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Henne vs. Newton Friday night (on TV)

Rookie first round draft pick Cam Newton will make his first professional start against the Dolphins in Friday night's preseason game at Sun Life Stadium, various media outlets are reporting.

"It's pretty much following the line of what we had planned throughout training camp, and that's to go back and forth and back and forth with our guys," Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. "It's a good opportunity."

That means its Newton versus Miami's much-hyped defense. That means it's Newton versus Chad Henne, who will start Friday's game for the Dolphins.

Rivera said his starters are expected to play about a half.

Coach Tony Sparano said Henne would start and play along with Miami's starters as deep as the second quarter. We'll see if the coach goes with his starter that long if Henne comes out hot and drives the Dolphins to a touchdown on his their first or second possession.

At that point does the quarterback's soaring (for the moment) confidence mean more to Sparano than mere snaps in a meaningless game?

The coach said Matt Moore would take second team snaps for the Dolphins versus the Panthers, with those likely coming no earlier than the second quarter.

We shall see.


Reggie Bush will make his Miami Dolphins debut (at least his preseason debut) on Friday, Sparano confirmed. He will start and rookie Daniel Thomas will also get work with the first-team offense.

Sparano said he had an idea how many touches he wants to give Bush but would not say because he wants to tell the player first. "I want him to get up a good lather," the coach added.

The Dolphins say the game, which is Miami's home preseason opener, will be televised locally. The game will be broadcast on CBS-4 in South Florida.


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This game is at home sooooo... Henne better put on a good performance otherwise the boooo birds will be out in force!

Reggie will be fine.

I have a prediction for Friday night.

Look for Carolina's RDE Charles Johnson to have a monster first half.

PS: Have astretcher ready for Henne.

Henne is fine.... 1st game no long no marshall and no bush, let's not forget no TE either on the entire roster.. What in the world
are these guys thinking, goodbye SPARANO AND IRELAND... Make a trade for a TE and get a RT tackle or you guys are history!!!! Give Mckinnie a veterans min deal with incentives and get him in at RT tackle !!!! Him and Long would solidify the best O line in the league

I'd really like to see the Dolphins defence step up in this one. It's a good opportunity to confuse a young QB and give him a bunch of different looks. It's an opportunity for the defence to build some confidence going forward. I doubt the starters will play much but I'd like to see what guys like Odrick, Edds and Jimmy Wilson can do against a young guy like Newton. Good test for the them.

Scam Cam will be a bust just like Young and Russell.

Sounds like Odrick has been a beast in camp. Very encouraging.

is the game on Friday sold out? My DirectTV guide has NFL Network Around the League scheduled for Friday night on CBS and I live in Miami.

...Wow Armando this billing is almost similar to Ali v Frazier. I'm psyched to watch Cam Newton. I think he is going to be a good player THIS YEAR. We will see if The Dolphins bring some different pressures. I'm not sure the defense needs to show much. Newton is a rookie so why give any hints to the list of teams with VET QB's we will be playing later on this year. This could be totaly worring about nothing. But seriously. What good would it do to bring multiple fronts, and disguise coverages in a preseason game. The most important thing is that the players know their assignments, execute the basics, then install trickery.

Offensively, We all know the drill. We all know where the eyes of everyone watching will be focused on. Lets see if the offense with another week of practice, and a little bit of a gameplan improves. Nothing Henne does either good or bad is going to change his status as whipping boy, draft dodger, junior varsity backup saxaphone player..So I have little to say about him.

I am thrilled to see Cam Newton play.

Boo Birds... Cayman I am still laughing at that one.

"Coach Tony Sparano said Henne would start and play along with Miami's starters as deep as the second quarter...

...The coach said Matt Moore would take second team snaps for the Dolphins versus the Panthers, with those likely coming no earlier than the second quarter."

WTF? What kind of reporitng is this. 'If Henne plays into the second quarter, then Matt Moore won't start any earlier second quarter'

My god Armando -- we we'ren't expecting Moore and Henne to play at the same time!

There will be no real news until Sept. 12.

Just for the Slow ones, Period.

Boy, is LV tough!


home,good stuff on f'ing ^ the ss yesterday, those guys are still spinning around in circles twiddling their lips.lol

Are you being sarcastic, Mando, when you say "if Henne comes out hot and drives the Dolphins to a touchdown on his their first or second possession".

If experience could be used as a source for building-up knowledge, we could affirm positively that that's not going to happen.

