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Tony Sparano on 2011 season: 'I got all confidence in world and you should, too!'

The NFL season is still a dozen days away but I'm ready for it. Fact is, most anyone who listened to coach Tony Sparano deliver the keynote speech today during the club's 2011 Kickoff Luncheon is ready for it after hearing promises of excitement and daring-do, and winning.

In other words, this was just what the doctor ordered for fans hungry for some good news peppered with a little bravado.

"This 2011 team is going to be exciting," Sparano said. "They're going to have a great attitude ... It is going to have excitment. We have an outstanding defense. We have good players. We have an enthusiastic, outstanding, attacking offense. Our special teams is attacking. This is all on the upbeat right now. Everybody in the building in full of passion. Full of passion right now. Excited. The other thing we have is daring people."

Cool. On the chow line of things I want to chew on, give me some enthusiastic, outstanding, attacking offense every time. Also, give me victories.

And Sparano promised those, too.

"Here's what I'm here to tell you," he began. "I've seen a lot of football teams and been part of more than my share -- unfortunately. But I'll say this to you, a lot of them have been good teams. I've been around teams before, seen what they're made up of and this football team right here, is a good team. There are good people in that locker room. We got good people in the room, good chemistry, they give off a good vibe, they enjoy being around each other. I'm walking through the locker room last night at 8 o'clock at night. We broke at about 5 o'clock and there are still guys hanging out with each other. That's a good sign. That tells me an awful lot.

"I'm going to say this to you and I know that I'm in public and I'm don't say a whole lot, I'm one of those take everything, give nothing kind of guys. This team will win. That's not a surprise to them. They've heard it."

Other highlights from the speech?

"This team is going to build its own tradition."

"This journey won't go without problems. It won't go without those things. But this group is a pretty daring group. A daring group, and they'll push forward."

Sparano called his team a "heck of a group." And, said, that group "will take the next step."

"I have all the confidence in the world," he said, "and you should, too!"


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Last one: Roe, agreed with everything you just said except they were white hankies, not that other thing you said from some other team, lol.

once we get a real qb we can start to turn this thing around. so it will be next year with a new coaching staff

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Go Dolphins Ive lived in Kansas my whole life and love the Fins Ive never missed a game in 16 years Im a fan a huge fan and this team will suprise some people Ive turned my garage into a football haven this year just to watch us win and they will LOVE THE FINS

oscar like it ruff clean yu face butt licker papi

troy you like the man butt

Well. St. John, I like to keep a grip on things.

Sparano has a winning record, stop bashing the team man. We got great players, if Jamaal Charles, Chris Johnson, Felix jones, Joseph Adai all these guys are feature backs and smaller than Reggie Bush. So if they he certainly can! Marshall has healed and is back to what he was in Denver. Bess is automatic, and Chad has improved every year especially this year. We will be great this year so no new coaching staff to all fair weather fans.



I do like the man butt


troy is drunk , looks like his dad was drunk and his mom was a wh ore .


I will make a bold prediction, the Patriots will not, I repeat will not make the playoffs this year. Believe that!

Eric...if you think I am a moron what does that make you? If you can't cut a little slack to a new system and be a real fin fan GO FIND ANOTHER TEAM and rag on them for a while or just shut the f..k up...

the fins will win the super bowel .

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Non-believers=Non achievers!!!

listenin to this I could help but think...this guy is a coach...he is attemptin to coach the fans. listen to how he started it out...Its coaches job to try to mess wit your head...to get u fired up and excited and believe. He is attemptin to do to the us fans what he has been trying to do wit his players for yrs. Deep down he may not believe all that stuff he said...but its his job to make his players and us fans believe it.




I said nothing about the Patriots.

Mandarria is a non-pneumatic hammer. You swing It.


Any who its been some ticks bros like I said before Mallett was the bomb but in thinking he could be Tony Montana face up in the pixie dust I got with Ponder. I think the Vikes got a steal and he could be the next Griese. I don`t worry about the dramma I save it for yu mama brudda.

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I guess you puke easily. I've got other Stories.

Opening night is nigh and I grow hard. My crotchless chaps makes it easier for it to breathe. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. It's going to take two pairs of socks to clean that up! oscar do you know about the corn and hole you like its intriguing. Shall we use your corn and my hole?

You some kind of sick fu-k, Man.

