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Monday afternoon training camp report

Let me begin by borrowing from the Dolphins 2010 lexicon and feed the wolf. As I clearly have seen from the quarterback-hungry and quarterback-controversy-hungry readers and fans that follow this team, you want to be fed quarterback news.

Here you go:

Chad Henne is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. That's the way it is going to play -- regardless of what fans want -- for the immediate future. Henne will take all the snaps with the first team offense in Friday night's home preseason opener against Carolina and Moore is not getting any of those opportunities against starters.

"I don't have that in the plan right at this second," coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "Chad is going to get the first team reps right now and Matt will be in with the second group right now."

So let me play traffic cop: Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.

At least right now.

Henne would have to suffer a serious meltdown in coming practices and games while Moore would have to go Marinolike on defenses for this situation to change, in my opinion.

I'll let you know if it changes but until then, assume it will not.

Sparano said he told the team everyone needs to be ready to play and they might play 'until I'm tired of them playing." But he went on to say he sees "some guys" going into the second quarter perhaps even until halftime.

The Dolphins will have to spend the next couple of practices and games taking a serious look at their tight end situation because, behind Anthony Fasano, no one is really making the coaching staff feel comfortable. Well, Charles Clay is getting work in Miami's double-tight package but even he is not exactly wowing folks.

"I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so. In other words, we got  a lot of young players. They have a long way to go.

"It's a positiion that is muddy to me other than Fasano and I have to get to the bottom of it quickly."

After last week's dropped pass and zero-catch performance, I might throw Fasano into that mix of questionable production, but clearly the Dolphins do not.

Another area I would look for more clarity on is the offensive line. The unit isn't necessarily bad. But it isn't close to being good, either. They've got work to do and precious little time to do it. Look for this group to perhaps be among those that play a long time Friday. That is the only way to gel and get better.

On the newsy front, The Herald's Barry Jackson reports that the restructuring of Vernon Carey's contract cut the player's 2011 salary from $4.2 million to $2.5 million. The Dolphins also voided the final three years of Carey's contract. That means Carey would be an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

And that means the Dolphins will be looking to add more offensive line help next offseason.

On the injury front, Phillip Livas missed practice today after a hamstring tightened up on him. Livas returned a punt return 75 yards for a TD against Atlanta but obviously durability is an issue the Dolphins monitor closely so it's important for him to get back to his competition for a roster spot ASAP.

Livas is competing with Clyde Gates for return duties. And although you should know Reggie Bush took punts today in practice, he is not expected to fill that duty in the preseason.

Cornerback Will Allen returned to practice today after missing much of the last couple of weeks with a hamstring injury. He said afterward that he would not rule himself out of playing Friday.

Sparano gave a couple of interesting hints that could affect roster decisions. He called Lex Hilliard "one of the best two special teams players" on the team. That combined with Hilliard's ability to contribute at running back and even fullback in a pinch suggests he's got a role worthy of a roster spot.

The Dolphins have worked a lot of what they call 21 personnel, which is double tight ends and one running back but haven't shown any 22 personnel, which is two tight ends, a running back and fullback. Having not seen this, I wondered if Lou Polite was an endangered species on this roster.

Fact is fullbacks are endangered in the NFL as fewer and fewer seem to be holding jobs while team emphasize passing and using an H-back. Sparano seemed to suggest Polite has nothing to worry about.

"There's enough good things that Lou Polite does right now that will help us and somebody is going to have to do a heck of a job for me to think otherwise," Sparano said.


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well i strongly suspect it was and they jake insisted on playing, prob the docs didnt get conclusive enough info for them to say he HAD to stop & and instead of ordering him not to play they prob let jake decide for himself, who knows if they've even investigated the knee recently but what would really piss me off after i've finished crying into my beer is if he's out will be what sparano said- he'll be ready for the strt of the season. if he's not certain he shouldnt say this coz its BS, but its the party line - sell tickets

I repeat IF If , i like to think ts is a man of his word even if they often dont make sense ,but i'd never forgive him for that

i'd also be pretty pissed with j long (though not to his face obviously)

Bowel Movement, hilarious observation.

