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Monday afternoon training camp report

Let me begin by borrowing from the Dolphins 2010 lexicon and feed the wolf. As I clearly have seen from the quarterback-hungry and quarterback-controversy-hungry readers and fans that follow this team, you want to be fed quarterback news.

Here you go:

Chad Henne is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. That's the way it is going to play -- regardless of what fans want -- for the immediate future. Henne will take all the snaps with the first team offense in Friday night's home preseason opener against Carolina and Moore is not getting any of those opportunities against starters.

"I don't have that in the plan right at this second," coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "Chad is going to get the first team reps right now and Matt will be in with the second group right now."

So let me play traffic cop: Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.

At least right now.

Henne would have to suffer a serious meltdown in coming practices and games while Moore would have to go Marinolike on defenses for this situation to change, in my opinion.

I'll let you know if it changes but until then, assume it will not.

Sparano said he told the team everyone needs to be ready to play and they might play 'until I'm tired of them playing." But he went on to say he sees "some guys" going into the second quarter perhaps even until halftime.

The Dolphins will have to spend the next couple of practices and games taking a serious look at their tight end situation because, behind Anthony Fasano, no one is really making the coaching staff feel comfortable. Well, Charles Clay is getting work in Miami's double-tight package but even he is not exactly wowing folks.

"I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so. In other words, we got  a lot of young players. They have a long way to go.

"It's a positiion that is muddy to me other than Fasano and I have to get to the bottom of it quickly."

After last week's dropped pass and zero-catch performance, I might throw Fasano into that mix of questionable production, but clearly the Dolphins do not.

Another area I would look for more clarity on is the offensive line. The unit isn't necessarily bad. But it isn't close to being good, either. They've got work to do and precious little time to do it. Look for this group to perhaps be among those that play a long time Friday. That is the only way to gel and get better.

On the newsy front, The Herald's Barry Jackson reports that the restructuring of Vernon Carey's contract cut the player's 2011 salary from $4.2 million to $2.5 million. The Dolphins also voided the final three years of Carey's contract. That means Carey would be an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

And that means the Dolphins will be looking to add more offensive line help next offseason.

On the injury front, Phillip Livas missed practice today after a hamstring tightened up on him. Livas returned a punt return 75 yards for a TD against Atlanta but obviously durability is an issue the Dolphins monitor closely so it's important for him to get back to his competition for a roster spot ASAP.

Livas is competing with Clyde Gates for return duties. And although you should know Reggie Bush took punts today in practice, he is not expected to fill that duty in the preseason.

Cornerback Will Allen returned to practice today after missing much of the last couple of weeks with a hamstring injury. He said afterward that he would not rule himself out of playing Friday.

Sparano gave a couple of interesting hints that could affect roster decisions. He called Lex Hilliard "one of the best two special teams players" on the team. That combined with Hilliard's ability to contribute at running back and even fullback in a pinch suggests he's got a role worthy of a roster spot.

The Dolphins have worked a lot of what they call 21 personnel, which is double tight ends and one running back but haven't shown any 22 personnel, which is two tight ends, a running back and fullback. Having not seen this, I wondered if Lou Polite was an endangered species on this roster.

Fact is fullbacks are endangered in the NFL as fewer and fewer seem to be holding jobs while team emphasize passing and using an H-back. Sparano seemed to suggest Polite has nothing to worry about.

"There's enough good things that Lou Polite does right now that will help us and somebody is going to have to do a heck of a job for me to think otherwise," Sparano said.


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this is hennes and sparanos last year ever at being a starter and a head coach

Everyone should just sit back relaxx and watch the JETSS Game tonight ..

