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Monday afternoon training camp report

Let me begin by borrowing from the Dolphins 2010 lexicon and feed the wolf. As I clearly have seen from the quarterback-hungry and quarterback-controversy-hungry readers and fans that follow this team, you want to be fed quarterback news.

Here you go:

Chad Henne is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. That's the way it is going to play -- regardless of what fans want -- for the immediate future. Henne will take all the snaps with the first team offense in Friday night's home preseason opener against Carolina and Moore is not getting any of those opportunities against starters.

"I don't have that in the plan right at this second," coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "Chad is going to get the first team reps right now and Matt will be in with the second group right now."

So let me play traffic cop: Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.

At least right now.

Henne would have to suffer a serious meltdown in coming practices and games while Moore would have to go Marinolike on defenses for this situation to change, in my opinion.

I'll let you know if it changes but until then, assume it will not.

Sparano said he told the team everyone needs to be ready to play and they might play 'until I'm tired of them playing." But he went on to say he sees "some guys" going into the second quarter perhaps even until halftime.

The Dolphins will have to spend the next couple of practices and games taking a serious look at their tight end situation because, behind Anthony Fasano, no one is really making the coaching staff feel comfortable. Well, Charles Clay is getting work in Miami's double-tight package but even he is not exactly wowing folks.

"I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so. In other words, we got  a lot of young players. They have a long way to go.

"It's a positiion that is muddy to me other than Fasano and I have to get to the bottom of it quickly."

After last week's dropped pass and zero-catch performance, I might throw Fasano into that mix of questionable production, but clearly the Dolphins do not.

Another area I would look for more clarity on is the offensive line. The unit isn't necessarily bad. But it isn't close to being good, either. They've got work to do and precious little time to do it. Look for this group to perhaps be among those that play a long time Friday. That is the only way to gel and get better.

On the newsy front, The Herald's Barry Jackson reports that the restructuring of Vernon Carey's contract cut the player's 2011 salary from $4.2 million to $2.5 million. The Dolphins also voided the final three years of Carey's contract. That means Carey would be an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

And that means the Dolphins will be looking to add more offensive line help next offseason.

On the injury front, Phillip Livas missed practice today after a hamstring tightened up on him. Livas returned a punt return 75 yards for a TD against Atlanta but obviously durability is an issue the Dolphins monitor closely so it's important for him to get back to his competition for a roster spot ASAP.

Livas is competing with Clyde Gates for return duties. And although you should know Reggie Bush took punts today in practice, he is not expected to fill that duty in the preseason.

Cornerback Will Allen returned to practice today after missing much of the last couple of weeks with a hamstring injury. He said afterward that he would not rule himself out of playing Friday.

Sparano gave a couple of interesting hints that could affect roster decisions. He called Lex Hilliard "one of the best two special teams players" on the team. That combined with Hilliard's ability to contribute at running back and even fullback in a pinch suggests he's got a role worthy of a roster spot.

The Dolphins have worked a lot of what they call 21 personnel, which is double tight ends and one running back but haven't shown any 22 personnel, which is two tight ends, a running back and fullback. Having not seen this, I wondered if Lou Polite was an endangered species on this roster.

Fact is fullbacks are endangered in the NFL as fewer and fewer seem to be holding jobs while team emphasize passing and using an H-back. Sparano seemed to suggest Polite has nothing to worry about.

"There's enough good things that Lou Polite does right now that will help us and somebody is going to have to do a heck of a job for me to think otherwise," Sparano said.


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Looks like all is going on schedule.

TE position is muddy. Well maybe one of these guys in the last 2 years might have helped:

Rob Gronkowski
Aaron Hernandez
Dennis Pitta
Ed Dickson
Jimmy Graham
Kyle Rudolph
Tony Moeaki
Jeremy Shockey
Greg Olsen
Zach Miller

I'm probably forgetting others but all these guys were available in some form over the last 2 years and you passed on ALL of them. NICE!

What does this quote really mean from ScramleBrain:

"I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so."

Translation: they are very nice gentlemen, not exactly the best football players though.

I'd much rather hear:

"I hate the mutha, but dang he sure is a damn good player'.

5-11, I agree, 5 and 11 right on schedule..LOL

I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so."