Cam Newton vs. Henne will be (and has to be) a good parameter, though, for those who defend Henne's lack of skillfullness under arguments of time and experience.

We'll see...

I hope Miami introduces the offence Friday night.

How do you think Henne will be received.

Gary, Both Henne and Moore will play in the second quarter.

How close to halftime before the switch is up to the coach.

Hope to see the D dominate.

Alice, Hopefully you will be wearing your super absorbing pad and your depends-diaper.

My question is, if Henne struggles this week, will Moore finally get a shot with the 1's?

3rd game is usually the one starters play into the 2nd half. If Henne struglles & Moore still doesn't get a fair shot, what does that say?

To me it would mean Sparano has been giving nothing but lip service about the QB competition to not hurt Henne's psyche or confidence. They'll ride him until everyone around them crashes & burns.

No team, with QB questions like Miami, would continue to ride a struggling QB without at least giving someone else a legit shot to win the job. At least you would think.

I hope they know what they're doing or else Ireland, Sparano & Henne will be cashing checks somewhere else next season.

My god Armando -- we we'ren't expecting Moore and Henne to play at the same time!

Posted by: Gary Stevens | August 17, 2011 at 02:44 PM

You just never know with these guys Gary.

The did alternate Henne and Thigpen last year????


why not in my mouth ?

Alice Ohhhhhh me so horny!

Am I the only one who is bothered by these stupid "First!" posts in just about every single blog? What the hell is the point? Who gives a crap who posts first?!?!?

Show a little bit of maturity. The team has enough of a bad rep already around the league, lets not pile on by looking like a bunch of immature fans.

I propose a toast - let us drink to yesteryear when Marino was throwing darts and I was a virgin. When Shula was Bill B and my anus was in tact.

So not on national Tv I suppose, I have to wait for the replay on Saturday again?

odin - charles johnson was my #1 hope for fa!!

imagine him opposite cam wake

hopefully odrick+misi+jt > c johnson

Alice, if i was tied to the table would you ?

Crowder ,

Is still running his mouth. Give me a break man , move on.


Ya'll gonna see now your run D disappear, ya'll gonna be hollerin for me to come back. Not me, I'm going to a playoff team, not that silly asss miami team.

man how depressing is this thing with the canes. we knew our fins would suck. but i had high hopes for al golden and the canes

Who we going to blame when Cam Newton upstages Chad Henne this Friday? I know! We give Tony Sparano a big raise, right? Watch!

man how depressing is this thing with the canes. we knew our fins would suck. but i had high hopes for al golden and the canes

Posted by: dusty bottoms

u think u know the fins r gonna suck but some of us aren't so sure, u also were adamant that henne wouldn't start another game for the fins

yes the canes thing is depressing, but get ready to cheer up when the fins and henne surprise you!!

anyone who thinks u can judge a rookie qb as any good in preseason is nuts

bottoms,golden will take over the phins after the bye week when they are 0-4.lol

The (U) sucks always has and always will. This is how they do it. NOT SHOCKED. Tooth less morons. I'm Done.

Based on what we're hearing in the news today -- it looks like the Dolphins are only the second best professional football team in Miami!

It looks like the Dolphins have become the second best professional football team in Miami!

the u is awesome. al golden is the man. but i feel so bad for him now. this team was gonna be good. far as the fins, yes any non bias fan knows the fins will be awful. sucks but its reality

Come on guys, really? I know we aren't odds on favourites this year but we should really be able to show something against the panthers quite easily. I mean, they sucked hard last year.

Shout out,

U. S. F.


Miami convicts .lol

usf,lol complete garbage

When the U gets the death penalty, USF might be all we have left!


Mark, based on what you just said, let's fast forward a bit.

REALISTICALLY, what's your precition for our record this upcoming season?


The (u) a bunch of losers year after year. Just a bunch of thugs, on a football team.

Just let them talk. Case closed. Love My U.S.F.

"It was the quarterback, Tony....it was always the quarterback."

miami 4-12 canes wont get death penalty. but the penalties they do get will hurt big time. we will go out strong though, if this is our last good year ever we will win the acc


your moobs?

he's getting beer. i just hacked him, hahaha :p
-step daughter <3

Love Those BULLS. I Do!

Being in Connecticut, is there anyplace carrying the game friday.

the fins will play vanilla offense and defense so the starters wont get injured. i dont get all hyped up till the pats game. but it would be nice to see some spunk from the offense.

Ihad the same questions fins66, here in MA.

I think we will rely on the replay Saturday or Sunday on NFL network... and the lovely play by play blog.

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