So--I'm trying to rationalize Sparano's comments and here is what I've deciphered:We don't really need a TE that can actually catch because we don't have a QB that can actually throw a catchable pass.Thanks to the incompetence of the Fins FO,I'll save alot of cash this season because I'm staying home and watching the games on TV.You want butts in the seats Mr. Ross--put a real QB on the field!


Throw JT in at tight end- he was a stud when he played it in highschool.

I listened to the same radio show with Colin. He listed their stats and were they ranked and Henne was ranked higher then Sanchez in many of the catigories. Colin said the big difference is that Sanchez has the backing of the coaching staff and fans while Henne does not.

Anyone who thinks Henne would be any different with fan support is forgetting had tons of fan support last year, and pissed it away.


Hey Mando, how is Brett Brackett looking? I would think a former WR with some decent speed would do ok at TE.

There is a lot left to choose from in the TE market, we waited too long...If Brackett doesn't work out, my recommedations would be go after..

Jared Cook... Titans
Joel Dreesen.. Texans
Jacob Tamme....Colts

Any body else out there?

henne has the backing of this fan and quite a few others, but does not have the backing of the local media and not many of the national media

his coaches have never backed him wholeheartedly in their actions and words, pennington stalked him last season and w/o such a #2 henne may never have been benched last season,

there is no doubt he has been slow to develop and appears to remain inconsistent, but the fins were not an easy team to develop in, its just my opinion that he should get this season

but he has to deliver and quickly even if the oline struggles, he has to earn back the respect of the fans/media that have been quick to condemn him


Another factor that might be causing the chaos in this Blog is that there is fierce competition among all the Football Blogs in SoFla and some guys from those other places might be impersonating the regular posters here.


right now i'd take any te who had playing time that didnt totally stink

don't know where he's at now in fitness/injury/age but tamme's made some plays in his time


Wolf, you just gotta ignore the anti-Henne people here. The fact is Henne is the starter and nothing will change that fact. Just sit back and enjoy the whining, makes me laugh


After getting blown out at home by 3 touchdowns on Monday night by the Patriots, Sparano begins his presser by praising the special teams play and Dan Carpenter's 4 field goals. He goes on to add that he isn't worried about Henne's erratic play and 3 interceptions, all easily fixable according to Tony.
Monday September 26th - Regarding yesterday's embarrassing loss against the previously winless Cleveland squad, Sparano said the Browns had their backs against the wall - not a good spot for the Fish. He promises to get things cleaned up against the Chargers. He expects Miami's first win of the season "very soon", and says Daniel Thomas and the revamped offensive line are playing well, despite the meager 2.4 yards per carry average.
November 14th - Coach Sparano remains positive after the Dolphin's 4th straight loss at home against the bottom dwelling Redskins, as their overall record dropped to 1-7, their only win coming against the lowly Chiefs in overtime, 6-3. Boos reigned down on Chad Henne yesterday after throwing his 16th interception of the year, paired with only six touchdowns. Rumors swirled in the Dolphins locker room after the game regarding Sparano's grip on the team, as numerous players complained about the offense's "three yards and a cloud of dust" mentality. "I've had it", said Brandon Marshall, "this team is a joke."

his coaches have never backed him wholeheartedly in their actions and words, pennington stalked him last season and w/o such a #2 henne may never have been benched last season,

Posted by: The wolf, icu, starvation coma | August 15, 2011 at 05:56 PM

If his coaches never backed him, its because he never showed them enough. Parcells is on record saying he was disappointed with him. Penne was what you call - 'someone to push him'. Some say he needs some one to push him (I say thats bs), others want to say the person to push him stalked him.

Bottom line, these are nothing but excuses for a player consistently performing under expectations. Look at how many QB's taken since 2008 have the total support of their fan base. It's because they've played up to expectations, not below them.


The fact that Henne is the starter does change the fact that REAL FANS are concerned and like to debate other points of view. Just because you may disagree, doesn't mean anyone is whining. Maybe its you that is whining because everyone doesn't agree with you or you prefer to be one of the many fans living with false hopes and denial.

