, it had more to do with the poor job the Cowboys have done with the cap. They were tight against it and chopped Barber, Williams, Davis and Leonard. They had to do something to get under the cap after overspending in a non-capped year. That's the other part of the story that Armando didn't talk about...conveniently. I'm not saying Colombo is the answer but I also don't think he's as bad as some make out ir as bad as guys like Proctor and McQuistan. I think between Colombo, Carey and Willis they can take care of the RT position.

Armando right on once again. Parcels to Miami was the biggest mistake made in franchise history. These men managing this team have no clue. They cannot scout, analyze, scheme, plan or recognize talent. Did you see Ryan Mallett last night? I can't believe we passed on this kid. The o-line is still a mess. There are talented players out there still and these idiots wont bring them in. I can't wait until Ross sells, and Miami finally gets a new group.

This is an article by Armando to try and stir the pot and get a bunch of hits. I'm not going to play along.

Posted by: Craig M | August 12, 2011 at 10:06 AM

sure looks like you are playing along.

Craig, between the draft & FA misses on the Oline & the dollars WASTED, other fa pickups, trades, it's embarassing.

It's very UNCOMMON in the nfl, that after 4 offseasons, you have only found 1 legit player(Long). Maybe Pouncey in year 4.

Most teams have the same starting oline for 3-4 years in a row. We have a different starting oline every week.

The incomeptence shown with the oline dwarfes other teams & it's not even close.

I also think it's hilarious that guys bring up Mallett's performance last night against that juggernaut of second teamers that the Jaguars put out there last night. What did they give up, 47 points? Yeah I think if I was Brady I'd be worrying about my job. Might be time to get the blazer ready for the kid.

If you guys had been paying any attention to the stories coming out of New England's camp you would know that the kid looks lost so far. I will admit that he did look good last night but it's REALLY early to be even paying attention to his performance on the field.

And slate what do you have to say now??

OK guys, have a good day!

Looking forward to seeing our team in action tonight and what the kids can do.


tiredfinfan and fin4life (yesterday) said all that needs to be said on the matter. We all thought (me included) Parcells was the answer. We wanted it to be, we wished for it to happen. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is, Parcells was the worst thing that could have happened to us. It means we missed out on a TRUE scout (from NE), it means we got tangled with a FO that has a yesterday, failing strategy, and it means we were left high and dry (emotionally and financially) when Parcells decided to jump off the plane in his golden parachute.

I see teams making that leap all over the league (from mediocrity to becoming elite). From the Jets to Atlanta to Kansas City, they are leaving us in a cloud of dust. With the other losers.

Joe the Bills are terrible. If you want to use the Pats and Jets as examples of great teams I see your point but when you throw the Bills in there and say they did the same as Miami you're losing a bit of credibility. I'm in NY, I know what the Bills have done for years and they are just plain bad. Draft stunk, getting rid of Lee Evans, did nothing to upgrade the worst o-line in the league, have no running backs, I could go on and on. My business partner is a huge Bills fan and says the same thing. His team is horrible and the owner is a senile old man who hires his granddaughters, who have never played,coached,gm'ed, a football team in their lives, to be head of operations. He's still clinging on to Marv Levy as well who has one foot in the old folks home. AND, The only reason the Bills had a resurgence at the end of the year is because they were out of it and played like they didn't care. I'm just saying, as I do agree in principal with your post I have to disagree with the Bills names even being mentioned.

Craig M, the problem for me is that they never stop tinkering and set a line. Last year after Pre-season game 4 they were still tinkering. Set the O-Line and let them jell. This team never does that. There comes a point where the O-Line should be set, and that point is the first Pre-Season game, barring injuries of course. Whatever starts tonite in Atlanta should be the starting line for NE, with Jake if he is ready.

Levy retired but Wilson still uses him as an advisor.

Once Tom puts up 40 quick ones on you, I'll get in the game in the 2nd half & finish you off.


And then I'll go to the shower with the rest of the boys and play a fun game of grab a*s! Woo hoo I can't wait to beat the Dolphins and then be surrounded by man meat. I've learned a lot so far in Pats camp but the thing I like the most is the shower portion of our day, that's when I really get heated up!

We had a chance to have Rex Ryan as Coach and Matt Ryan as our QB in the same year....but Parcells went with a Head Coach from a Divsion 3 College and an already breaking down Left Tackle.

In the words of the girl from CaddyShack.....DANKS FOR NOTHING!!!

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