Ross JI TS say that they have the most up confidence in Henna, but they were flirting with Orton and even trading for him!! These three stooges are incompetent don't know how to run a professional NFL team!! And to be honest it's not their fault, it Bill Parcells fault for putting them in that position, guts that never done it in their perspective position
So that's is the problem we need someone to take over like the player personel of the green bay packers or bill cowher!!! That's what we need!!

none, that's not it at all. I'm just sick about you F'cn "EXPERTS" who whine about something that is totally out of your control. Henne is the starting QB, your not debating, your whining like a child who doesn't get their way. And yes, I'm right about Henne, been right about him since he has been here.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 15, 2011 at 07:24 PM

You just don't get it. It's an open debate, just because you say its whining doesn't mean it is, it isn't. Nobody is an expert, not even you. Not even half the GM's around the league.
You are apparantly too sensitive to understand the debate. Why is it we are whining, but you are not? Can you answer that? You sound like one of the biggest whiners on the blog just because you don't like the opinions of others. If you are so sick if it, why come back?

You keep saying Henne is the starter, we all know that. We don't know why they didn't draft a QB, we didn't even have a back up signed until two weeks ago, we don't know why they didn't pick up one of the many TE's available, and now, dunce brain Sparano is saying the TE situation is muddy. Yeah, no sht, they passed up on about 8 golden opportunities in the last two seasons. So its the the dang HC who is whining the situation looks muddy now.

I have no idea what you say you've been right about. Don't tell me the future, you'll see, blah blah blah. Let's stick to his performance up until now. Remember the very leaders of the team benched Henne not once but twice last year, so what are you right about? If you are against people speaking out, then you are against the whole coaching staff too, they have spoken out louder than we have. Not to mention the whole Orton debacle. If the coaching staff that sees him day in and day out didn't have faith in him, you can't expect the fans to ignore that reality.

I'm waiting to here what you are right about...and don't go whining now mr. expert...

I did finally have a chance to see the Int that resulted from the Henne pass to Fasano.

I would call it 80%-90% of the TE's around the league grab that ball and make it look fairly routine.

I do think that Fasano didn't expect the ball in that location and so quick out of his break, again being a huge portion of blame heaped on Fasano.

If one was providing full scope analysis then Henne should of had cleaner ball placement in throwing out in front of Fasano more. It is ye old "throwing him open" term.

The challenge is that ball placement, touch and velocity are things that Henne wrestles with frequently.

In the end, Judge Whoppner would rule in Henne's favor as it simply should have been caught.

The other one was Henne. You don't see a guy running the wrong route and throw it in "hopes" that the ball or the WR gets there.

When I watched the replay it sure as hell seemed like the DB had the book on Henne down cold. He watched Henne stare Bess down and peeled off and made the athletic move to snag pick.

My 2 cents.

Neither here nor there...Henne will be the starter come gameday. As Mando says, if Henne TOTALLY stinks and Moore walks on water, there may be controversy but, I still think regime would start Henne during the first part of the season. It's just their M.O. to be in his corner...they drafted him.



Lets go houston. BEAT THE JETS!!

Screw the the Texans and the Jets.

Ima go check out MNF.

Let's hope Rexy gets bunions and implodes!


The infamous first interception. I would never have imagined it would get so much of a beating. I'd agree with Rob's take above, shoulda been caught, coulda been thrown better.

Now, someone tell me if I am wrong. I was under the impression Fasano generally has pretty sure hands. Is that not correct? If he dropped a pass, well it happens to the best of them. That one play has been way overblown. It wasn't a 4th quarter drive to win the SB! Skip the blame game and look at the over all play of each individual.

Rob, Sparano says that Bess ran a bad route but look at the replay again and notice how the corner slides underneath and the FS gets contain.

The make or break aspect about Henne isn`t his ability to beat the rush as much as his ability to read the D. I read were Sparano says the Int. was as much the fault of Bess as Henne and to this I say, REALLY!! I have defended starting Henne in 2011 as much as anyone but won`t give him a pass for his lack of ability in reading a D. On the Bess Int. the Falcons were in zone, look at the replay people!!