Does anyone have a Sporano Dictionary on them?

Or a Babble to english translator on them, I tried the Goggle Translator but it froze up my computer..

"Well, no, not really, the guy is not a very good player, but his community service record is commendable. I respect the guy, hopefully we can fix some things and he can learn to play", said Tony Sparano.

Try the Universal Translator.

Thanks 5-11.

Sparano is pretty clueless when it comes to the subject of tight ends.

As sparano always says the tighter the better

Well, the guy played well for Dallas.
Then Dallas cut the guy.
We picked him up hoping there was still some gas in the tank.
You know, we just hope that's all.

We are fielding a bunch of hopers.

Of course he's clueless on TEs, They play on the line..

yee haw i am going to the walmart!!

This comment should help the Sparano/Henne lovers understand why the naysayers say nay:

"I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so."

He is saying he likes the group of people that are not producing. Ok. Got it.

Now your realizing the TE situation is muddy? All those available TE's on the market BUT NO Dolphins are good at TE yet it's Muddy? Huh...

mark,your post at 3:30 says it all. how can TS/ireland not recognize the need for an experienced TE?????? we missed on all of them! inexcusable! this FO is really clueless!

Mark, spot on. I laughed when I read that. Actually, not Sparano's fault, unless he told Ireland he was fine at TE. But I think he would have welcomed a superior player with open arms. Fasano MIGHT (I emphasize MIGHT) make a nice play once in a blue moon. But there are TE's out there (Mark just named a boat load) who do it routinely, and those are the ones we should've been after. Frankly, it's another situation showing the GM to be too little, too late (only NOW you recognize you don't have depth at that position?).

Otherwise, forgot to mention Livas was intriguing Friday. Reminds me of Brandon Banks of the Redskins (another quick smurf special teamer). He hopefully makes the team and provides some fireworks this season on returns.

DC, 5 Bucks say they cut him.

Does Sparano now recruit the players? When did Ireland resign?

i is cleanin the cellar fo yall boys
i gets all nice and clean for yooz

u don't want to get to the bottom of the mud tony u want to get out of it, generally it doesnt get clearer at the bottom, if u r not careful people will think u r digging a hole in that there mud

as i keep saying pr imbecile

but as a coach he's great (oh apart from evaluation, his evaluation chip broke in dallas circa 2007)

and yes i'm a ts supporter, i kid u not!

confused, i certainly am, but then i support the fins

ps armando - this does not qualify as food, only regular and post-season wins do!

oh,i forgot; jeff was busy signing 11 LB's last year(note: we always do it in bunches!). thats why no TE's or competition at QB in a qb-driven league. the sooner ireland goes the better!

I can't believe we let shockey go to carolina. He actually really wanted to come to miami. Ireland and Sparano deserve whats coming to them.

Boulder, Another guy thats out 8 to 10 games a year with a injury, We already got that with Reggie(Kardashian)Bush.

This is what will take us nowhere! Sparano and Ireland double dumb talk and can someone explain to me what Sparano "really" meant? He shoulds like he's trying to cover up the fact that we really don't have a good team yet...and past yet, who knows.
So bummed in NJ with all the Jet fans who are soooo annoying, but they have a coach with cohones.

Numbers are not all a Tight end is responsible for....

Oops, Jakester is annoyed..meant to say sounds like he's trying to cover up how we lack good players...that's what I got out it.

ripped from sparano report elsewhere but classic ts pr cr*p
on matt moore talking about his own personal experience of watching matt moore-

"One of his strengths is his ability to get into the game and I mean sometimes what he does in practice and what he does in the games are two totally different things, if that makes sense,” Sparano said Monday afternoon. “You can watch him in practice, and maybe what he does on the practice field doesn’t necessarily translate to the game. It gets better in the game. I think that’s been my history with him."

but as far as i rememebr , correct me if i'm wrong ts has only ever seen him with his own eyes in practice 1 minute and then a game in dallas PRESEASON and Miami PRESEASON, so his ability to look better (than in practice) is only in PRESEASON against variable quality (2nd 3rd string of other teams) def

maybe u should have mentioned the tapes of carolina's practice and games !!!(or maybe not)

qualify your statements your history has been 2 training camps!!!