Sanchez has mojo.

Henne does not.

Yea baby!!!

above - does NOT change the fact

pissin' and moanin' - oi vey. you know.. they DID do some good thing in the off season! oh - I forgot... this is easy - all you have to do is upgrade EVERY position in EVERY off-season! if it was that easy - why doesn't EVERYONE win the Super Bowl EVERY year?! For you Henne Haters.. I commend the Fin's brass for what they DIDN'T do - they DIDN'T blow cap space and draft picks on a QB that would be 'marginally' better. They DIDN'T overspend for Ortin and they DIDN'T bring in Fraverer. They have the best QB that was available to this in THIS off season. They they added a BOAT load of speed. If I can turn off the constant 'din' of the pissers and moaners - this will likely be a fun season! GO FINS!

I'm not anti-Henne. Anti Marty Lyons yes. But not anit Henne, not booing him at any little mistake, but I do feel frustrated watching him last season not being accurate on a wide open reciver, and in this pre season going 0-4 with 2 ints, and IMO those 2 ints was beacuse a bad reads in this 4th season, it's really remarcable that he doesen't lost the faith in himself, and complete the TD to Hartline.
Henne is a very good or may be the best #2 QB, and in this season he will win some games, but if the dolphins get into the off season Henne will be a true starter. for now not

..This is interesting. And I wonder how much of a factor this played in explaining some of our end of the game failures on offense. How much do you think confidence in your quarterback(as far as players on the field) comes into play during pressure situations? Does it matter if it is Brady, or Henne in the huddle? What I mean is do you think the Miami players truley have the belief that Henne is going to lead them to a victory the same as say the Patriots players do in their qb? Or do the players just robotically do their jobs with no emotion, or ability to doubt because they are professionals?

I ask this because it came up today in a discussion about the difference between Jimmy Clausen, and Cam Newton. I know that neither are quartebacks of this team. I also know that Newton has yet to play a real snap. What was interesting was the idea that the Panther team(I guess this is true at practice) has a different pep in their step when Newton is in the huddle. They get in and out of their huddle crisper, the players seem energized with Newton. Not that they lay down like dogs for Clausen. But there is an obvious difference in the "body language" of the offense with Newton behind center.

Back to Henne and our offense. I'm sure if asked. Each player would say the right things, and give their support to their teamate. As they should. And I do not think for a second that anyone was dogging it at the end of games. But these guys are human. On a scale of 1-10. How confident do you think each player that our quarterback is going to get it done? Is it posssible that doubt ever creeped into their minds that we have no chance once the game was in the balance?


i hear what u r saying about henne showing the goods but i disagree about the backing,

all fans who want the fins to have success are real fans no matter their opinions

(technically i'm not a real fan, i'm just a figment of ts's imagination, something i like to keep quiet)

All the Henne talk is old news, he sucks we get it... Next year we'll get someone better.... My problem is the running game... 4 carries for 5 yards... Is anyone else paying attention to this... I know what you'll say, " He a rookie, he'll break out", but I watched a rookie in Mark Ingram have a pretty good and strong game.... I don't really see an evasive move in this kid... He trys to just muscle it and he might have been able to do that in college against kids but this is the NFL... I read Armando's post about the practice today and he again was getting shut down... I know we still have Bush but he's injury prone... And at the same time I watched Ronnie Brown kill the Ravens... A lot of questions for me... Almost as many questions about our TE or QB or FO or HC.... lots of questions....

great point dd

Looks like there's a few QBs in the draft. That's already playing better than Henne.

Colt had a good outing with his new OC.

Looks like no need for excuses for him.

all fans who want the fins to have success are real fans no matter their opinions

Posted by: The wolf, icu, starvation coma | August 15, 2011 at 06:26 PM

Agree, not sure what I said to make you think otherwise.

The fact we are stuck with Henne and Moore is PATHETIC. 1-5 2 picks to start. Classic Henne.

He was pretty stoked gettin TD vs 2nd stringers

First 2 possesions Sparono shoulda punted on 1st down, mix it up a little.