If the Corner is playing the route underneath with a Safety over the top in contain, it`s called ZONE!!! I don`t care if your Marino, Elway or Favre. If you throw a pass in the flat with one defender underneath in front of the throwing lane and one over the top it`s an easy Int.!! You can`t falt Bess for that just wonder how Henne cannot diagnose it at this stage in his career!!

Posted by: fin4life | August 15, 2011 at 04:53 PM

Bart Scott`s injury looks to be a hyper extended Knee



Everyone knows Fony Sparano is protecting Henne. As far as I'm concerned, Sparano can protect him all the way to the unemployment line. Henne, Sparano and Ireland will be shown the door by Ross.

I told everyone Henne IS Ireland's BOY! Mando just confirmed it. No matter what MOORE does he will never be the starter unless we're 1-6 or Henne gets hurt.

There will NEVER be real competition on this team as long as Ireland and Henne are affiliated with this team.

Moore is not the answer anyways. Matt Moore is just more of the same nonsense coming from this organizations front office. If they ever brought in a real QB to challenge Henne then there is no way Ireland can keep pulling the wool over our eyes faking like there is real competition.

I'll give Ireland credit for staking his GM career on Henne. If (when) Henne busts, Ireland goes back to being a glorified scout.


What happened to Fla. Championship Wrasslin?? I use to love Hercules Hernandez, Rick Rude, The missing link and the Fabulous Freebirds with Micheal PS Hayes!!!!!


It was not Fasano's fault. The man was in full stride and had to slow down and wait for the ball. He even had to turn AROUND and reverse his motion. He was headed toward the sideline (almost like a fade) but the ball was thrown to his backside. Problem was, his backside had a defender in trail.

Picture it like this. A backside pass should go to the side where there is no DEFENDER. Should be empty space. henne threw the ball to the man's backside and he had to turn around and snatch it away from the defender before it was a straight up INT.

nfl qb power rankings, henne 31st out of 32 qbs. that's the starter for ya. say no more.

I agree we need to upgrade the TE position for sure , I was surprised when they gave Fasano an extsension last year he had one good and and after that they gave him an extsenion. He is not that good , he had one productive year for us there has to be somebody out there we could get, HELP ME OUT ON THAT!

The loss of K.Jenkins & Shaun Ellis is not only hurting the Jet pass rush but the Texans are running off Tackle left and right for close to 4 yards a clip, also the 3 WR set is exposing slot coverege, I see chinks in the armour!

Time stamp 10 seconds.


Fasano was clearly open on the out pass but henne threw it to his back shoulder between him and the defender.


Clearly that ball should have been thrown in front of Fasano and not behind him. Fasano actually broke up the PICK 6. Look at all that empty space for Abraham. Henne wasn't going to bring him down.

henne always throws to the wrong shoulder. never leads the receiver properly. henne has a future at walmart.

"henne always throws to the wrong shoulder. never leads the receiver properly. henne has a future at walmart."

Posted by: pinko

As a mannequin.

nome, I have been a season ticket holder for 15 years. Honestly, I could care less what u F'ckn think. I support my team. You don't like it, screw you. I dont have to explain myself to you or any other troll here. Go whine to someone that cares, cause I will no linger respond to your Anti-Dolphin B/S. Stop wasting my time. GO HENNE!!! GO FINS!!! There are still actual REAL fans out there

With that said, have I'm out. Enjoy your miserable, negative night

This definitely sounds like a guy was does not think his job is on the line. Way too comfortable and content for any NFL coach. What happened to Feeding Wolves? He doesn't sound hungry, he sounds like he's finished a Thanksgiving meal. Oh boy. Well, I've never been a hater or a fan of Sparano - but I have a firm feeling that unless our eyes, ears and (soon to be) sour-season deceives us, Mr. Sparano will not be around next year. Not my wish, or fear, just seems like a destiny.
BTW, I'm liking the idea of knocking on Jeff Fisher's door when it happens. Anyone else?