f4l for me its not about who the pats have (and i realise this is slightly igonorant) its about how we play against them and perform against them, they have been a good team for seasons but if u stop them performing they're beatable, both the secondary and the line have to be on fire when we play them and the offence have to move the ball 50% of the possessions with no more than one turnover

tall order, let them sign whoever we just have to be better with no names

Posted by: The wolf, icu, starvation coma | August 15, 2011 at 03:52 PM


You`ll get no argument out of me I was just adding to the rumor. I will tell you though that every Season since I can remember I`ve followed the moves our AFC East rivals have made during the OffSeason via the Draft, Trades and FA in order to gauge their improvements or lack there of compared to ours. You can`t aspire to be a Post Season Team without 1st. looking to conquer our own Division.

I see a Pats Team that has alot more question marks than in resent memory. For starters if you analyze there moves on D, it becomes pretty apparent that they will use some 4/3 scheme this year if not play it as there base out right. Haynsworth is better suited at DT in a 4/3 not a NT in a 3/4, Wilfork was a beast at DT in a 4/3 in College and Ellis was always better pass rushing in that formation as well. You look at the fact they didn`t go get a MLB to pair with Mayo after the bad Season they got from B.Spikes and you can start doing the math. There now going to bring in a 35 year old S.S. on a bad knee and it becomes very apparent it`s not going to be as cut and dry as it has been in past Seasons.

The Ocho experiment apparently is not going according to plan why else bring in TJ with Branch already on board. In N.Y. they got some crazy talk going were they actually think there better than last year?? Wonder what the HELL there somking out there. They lost there big play deep threat who runs a 4.35/40 and replaced him with a posession guy who`s best 40 was in the 4.45 range 10 years ago. They then also loose there slot WR and replace him with geriatric D. Mason, couple that with the loss of Ellis and the double teams it will mean for Pace with a rookie now opposite him and I don`t see how they think there better. By the way they also got a big fat question mark on the right side of there OL.

In actuallity the Team that got better addressing there needs with solid young players at key positions are the Bills, call me crazy but there rookie DT is a stud and they have boasted one of the better secondaries for sometime now, if they can play the run better look out. On O they add x-factor Brad Smith hurting the Jets some more while making themselves better, expect to see Spiller in the slot like us with Bush and if Fitzpatrick progresses then they become a very legit opponent again. In analyzing everybodies moves including our`s I think the AFC East is a toss up for the 1st time in a decade.

f4l yeah , esp agree about dareus, and read between the lines of brady quotes about ocho- he'll have to pick it up fast or he won't feature much

the haynesworth factor is their biggest POTENTIAL offseason acquisition

I think in general i'd take an undercooked fins playing an undercooked pats 1st up rather than game 3-4 as i suspect any wrinkles the pats find will be ironed out quicker than the fins will iron theirs out

still its all about waiting for the 12th!!!

If Henne is going to be even close to effective. Our o line must give him more time. He is just not a good decision maker under pressure. He has shown a nack for holding the ball too long and get intercepted when he gets rushed. So opposing defenses know this so they stack the box and blitz on every down.Until henne learns how to burn them on the blitz its gonna be a long season


The one thing about this coming Season is that we won`t have to wait long to gauge this Season`s Fins!

i'm starting to suspect (not) that as soon as sparano exits the pressbooth he just bursts out laughing and jests to his pals - "let them go figure that pile of BS out"

if only he hadnt said "if that makes sense"

no not really tony , but thats "just in you nature"

oh he's really got to me today!

The make or break aspect about Henne isn`t his ability to beat the rush as much as his ability to read the D. I read were Sparano says the Int. was as much the fault of Bess as Henne and to this I say, REALLY!! I have defended starting Henne in 2011 as much as anyone but won`t give him a pass for his lack of ability in reading a D. On the Bess Int. the Falcons were in zone, look at the replay people!!

If the Corner is playing the route underneath with a Safety over the top in contain, it`s called ZONE!!! I don`t care if your Marino, Elway or Favre. If you throw a pass in the flat with one defender underneath in front of the throwing lane and one over the top it`s an easy Int.!! You can`t falt Bess for that just wonder how Henne cannot diagnose it at this stage in his career!!

Suck for Luck! Suck for Luck! Suck for Luck!