Favre and Moss finally together. Sure would fill the seats. Just sayin.

Sorry I'm about pissin' and moanin' about all the excuses.

Westcoast PhinRep..

I know this sounds like a total excuse. But lets see if the YPC is improved this week after the team installs some sort of gameplan. I know that it won't take much to improve on a poor average. But what we are looking for is steady improvement in each part of the game where there were deficiencies. Last week was by addmition just a glorified practice. Hopefully this weeks game will be a better showing.


What was the name of that fat guy that dumped your mom?

Is it me or it seems like we Da Fins are going to be forever contempt with mediocrity?They need to make bold moves whenever they can like a couple of seasons ago when they nabbed Dansby in free agency.When there are better options available at a spot you need to upgrade make it happen if it will benefit the team!!You see these players go to other teams and be all stars.QB's they liked before the draft were available for them to pick but they passed on them.Yes I know gems can be found in later rounds sometimes BUT don't depend on it every year. When the season starts everyone is hyped but it's always the same outcome an average team that we are sure excuses from every week as to why they didn't win and hope some team loses so we can back door our way into the playoffs.


Ray Finkle


I get the feeling the receivers are doing their duty in supporting Henne, but deep down don't feel he is the guy. Brandon and Hartline both visibly showed frustration with him last year. It comes from the top down, the organization is wishin and a hopin Henne becomes a player, but are doubtful it will happen. It certainly has to affect their play, no question.

I also have a feeling..

IIIIIII have a feeeeeellling Dolphins are goin to the Suuuuper Bowl!

We seem to get mediocre guys and try to make winners... You could see Dan Marino's or John Elway's talent when they were in college... Something about a winner shines and you don't have to look for it... Henne is not a winner and neither is Soprano or Ireland... Ireland has made some of the worst FO decisions in football, he has passed over so much talent, in his hands, that it pitiful.. how do you become the GM for a football team in one of the most sought after cities to live in cities in America (Miami has the most beautiful women and craziest club for these young football players to blow their money in) and you lose out on so many players... These young guys would love to live and play in Miami ( I know this is football but you use all of your attributes to attract good players)... They seem to go after mediocre players while other teams stack star on top of star... As much as I hate the Jets, they have made it to the AFC Championship game each of the last two seasons because they went and got proven winners and not these, I think he can play pretty good, players... Pretty good gets ok results and winners win... The talent on this team lacks... No leader on the offense if you think about it and the defense liked like it was sitting on the couch all lock out (Atlanta ran all over a usual stifling defense).... Wake, Long, Carpenter, Davis and Dansbury are the bright spots.... But they are question marks all over the rest of this team and its not the players fault... I fault the FO....

Hope we suck this year so we can get Cowher for are coach next year and get Andrew luck.

I hope so Darryl Dunphy.... I'm a die hard fan and its tough seeing your team look like this... Totally shut down on the run, I'm really hoping Reggie Bush steps up to the plate or this could get ugly...

Sorry put Dansbury instead of Dansby.. this damn spell check on my phone changed it...

Fasano was the entire cause of the first interception. Henne already stated (as did the coach) Bess ran the wrong route and he knew he ran the wrong route but threw it anyway "hoping." That was a bad decision and it is on Henne. At the end of the day, Henne played fine. Anyone here ever watch Marino? Anyone remember how many times he threw a stupid interception you could see coming?

I am sick of Mando's articles calling for a QB controversy. Moore did nothing to impress and his interception was worst than Henne's. Mando can't evaluate talent on any level as is shown by his "reporting." Neither can most of the fans here who think the answer to a non-existent problem is always some average player elsewhere.

The Dolphins problems are simple: the GM and the HC.