Stop your endless b!tching bobbyd12. You sound like a teenage girl catfighting. If you're going to blog, you have to learn not to cry evertyime somebody says something bad about Henne. He's not your boyfriend. He's just a football player. A really dumb one.


sam at 8;40 FUNNY!!!


What does your season tickets have to do with ANYTHING???

I support the team too, fool.

You did not answer my question, what are you right about? If you are not going to explain yourself, then why even blog??? Why are you here??? Just to call people whiners, say you are right, and then run and hide with out backing up anything you are babblying about???

You are truly pathetic and a waste of time. Just go away if you are not even going to explain or back up your crybaby babble. The blog is for communication, not for sissies calling names and running away.

It is you that come by whining and complaining like a baby with diaper rash. Just go have daddy wipe your asss and enjoy it.

Just a reminder.

Henne is Ross's boy.

Went to his alma mater. Biest

So Tony and Jeff may still get a free ride.

Henne is the one that has to go.

bobbyd = blog pussssy

bobbyd = season ticket holder = he's always right

current list of seriously warped bloggers:

craig m
odinseye when he is drunk and responding with gay and hairy ass responses.

sorry i meant biased

Sparano blabblers and Armando follows him. According to what Salguero writes here (and what we so well know) the Dolphins just barely have a "good" offensive line, don't have good tied ends and have an unproven group of running backs. We also know that the efficiency of the coaching staff, beginning with the head coach, has been "less than exemplary". But, Salguero blames everything on Henne, up to and including the possibility that the General Manager and the Head Coach of the team will lose their jobs because of Henne. AMAZING! ASTONISHING! PATHETIC!


Calm down bro!

Don't listen to the douschebags.

These bloogers are only as good as their fearless leader.

They all sat through an entire training camp practice listening to how GREAT Devlin was.

The thing is, Bobby, it wasn't even Devlin, it was Moore-Dooh! ROTFLMAO!

These douschebags couldn't evaluate a genital wart-ROTFLMAO!

Sheesh Bro, just calm down. They haven't had an origanal thought in six weeks. They don't even realize the O-line is in shambles.

You know why Bobby?

Cuz the guy that sat through an entire trainig camp thinking Devlin was Moore hasn't told them what they think about it yet.

Pethetic :P

I'm fatty and enlarged. Cirrhosis can't be too far away, can it?

odinseye defending bobbydooshbag is a new low.

Well put, Moderator.

I'm fatty and enlarged. Cirrhosis can't be too far away, can it?

Posted by: Odinseye's Liver | August 15, 2011 at 09:20 PM

odinseye defending bobbydooshbag is a new low.

Posted by: The Moderator | August 15, 2011 at 09:20 PM

Well put, Moderator.

Posted by: The Moderator's Boss | August 15, 2011 at 09:22 PM


Good come backs........NOT!

See Bobby!

Just hit them with some TRUTH!

Works everytime.

Peanut Gallery say: CHIRP, CHirp, chirp............



So if I understand you correctly, Henne and the O-line sucked today and Sparano did a whole buch of talking without really saying anything. Great. Do us a favor and create a new thread when something different happens.


Don't dare respond to any questions or defend any of your statements.

Just call them names, cry and whine, and ask for your mommy and they will go away.

I have a hottie here, the governors grandaughter, 11 yo, waiting to be trained! YEAH!

Back after 'business'

Chad Henne is the starter. Matt Moore is the backup. That's the way it is going to play -- regardless of what fans want -- for the immediate future.

Mando, you and some fans seem to be retarded. When a coach starts listening to what fans want he no longer is in control. How many fans do you know that have the capabilities to be an NFL Coach or GM? Why in Gods name should we keep up the parade of journeymen QB's that have been turning our offense into a revolving door of lackluster low talent QB's, or aging retreads. This has been the Phins problem for the past decade. Develop Henne or Devlin until we get the chance to get a true FRANCHISE QB. Not cast offs like Orton or McNabb or Young. No taking expensive chances on unproven youngsters like Kolb who played on a team with an awesome coach and was loaded with skill player. He would not look so good on this team folks.