How can one determine if they have no life? Or are just wasting their time?

Simple. They have blogged here more than twice.

After watching for almost a week now I see most comments here are mostly pure immature garbage and childish competitiveness. Why people continue returning or contributing is beyond me.

Have a good life now. Time is precious. Live your lives, don't waste them.

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Sparano is just doing his job. He has to try to inject some life into the fan base. Judging from some of comments here, he has succeeded with many.

Until I see Colombo, Murtha, Jerry & Carey gone and replaced with competent offensive linemen, I won't share this optimism.

We have a good defense, but its not Ravens good. In other words, we will not be able to shut out every opponent and win defensive slugfests.

i luv crotchless panties

Weel, I had a "life", once.

Go Dolphins Ive lived in Kansas and have been a hand holding lover of Dorthy my whole life love the Fins in those tight a ss pants uhhhhh! Ive never missed a game in 16 years Im a fan a huge fan if you know what I mean and this team will suprise some people Ive turned my garage into a football haven this year for me and my buddies just to watch us win and they will LOVE ME AND THE FINS if you know what I mean ummmmmmmm

I breath and sniff the air my need to love is without question when I am at attention at a game only my love for my meat is greater.

Look, come on folks I've been a dolphin season-ticket holder for a long time now. When you all go to the games like myself this year will you really feel that this organization really ,really wants to win? As Alex Marvez said, the Dolphins out of all NFL teams besides Reggie Bush did absolutely nothing in the free agency market. He gave the Dolphins the lowest rating in free agency. What does that tell you? The organization said that they knew that they needed to bring another quarterback in to compete against the failure Henne. They lied! So we go in this year against New England with pretty much the same team we had last year. So why would things be different?

Mr. Daboll, Gentile, Mr. Daboll.

We went out and got the worst OC we could, we paid Wilfork money to a guy who didn't even start the whole year, we were told henne wasn't the answer but did nothing about it, our coach is a moron who plays not to lose so with our talented defense u will get 8-8 every year, our gm ...don't get me started, we did NOTHING in free agency while patriots got cj and jets got plaxico....
The first game of the season will tell all, unfortunately. Some teams are put together right (pats, jets) and some aren't (us). Kills me. With what's happening with the 'canes also, it's going to be a horribly pathetic year for Miami football lovers.

Looks like the Blog Troll got baked on the Meth tonight. Even for a tweaker you a sick punta.

What is it, first of the month again? Dooh, how'd I know?

I hope Mando figures out what your doing with the deniro and cuts you off, posting all this garbage on the blog.

Just the same, Zing Zang, if you haven't traded off all your stamps yet, I'll give you 50 cents on the Dollar.

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@ 1:17,

Thanks for that enlightening heads up there.

I still have time to cancel my Sunday Ticket, SWEET!

I guess I'll start folding up my tent and go on home......................

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My rectum holds 345 ml of semen. However, this is a temporary reservoir as the irritation causes diarrhea.

Usually, when the Canes are down the Dolphins go up. We have 3-4 good years.

Usually when I go down men go up.

Somewhere in South Florida.......

Ross: Mike what are we doing to get the fans to buy more tickets?

Dee: Well Sir, we're doing our due diligence.

Ross: WHAT? I hear that crap from Jeffy all the time, SAVE IT! Due diligence THIS, due diligence THAT, what the he lls going on?

Dee: We feel we really have our hands on the pulse of the fan base here.

Ross: How so?

Dee: Well one of the main things we're doing is monitoring Salguero's blog, Dolphins In Depth.

Ross: Salguero's blog? How is THAT helping?

Dee: The monitoring is really an ongoing process Sir and the results thus far are strctly preliminary and the demographic appears.........

Ross: Oh my GOD MIKE, how bad is it?

Dee: Well......ummmm.......Sir.........apparently our entire fanbase consists of a maurading band of drunk gay Vikings on meth............

WOW,a new record for the blog turning to crap before the last preseason game.Not gonna give you a hand though, because I know where some of you will put it.


This is a pretty funny link. The Chad Henne one is even better.

Why do I have a feeling this video is going to come back to haunt him?

Just like that Jim Mora video, playoffs? PLAYOFFS? playoffs???

From ESPN QB Ratings:

26. Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins

Analysis: Henne's only hope is big seasons from Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush.

Arrow is pointing: down

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