" eyy yo knowz , we trying to turn over these here stones and uncova acorns ,ya know. I mean the player knows what is asked of him when facing these questions from yooz newspaper guys ya know. I really like this guy dohh , he's a catholic italian from da nowrtheast ya know and we worked wit him in dallas wit jeff so we feel comfortable with this particular acorn showeeng up. All inall we dont want a bunch of chiefs an no indians, because we gotta play de cheefs dis year and da indians play in some sorta other leagues. Ya knows , that wolf is hungwee so we feed them and them guys, like pasqualoni used to say. yea dat fasano guy is good ya know ! "

Henne sucks, period. Third stringer anywhere but here in Miami.

none, that's not it at all. I'm just sick about you F'cn "EXPERTS" who whine about something that is totally out of your control. Henne is the starting QB, your not debating, your whining like a child who doesn't get their way. And yes, I'm right about Henne, been right about him since he has been here.

I loved Sparano when he first came here, but i'm really getting tired of the losing attitude. We're talking about a guy (Henne) who had a terrible season last year and followed it up in his first preseason game going 1 for 5 with two picks. WTF? I don't want here about this lockout stuff, he was the only guy with a playbook. You know Ryan Mallet? The guy I wanted to draft all offseason? Ya he's playing perty good as a rookie lockout QB. Not to mention he didn't even have a playbook. Someone has to go, i'm not pressing panic button, I'm just sick and tired of all the excuses. Give someone else thats worth damn at qb a shot.

The FO's arrogance will cost them their jobs.

Start Devlin from day one, give him a full year. Henne and Moore won't be on this team next year anyway. Then draft QB high, and at least Devlin the back up will have a year experience.

Why dik around any longer?


I hate to be the guy to remind you, that you've been saying that out here going on 4 years. I respect your opinion, but that doesn't mean that I agree with Sparano. He's just like Henne. He needs to prove himself now!

Until otherwise proven, he still sucks. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt once he earns.

Glad your back out here, things kind of got out of sorts last year.

Let's get ready for another round of rumors and if Henne doesn't make significant progress in the Carolina game, the FO is going to deal for another QB before the start of the regular season. Might be Carson Palmer, could be Stephen McGee (Cowboys),or David Garrard, or Trent Edwards or Josh Johnson, could even be Tebow. But mark my words, without at least one very good game from Chad Henne this week or next the Dolphins will be trading for a QB, and in all likelihood grossly overpaying out of desperation.

Darryl Dunphy,

I like where you are headed with your angle. It may even go further up the food chain than that.

The players may not only feel Henne won't pull the victory from the jaws of defeat but, lack of options may be weighing on them now.

How would like to be a Vet like BM and thinking, "Wow! They sign me to this mega contract and this is the best gunslinger they can muster???"

Or how about how solid does everyone feel in general with Boss Ross publicly chasing down a rookie head coach before performing the obligatory "Coach Sparano is safe, LOOKIE here, I just gave him and Ireland a 2 year extention." "They are not lame ducks, no way."

It just seems sad...

The problems that afflicted the Fins in 2010 were easily identified and many centered around the QB.

Even the stout and hard core Henne fans seemed just fine to bring in another QB with some sort of major talent either via the draft or FA.

To wait until most every viable option is gone in FA to flirt with Kyle Orton seems just lame at best.

To have options to trade for a Colin Kaepernick (They got into the 2nd when they wanted to get their prized rookie RB) or sit tight and draft Mallet in the 3rd yet pass seems downright conspiracy theory.

I mean if you have a car and it has a flat tire, you wouldn't go to the engine guy and start fixing the all important radiator or valve gasket. In order for the car to go it needs a working 4 tires...basic stuff.

I know I am now preaching to a choir guy in you now. There was a time when you where pretty firm in the Henne corner.

Now as TS likes to say The Fins are muddy at best.


here's a interesting fact not sure all you fans know. This years QB coach.
Karl Dorrell enters his fourth season on the Dolphins’ coaching staff and first as quarterbacks coach.

In 2010, Dorrell led Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess, who formed one of the top pass catching units in the NFL. Marshall’s 86 catches were the second most in team history, while Bess finished fifth in team annals with 79 receptions. The combined 165 receptions ranked fourth in the NFL and were the most by a Dolphins duo in team history. Additionally, Marshall had over 1,000 receiving yards (1,014) for the fourth consecutive season in 2010 and Bess has 209 receptions in his first three seasons with Miami, which are the most in team history. Furthermore, second-year wide receiver Brian Hartline led the team with a 14.3 yard per catch average and became the first wide receiver to do so in consecutive seasons since Oronde Gadsen who accomplished the feat in 1998 and 1999.