Later in your article you spoke of how the o-line is not playing well. News flash....they haven't been playing well for over a year now. Did you ever think that if we had a decent o-line and a running game Henne might start to look like an actual NFL QB? Remember last year when everyone wanted Henning's head on a platter. Well put it all together man. Crappy coaching and play calling, no running game, an o-line that can't block, and Henne's the problem? Geesh!

This blog has been crepping me out lately. Smells a little too much like Teen Spirit for my tastes.

Considering the fact that the consensus here is that Gomer Pyle would be an upgrade at QB, I'm especially concerned with the O-line and backs.

If Henne is already the absolute worst bust in NFL history and Moore not much better, and were stuck with both, it seems we need to do something extremely drastic in shoring up the O-line.

I mean it has to be easier to find a right tackle and/or right guard than it is to find a franchise quarterback, right?

Armando do you know if Miami will practice this year with Tampa? We use to do it for years back in the days, I think a scrimmage against those guys would be good for Miami.

Here's the PLAN:
Suck in 2011, and get Andrew Luck and a GOOD TE for 2012.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww........this isn't even the Fake Odinseye, he at least has some smarts and a little couth.


Don't dare respond to any questions or defend any of your statements.

-Dismissed: Pot calling the kettle black. Real original there, don't strain yourself with any deep thinking-Sheesh!

Just call them names, cry and whine, and ask for your mommy and they will go away.

Dismissed: Pot calling the kettle "even Blacker"(give me a break, groan).

I have a hottie here, the governors grandaughter, 11 yo, waiting to be trained! YEAH!

-It seems the deepest thinking you can muster pertains to Pedophilia-Interesting! I wonder if your probation officer knows your on-line AGAIN?

Back after 'business'

Posted by: odinseye | August 15, 2011 at 09:40 PM

Have a Harppy Day PEDO!

"I'm happy in that I like the group of people that are there, yes," Sparano said. "As far as the production at the group right now, no not quite so.

Huh? WTF!

We will beat Houston easily, they just can't match up with us personnel wise. 1 down, 15 to go.

Jets are a different story.

we have never beaten houston. ever.

Can you see what a smart QB can do? McElroy scored the highest Wonderlic out of all the Draftees this year. A shame he doesn't have any kind or arm. Probably PS material.




You see how McElroy checks down? He goes through his progressions and if main guys are covered then he goes to the safety valve. Some kind of Big Bulb and quick decisions for a rookie.

You can call LV and place your bets down but you won't get any kind of price now.

A QB that cannot go vertical be it because of a weak arm or lack of accuracy will not last long in this Present League.

I dont care if u bring in the best of the best at O-line, WR,TE,RB,FB it all still come down to the QB, Look at the past 5 yrs that won it all, ALL have A great QB

Last season Henne thre 19 picks. Had he thrown 30 td's and still thrown 19 picks, Would we still be Henne-bashing?

As we know, at least 5 of Henne's 19 picks were truly on him. Guys, the greatest problem last year may not have truly been his number of picks. It was more the lack of td throws.

Marshall was constantly doubled and at times tripled. Yet still managed 86 rec 1,014yds and 3 tds in only 14 games. While be used primarily as a redzone decoy.

Devon Bess, "Mr 3rd down", was primarily only that. A 3rd down reciever. There was never any fear of Bess beating anyone deep for a td. Then there was Hartline's 2010 play. Enuff said!

Throw in Fasano and Henning's offense, then can we really wonder why Chad Henne had only 15 td's passing? I'm penciling Henne in for at least 22 td's passing this season just because of added recieving weapons and Dan Henning's departure alone.

I would see it as progress if Henne has at least a 22 td 15 int season. Just hoping we can get the td number up to 25 td's passing. But I dont want to see the int number surpass 15.

Why is Ross leaning on everybody to keep Henne? It's his Alma Mater, you know.

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