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Henne vs. Newton Friday night (on TV)

Rookie first round draft pick Cam Newton will make his first professional start against the Dolphins in Friday night's preseason game at Sun Life Stadium, various media outlets are reporting.

"It's pretty much following the line of what we had planned throughout training camp, and that's to go back and forth and back and forth with our guys," Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. "It's a good opportunity."

That means its Newton versus Miami's much-hyped defense. That means it's Newton versus Chad Henne, who will start Friday's game for the Dolphins.

Rivera said his starters are expected to play about a half.

Coach Tony Sparano said Henne would start and play along with Miami's starters as deep as the second quarter. We'll see if the coach goes with his starter that long if Henne comes out hot and drives the Dolphins to a touchdown on his their first or second possession.

At that point does the quarterback's soaring (for the moment) confidence mean more to Sparano than mere snaps in a meaningless game?

The coach said Matt Moore would take second team snaps for the Dolphins versus the Panthers, with those likely coming no earlier than the second quarter.

We shall see.


Reggie Bush will make his Miami Dolphins debut (at least his preseason debut) on Friday, Sparano confirmed. He will start and rookie Daniel Thomas will also get work with the first-team offense.

Sparano said he had an idea how many touches he wants to give Bush but would not say because he wants to tell the player first. "I want him to get up a good lather," the coach added.

The Dolphins say the game, which is Miami's home preseason opener, will be televised locally. The game will be broadcast on CBS-4 in South Florida.


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Sup draft...Who cares?

Which fin player can we donate money to so he can buy a hooker so that the Dolphins can get the death penalty?

montreal no buddy is happier than a blank that fat tuna skipped out on him.lol wow. it could have been the phins"falcons now".

10:20 lol.

2 watt, Arthur Black must be so thankful that Parcells changed his mind at the last minute...Funny, a lot of the coaches down in Atlanta are former coaches with the Dolphins...Weren't good enough here...Are very good down there...Could that have anything to do with having a good QB?? Gee, I wonder...Duuhh...

watched lucks spring game. 4 straight posessions,4 straight td's.lol. he would fix all the stupid these regimes have cemented around camp davie.lol

the qb situation at camp davie 11 out of the past 12 years just makes me want to puuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke! ! !

cp in 2008 was refreshing to say the least, actually, t green was decent untill he got guillutined in that 3rd game.lol

Carolina is taking this one. Bush is a bust at RB. Not to mention Carolina put on a run-stop clinic against the Giants. There is a reason we gave up Matt Moore and why even Jimmy Clausen started over him, he sucks. And from the sound of things he may not be that much worse than Henne. Miami D is the only thing that will keep you guys in it. Cam Newton will be playing with the starters so this will be a good one.

How to gauge the condition of a Racehorse: first, you look how they behave as they are being saddled in the Paddock(calm, agitated, rearing up? Then, in the walking ring you are looking for a coat to shine, not frothy, not under or overweight. Finally, as they come onto the track to warm up, you look for a smooth striding horse, not arthritic and on the bit. That's the way proffesional Horseplayers do things. Me? I just read the Trainer's mind. Any Season tickets?

All of the above learned from the late, great Tom Ainslie, best writer on Horseracing handicapping ever.



TS is really driving into the Players. I consider them, but I agree. It has to be done(no Time at all).

If Henne doesnt have to throw the ball, the Dolphins should be in good shape. But then theres the OL thats in flux, as Mando would say. Well what about that stalward defense? Well, they kinda got gashed last week. The #2's and #3's played pretty good, maybe Sparano should start them. Anit no QB controversey of Sparano never lets Moore play with the #1's. We're now officaly on Sparano watch. Being his last yr.

Nah, me and my sister(or viceversa) have never understood the Value placed on $.



aloco, oscar is talking about horses, not mules.lol

Think carefully, Arrmando. 15th!

Who the hell is Fergie?

I will now prepare some white, soft rice with Tocino(salted pork interspersed with meager strips of meat). Cook rice as usual, fry the Tocino then, when rice is ready, pour the chicharrones(pork cracklings) and a little bit of grease over it. Delicious. No?

It is so stressful being a Dolphin fan when Henne takes the snaps, the feeling you get is that it will be 3 and out or Henne will give the ball away. We fans cannot enjoy the game always thinking that the worst will happen. Please, Mr. Ross make a few wise decisions and find us a QB that will make the game enjoyable again.

Forget about bringing any more FA's or supplemental draftees except as backups. There is no Time for them. We have what we have and will work within Them.

Dolphins need to sign Mckinnie to a veteran Minideal with some incentives, and trade a DL for a stud Guard that can pull or a center moving Pouncey to G, or sign O'hara as well for depth or move Pouncey to G since he can pull and block to the next level. National audience will have their eyes on us big TIME DUE TO CAM NEWTON STARTING, SPARANO BETTER NOT LET US DOWN, I DONT WANNA HEAR IT ALL WEEK LONG, CAM NEWTON EMBARRASSED THE MIAMI DOLPHINS DEFENSE.

No real way to tell now singon, but I believe Miami will handle Carolina(and Cam) easily tomorrow night.

A shame we don't play them during the regular Season.

Oye, singon, a Center that can get to the 2nd level(see Kevin Mawae) can create havoc in that D unit. Where the hell did you come from?

You're a Lucky fu-k Ross same as Joe Robbie was. Robbie had Shula and you have TS. Of course, us Fans that want to win need "lucky" People like you. No?

I will refresh now.

Pryor is eligible for the supplemental draft, although the NFL is punishing him for NCAA violations. LOL how that can happen.

Also LOL at the punishment. Cannot play in the first five games of the season with the team that signs him, as if he would see any real action. The guy would be a project at qb.

Sending out prayers, positive thoughts, and good vibes that...

The Dolphins don't suck this year!

We do better than 7-9!

Henne FINALLY gets his act together!

We get through pre-season with minimal injuries!

We stay healthy through December!

Go Fins! (There, that's as positive as I can do for right now).


Tony soprano is a joke with his stupid sun glasses that he wears during night games and at press conference's he looks like such an ass hole.This team really sucks.OH NO WE SUCK AGAIN .Yes add another to the long list of embarrassing losses by the Miami Dolphins as they are destroyed by Tom Brady and the New England patriots at home..All i heard during the off season from the stupid sports media down here was how great this defence is going to be yea right that defence really showed up last night???If something doesn't change quickly there going to get destroyed by the Texans next week.

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