And again, how many of us were calling fir a te to be signed via FA? They chose to go with what they have, which is a decent blocking TE with no speed and average at beat hands. Also scrap heap guys and a fifth round pick. Beautiful. Who needs to spend that cap space? Not them. It's becoming more and more comical by the day.

All I knowis that Sporano is the coach and I hope he is the one making all the calls as I expected. Once the team goes 0-5 I sure hope they place his head o the chopping block quickly. Send him off with that extended contract as his severance pay.
I am just sick and tired of the BS. I would like to see Moore get a fair shake with he first teamers and beat Chad Henne as the starting QB. mIAMI NEEDS TO MAKE IT AN OPEN RACE AND MAY THE BEST MAN WIN. tELL THis TO THE qb'S and fans.

Don't get upset now.

You Henne supporters are going to eat your words this year.

The make or break aspect about Henne isn`t his ability to beat the rush as much as his ability to read the D.

Posted by: fin4life | August 15, 2011 at 04:53 PM

My take, forget the rush, forget reading the D, and just watch how many times Henne is innaccurate when all the stars are aligned in his favor. That is his #1 problem and I just think with accuracy you either have it or you don't. If you don't have accuracy in your 4th pro (yes 4 years, starting or not he was their practicing and being tutored) and after being a 4 year starter in college...guess what....YOU AIN"T NEVER GOING TO HAVE IT.

NEVER....I say.

I can't get all whoopee doo like some when Henne makes a good throw, because he always has made some good throws....just way too few, never enough to dominate a game. I don't see it ever happening either.

I miss Home and his preseason scouting reports.Is Home back on the Sun Sentinel posting as "thinkaboutit" ?

Am I the only one who thinks the first interception on Friday was not Henne's fault at all? I think it was all on Fasano, I didn't see Henne throw behind him like everyone is saying.

Also, you have to like Roberto Wallace's production. He looks the part and is becoming a factor... He grew up in Panama so no one should be surprised if he is a "late bloomer."

I agree 100% nome

Can you let Home have a Q & A session with the bloggers?


both statements are true---ball poorly thrown but fasano should have caught it and not "volleyballed" it to defender.

fasano is average AT BEST!!

f4l, if u r still there, whats the reasoning behind not being open and honest/disclosing what injuries players have? e.g willis

+ is long's knee the smae injury he had all last season after preseasonstartergate if so and it hasnt healed in 6 months without football not looking good is it?

Did anyone see how good Kory Sperry looked this past weekend? It would be nice to have him back but these idiots think Fasano is the answer.

My take, forget the rush, forget reading the D, and just watch how many times Henne is innaccurate when all the stars are aligned in his favor. That is his #1 problem and I just think with accuracy you either have it or you don't. If you don't have accuracy in your 4th pro (yes 4 years, starting or not he was their practicing and being tutored) and after being a 4 year starter in college...guess what....YOU AIN"T NEVER GOING TO HAVE IT.

nome | August 15, 2011 at 05:03 PM

As much as I`d like to there really is no argument to be made, good point nome!

What are the odds we pick up Maybin. It's a been a few hours since we signed a LB. ACORN BABY!

Sparano was an offensive line coach at Dallas and he can't manage to put together a halfway decent line here. That's pathetic!

Sanford, first off personnel acquisitions (or lack there of) are all on the gm... And second as sad as it seems maybe there was a competition for starting qb and as of now henne has been the best of now... Scary but very well may be true...



You can't read into mondos words and take what he says seriously he has a slanted point of view either cause he is tired (as we all are) of mediocre qb play or if he is just writing what he thinks that's what the majority of the fans wanna here cause he is all about blog hits!


We will know soon enough one way or the other, I have heard it`s the knee which would be horrible news like you say because then it`s very serious. I also heard it`s the shoulder and he needed some scar tissue removed from the labrum which was keeping him from having total mobility in the arm, given the fact it`s his left shoulder and he plays LT that`s no joke either. I can tell you if it comes out that he was that badly hurt last season and Sparano kept sending him out there in a wash of a season then he will have HELL to pay!!!

Henne needs to return to Ann Arbor and earn his Master of Science in Quarterbacking, 'cause his BS doesn't cut it.


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