Dorrell joined the Dolphins following a five-year stint as head coach at UCLA. During his time heading up the Bruins’ program, the school went 35-27 and appeared in a bowl game all five seasons. In 2005, UCLA went 10-2, recorded a victory over Northwestern in the Sun Bowl and finished with a No. 13 national ranking in the USA Today Coaches poll, and No. 16 by the Associated Press. For the team’s performance that year, Dorrell was named the Pac-10 Conference co-Coach of the Year. Before that, he was wide receivers coach with the Denver Broncos from 2000-02. In Denver, Rod Smith’s first two career Pro Bowl selections coincided with Dorrell’s first two years with the team. In fact, Smith surpassed the 1,000-yard receiving mark all three years that Dorrell was there, and also attained the 100-catch plateau the first two seasons. In addition, Ed McCaffrey went over the 100-catch and 1,000-yard receiving barriers as well in 2000, as the pair combined for 201 receptions, 2,919 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns that year.

Prior to his stint with the Broncos, Dorrell had been an assistant at the collegiate level for the previous 12 seasons, including seven years as an offensive coordinator. This consisted of positions at UCLA (graduate assistant, 1988), Central Florida (wide receivers, 1989), Northern Arizona (offensive coordinator/wide receivers, 1990-91), Colorado (wide receivers, 1992-93; offensive coordinator/wide receivers, 1995-98), Arizona State (wide receivers, 1994) and Washington (offensive coordinator/wide receivers, 1999). Overall in Dorrell’s 17 seasons as a head coach and an assistant coach at the collegiate level, the teams with which he coached put together 10 winning records and made 12 bowl appearances. He also worked with the Broncos’ staff during training camp in 1993 and 1999 as part of the NFL’s Minority Coaching Fellowship program.

Do you see anywhere in there that he played QB? Or coached QB?

d-dense, I be said the same thing, if Henne doesn't prove himself this year, then I will be out front calling for his head. The problem is here too many so called "fans" here WANT Henne and this team to fail, just so they can be right. We can debate the QB position at the end of the year. This is Henne's team, unless he is injured, let's pull together as fans and hope we do well.


I know your rowing the Henne boat as hard as you can but even you have to admit that dingy takes on quite a bit of water, right?

I mean, do you think that it was ONLY coaching, OC Henning, Running games, play calls, wildcat and and the way the wind was blowing that accounted for the loses at the end of the season?

Henne has no accountability of his own play in your mind?

I am just trying to glean your take as I know I am not swaying your opinion of Henne. He is your QB sink or swim I understand and respect your point of view.


I do wish them well, but even last year you were upset with Henne. Look I hope the guy has a banner year as a QB. God knows I've waited long enough to get back to the promised land.

You know, the first game Marino ever played everybody saw the talent that encapsulates Marino. I haven't seen that in Henne since, well never.


We want Henne and the Dolphins to fail so that we can have the opportunity to draft a franchise quarterback who's worth a damn. If Henne gets his act together, at best, he will be a poor man's Trent Dilfer. In other words, 8-8 or 9-7 every year until it's time to rebuild again. That won't cut it even if our defense turns into the '85 Bears. The way the rules are today if you don't have a franchise QB, you're wasting your time.

oh i hope henne does well no doubt. but anyone who isnt blind knows that henne is complete garbage. this is a wasted year, it will finally get rid of henne and the entire staff but otherwise a wasted year. ross should of stuck to the plan and done it after last season, remember he had cowher , all he had to do was fire ireland

Doesn't matter who the QB is they both succckkkk ...Dolphins should be bottom tier this year lmao..and years to come

Marino spoiled us and spoiled us bad.

We knew we always had a chance at the end of the game and it made us diehard fans stick our chests out with pride that he was our QB, win or lose. HE GAVE US A CHANCE!

We'll never win a championship with Henne at the helm and for some of us who actually remember the championship days under Shula that is totally unacceptable.

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